Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why do journalists ignore the depression?

I have pondered on this issue for a long while now since journalists in any normal case jumps on the slightest chance of negative news. To read a newspaper or watch the latest News is a trip into war, pestilence, rapes, students failing in school, murderess storms/hurricanes, global warming, cancer, AIDS, burning cars and lots of other hilarious stuff. Although there sometimes is good news, mainly from the world of celebrities, one really needs to search for it. So how come when history’s worst disaster is lurking around the corner they write and say nothing?

Is there so little knowledge?

Does good news about finance actually sell better?

Are journalists so in the hands of the ruling elite?

Is there some truth behind the New World Order conspiracy?

All of the above?

I tend to lean towards the last one. I know journalists are lazy fools, I also know that journalists, for the most part, tend to write and say that what those in power want. And it is hard to believe that so many Banksters and politicians are so oblivious to what really goes on in the world.

There is no light in the tunnel right now; there are no “green shoots”. All what we are seeing are fictive numbers, pure lies in some cases (read: banks), and highly overvalued stock-markets. Deficits keep growing; money printing machines all over the world are generating more warmth than a nuclear plant, the numbers are still going down and there are more markets about to collapse in the US. And, worst of all, no one, not a single country, has done anything to correct the initial problems that created the depression in the first place. The question isn’t “if” it’s going to get a lot worse, the question is when and how long it will last. As one of those that actually predicted this “recession” and so far haven’t missed a single thing in this mess, I see a very dire future. In other words, when journalists keep quoting some of the worst financial institutes in this world and people that had no clue before or during this crisis, don’t listen.

The worst financial disaster in human history is coming and you better prepare for it.

Another politically correct move

In the wake of anger from femiNazis and other people that cannot read, Hillegren has now been moved from sex-crimes and since he will retire next year this was seemingly decided even before this debacle.

From a “political” standpoint this is a good move in the way that some voices will go silence and, no matter if he was correct or not, his position as prosecutor was damaged. However, this also means that the politically correct can claim another “victory” that will further deteriorate Swedish society. I suspect that some of these spokespersons of arbitrary law and fascist ways will rejoice and get some wind in their sails and consequently will go on the offensive against other prosecutors and the lawmakers in order to coerce further stupidities.

Hillegren, although in desperate need of some debate advice, is one of very few so so sound voices debating the Swedish juridical system and I hope when he retires that his pen get a bit stiffer and better formulated and that he keeps at it. The politically correct main claim a sort of “victory” from this decision, but freedom of speech and justice is the losers. And someone wondered why I left my birth nation…

In the meanwhile the depression keeps gaining momentum and I do not feel safe out on the British Isles anymore. Time to find that island far away from all this madness and go fish while femiNazis, politicians, Banksters and other idiots destroy the world.