Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh, the backstabbing B*

Mona Sahlin, just a week ago, told the Swedish media that she had full confidence in the head of the Swedish unions, Wanja Lundby-Wedin, and wanted her to stay. Now all of the sudden, she cannot get rid of this union gangster from boards fast enough. For once I almost feel sorry for the Wanja character, getting hanged to save Mona’s backside. Rightfully the head of the unions in Sweden should be blamed for a lot of things, including some of the resent fall in opinion polls for the social democrats, but this is like having the blind blaming the deaf for not hearing the train coming. Does Mona Sahlin really believe that even the easily duped Swedish citizens will fall for her interpretation of Brutus? She could at least have had some spokesperson do her dirty work for her, that's how politics work. I’m starting to wonder if Mona really understands the political game.

Andy Beal

Someone is still alive in America. I hope the government don't regulate this guy of the market 2

The freak show that is DN

Seldom one reads some editorial in a big newspaper that is so riddled with holes you hardly can imagine what the author might have been drinking while writing it. Something awfully low in intellect and preaching a sinister agenda, hopefully unintentionally, that you normally only come across among the totalitarian insincerities. But the Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter (DN) has managed to scribble together one of the worst pieces of journalism since 30’s Berlin. It is thanks to helpful stupidities like this paper that the world keeps ending up in despair and totalitarianism.

First of all they claim that the g20 meeting was a complete success, which in a way is true. If you want a depression, massive unemployment and people suffering, it was a tremendous success. Next the hack writer speaks highly of Gordon Brown, the complete scumbag that has ruined a nation and is now selling the last valuables to increase MP’s salaries. And then further praises of unity and how all the attendants can go home happy to have accomplished something great. I want you all to remember this editorial, maybe even buy this issue and save it and when the shit really hits the fan; dip it in some flammable substance, then take it with you up to the office of this newspaper, find the one in charge and stuff it far up were the sun don’t shine, but leave a little bit outside for appropriate ignition.

Let’s look at some quotes:

“Since so much of this tough economic crisis is about confidence…”

What the hell are they talking about? Should people really have confidence when all their savings goes up in smoke? Should investors feel confident when the governments steal everything in order to put together stimulus packages to save the very beings they are stealing it from? Obama is putting together an in-house fighting force of several hundreds of thousands trusty youth all around America, is that something to put your trust in? Gordon Brown is training troops for fighting in Britain, against their own populace, does that sound inspiring? Should we relax and feel easier now when the monkeys in power have decided to spend funds they do not have and creating hyper inflation? And do these so called journalists really think that the average Joe felt a bit uneasy and then, oops, economic crisis? Open a book, use your grey matter and try to understand the issue, be journalists and do your job. It is stupidities like this that makes one really put a lot of confidence behind the claim that everyone on this planet is idiots.

“The final impression from the g20 meeting is a bright one; no conflicts, no unnecessary arguments, no finger pointing. Actually a wise effort in order to put IMF in a position to take on the crisis”

First of all, there should be finger pointing, at several governments in the United States for getting to much involved in the real estate market and imposing to much of laws and restrictions on the financial markets, which is the main cause of this recession. But also at China for keeping both their own currency down and the dollar up and lending money they know they are never getting back. And all the rest should also get a finger in each eye for the huge red numbers in their balance sheets and for printing and borrowing money to keep a rotten system rolling. But most of all there should be some chopping of fingers on the Marxist’s Obama and Brown for bankrupting their nations and driving home a worldwide stimulus madness that will darken our economies for decades to come.

To be fair, this editorial also addresses some negative aspects, but the reason with the article is to say that: all is well, now you can all relax. The stimulus will save us. No worries. Happy times again. The people in charge are in agreement, rejoice. Please start spending again. It is almost as if this paper has been bought by some stock exchange people who would like to get rid of their winnings before the real crisis hits. Don’t believe them folks; we are going down, collectively we are going way down and this by collective means because of problems created by collective thinking. Isn’t socialism fun?

Fiscal responsibility should be rewarded

Normally I wouldn’t give a crap if the Swedish government stays in power or not. They are pretty much thinking, saying and for the most part doing the same thing as the left opposition. The government has also imposed some of the worst fascists laws ever seen and created hundreds of thousands of “criminals” that are now being hunted down by both the government and by some thugs working for the “entertainment” industry. Still it is good news that the government actually led in the polls now, this because of one simple fact: they do not want to spend, spend and spend like crazy maniacs, which the lefties of course want to do. This current recession we are in now that will go on for a long time and most likely turn into the worst depression in our entire history and that demands fiscal responsibility.

I’m not saying the right-centre government is doing the right thing, no, what I’m saying is that if the very rich and hypocritical Wanja Lundby-Wedin together with the communists and the tree-huggers had the power today, Sweden would be in the same big trouble as UK and America are in now, possible even worse since Sweden is so completely dependent on trade and the international markets. The lefties apparently have tens or even hundreds of billions more to spend, magically appearing from nowhere, and this they want to do at a time when throwing away all savings is the same as saying goodbye to prosperity and hello to poverty. The Swedish government and the Swedish people have very little to spend and if that last buffer goes away, my home country will end up right beside the poorest parts of Africa in the near future. The world is heading for a big fall; don’t let the socialists convince you that throwing tax money around and borrowing huge amount to spend even further is a good idea. It is the absolute worst thing you could ever do. So even if I do detest Prime Minister Reinfeldt and his fascist stupidities, the alternative is far, far, gargantuan, unbelievable worse!