Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sex, adolescent and grooming

I’m having a hard time seeing a potential law against people taking contact with and then grooming someone that is underage. The line here is really blurry and it will be almost impossible to know exactly what you can do or not. For instance, if I happen to chat with someone that is hiding her/his true age from me and not the other way around, should I be punished for that? And the legal age to have sex is different in different countries. If I’m talking to a 17y Swedish girl, it’s okay, but not her American friend at the same age, to take one example. And at what age does someone become a pedophile? At 18? 26? 38? If some guy is 17y had has meet a girl online that is 14y, is he grooming her and is he a pedophile? Well not if she is an Austrian girl, 14y is the age of consent in that country. With FRA and IPRED in Sweden already eliminating most of that country’s freedom I see the attempts to make a law that will be very hard to interpret as just another excuse for surveillance and control of the people. It is already illegal to have sex with a minor; it is illegal to have child pornography and it’s illegal to do most of the things that are related to grooming, so why a new law?

And this age thing is pretty stupid in general. The age of sexual consent vary in Europe from 12y to 18y. In Sweden its 15y, but why this certain age? There are people that are sexually active far before their 15th birthday and some people should never have sex no matter what the age. And girls develop often faster and at an earlier age then boys, shouldn’t it be different age of consent according to gender?

So this thing is just stupid and unnecessary. And for those parents out there, who let their little girls have webcam in their closed rooms with the lock on, please check her once in a while.

Gay marriage in church is idiocy

Don’t get me wrong, a couple of my oldest friends are gay and I have an aunt who is gay. If they want to get married, let them, it’s stupid, but if even gay people feel the need to be stupid, so let them. Don’t you love that everyone always seems to excuse themselves when talking down gays, black or Muslims? “I know many” or “My relative is xxx” is normally the first phrase. So from now on, every time I put down gays or whatever, I won’t brag about my connections, if you think I’m a bigot or racist, that’s your problem.

There are two reasons why gay marriage is brainless, wrong and idiotic. First of all the whole thing is stupid. Some religious sects that believe in life after death and are responsible for millions of dead people find it great for citizens to bind themselves according to the law? That’s just completely idiotic. Real “marriage” is not according to law or some bloodthirsty priests, it’s according to love. And as a rule: whenever the government or some religious idiots feels it’s appropriate to “trick” people to do something to get something – in this case better protection in case the loved one dies, or in case of “divorce” – you should regard it as highly suspect. The whole thing is a scam.

The second reason is; whatever you think about religion, the government or love for that matter, you cannot force other people to do your bidding. If an organization wants to put a metal object on some peoples fingers and have some rules revolving that, that’s their deal. You cannot run to the government and impose a law to overrule that organization just because you think they are wrong or you want that metal ring yourself. That’s called fascism! So if you are gay, don’t blame the church for you not being married, that’s their thing. If they don’t want to marry you, they shouldn’t. Their organization, their rules. Every priest that refuses to marry gays has my full support. And if you are gay, you should feel lucky and happy about not getting too involved in the greatest killing machine of all time; religion.

So this political correctness with gay marriage is a horrible thing and we can without hesitation say; Gays are idiots.

You are going to die! Part XIII

One of the main reasons of our unhappiness and stressful relationship with the outside world is the choices we make. Every little decision we make can be fatal. If we choice to walk over the road 5 sec earlier we get hit by a truck and die. If we vote for the wrong politician we might lose all our savings. If we go swimming we might drown. If we forget our laptop and go back home to get it but then do not catch our plane and that plane goes down and everyone dies, we might think we did the right choice or maybe it was divine intervention? Everything, and I do mean everything, can lead to our demise or our happiness. And you never know. This uncertainty, which we normally do not think too much about, is also one of the main reasons why we are quite happy with someone else making the decisions for us because then you have someone to blame. Not you of course who let someone else rule your idiotic existents in the first place, but you can blame that idiot who made the wrong choice. So our mortality and fear of making choices is also one of the main reasons why we get ourselves killed. Fear of dying leads to your death. Is that not irony for you?

