Saturday, September 15, 2012

Protests and riots up and running

Megalomaniacs that deny inflation exist and disagree with irrefutable facts are of course also in absolute denial about peoples anger.

I predicted this scenario many times over; you find a few of my spooky prophecies HERE, HERE and also HERE, and of course HERE.  

But regardless of we´re talking Spain or about oily Greeks or about raging Muslim morons, this is just the beginning - only a prelude to what’s to come.

You see the old saying is true; when people have lost everything, have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

I hope you all remember what our great and fantastic leaders did;

One part of the elitist sphere inflated markets with very cheap credits, they lowered interest rates to create bubbles, and they increased government involvement and imposed more restrictions. Another part of the elitists sphere thought up new fantastic inventions like Credit Default Swaps and different forms of derivatives in order to cheat the system and thieve the people further. Eagerly helped by media spin-doctors and useless pundits like the bearded potato Krugman, they got away with it for many years. And when things finally reached an impasse and recession set it, they did the same damn thing - only amplified several times over, and then they did it again. And you! You cheered them on, you voted for them again, you continued to hand over your cash and you refused to listen to reason.

Now, today, when all the money is gone, they´ve bored to the moon and indebted future generation and there´s nothing left but the printing press and there´s really no way out, what do they do?

They refuse to acknowledge reality. They refuse to give in and give up.

In addition the people do not want to bail out the super-rich while taking the pain of reality. Even the very modest and tiny changes (austerity measures) are rebuked and scorn at – and who can blame you for it? Although our current dilemma to a large degree can be blamed on the people, why would you sit down and accept that our free smorgasbord is taken away while the rich and powerful grow even richer and more powerful? 

Here you need to remember that most of the demonstrations and riots going on today is done by extremists, usually of the leftie persuasion, wanting more of the very same that got us into this mess in the first place. Also lefties are much more prone to vent their anger then normal folk; it’s sort of in their nature, part of their ideology. Normal folk are mostly still sitting at home complaining over the dinner table in-between episodes of reality shows.

But what do you think will happen when sky-high unemployment is permanent, there is nothing left to buy and the few things that we can buy is priced in the millions because of the inflation created?

What do you think people will do when they realize that there is no pension funds left? How do you think people will react when they comprehend the full scope of The Greatest Depression?

Robert Mugabe is already wallpapering his master suite with U.S. dollars while weapons grade plutonium is available to all with a decent valet.  Totalitarian misfits, fascists as well as communists, are already feeling the wind blowing in their favor. Everywhere you look companies are closing down shop and bad news is so frequent that the people are already getting jaded.

That´s today. What do think tomorrow holds?

I´ve said this before, and I will say it again; We´ve never before been in this much trouble.


Throughout history nothing comes close to what is about to befall us.

The Black Death killed 1/3 of Europe’s population and ushered in changes and political upheaval we have a hard time to phantom today. Mongol invasions. The Muslim conquest of Thrace. The Crusades. The discovery of the new world and all the sickness Europeans brought with them killing tens of millions of indigenous people. And the world wars.

All of it put together, if you can imagine that, comes decently close what awaits us.

EVERY. SINGLE. HORRIBLE. THING. You can possible imagine awaits us up ahead, do you really think that even today´s TV-dependent cretins living on processed foods will sit down and do nothing?

Of course not.

It will be mayhem. Bloodshed. Upheaval. Civil wars. War. Total breakdown of societies.

Me, I am going to name my first wheelbarrow ´The Bernie Cart´. I will carve “The euro was a good idea” into my rifle. And then I will just sit down with vodka and popcorn while watching all you morons run around looking for food, jobs and shelter while you blame the Jews, the Muslims, the Rich, or whoever you feel the need to blame.

It’s going to be pretty funny, and I hope you can keep that humor with you just as me. It’s hard thing surviving the Zombie Apocalypse without humor