Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another one – more to come

US police are hunting an armed man after eight people were shot dead in the state of Virginia.

Police named the suspect as Christopher Speight and said that he had fled into woods after the attack at a house in the town of Appomattox

This is, of course, only one in a series of incidents and by no means the last one. With unemployment running wild, deficits sky-rocketing, the most warmongering president of all time in office and with the ever increasing fascism getting imposed on the American populace we can expect many more during the coming years.

We can hope that people losing it and going on these rampages target guilty authorities and not the innocent. Go postal; by all means, but please do so at a public building filled with bureaucrats, politicians and other criminals.

My thoughts are with Mary Jo Kopechne

A little over a year ago, President Oduma carried Massachusetts by about 25 percentage points. Since then the pick-pocket in chief have made history by breaking the debt accumulation record and become the most warmongering President of all time.

Still delivering good speeches he’s also gone from being super popular to becoming the president that has lost the most supporters in the shortest amount of time.

In fact the Obamination’s rush to Boston on Sunday to try to save the foundering candidate may have contributed to her loss.

More than 2 million of Massachusetts' registered voters are "unenrolled'' in any political party -- more than the roughly 1.5 million registered Democratic, more than the roughly 500,000 registered Republican.

This much is clear: Republicans did not elect Brown, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate.

The unenrolled did.

Sadly the only real candidate, independent Joseph L. Kennedy only got a couple of percentage, but one can always take comfort that the murderer Teddy Kennedy is dead and gone. Besides, Brown may yet surprise us and not be a fraudulent voting machine for the PTB. We can hope.

Lastly, the Democrats will have to play real dirty now and if you thought the Nelson bribe was bad, wait until you see what is coming next.

Me I hope there’s such a place as heaven and that Mary Jo Kopechne is laughing her wings of, and that there’s such a place as hell were Teddy Kennedy can burn for all eternity knowing that his legacy will only be a failed ObamaCare bill.

Murderer Teddy about to be replaced

Ever since the arch criminal and murderer Senator Teddy Kennedy died (at last) his old seat has been up for grabs. The two main candidates, Scott Brown (r) and Martha Coakley (dem), are pretty much even in the polls with the only real candidate Joseph L. Kennedy, a Libertarian running as an independent, trailing behind.

Joseph L. Kennedy with no relationship with the dead killer said he's been bombarded with e-mails from Brown supporters urging him to drop out and endorse the Republican. Kennedy said he's staying in, as he should. Without Kennedy, Brown would most likely win, but on the other hand, with large turnouts for Kennedy he can send a message across the US which in the long run is worth much more than a stooge that will likely be voting for every other piece of offensive and unconstitutional legislation that passes his way.

Around this little debacle we can hear the chants:


“MARTHA! MARTHA! MARTHA!” - only word they know...


”Freedom, justice and cutting government!”

It doesn’t matter who among the two elitist candidates that wins. Of course the Obamination will have a harder time passing his fascist crap through the senate if Brown wins, but either way the idiots of Taxachussetts will have elected another spineless tax feeder who you wouldn't want to run your store into national legislative office.

It seems that Brown will win because people want everything to slow down (this is sensible) but they all just voted for Obama 14 months ago because they were so upset with Bush, and now Republicans are the answer to everything.

This back-and-forth between the two abusive parents is a side-show. Any other candidate besides Kennedy is the exact same candidate.

When are the American people going to figure out that the puppet masters stay the same and that the two party system is a scam?

Super volcano coughing a bit

Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is America's first national park. But Yellowstone is also the area of a giant super volcano and funny enough; it is rumbling! Well, it always has and maybe that new movie 2012 have got too many people rattled, but the fact is that there has been warnings issued and sooner or later this sucker will blow.

I’m no volcanologist and haven’t really the skill-set to determine how severe these continuous earthquakes are, but it sure as hell made me laugh and laugh and… ponder on how much more vodka I need…

Read more on this discussion-board were they; among other things say things like this:

“One thing if for certain, the magma chamber in the last few years is rising at a rate that is 3 times greater than any since they been taking records.”

Not for the faith-hearted though.

More info at: Earthquake Information Center Utah

live webcam from the park

Earthquakes from the Past 24 Hours

Oh, and I also noticed that a 5.8 Quake near Cayman Islands…

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. (AP) - Add another small earthquake to the swarm of temblors that have rattled Yellowstone National Park in recent days.

The U.S. Geological Survey says a 3.3-magnitude earthquake struck at 8:39 p.m. Monday, and it was centered 9 miles southeast of the town of West Yellowstone, Mont. No damages or injuries have been reported.