Let’s take the voting process as an example. The farther left you go in your choice of politicians, the fewer choices you need to make, they (the government) does it for you. But those who make the decisions are also humans and consequently also they make the wrong ones, wrong for you and maybe even wrong form them. And if they have a choice between themselves having some champagne and letting you keep your money, what do you really think they will choice? And if there is a choice between the politician’s cars and lavish lifestyle and whether or not you will die or live, what do you think they really prefer? And since one of the main reasons for people dying is how and by whom they are ruled, your choice to elect politicians is also one of the main things that might kill you.

Another example is how you choice to live your life. If you, similar to me, like to drink, do tobacco, drive fast, have a lot of sex and you despise your government, you probably are running a much greater risk of dying then most. But if you are a nice little comfy watcher who never drives to fast, religiously keeps to one lover, hate all kinds of drugs and never complains and always listens to what the politically correct tells you, you might run a smaller chance of getting killed, especially if you also know and follow those in power. But here is a notion to all of you; no matter what you do, you will die! Don’t fear death, is a part of all of us. If you get a bit scared, think of the one you hate the most and that this person will die someday too. All of us will. Is just a matter of when, not if, not really why either, it’s just time we are talking about. Try to get this into your thick idiotic brains and please go out and hate all politicians, ignore traffic laws and do drugs. You will feel better for it and you will have a more fun life. And when that gong sounds that means your time is up, do you really want to have been the yes conversationalist who never explored anything and lived by the book or do you want to have been that obnoxious one who traveled, explored life and did the best of what life gave you?

A good day to be me

A great day in Scotland today. Okay, it’s kind of raining, lots of clouds in the sky and the left sided traffic is killing me, but still a great day. Far away from the idiocies of Sweden were people now are risking getting their citizenship taken away from them if one of the main parties in the government gets their way. I’m drinking Budweiser, watching the boats go by and am generally content with life. I still feel a little bit too close to "home" and Scotland is a part of the European Union, so I might move away from here in the future, but today is a great day. No snow, no useless trials against young boys and I did see some fine looking females walk by. Yes, a great day.

Travel idiocies

Okay, even though I’m against most forms of surveillance and control of people, I kind of liked the new rules they have at many airports around the world. Not because it stops terrorist, it don’t. But more for keeping away those complete madman’s that might pop up. In a world consisting of morons, there are always those who stand out a bit more than the rest. They drink too much and start to fight with airplane personal or they suddenly throw a fit and go berserk pretty much anywhere. You don’t want those people on your airplane, but if they still end up there, you definitely don’t want them to have weapons in their pockets. So for the most part I actually don’t mind getting searched fifteen times and getting my picture taken a hundred times at airports.

But; arriving at Heathrow, on February 16th 2009 (for those government idiots who read this), and when I already had went past 7 or 8 control points; I got the “real” security check and got halted. I apparently had fluids in my bag. I thought; did I leave a beer or a Cola in there somewhere? But no, I had a small bottle of soap and some hairgel. Okay, I’m no chemist, and maybe some genius somewhere can MacGyver together a bomb or something from soap and hairgel, or maybe I had missed something about those kinds of things and airplanes, so I kind of let it slip while the security lady put those bottles in the trash. But then something interesting happen, she let me keep my aftershave! Why? It contains alcohol, its flammable, why throw away my soap but not my aftershave? I thought this was really strange. And then the control lady picks up my nail clipper and I thought; Fuck! On my nailclipper there is a nailpolisher that you can pull out and that one is really a weapon. I could easily kill 3 crewmembers, two old ladies, a couple of children and the captain with that thing. But she just throws it together with the rest of my stuff. And by this time I’m actually mistrusting the whole system. Something is seriously wrong here. And then she tops everything off with sending her “friends” at the security away to eat lunch, standing there alone with me, and I know this is wrong. In case of a felony or someone tries to smuggle something, it always needs to be at least two witnesses. I’m not a bad guy, no matter what you think from reading the things I write and I’m a harmless looking fellow and Swedish, so you don’t really suspect me like that black Muslim Abdullah from Saudi Arabia, but still. Follow the rules damn you and don’t let me or anyone else whoosh you by with a weapon and flammable fluids, while you toss away the soap!

And now comes the real fun part. Oh this is great. When I get past this last security check with the lonesome security lady, into the terminal, I find literary hundreds of stores, selling soap, hairgel and lots of other things with which even I could build bombs and even start wars with. Also I can get drunk while shopping those terrible murderess things. This is complete idiocy! Are the governments of some countries in the hands of the beauty and cosmetic industries? Is that the real reason for this shit, not the terrorists? Toss away the soap so I will buy a new one!? So now I’m against those surveillances and monitors too. Apparently totally useless. Terrorists always find a way through, no doubt about that, but can you at least check those madman’s and have some consistency to this thing!?

