Sunday, January 24, 2010

How Nancy Sinatra saved my libido

I usually wake up kind of horny. Not necessarily with a tent in the midsection, but still in the mood for some loving. Not this morning though. I touched my wormlike apparatus, no real movement and a slight shill went down my spine. Have I finally gotten so old? Time for those blue pills? And seeing the Swedish Social democrats leader in the headlines didn’t help either, talking about a mood-killer…

However, in order to wake up I turned on an American radio station and by accident it was an oldies station, Nancy was on. ‘Bang bang’ streamed out from my PC and I started to check for the woman in question online and oh boy was she hot.

Then I watched the flick further down and hellooo, there he was, my great companion awoke again.

Just goes to tell ya, don’t need hardcore gangbangs to fill those inches with blood, all it takes is a 60’s beauty skipping around in the forest wearing white boots and a cute outfit.

'Sesame Street' Understands the Economic Collapse

I thought this was kind of funny so let's end this day with some puppets

Scientology to the rescue

As a 5.5 earthquake hits Haiti I read that John Travolta is on his way.

Oh goodie.

I cannot write about this, its better you go to this post and check it out. I’m too busy thinking about whether I should vomit or laugh.

Thanks to Counting Cats in Zanzibar for this hilarious tip

Get a room will ya

The two chief puppet masters of Sweden’s largest political parties convened in a debate today.

As usual the Social democrat leader, Mona Sahlin, a ‘female’ (sort of) argued that the “right”-government and her opponent, Prime Mentalist Fredrik Reinfeldt, are cutting taxes for the wealthy and its sooo horrible for everyone else. You know, starving people everywhere, babies getting eaten by rich guys in black hats, and the sky is falling - that sort of thing.

The Prime Mentalist on the other hand said that the social democrats want to tax everything and everybody, and that they will plunge Sweden into darkness. And since the social democrats are relying on communists and tree-huggers to gain power, the lefty’s pointy horns and glowing fierily hell will destroy the beautiful Sweden the Prime Mentalist and his cronies have created during the latest 3000… oh sorry, 3 years.

Me, I watched it for about 10min, just to see if the supposed woman still gets caught by the camera and whether or not the Head-mentalist would have bought himself a new wristwatch (the one he had on the other day, kind of expensive, caused a bit of roar). The political storyline between these two imaginary enemies is always the same. As a former active politician I can recite most in my sleep without watching any theatrical display.

Why can’t they just hug, make up and get a hotel room instead? Well, okay, the prime mentalist has a beautiful wife, but I meant figuratively. What is the real difference between these two and their parties today? Anyone?

I know what respective party’s spokesperson say, and what any indoctrinated member or the four-winged soul killers sitting at Parliament for each party would argue, but really, what is the difference?

The “right” claim to have cut taxes, maybe they have, but have any of you out there noticed it? I mean since they’ve increased taxation on fuel, tobacco, and alcohol at the same time as inflation rages on? I know my parents haven’t noticed any difference. I certainly haven’t. And for the first time the leftie argument of "the right" destroying the economy actually holds. They always say that, normally it isn’t really true, but now with the fictively low interest rates, bail-outs to banks, the housing bubble growing and a growing deficit they do have a point. Maybe that’s the idea? Let the lefties take over an economy in free-fall? Fuck the country, let’s show people how much the left can destroy Sweden if given a chance to rule in a communist-tree hugging-socialist way.

And the “left” are even more useless. The "woman" and her henchmen seemingly think that jobs will be created if they increase taxes with a percentage or two at the same time as they conjure up more government departments. That’s so old. The social democrats have totally died idea wise and when it’s being argued by this woman that even many of their core-voters detest it falls flatter than usual.

So what do THEY really want then?

Well they both want you to vote, they want you to pay your taxes (plus minus one or two HUGE percent), they both want you to be a good little citizen running around in the wheel, they both want you to follow the law, they both want you to be silent and take it, and they both want to save the old, young, poor, unemployed and sick.

Will any of these to ‘alternatives’ change anything?

Oh no, no, no, only adjust, fickle a bit, cut a corner there, build something there. Both want to keep the same system, both want to have the same structure in place. When it comes down to it, the only real change in-between is who will be prime mentalist. I do hope it will be the current one in that case, his version of the stink-hole is slightly less smelly and at least he doesn’t make you regurgitate when you see him.

How much did they talk about the impending financial depression, the slaughter of Muslims in foreign countries, the fascist internet surveillance, and ideology? Nothing. At least not from what I watched or can read afterwards.

If you want to voice your opinion you should look for the alternatives that really will rock the elitist’s world. You see nothing frightens those in power more than to lose their place at parliament or have some pesky newcomer take their seat at any of their countless departments. Sure they will still get some complementary high position within the elitist agenda, but it is not really the same thing.