Rafael Abreu, a USGS geophysicist, says a swarm of earthquakes has hit the park in recent days, which is normal.

Jamie Farrell, a doctoral student at the University of Utah, says the swarms generally last from a few days to weeks but sometimes last for months.

The recent series of quakes started Sunday night, and Farrell says more than 200 had been counted by 9 a.m. Monday.

On Monday night, the USGS says, one person within the park had reported feeling the 3.3-magnitude quake.

Have even the Japanese people had enough?


The ruling Democratic Party of Japan and TV Asahi Corp on Monday received bullets along with letters criticizing respectively DPJ Secretary General Ichiro Ozawa and media reports about the party, police said Tuesday.

The letter to the DPJ was addressed to Ozawa and there was also a statement enclosed criticizing Ozawa’s political and diplomatic stances and warning other DPJ lawmakers to ‘‘be on their guard,’’ police said. The letter received by TV Asahi was addressed to media companies and criticized media reports about the ruling party, according to the television station and police.

Police said the bullets were 9 millimeters in diameter. There was no sender’s name on the envelopes but the stamps show they were posted in Okayama Prefecture, police officials said.

Bullets are a good start, sending them by letters not so much…

The fascist country of Sweden

Another Gestapo-strike against a normal law-abiding citizen happened in Sweden recently. Apparently the local city council’s IT-department in Umeå (A city in northern Sweden) thought there were a lot of traffic through a certain IP-number, they reported it to the elitist’s watch-dogs and presto they raided the guy’s office and stole several computers. No warrant, no evidence, only some government employed tech-guy that gave the word and the pigs runs to do his bidding.

With no explanation for this intrusion the poor robbed one are right now trying to find out why the police stole his working equipment and when (IF) he can get it back.

Shall we guess that he has some remnant of a file sent over msn 7 months ago that can be construed as file-sharing (like we all do) and that he will never see his computers again?

I said this many years ago, that this is what would happen. And it’s only going to get worse.

It is hard to regard any country on this planet as truly democratic, but for the most part our western civilizations have had enough democracy to appease most minds. With these new fascist regulations comes to internet in addition to all the surveillance laws and the control-grid they’re putting in place no thinking adult can call Sweden a democracy anymore.

How long before they do the same to a newspaper? A political party? To you?

This is Gestapo all over again, and as said, it will only get worse.

It is time to get angry people, soon it will be too late.

And the US funnies never stop coming…

Read this post at The Market ticker. Just as with the dry cargo index, how the sex-industry is doing and how many pirates are sailing the seas, this is a good indicator on how the economy is doing.

Our enemies can spit out as many “green shoots” as they wish, but as long as figures in the real world looks like this? Oh my, oh my….

My ticket was totally bogus. It was a one-way street. I was going one way.

For any voter or normal citizen in the kingdom of Sweden there’s a healthy discontent towards officials. It may seem strange that a people continuously voting for more and bigger government do despise authority, but there are two factors making this a reality.

Firstly Swedes are inherently conservative in the sense that they don’t really want to change anything. The slowly growing expansion of the welfare-state have pacified people and made any change of this way of life into an ‘enemy’, more so then any Government intrusiveness.

Secondly we’ve had hundred and fifty years of pretty good officials. And with this I mean in comparison with most other countries Swedish politicians has been honest, they’ve actually wanted what’s best for the country and mostly adjusted the system in accordance to the general opinion. The later isn’t always a good thing, but my point being is that generally speaking we’ve been lucky with our representation.
During the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century Sweden had a very (neo)liberal structure and several ministers that made the country fantastic comes to investments, inventions and growth. Almost all of the big well-known Swedish companies were formed during this period, laying the groundwork for riches in the future.

Sadly the Social Democrats soon took power and injected shot after shot of socialism, but mostly you need to admit that they handled things in a pretty good way. Sure things would have been much better with other governance, but with people sprung forth from the common man and with a genuine belief in democracy and being very honest in their ways things still wasn’t so bad. They rarely injected more socialism then the country could handle and the market economy was allowed to grow.

I don’t really know when it happened, but somewhere around the 60’s things started to go south. Maybe the re-occurring shots of leftie policies had gone too far, maybe the rest of the world did catch up after two world wars, maybe it was a combination of things. But the real change came in the way the elitists started to behave. More and more social democrats (and other political parties) became detached from reality. The spokespersons and the elected officials became more and more like ancient time’s aristocracy, becoming more of elevated authorities rather than representatives of the people.