You are going to die! Part XII

People are not only very stupid and easy to fool; they are also very inventive and have no problem learning the art forms of torture and executions. Few hobbies have taking more time in the human history than how to come up with new and more creative ways to kill other humans.

We can skip some of the most common ones like beheading and hanging. Not very inventive. Firing squads and bullets in the back of the head (popular socialist solution) we can also ignore and jump ahead to the more interesting ones. One of my favorites is the Iron Maiden. Not only a great rock band, but also a pleasant piece of equipment. A person is put in a metal box shaped like a human with two joining pieces, like any kind of box. He/she then gets strapped down on one side and can watch the lid close with lots of pointy spikes on the inside of the opposite part (lid). The number of spikes, how effective they are and so on determines how much pain and how long the subject survives. You can almost hear them making bets on how long you will survive, cant you? Another one of my favorites are when they attached each limb of a person to a bunch of horses and then let them pull in opposite direction, pulling that person into pieces. If the audience were a bit lucky the amputee didn’t pass out from the pain and instead screamed a bit before losing to much blood.

And of course you cannot talk about torture and executions without mentioning the church (any of them). How the Catholic Church handled witches for instance. The “witches” had mainly 3 ways to go. Being burned alive, kind of a crowd pleaser, but not really that inventive. And then you had the drowning test. If the woman (pretty much always a woman) in question sinks, she is innocent of witchcraft and will go straight to heaven, if she floats; she is a witch and instead got to be burned alive. A win win situation for all parties. And then, probably top three in my book, the suctions device. With this you put a tube down the woman’s throat and poured in lots of water, letting the suction do all the work. When she reaches a certain point, her belly will explode and killing her in agony. That if she hasn’t “drown” or died in lack of oxygen. Fun fun fun.

And we really need to mention those ever so effective Germans. Too hard to shot people and dig holes? Let’s start factories were we gas them and then burn them. Easy, effective and maybe even pretty humane (in regard to other solutions), but also inventive. And you could also use those human bodies as a way of heating, maybe even reduce global warming! I’m not sure if this last part ever happened or is viable scientifically speaking, but it is a good idea to pick up for all those dictator wannabees out there.

I could go on for a long time, but let’s skip to my absolute favorite and what has to be number one; starvation. And I’m not talking about that easy one; not eating in a dungeon or rotting away at some prison. No I’m talking about the one where you get to watch all your relatives and your children die all around you while you yourself are dying of hunger. This is my favorite way of killing people, not because it’s one of the main killers of humans of all time and not even for the psychological effect of seeing your loved ones die painfully, no, it’s because it has been a way for countless governments to get rid of pesky inhabitants. Since the dawn of agriculture we (those with brains) have known that we have enough food to support ourselves, all of us. But instead we let ourselves get ruled and taxed by different forms of governments and all they do is eat, live and build things with the money they take from the people. This might lead to some starving but is not really the main issue, because you also have wars and other fun things the rulers use as their pastime, and that increases the risk of starving by a lot. But that’s not really enough either. You can, however, as ruler, always deport people were there is no food or outlaw them from growing their own crops and here is where the real fun starts. In China, for example, this has been used throughout history, killing millions upon millions, but of course worse of all are those socialists. During a couple of decades (50’s and 60’s) in China tens of billions of people died from starvation, courtesy of: the government! Russia (or the former USSR) is another place where this way of killing was used several times. If farmers didn’t want to give 100% of their earnings to the state, they got deported to Siberia and didn’t eat at all.

Granted, starvation in its self isn’t really inventive, but you can work around it, creating lines stretching out for miles with people wanting to buy a piece of bread. Or you can send your soldiers out to rob people of their last cows, which is always enjoyable. So starvation is number one because of these reasons and this last topping of the cake: It still kills millions of people today! And you haft to admit that a night in front of the TV without those flies buzzing around the starving and dying isn’t really a good night. I mean munching on some chips and drinking beer kind of needs that. All this when those people actually could be eating. I mean, come on, does it get funnier?