Tuesday, June 26, 2012

could be the funniest picture of all time

The laughing Force is strong with this one

Greatest Depression funnies

As the Greatest Depression continues, it’s always fun to just sit back and watch the events unfold. Consequently I´ve put together a wee little nitpicked collection of events/quotes/numbers from today. 

Angela Merkel puts a time stamp on WHEN Eurobonds will be a reality. Not smart Angela, not smart at all… I see a grassy knoll in your future…


Well, there you go. There are of course a lot more fun things going on, so just sit back and enjoy the decline. The greatest upheaval and change in human history is taking place before our very eyes – take solace in that. 

Swine flu not so hogable after all

According to bought-and-paid-for media today, the Swine flu was more dangerous than previously thought. They are referring to a study published in Lancet Infectious Diseases and of course picked up and packaged and sold by mainstream media as a huge deadly revelation.

It’s time to bring out Hogman again! Wherever swiney dealings happen, wherever pigs may roam, wherever boar´s may fly, Hogman will be there and save the day! 

 The piggy signal has sounded! 

I almost thought mass(hysteria)media had let this story go by now. They blurted out that we all would die, that all was lost and that even healthy normal adults would be shoveled into huge mass graves because cemeteries would not be able to accommodate all the dead. Unless people lined up to get vaccinated the skies would fall and life as we know it would end in a brute way.

 It was the most ridiculous and most fearmongering action ever taken on this planet, and if anyone was ever in doubt how totally useless mainstream journalists are, the Swine flu reveled their spinning factor even to the most stupid of inmates.

Swine flu was, and still is, the most harmless flu ever. In history. Already back in April 2009 I said this is going to be one of the mildest flu seasons ever, and it was, in fact the mildest ever recorded. This an illiterate amoeba could have figured out even during the first stages when the entire country of Mexico apparently was going to be swallowed by a ginormous pig.

Lately I´ve seen several warnings in mainstream media about how horrible it is that people are starting to mistrust vaccinations, and investigation after investigation seem to show how important it is to inoculate to save lives. And now this.


Or are pharmaceutical companies not making as much money anymore so they look for the easiest way of bringing in the dough? Well, if you are into conspiracies, why stop there? Are they planning for a new outbreak? Will we soon learn that the H1N1 virus has joined forces with H3N2 virus and gotten nastier then ever?

The revenge of the Swine Flu! This time it’s personal! 

The study being referenced to say a lot of weird things, but let’s have a look at a couple of them.

According to a model developed by the study authors, the actual number of deaths linked to the H1N1 flu virus could range anywhere from 151,700 to 575,401*. Aha… so anywhere between 151700 to 575401* eh? Interesting, don´t you think? Statistically speaking, and to a real scientist this gap in-between is huge.

 Oh, and the model… oh gush… hold on to your hats because this is pure brilliance.

Apparently Africa and Southeast Asia have a lack of access to health care and vaccines (sic!) and so the number of deaths in those regions MAY (conceivably, possibly) be much larger than previous thought.

Oh, this is absolutely fantastic stuff! Where is their Nobel Prize? Clearly these geniuses deserve to be elevated above us mere humans and to be recognized as the eminent scientists they are. People living in huts hundreds of miles from the nearest witchdoctor MAY (conceivably, possibly) have died from the horrible Swine Flu without us knowing about it? Now there´s one of the biggest scientific achievements ever. Fantastic deductive reasoning!

After this magnificent level of science mainstream media picks up the story and claim that as many as 10 times more people MAY (conceivably, possibly) have died from the Swine Flu then previous thought.

To you, the idiot reader, it sounds like;

10 times as many! Dead! Swine Flu! We were wrong before! 

Manipulative journalism meets overpaid and useless “scientists” and they together package and sell you another scary story.

But let’s play devil’s advocate for a few moments. Let´s assume their scariest scenario is correct and that as many as 575,401* died from swine flu. Is that bad? Well, sure in a way it of course is, but it is worth remembering that seasonal flu often poses a serious threat to public health: each year it kills 250,000 - 500,000 around the world, some years even more, so 575,401* is actually within pretty normal parameters. And for some reason that normal estimate for normal flu have not used the model used by the study mentioned above, which makes one wonder if dead Africans and suffering bushmen are more important to count comes to Swine Flu then the regular variant?

Well, anyway, I could go on and point out statistics about this or that and also prove that vaccination kills but I have more important stuff to do…

Oh, and just so you all know; my previous statement is still valid. Come near me or mine with forced inoculations and I will fight back - with deadly force. And I don’t care one bit if you are the police, social services or a freaking King, I will kill you. Not a joke.

If you are so stupid to fall for what Big Pharma sells and what bought-and-paid for politicians and journalists say, that’s your problem, just stay the hell away from me.

* I added one (1) at the end there because I think they missed an Australian aborigine that got eaten by a flock of evil Koalas, but he was already dead from this horrible flu before eaten...