Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gimme! Gimmie! a printing machine after midnight

A national lottery contestant in southern Sweden hit the jackpot on Saturday evening with a record 214.6 million kronor ($29.5 million) win.

I know some hope that money goes to someone already rich and well educated. Someone who knows how to handle money. In the right hands money can be doubled, tripled or more which would benefit us all.

Me, I’m hoping it went to some poor Schmuck who will squander that cash on TV’s, cars and other useless items he/she doesn’t need. Or, what I would do myself, to someone that moves far away and put that money to use in another country. Whoever that lucky bastard is, he/she better watch out and don’t let the kids get any of that money. That might trigger strange behavior and then the Justice Minister may stop by with armed thugs to draw blood and force the kids to pee in a coup.

In any case, I’m jealous and pissed that I didn’t win. Well, I didn’t play either, don’t like the odds, but I’m still pissed. Shouldn’t the government step in and give everyone such amounts? Just use the printing machine will ya, and give me, give me…

Follow the money

If any journalist (or anyone else for that matter) out there actually wants to know why one scandal after the other is surfacing surrounding the climategate affairs – follow the money.

It is very easy.

And I’m not talking about certain individuals like Al “I invented internet” Gore or the fraudulent Rajendra Pachauri who earn millions upon millions on easily duped idiots. And I am not talking about certain banks and steal companies earning billions on release rights and carbon swaps.

What I’m referring to is the science community.

For many years now all you needed to do as a researcher was to say you were to investigate how manmade global warming affected something or what impact it has on whatnot and you get founding coming out of your ears.

- So what do you need these billions for?
- I am going to investigate how carbondioxid causes longer fingernails and what impact this has on unemployment.
- Fantastic. Here you go. Just let us know if you need more money.

But even more important is how little (zero) money that has poured into the field of real science. Environmentalist freaks usually argue that big oil and huge companies throw billions at researchers coming up with evil conclusions contrary to that of the UN. That is not only wrong; it is the complete opposite of the truth.

Just look at any university, any science grant or what kinds of organizations that earns billions. Every country on this planet has taken ordinary citizens hard earned tax money and literarily thrown it at climate researchers. I’ve seen official calculations saying that at least $200 billion is tunneled into such con-artists pockets each year.

And what happens to those going against the Church of Climatology?

Well, think ‘Spanish inquisition’ and you get the general idea. Anyone standing up saying the truth is deemed a heretic and a “denier”. Such people get ostracized, bullied, fired and even worse. There are very few universities and science clubs out there that allow a “denier” to roam in their mist. Even death threats are very common.

Those supporting the scam have all the money, all the support and all the legislators on their side. The ones actually trying to do science is getting laughed at, they lose their jobs, get threats and have hardly any money and no support.

Even if you have bought the hoax and believe in manmade global warming, it is still not so hard to understand why so many faults are being made. They don’t need to do research or in-depth digging, it is not necessary. All they need to do is show a paper once in a while and they get millions, if not billions, thrown at them. Is that the sort of environment were science and facts thrive?

There are two things that immediately turns you into a “denier”.

Firstly follow the money. As said above, once you realize how much these tricksters earn and what they stand to lose if manmade global warming is outed as the hoax it is, you cannot believe anything they say anymore.

Secondly, pick one statement they have, anyone of them. Then follow the conclusions and check it against facts, geological history and the alternative view. If you find one single argument, one statement, a single thing the UN or the scary doomsayers says that can be proven, then I will eat my laptop, dance naked outside parliament and hand you £100 from my own money.

There is no such thing as manmade global warming, there never was and most likely never will be.

It is a scam and it is about money and control over our lives.

This is the biggest con-game in the history of the human race. Never before has so few earned so much money swindling so many on so little facts.

I can sort of understand people leaning towards socialist or religious ideas, and I even get why people get tricked by fractional reserve banking and the inflation scam. Every trick, every made-belief idiocy and all the governments cons throughout history I sort of get, but not this one.

The manmade global warming scare is so stupid it makes the “moon is made out of cheese” statement into that of wisdom.

How long are you going to allow them to steal your money and thrust this scam down your throats?

Thousands gather to protest against global warming…

Raining? Its internets fault

Internet is starting to take over the role that manmade climate change has had for a couple of years - anything and everything can be blamed on it.

The complete hoax of manmade climate change has been blamed for everything you can think off, everything, and that’s not in any way an exaggeration. Now it is internet we need to blame.

Pedophiles? Of course those exist because of internet.

Internet has also given birth to terrorism, fundamentalism and unemployment. Not to even mention such horrid things as hackers stealing your money and ruining your computer with viruses and worms. Oh, and let’s not forget the “blog hate” that spreads like a disease online.

Today in Swedish papers internet is partly (which means; “fully”) blamed for the psychotic behavior of a little town in northern Sweden wherein a raped teen got ostracized while the rapists was celebrated.

Apparently adults haven’t realized how internet has changed children’s behavior and without internet the bullying and thrashing of the raped girl would never have happened. One paper states that the internet hatred is so darn hard to control… Also, the rapists second victim would never have been raped if it wasn't for internet. Yeah, one Swedish paper claim that today.

When they take their unadulterated revulsion towards online activities and regurgitate in this manor, it gets too easy to see through. It is obvious reporters and journalists are true enemies of internet and take any reason to trash it, even something as farfetched as what have happened in one asylum of a town in Sweden.

This isn’t really news; I’ve said it many times before and argued for many years that the control-grid would grow and journalists would become increasingly against internet.

And they are by no means finished. They will not be happy until we cannot use internet without permission and we’re totally monitored when we are online and we get punished severely if we break the rules.

Me I am waiting for the combination of the blame-game.

Such as Manmade global warming causes worse internet behavior that in turn induces greed. Internet and manmade global warming is working together with pedophiles, terrorists and capitalists to destroy our world. Internet usage causes manmade global warming and so murder the innocent and increases poverty. The later has already been proposed so we’re well on the way.

Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.