Today the political parties in Sweden are not only very similar in form and beliefs, they, all of them, also consists of career politicians, parliamentarian wannabes and kiss ass growlers that do anything to walk the halls of power. Like in most democracies Sweden is now run by an elitist class which is highly entwined with other elitists from business and media, making any sort of opposition to this authoritarian group very hard.

Today we have a sort of fascist governance with tentacles everywhere controlling everything from the cradle to the grave.

One upshot we can see is that many have come to realize how shadowy this structure really is. Take the internet generation for example. One or perhaps two generation of people growing up with internet and all the possibilities of the information-age are today hunted down like rabid animals. Police are storming into people’s homes because they’ve downloaded a couple of songs. Grandmas are ending up on Security watch-lists because they happened to Google after Hitler. Entire companies or potential companies are shut down and facing criminal charges for what millions of normal citizens regard as non-crimes. As a consequence the Pirate Party has emerged.

Another upshot is that more and more people have come to understand that the real fight today isn’t between left and right, it’s not between traditional socialists and traditional conservatives. Instead the actual fight is between the elitists of the ruling class and the common man. In this fight I find myself arguing together with and standing side by side with true socialists and anarchists. Having grown up during the cold war, this is a very strange feeling.

The downside is that people still refuse to understand that it doesn’t matter who they vote for. It is all the same. Do you really think there’s that much of a difference between a couple of percentage of taxation up or down? Do you really think it really matters, seen to the power structure, on what party will win any general election? And even if you do, why don’t you at least recognize that the European Union nowadays controls most of our laws and way of life?

But the real downside is how oblivious people are comes to how our economy works.

For some reason almost all citizens of Sweden are very upset over too high taxation comes to gasoline, electricity and groceries but they hardly never go out and to do something about it. Worse still is how our banking system works. From the hard working man’s pockets money is streaming to this banking- and money hoax filled with rich banksters and fraudulent tricksters.

And inflation? Why oh why don’t more of you out there read about and understand this second biggest scam of all time? I promise you all, and there’s no doubt in my mind about this, that if you really knew how they trick, dupe and steal from you through our banking system and through inflation you would all be out on the streets stringing up economists and politicians in lamp-posts. No question about it.

However, the game is soon up.

You see, they cannot steal anymore; the people have reached their limits on how much they can and are willing to pay. And since this continues hoax is dependent on an ever expansion of the stealing, it cannot be sustained anymore.

But for the elitists, the enemy class, even worse things are on the horizon.

Our producing capacity is actually going down. Wealth needs to be produced, no matter what system and no matter if you believe in socialism or capitalism; this is always true; wealth needs to be produced. And since our economy more and more is built on borrowing-and-spending rather than produce and then - maybe - buy, we have a situation that cannot hold very long. Consumption is the main driving-force behind our economy today with 50-60-70 percent or, in the US-example, even over 70% of the economy is consumer-based.

Without a constant stream of magnificent inventions increasing our productive capacity this make the situation impossible to withstand the test of time.
But it doesn’t end there either. Our elitists have other tricks up their sleeves. They can borrow from other countries or even their own inhabitants to enhance or withhold the scam. This too has reached its limit. They cannot do this anymore without going too far.

Basically they’ve run out of options, and it is here the depression will set in.
I could go over all the economic figures, but I’ve done so in other posts, what you need to know is that the enemy class has reached the end of the line. There’s nothing more to do then to either print a shit-load of money and then hope or pray for divine intervention or pull the brake and go back to a freer state of living which means they would lose power and influence. You can probably guess which road they will choose.

Whatever the cause of action will be or how severe our future economic calamities will be, we will see a change in the way of governance and economics, and it is not so far off as you may think. As many other economists I believe that the crash and burn will happen soon and I for one think it is a good thing.

The question is; what happens after? Will Swedes back to our libertarian ways we had during the turn of the 19th and 20th century or will there be a socialist upheaval plunging us further into darkness?

Either way I urge you all to start reading about inflation, fractional banking and try to understand how the enemy class rules us. It is too late to stop the Mother of all depression that is lurking around the corner, but if you understand at least we can rebuild afterwards with the intent to never let it happen again.

Comes any general election, I want you to think very hard about were your ballot goes. And even if you fall for the scam of the right-left paradigm, at least consider punishing the elitists with a vote that goes towards the smaller, newer parties.

