Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That fun Inflation again

zimbabwe have taught us about good finances

To no surprise whatsoever inflation in the US. is started to really show. As I said about two years ago it takes 1-2,5 years (depending on country, what sort of economy and where the money went from the start) for newly, freshly printed notes to reach the outer limits and so starting to effect prices near regular folk. Prices rising are because of inflation, rising prices is not however the same as inflation - as pundits would like you to believe.

Prices will continue to rise, exponentially. No doubt the American government will issue decrees to “combat inflation” probably even “wage war” against it. They will put forward the thousands of years old übermenchens universal solutions that have never worked before, but they sound soooo good. Things like lower taxes and lower wages to keep the price-wage-spiral in check; we will also hear from people outside politics (experts, pundits and journalists) claim that the newly introduced (or soon to be introduced) austerity measures will help in the war against inflation, since people have less income and cannot buy so much (Fucking evil soul-sucking sadists!!!). Every populist politician will claim to be the protector of the poor and to be anti-inflation. They will come up with scams such as ‘price control’ and introduce alternative ways of payment such as stamps and vouchers and similar antics.

All the way they will claim that “big business” and unregulated markets are at fault. The rich have done it again. Of course those in charge will save us from the evil market as well as from the evilness of inflation... The bought and paid for media will of course run out in hordes defending such measures while groups and lobbyists campaign to force politician to do more in this ‘war’.

This is the normal seen so many times before and I see no reason why our masters of despair will not do the same this time. History will repeat itself. Again.

Nothing of this should surprise anyone. This is totally expected, very easy to predict and so easy to see coming miles away. Anyone with working synapses should have known about this years ago, but as usual people are too busy eating processed food while watching reality TV.

Ever heard the mantra “follow the money”? You can easily do that here. First our benevolent leaders argued that in order to save the economy they needed to borrow trillions and print even more trillions. Then they needed to hand this money over to failing banks, big business and governments. All under the disguise that they wanted to “save us all”.

Seen how the stock market has risen during the latest year or so? That’s because of inflation from the “bail-out” money forcing prices to rise and sending out a fake signal that all is okay. After a while that cash reaches out to normal people, forcing prices on normal commodities up.

So called “experts” will argue that wars in oil-producing countries are at fault. Although such things can cause prices to increase on certain products and in certain areas, it cannot cause inflation and it cannot be blamed for everything as the tricksters more than likely will claim.

The whole thing has been a scam from the start. And not just any scam, this is the biggest robbery of all time.

Forget master criminals or cartoon villains. No Lex Luthor, no Dr Doom and no James Bond character can reach these heights. This is such a sinister plot, filled with such evil and malevolence that it dwarfs anything you ever seen, heard or read. It’s the stuff of nightmares, and we´re just getting started.

You see, this post is about America, but it could just as easily have been about the UK, Japan, China or pretty much any country out there. The European Central bank (ECB) doubled their money supply only a few months ago. When that money, or money from any other scam along this dark road (there has been many of them), reaches normal people the effect will be exactly the same: higher prices.

Inflation, and very possibly; Hyperinflation, will destroy cities, knock out entire societies, and bring with it destruction only surpassed by the worst of wars. Coincidently, if history will continue to repeat itself, war is the most likely next step…

If you haven´t already, you need to know what inflation is. As long as you´re in the dark comes to inflation, you will never understand the dealings of the economy and so will never understand how fooled, robbed and bamboozled we have been and continue to be.

This is the darkest secret of the elites. See inflation and you´ll see it all. A person that has figured out what inflation is and how it works will never trust anything coming from above. Hopefully this post, and many other voices out there will make you really think and come to term with how deeply screwed we´ve all been.

In the meantime I suggest you buy sugar, coffee, guns and all the necessary things you can think of to survive the impending collapse.