Vote for the ‘racists’? Sure, I hate those morons, but so do the politically correct and the elitists, so why not? They are evil you know, racist too, they are really “right”-wing, and racist. They are basically exactly the same as the rest, social democrats really, but racist. Oh and did I mention they were racists?

But I hope that enough of you out there cast your vote on the Pirate Party. I don’t really like them either, and it seems like they could use new management, but they at least fight for something that none of the rest do, the right to privacy and individual freedom comes to new technology. They are also cool - ‘pirates’ - I mean come on, you don’t need to love Johnny Depp or watch a lot of porn to like that one.

Too bad there’s no real alternative though. The ‘liberal party’ (libertarians) with their hundred or so votes will hardly make a ripple.

Me? I don’t vote. It’s immoral, and a waste of time. Besides I don’t plan to live in Sweden anyway. I’m getting the hell out, well, further away anyway.

Japan’s troubles continues

Japan Today report today that:

“Liberal Democratic Party President Sadakazu Tanigaki pledged Sunday to take on Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s government and his Democratic Party of Japan over money scandals, saying the LDP will fight against DPJ Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa’s ‘‘dictatorship.’‘”
“The annual convention, held at a Tokyo hotel, came in the wake of prosecutors’ questioning the previous day of Ozawa—widely seen as the real power in the DPJ—about alleged political fund report irregularities over which his former and current aides have been arrested.

‘‘It is truly unprecedented and bizarre that the DPJ’s top two leaders have been embroiled in scandals over political funds,’’ Tanigaki said in an address, adding that his party will keep questioning whether it is appropriate for them to be in charge of the government.”

This scandal have been brewing for some time and it seems that more and more people get dragged into it and although LDP is ceasing this populist opportunity, you cannot help wondering if they are right.

And if they are and if this continues down the same path, what will that do to the economics and politics of Japan?

This is pretty serious business for a country running a 200% public debt while still facing deficits and financial worries. And if it is serious for Japan, it us serious for many others as well. If Japan falter and goes back into a real decline, what do you think will happen with the world economy? Maybe this isn’t serious enough and it probably takes more to turn the fictive magical ‘green shoots’ into screams, but this is yet another nail in the coffin.

Oh, this is going to be a hilarious year.

The Secret to the Universe is 7129/6105195

I’ve been following Old Holborn’s (and others) ‘Freeman’ development for a while now. It is a good thing that more people have had enough and take a stand in a peaceful but clearly openly anti-establishment way.

His latest post got me laughing pretty hard. You should check it out here.

I have a slightly different approach but since many years back I’ve been ignoring pretty much everything I am supposed to do as citizen.

Every time you move within Sweden you’re supposed to report this to the taxation authorities, change address with creditors, and fill in forms about the electricity meter so they can bill you correctly and many other similar things. I never do any of that. When you live and work abroad, as I’ve done and do, you should fill out some extra taxation thingies and sometimes pay extra tax if you move back to Sweden too early. Never done that either. I have not paid a single parking-ticket in my entire life, and never will. I’ve never paid tax to ‘The TV Licence finances public service radio and television broadcasting in Sweden’ (nice short name eh?). Well, in the later case I have to admit I don’t own a TV; never watch that stupid tube, but I have had one in the past.

Other things I always do and can mention is to question everything that happens to come my way. Just like in the Old Holborn example above I send post back, well, all the time really since I don’t live in Sweden. And as soon as some census people call or anything of the sort I argue about everything other than that they want to talk about. And every time I’m at the airport and they ask for my passport I always ask why, how come? Why not enough with my driver-license? Don’t we have the Schengen agreement? Does it matter who I am? Shouldn’t it be enough if I’m unarmed and not a terrorist? Why should they check my passport?

Did I mention I travel a lot?

I could mention several other things, but let’s… uhm… skip that. Never know who is reading.

Yeah I know, I’m a rebel…

The point is that I am not alone; these sorts of people are popping up everywhere, and the more laws and regulations, the more this silence movement will grow. Most of you are probably already a part of it to some degree. Maybe not intentionally, yet. But maybe it is time for you to start?

Hold on for a moment

In northern Sweden a police officer came home Sunday morning and was meet with a couple of Molotov cocktails (or something similar). His house and his car caught fire but it was quickly put out.

The police now have three men in custody suspected of this crime.

In Göteborg another incident with a man shooting at police officers out of uniform took place.

Now, so far I’m guessing everyone is thinking about the same as I do. No matter if the fire-bombed guy is a member of the police force or not or whether the police was in their uniform or not during the shooting, this is serious crimes and what madmen could ever think of doing something like this.

