Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A couple of weeks of ”noooo way!!”

Really? Not making this shit up?

Having arrived in my new home country I´ve not really been able to make any new postings but the latest couple of weeks have been filled with wonderful news no-one ever expected that I thought would be a good idea to mention. Like oily Greeks needing another bail-out and still fiddling with numbers – who would have thought eh?

And then we found out that Osama was hiding in Pakistan!? Oh my, there´s a shock. And then they killed him! And then they dumped his body at sea making both an autopsy and any form of identification impossible! A nice pile of coincidences impossible to predict, wouldn´t you say?

And when another elitist get caught messing about with tha ladies, all our eyebrows went up, didn´t they? Our astonishment knew no bounds. And of course he´s “innocent”, he was just trying to chat up every woman at the hotel, they said no, and so when a lonely, low-level maid comes by, she´s of course in on it. She consented. The four-winged puppet master Strauss-Kahn, formed head of the IMF, probably didn´t hear her objections with his dick down her throat.

Oh, and it appears that patriotism in France, especially among fellow elitists, consists almost entirely of making excuses for rapists, but only if they are rich ,white powerful and morbidly obese. What a surprise.

But do you know what is really, truly surprising? His wife, Anne Sinclair, posted bail and seem to stand behind her husband, even though it has been proven that he actually had sex. (The rape charge hasn´t been proven yet, and probably never will...) Seem like whenever a rich, powerful man gets accused of something like this his wife, also a member of the same elitist sphere, “forgive” him in public. At least until he has really fucked up. We only need to remember the “I did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky” –story... or any other number of scandals to see the same behavior. One could assume that putting a scissor to a certain anatomic area would be the first choice, but, as said, very astonishly, the elitists band together, even in these cases... to everyone’s surprise.

Funniest in media right now though is by far the economy and all that comes with the Greatest Depression. Journalists have started to smell the apocalyptical meltdown, but only to a degree - cannot jump ahead of the story now can we? This entire thing is so filled with bewildering news toppling every bar-mitzvah surprise-party ever thrown for a Muslim girl in Japan.

So let’s look at some more of our contestants for the ´biggest surprise of the year´ -award.

We could mention how surprising it is that northern Europeans detest the bail-outs, or that Greece is pondering on leaving the EU and the euro, but let’s not dwell on such boring issues.

Italy, Belgium and Spain getting a higher risk rating! Wow, there´s a revelation for ya.

And the dictatorship logic of the EUSSR Kommissars thinking up new ways of circle around their own rules come to bail-outs and the printing press is both high entertainment and highly surprising.

That the UK had the worst April (2011) public sector net borrowing on record as tax receipts fell, is yet another huge eye turner. Or, for that matter, how the credit institute Moody's have flagged 14 British banks with lower credit rating.

We can call it all: The Big Surprise List of 2011!

Following the huge surprises of 2007-2008-2009-2010...

...oh, but wait for 2012...

As most of you understand by now - especially my devoted readers - am being a tad ironic. Of course all of this and what comes next is completely obvious. NOT A SINGLE PERSON with actual brain-activity knowing basic math could have missed all of this. It is not possible to miss.

You could, as most do, stick your head in the sand and ignore it all, but don´t come and say that no one could have foreseen this or predict this very outcome. I did, and so did many, many others.

But I do guess that when the Portuguese come asking for more cash or when Spain’s totally bogus real-estate market crashes or British banks start to default again or whenever any other “weird” thing happen, then many of you will be truly shocked. Again. As well as you´ll be surprised over the revelation that we need to print more money, increase austerity measures and fiddle numbers to keep GDP up. And when the increase in riots turns into full out civil wars, you´ll be surprised again. Especially politicians, journalists and economists - oh they are so surprised all the time it’s ridiculous.

You fuckin morons!

We´re heading for the Greatest Depression.


Nothing you do can prepare you for what is to come, nothing you say, write or think can stop the Tsunami wave of utter disaster coming our way. You won´t be spared.

Just remember, please, please, for all the people that you love; please remember: Who´s to blame.

It was not big business, it was not capitalism, and it was not too few regulations.

You can, and should, blame banksters, politicians, journalists and organisations like IMF, UN and the world bank. They should all pay and I do hope you make them suffer, but in the end, at its core, this can be blamed on you!

You voted for it! You cheered them on! You didn´t pay attention! And you let them get away with it!

How many times haven´t our masters of despair lied to us by now?

Remember when they told us that borrowing trillions and printing more trillions and throwing those piles of cash at banks would save us from a depression? This, they said, would curve a recession brought on by overspending, too much printing and too many regulations.

Already back then you should have rioted, stringed up a couple of economists and hunted down politicians. You didn´t. Now it is too late, so suck it up like a raped New York maid.

Of course most of you flatulent amoebas will turn towards Fascism or Communism or towards any other –ism with a smug well-spoken head figure upfront. And, of course, this will lead to more nationalism, harder restrictions and very possibly more wars. All because you didn´t pay attention.

History will repeat itself. Again. What a surprise...