Sunday, August 21, 2011

The coming Laudanum weeks

Do not pay any attention to what´s going on.

Having no way out even though certain moronic cornflake-economists suffering from a clear case of delusional penisitosis argues differently, the elitist sphere is in a pickle. They cannot borrow since debt-levels are at all time highs. They cannot lower interest rates anymore since they are already way too low (zero). They cannot continue spending money they don´t have and the structural problems that lead to our financial mess are not only unresolved, they are worse.

Bank stocks worldwide are collapsing, with some threatening their 2008/09 lows and a few already exceeding them.The US market as a whole has lost nearly 20%, nearly straight down, with four straight weeks of losses. The entirety of the "gains" since QE2 was announced are now gone - a year of market advance destroyed in less than four weeks.

The fundaments have never been worse and if we add in all the derivatives, all market manipulations and all the side-scams the entire mess is closer to apocalypse than anything else.

Basically the world’s financial sphincter is perforated and leaking fluids while tiny devilish gnomes hired by banks are nibbling on the flesh of humanity.

Worst of all however is that the sheople refuse to wake up. Partly because of the constant bombardment of lying and propaganda, but to deal/talk with the credulous is also to enter a realm of unreason and irrationality where what they punish is intelligence and what they love is faith-based feeble-mindedness.

However our Great Leaders will try again – and that´s really what this post is about.

There are a couple of countries still able to borrow; there are still a few exploits they could aim for, and there´s still that ever so hilarious printing press.

I want you all to pay attention to the coming weeks because those deemed better will drum out good news after good news in order to keep the scam going for another set of months. This they will accomplish with help from spin-doctors and a collective bought and paid for media circus.

You´ll see how they send out reports (later to be rectified) saying what wonderful numbers we have here or there. There will be cries for a tighter and übermench controlled ECB in a more federal state. Oppositional parties will promise more and more. There will be QE3. They will expand the police state. They will be sending out support troops stating that things aren´t so bad. They will be arguing that we need more regulations and more of the same crap that brought us to this brink in the first place. They will be feeding you stories of how your $2 saved a tiny baby in East Africa, this while millions of others are starving to death.

That any action taken now just blows a smokey plume of ash and soot up to the ceiling and that it then kind of fizzles out, is ignored. They haft to act or you will riot or perhaps even string them up.

Of course you will do that anyway, sooner or later, but by then it will more than likely be too late. We´re entering the middle part of the Greatest Depression now, which is the part that will determine how part three will play out. If you don´t start paying attention, read, and actually try to understand how rolled around in manure we´ve been, then there´s probably not any hope left.

Yes, it is that bad.

Think about it. What have they always turned to when all else have failed? Looking back at history, what is the one thing The Powers That Be always rely upon to bring their sheople together and lay focus elsewhere?


It could be other scams coming our way of course, possibly before and possibly instead, but don´t kid yourself; war is on the table and if you don´t understand that fact the world will be flushed down - straight to hell.

Examples of other major scams are; a fake Alien invasion, an asteroid hurling towards earth, a huge staged religious miracle, a ridiculously cranked up Manmade Global Warming story, and possibly any other things even I haven´t thought of. More than likely a combination of above together with earlier mentioned lunacy.

And so the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA) will together with world Banksters and government employed social workers start to have international conventions on the topic of “Techniques for the distillation of laudanum and other opiate-based tinctures.”

All in a last ditch effort to fool you yet again. ONE. FINAL. TIME.

Please take notes. All those elitists about to come out of the woodwork and all that slime clawing its way up from beneath are the very same enemies you should put down on your list.

Things could continue down and crash already this week of course, the signs are there to support such a claim, but I don´t think so. They still have a few more tricks, a few more cards to play, and they will start to play the Weimar Republic game very soon. Also there are plenty of potential scape-goats, not only the common choice of Jews, Muslims and immigration, but also the rich, other countries, the market and of course Nickelodeon.

Either way I think the nearest weeks will be the funniest since Gordon Brownie solemnly declared he and the surrounding marry band of world leading kleptomaniacs were about to put trillions into worldwide founds in order to “save us”.

Well time to go to bed and fantasize about a naked Dutch stewardess armed with an anal probe.

Enjoy the coming weeks folks!