Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You are going to die! Part XIII

One of the main reasons of our unhappiness and stressful relationship with the outside world is the choices we make. Every little decision we make can be fatal. If we choice to walk over the road 5 sec earlier we get hit by a truck and die. If we vote for the wrong politician we might lose all our savings. If we go swimming we might drown. If we forget our laptop and go back home to get it but then do not catch our plane and that plane goes down and everyone dies, we might think we did the right choice or maybe it was divine intervention? Everything, and I do mean everything, can lead to our demise or our happiness. And you never know. This uncertainty, which we normally do not think too much about, is also one of the main reasons why we are quite happy with someone else making the decisions for us because then you have someone to blame. Not you of course who let someone else rule your idiotic existents in the first place, but you can blame that idiot who made the wrong choice. So our mortality and fear of making choices is also one of the main reasons why we get ourselves killed. Fear of dying leads to your death. Is that not irony for you?

Let’s take the voting process as an example. The farther left you go in your choice of politicians, the fewer choices you need to make, they (the government) does it for you. But those who make the decisions are also humans and consequently also they make the wrong ones, wrong for you and maybe even wrong form them. And if they have a choice between themselves having some champagne and letting you keep your money, what do you really think they will choice? And if there is a choice between the politician’s cars and lavish lifestyle and whether or not you will die or live, what do you think they really prefer? And since one of the main reasons for people dying is how and by whom they are ruled, your choice to elect politicians is also one of the main things that might kill you.

Another example is how you choice to live your life. If you, similar to me, like to drink, do tobacco, drive fast, have a lot of sex and you despise your government, you probably are running a much greater risk of dying then most. But if you are a nice little comfy watcher who never drives to fast, religiously keeps to one lover, hate all kinds of drugs and never complains and always listens to what the politically correct tells you, you might run a smaller chance of getting killed, especially if you also know and follow those in power. But here is a notion to all of you; no matter what you do, you will die! Don’t fear death, is a part of all of us. If you get a bit scared, think of the one you hate the most and that this person will die someday too. All of us will. Is just a matter of when, not if, not really why either, it’s just time we are talking about. Try to get this into your thick idiotic brains and please go out and hate all politicians, ignore traffic laws and do drugs. You will feel better for it and you will have a more fun life. And when that gong sounds that means your time is up, do you really want to have been the yes conversationalist who never explored anything and lived by the book or do you want to have been that obnoxious one who traveled, explored life and did the best of what life gave you?

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