Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When people lose everything...

Another shooting has occurred in the US where a man walked into a Fitness Center in Bridgeville, Pittsburgh, and entered an all-female dance class and then started shooting people. According to reports several people appeared to be wounded, including the dance-instructor, and four people, so far, has been reported dead and, apparently, the gunman had killed himself.

As I have written before and will say again, this is only the beginning. I have no idea why this stupid thing happened; maybe he heard voices, had just got fired or didn’t like people dancing. Whatever the reason there are two things you can be absolute sure of. Firstly lots of people will call for more gun restrictions and the government with the Obamination as figurehead will take advantage of this and similar events to impose more and more laws, everything arranged to control the populace. Secondly, this is not the first and it most definitely won’t be the last shooting. Or, in other words: “When people lose everything, have nothing left to lose, they loose it”. If you think this is an isolated incident or that it won’t happen in your country or your town, think again. With skyrocketing unemployment, a deep depression and no hope in sight, this will happen many times yet and it do not matter if you have liberal or fascist laws when it comes to guns, people can always get hold of guns no matter what.

Muslim idiots again

Apparently some brainless Muslims with nothing to do other than complain and find faults where there are none have reacted towards a football song. Schalke 04 in the German bundesliga has fans singing a song with text that goes like this:

Mohammed war ein Prophet
Der vom Fußballspielen nichts versteht
Doch aus all der schönen Farbenpracht [der Farbenprahacht...]
Hat er sich das Blau und Weiße ausgedacht

I have news for you stupid people with nothing else to do; Mohammed lived 1400 years ago, there was no football back then so he didn’t know anything about the game. Or do you people think he went like: “Oh, let’s do a Hijra, fast, and go to Medina so we get there before half-time...”
So what’s offensive? Get a life, idiots.

The Grey matter matters...

Had a bit boring time by my lonesome in front of my PC. Well, I did make the best use of my webcam, as usual, however still kind of bored I started to look for some movie I haven’t seen and I happened to come across a movie called; The Girlfriend Experience. Apparently it was about some girl being a high end prostitute (or “girlfriend” rather). Apparently directed by Steven Soderbergh which I normally detest and if I see that idiot name on a cover of a movie I know it is horrible (yes, even the ocean crappies). And what’s with the freaking surname? Soderbergh? It is spelled Söderbergh or Søderbergh you freak.

Anyhow… I noticed it stared a porn actress; Sasha Grey, so I thought, hey, this might be fun. Most of the porn actresses that goes over to “regular movies” are very horrible and cannot even pull off playing a stupid girl that gets massacred by a 9ft monster. So at least some entertainment with my most hated director and a porno actress playing a prostitute. I should also mention I’m a big connoisseur of porn, I really love porn, but I have never really taken a liking to Sasha other then in a couple of fetish pieces where she is getting spanked and tortured and consequently is very lovable.

Firstly the movie that’s a so so experience, it is watchable and has good acting in general, but hardly more, probably because of that idiot director. However, Sasha is actually great. I got very impressed by her and she is a beautiful and sexy woman. After 10min into the movie I’m not thinking of her getting gangbanged anymore and that says it all. Good stuff and I hope to see her act opposite Brad Pit in the future while Angelina is sitting at home with the kids…