Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh, how fun it is to be right

America is showing one horrible number after the other at the moment. Things seem to unravel quickly across the pond.

U.S. lenders took over 102,134 properties last month, RealtyTrac Inc. reports say. That was the highest monthly tally since the company began. At the same time Bank of America have announced that it was suspending all foreclosure proceedings, presumably until further notice. Other banks have already suspended foreclosures in a whole truckload of states.

Today the dollar dropped even further after a report showed jobless claims increasing. This at the same time as inflation is gaining speed.

And as a small funny side note trade deficit widened with 8.8% in August which were more than the forecast.

All this when the number of poor people in America is higher than ever before.

The stock market however is going up with The Dow hitting a five-month high…

haha… it’s hard to come up with this stuff…

I am getting popcorn for this one. I suggest you do the same.