I don’t vote myself, haven’t in many years since I figured out how things really work, but if I would vote I would cast it on the Pirate Party or some “racist” party. Not that I really like those, I don’t, but at least they haven’t yet got caught up in the elitists agenda and another Fuck You in the face of those established ones always seem like a good idea.

And the fun just keeps on coming…

Sales of businesses in Los Angeles County fell to 3,769 last year, down 32% from 2008, according to a report released this month by the California listings website BizBen.com, which also tracks escrow closings. That decline follows a 33% plunge in 2008 and a 12% drop in 2007. Over 7,000 small businesses are up for sale in LA alone and similar numbers can be showed throughout the US.

Add to this the hundreds of billions in state-deficit, the unemployment numbers that are reaching ‘Great depression’ figures and the strange fact that Mexican immigrants are moving back to Mexico in larger number than ever before, and what do we have?

I think this guy have the right idea:

Born free, dead by government

Please press play before reading below:

From Save Capitalism:

I currently follow the CPI measurements for three countries, namely the US, UK and Sweden. Interestingly enough, they all came in at almost the same number for YoY numbers, in December 2009.

UK : 2.9%
US : 2.8%
Sweden : 2.7%

Is it just me, or is it rather disturbing that for three countries that are pretty much right on (or above) their CPI targets, the central interest rate are in the range of 0-0.5%? Since inflation is “back to normal”, shouldn’t the economy be back to normal as well? A-ha, you say! There’s something wrong with this equation. Could it be that the entire premise of interest rate manipulation and quantative easing is in fact just a way of changing the symptoms, and not the underlying cause? Could it be that inflation will now keep marching upward, without the economy improving to the same degree? Stag….flation?

Many streams make a large river

I’ve been biding my time comes to economy for a while, watching the spectacle from the sidelines, looking for those signs. They do keep dropping in. You might think that Japanese Airlines going bankrupt is one of them, but not really, that company have been sinking for a couple of decades. It will render more people unemployed, but that’s just icing on the cake.

Instead I’m watching commercial real-estate in the US and Europe that is deteriorating step by step, I’m keeping a close eye at OPEC and claims that they (and others) want to replace the USD in the near future, I’m watching news about the sex-industry and the existence of real life pirates both of which are good indicators of how the world economy is going, and lastly I look at protectionism which is really the only last card to be played before the real mayhem starts.

We’re building a perfect storm, and have been doing so for a while now.

The debt accumulation across the globe surpasses anything ever seen before, zero interest rates, the printing presses spitting out trillions, toxic assets, and manipulations of commodity prices, stock markets trading at 40-50% overvalue, the unemployment numbers and so on and so on. It all comes together in a steady stream of dooming signs.

What I am still contemplating are two things.

Firstly what the catalyst(s) will be. Will the dollar collapse first or commercial real-estate? Will the Chinese bubble burst before the Swedish Housing bubble? How long can so many banks hide away their losses in mortgages and keep buying property from themselves without crashing? Isn’t it time for the Japanese Yen to fall into pieces soon? Will Venezuela start a war or will the US beat them to it and attack Iran? Will Yemen insurrectionists blow up oil-wells in Saudi Arabia before a large terrorist attack hits Europe?

And secondly we have the question of ‘when’?

Although true some economies have been recuperated, at least a little, but most of the problems remains, now worsened, and short of divine intervention the US, and several other countries, will crash and burn. Will it be soon or a couple of years down the line?

As you can see I’ve had a poll on my blog for a while now and you guys reading my crap seem to agree on disagree. I have myself for about 6 years now said that during spring of 2010 it will all come down around us, not all at once though, it will not be a stock market crash and thousands of banks going down almost simultaneously as during the Miniscule Depression of 30’s, oh no, our modern societies are more complex than that.

We’ve already had one crash last spring and if it wasn’t for the Keynesian madness that ensued things would have turned ugly already back then. The problem with this “save” is that it has made things much, much worse and hardly a single country has any muscles left , it has all already been done and there’s no savings, no borrowing and no printing left that can “save us” a second time.

I think that soon there will be a huge terrorist attack. A nuclear bomb in London, a chemical attack on Paris, a biological attack on New York, something of that nature and magnitude. And I think that will be the catalyst for more war and all the “green shoots” will then turn into withering plants stampeded into the ground. Soon thereafter commercial real-estate and several European housing bubbles (UK, Spain, and Sweden) will crash and then the slippery slope turns into a howling chasm of ever increasing despair.

I find this scenario to be the most likely one and I see it coming pretty soon.

Don’t you feel it too? Can’t you sense it? And are you prepared?