Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don´t be too unhappy – find the humour in it

One of the main reasons why people let themselves be herded around like a flock of sheep is the fact that with knowledge comes despair. Unfortunately there´s no blue pill one can take to forget once the veil have been lifted.

You see just when people gain intelligence and knowledge to see the world as it really is they find themselves bond and chained and unfree. Contrary to popular belief intellect and awareness does not make you free or happier, in fact you´ll suddenly realise how truly bent over and fucked with a rusty pipe you´ve been.

People unconsciously know this and actively stay away from knowledge that could upset their little existence.

To make matters worse once a person has seen through the charade of world affairs and tries to warn and educate others he´s only met with confused looks and bewilderment. You cannot tell people they are actually living more as slaves then free individuals, why would they believe you? Aren´t we living better today than any of our ancestors did?

I´ve gone through all the stages of this. First the happiness coming from the revelation compareable to reaching the top of Mount Everest or breaking your personal best running a track. Second comes despair when you try to explain to others and all you get back are platitudes. Third comes the notion that all others are idiots. Then you´ll meet another person also enlightened and knowing and you´re happy again and the circle starts over.

Somewhere around ten years ago I realised that our world, up ahead, was heading off a cliff. So I started to warn about the euro, about banks, about maddening lending schemes, about government plots and about a future so bleak it would make the great depression look like a walk in the park.

As per usual no one listened. To be honest I was ( and I still am) a nobody. Without power, riches or fame it’s hard to make oneself heard. Thankfully we have internet – at least until our Great Leaders shut it down for ordinary folk.

My predictions was slightly off though. I thought the first crash would happen during 2007 (it sort of did, but 2008 is probably more accurate), then Politicos and the elitist sphere would kick the can down the road for about 2-3 years and then all hell would break loose.

So according to my Nostradamus-thinking a decade ago we would - today - be living in absolute misery. I was wrong. They managed to pull 59 rabbits out of the hat I hadn´t considered so our crash-and-burn society was postponed.

The funny thing however is that all those schemes, all that money printing and all that borrowing they did to “save us” actually made things worse, and so if I thought in hellish terms before imagine what I think today...

I´m usually right about these things. Not perfect in my prediction of course, I miss dates, the scope and sometimes the persons involved, but comes to the actual events I am usually spot on.

You can hope and pray am another crack-pot looser from the tin-foil hat family, but what if am not?

Let me give you a tiny anecdote from my life to show you how sure I am about the near future. I was offered a job in Spain not long ago. I would have earned almost 4 times my current salary, and I would have had a great job working with what I love working with. I would have moved to sunshine and to one of the most beautiful cities of the world. I turned it down.


First up: the euro. Getting paid in euro will very soon be the same as being paid in used toilet paper. The European Central Bank (ECB) has no backing whatsoever but still keep buying toxic assets and printing money like there´s no tomorrow. This means very high inflation (much higher than they are lying about on TV) and this means that if problems persists, get worse or things really goes to shit, well then the ECB will crash and burn and explode and die horribly. Only one thing can temporarily save the autocrats managing this horrific entity: the printing press!

So hyperinflation is very likely to hit euro-zone the coming years.

Secondly: The Spanish debacle. Spain´s real-estate market hasn’t crashed yet. Pundits would like you to believe that it did during the Great Recession, but far from it. The entire housing- and real-estate market in Spain is totally bogus! A scam! A house of cards about to face the biggest shit-storm in history! And Spanish banks are in it with hundreds of billions of euros and the Spanish government stand as a guarantee for much of that debt. Unemployment is well over 20%, and structural problems are among the worst in the world. Add in Basque separatists and Catalan- and Galician nationalists and you have a very nice recipe for utter upheaval – very possibly civil war.

Although the worst of this will not occur just yet, I don´t really feel like moving to a place ready to blow up. Am not afraid of dying, but I´m not stupid either.

All of this, the scams, the economic turmoil, the knowledge that The Greatest Depression is just around the corner could be a suicidal revelation. I could be contemplating doing PCP and jump off a tall building, and I know some out there seeing what I see actually thinking along those lines, but am not. Why?

I see the humour in it!

Here we have a world filled with riches enough to feed, clothe and bring warmth and a home to all, a world whereas war could be a thing of the past and we could all be dancing in joy over being free without oppression. We actually had it all, but we have squandered it away, we gave away our freedoms and we rely on soul-sucking entities to rule us. We let banksters, journalists and politicos rule us supreme while robbing us in open daylight and lying to us on a daily basis.

I find this incredibly hilarious!

Especially funny is that most is out in the open. The facts are there to see. Also history teaches us what is going on and what will happen very soon. People only need to open their eyes and we could save ourselves, but instead almost all of you watch reality shows while nibbling on chemically processed food supplements.

How can this not be funny?

Oh, if I dress like a seal and go swimming in shark infested waters, I can get hurt? Nooo..? Really? If I live on a active volcano I can get lava flowing into my bedroom? come? If I go out fishing far out at sea with an approaching hurricane at the horizon I can get wet and possibly never get home ever again? That’s news to me...

Tens of millions are about to die from famine in Africa. Millions more will die across the world once The Greatest Depression is here. Civil wars, total upheaval and other funnies will claim tens of millions more. All this because people refuse to see reality.

Can you see the hilariousness?

We live in a world filled with entertainment, so don´t fall too far into sadness. Do what I do. Sit back, relax with a bottle of vodka and enjoy the show. The biggest convergence of events in human history is about to take place. Take pleasure from it as much as you can. Who wants to live forever anyway?