Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The continuation of lies

While leftie media continues to ignore why Barack Obama is dropping in polls and how an already horrid situation in the US is getting close to catastrophic, the Tea Party Express keeps gaining momentum. For every stop the protesters grow in numbers and more and more people that never even been to a rally before join their ranks. The movement culminating towards 9/12 - a date that so far also has been ignored by almost all media.

So, of course, our bellowed journalists, more deceitful than ever, also ignore how the Great Leader attempted to indoctrinate school children. Every news station and almost every paper is focusing on “the Obama hatred” or “Right-wing extremism”, not the speech itself, and hardly even mentioning the purpose of even holding a speech.
I wonder what would happen in my birth nation, Sweden, if either the current Prime Mentalist Fredrik Reinfeldt or any of the socialist leaders in the opposition would have done anything like this. I believe that the outcry would have been massive and even pussy assed feeble minded Swedes would have considered pulling their kids out of school, sent angry letters around, and the media would be questioning such action day and night. So how come media, regarding Obama’s speech, is ignoring all the relevant protests and not one negative comment can be seen or heard? And when listening to his speech, it’s almost pure propaganda, and then he actually changed it beforehand since there was so much protesting. If you read this post that I wrote a week ago, you may understand how the agenda really looked.

It’s very similar how media is always reporting in Europe about the US.

America is, apparently, filled with redneck religious freaks and people are dying on the streets because they don’t have healthcare, and then, opposing that evil are a progressive movement with a black hero leading them towards the European model of prosperity. On one side we have Klu Klux Klan, gun-toting maniacs, rich tycoons, bible-thumping weirdoes, and Fox News. On the other side we have calm and reasoning normal people only wanting healthcare for everyone, a decent school system and equal rights. One side is right-wing people spreading hatred towards the president, the other side tries to save the economy. This is what media is trying to sell us, and what many Europeans believe is a correct image of the US. Our enemies have spread these sorts of lies for a very long time.

I have always wondered why true socialists buy this crap when they almost always mistrust everything else lying journalists says. Probably because it reinforces their image of the US as evil incorporated.

Please people, go out and get the information by yourself. As long as the free media still exists and our draconian internet-laws haven’t yet expanded into total control, you can find the truth out there, don't rely on any mainstream media.

Here is one of many protests on camera, this time without democrats hiring thugs fighting and yelling. There have been violent incidents (all those actions have been from democrats and their supporters) and normal people wanting their voices to be heard have been thrown out of auditoriums or even stopped from coming in because they want to protest or have the WRONG COLOR! You will never hear or see such facts in European media.

A good society does not really need police

Although I normally would applaud more police officers and more money to the justice system, it is hard to do this time around. The Swedish government has issued more billions to these causes, and I cannot help wondering why that money is really needed.

Let’s put aside, for a movement, the massive deficit, the depression we are in, the borrowing to cover this and other manic spending, and lets also ignore how the justice system really “works” (hardly at all). Instead let’s look what “criminals” that we are getting imprisoned.

Firstly, a lot of the systems resources go to catch hardened gangsters like grandmas downloading music, soccer-mums speeding on well kept high-ways, youngsters riding their bikes without helmets, and animal owners shooting wolfs. Secondly, a vast majority of the criminal-systems resources goes to hunting down people that have not harmed a single soul. For instance prostitutes and their customers. People having sex and exchanging money is a victimless “crime”, nevertheless, they are chased harder than any murderer. People doing drugs are another “crime” where there is no victim. Both these examples are not only unnecessary to allocate resources for, the very fact that this wrong focus exists is also something that creates even more problems, like more break-ins because of higher drug prices, or greater risks for hookers needed to hide together with the costumer. People getting caught because of the things mentioned, especially drugs, is what is making jails overcrowded. In other words, there is another waste of resources.

In affect, what the government does, is to create criminals through laws, then they need more police to cover those “crimes”, which in turn create even more criminals. All the time they are saying they are “going to save us”. The whole reasoning is absurd.

I actually like the police, maybe you didn’t think so, but I do. There are a lot of idiots within the police, of course, but most of them do their jobs. I know it sounds like defending the guards at Treblinka, but what I’m saying is that it’s the law that is stupid. And how much bureaucracy and political correctness aren’t messing with the brains of police officers everyday? And how many times do not laws change every year? Resources get diverted, proper equipment isn’t provided, politicians often use police as a scapegoat, and on top of all this they get to see body parts scattered, raped preteens, brain-matter all over floors and so on. All things considered, most within the police force do a very good job, and I’m hundred percent convinced that if we changed those things mentioned in this post, they would be doing an even greater job.

A society where the government is limited, where basic human rights is respected by authorities and a society where the law only punished those that have committed atrocities against another human, in such a society the police will stand for something pure and right. Today, however, the police are the prolonged arm of the fascists, the power elitists and a horrid justice system. Consequently, today, it means that more police will only do more harm than good. It would be much better using that money to lower taxes, pay of our collective debt or to hire a committee to look over our laws.

At the same time some minor riots are going on here and there in Sweden, fully justified for the most part since our enemies refuses to do anything about the real problems. Many of those youngsters are idiots, of course, but that does not change the fact that the issues they are upset over are real.

I hope more people, real people, not idiots, take to the street and demand that the real criminals, those not getting hunted and imprisoned i.e. the banksters, the politicians and the power elite, get thrown in jail. And I hope that when this happens - which I don’t think is that far off into the future - that the police join in with the people.

manufacturing czar

Obama picked his 48th czar yesterday. Obama chose a Labor Day union picnic on Monday as the backdrop to announce his selection of Ron Bloom, a member of his auto industry task force, as senior counselor for manufacturing policy.

Ron Bloom can now entitle himself: "manufacturing czar"

Russia used to have one at the time, didn't end so happy for the last one, let’s hope the same faith awaits these idiots.

the most evil villains

Goldman Stench is continuing on their buying spree. Now a couple of funds managed by this fraudulent bank have decided to convert their bonds in Groupe Eurotunnel into shares making these banksters the owner of around 21,2% of Groupe Eurotunnel.

If Lex Luthor or Skeletor had pursued a career into banking they would have been out-maneuvered by these much more fiendish villains. Goldman “fuck you all” Sachs have robbed their costumers, they have robbed the tax payers and they have laundered their dirty shit through their gangster pals in Washington. What is the biggest robbery in history has been made “legal” and now they are out buying stuff with that stolen cash. One cannot even make up things like this. Too bad there are no heroes left in the world…