But hold on, why think that? Isn’t possible that these guys actually had a valid reason? Just because someone is a member of the police force don’t exempt him automatically. Had the police stolen property and/or manhandled somebody? Had the police officer evicted them from their home because the bank stole all their money? Had he raped their sister or shot anyone? Nothing of this is unheard of and we all know that such events rarely get investigated. Ever heard of a police officer getting convicted for beating up some teens voicing their opinion? How many cops do get found guilty for shooting someone unnecessary?

So far the news doesn’t tell us the real reason behind the mentioned crimes this post is about – it’s under investigation. All I'm asking for here is a moment of thoughtfulness.

Before I continue to thrash the police you should all be aware of (especially you policing guys reading this), that I actually like the police. Of all the things our government throws money at I believe our justice system and those set to withhold said system are the most important. I can even concede that we should have more police officers. I’ve also known several police officers throughout the years and they’ve all been nice, professional and mostly good people. There are rotten eggs within the police, of course, but few occupations have so great people working within.

With this said, there’s one big problem with the police; they do their job.

I know it sounds kind of contradictory, but it isn’t. The police are there to withhold the law, to catch criminals and make our streets safer. The problem with this is that we have politicians and arbitrary laws that decides who’s a criminal and who’s not.

Victimless crimes like drug-use, moonshine making and driving without a seat-belt have been decided to be illegal hence police arrest, manhandle and lock up ordinary harmless citizens perpetrating such ‘crimes’. They have to, it’s their job. Doing their jobs just like the guards at Treblinka or the officers watching the Gulag camps.

I know I know, I Godwin’ed myself, but it is nevertheless a valid point.

In the aftermath of these incidents mentioned spokespersons for the police have already said that it was ghastly crimes against both the police as a person but also against the whole justice system and so against everyone, implying that any crime against any representative of the law is worse than an ordinary crime, although they try to make a point of saying that this isn’t the case...

Looking around at blogs and seeing how journalists write, they seem to agree on this. I don’t.

Sometimes ordinary people taking a stand and using force against an unjust system, overzealous police officers and authorities run amok is a good thing. Citizens that have had enough should react and act. Loud protests and even violence against those normally deemed better isn’t necessarily an evil thing to do.

Sweden today is very close to being a fascist country. Everything we do from the cradle to the grave is monitored, taxed and controlled. All communication is surveillance and we have so many unjust and totally wrong laws that if we applied this situation and went back a couple of hundred of years, then our ancestors would be rallying with pitch-forks and torches stringing up politicians in trees. We don’t do that; we’ve become too lazy and too compliant.

Our entire system is built around a status que were the elitist of the gramscoFabiaNazi enemy-class rule with impunity. Media, big business, large corporations, banks, politicians and pundits sleep together and pretend they listen, they don’t. We’ve gone so far down this road that it isn’t really about socialism versus capitalism, it isn’t about libertarians versus communists, not at this stage - it’s all about the elitist’s übermenchen against the common man. And in this fight the police stand with the elitists, that’s their job.

I’m certainly not saying this act of violence was okay or that aggression against the police or those that rule us isn’t a crime, no, what I am saying is that we shouldn’t automatically dismiss any such actions as that of madmen and criminals. Maybe these idiots should be trialed and locked away, but maybe, just maybe, what they did should be viewed as; some people have had enough.

And when that shit-storm of an economic disaster hits the famous fan the coming years, unemployment goes up, the elitists crack down even harder on internet users and ordinary citizens, then comes the real test for the police. Will they stand with the people or with the enemy class?

Look at my left hand…

The terrorist threats are taking turn pouring out in media. British alert levels rising and now the Gorgon have decided to send out drones to spy his countrymen, Yemen terrorists are suddenly one of the main topics, US passes more fascist laws, and now the fictional Bin Laden is spitting out extreme dislike again.

To a certain extent you cannot really blame that smoldering hatred many people are feeling since several western armies are committing war crimes and murdering tens of thousands of families in several different countries. Wouldn’t you fight back if you were on the resaving end of American bombs? And you cannot discard domestic freedom fighters either.

But I actually think there’s more talking than doing. Terrorists like to show off, makes them feel mighty special, media can sell papers so they are happy, politicians can impose more control and regulation so they are very happy as well. Terrorism is one of the best things a politician knows.

With these re-occurring jumps up and down in threat-levels they can keep us feeling exposed, building both fear and animosity towards made-up enemies.

Sometimes an attack need to be diverted or followed through, otherwise the scare isn’t working, and let’s face it, what has Osama done lately? The guy is a shameful excuse for a terrorist. There are children in Palestinian areas with more accomplished skills.

So the question is, will Alky Aida and their head-boy finally get out of their extremity filled caves and do something or is this just another way for our bellowed leaders to either hide some economic data or to pass more laws? A combination perhaps? Well, the future will tell us, but I would keep an eye on that right hand, the elitists may very well be up to something.