Saturday, August 6, 2011

Buckle up for next week – The Greatest Depression

Let´s ride! yey!

I´ve been waiting for the Greatest Depression for a long time. Now, it seems to have finally arrived.

We don´t really know what the news just before and during the weekend will do to markets, they are actually just as likely to go up as down. Nothing is normal with derivatives, manipulations and inflationary extra cash.

What we can say however is that, as before the 2008 crisis, plenty of people have been warning years beforehand. Media would like you to believe that no one knew, no one could predict this. No one predicted Lehman or the sub-prime crisis, and no one is around warning us now.

You now know that´s a lie.

There have been warnings that we may be in for a repeat of the calamitous events of 2008, but more so, there has been warnings that the entire game is up. From my side I take it one step further and talk about world wars, massive famine catastrophes and the end of life as we know it.

And I´ve been correct so far…

What we do know is that the situation is much bleaker even than in those desperate days after the closure of Lehman Brothers. Back then, policy-makers, sadly enough, had at their disposal a whole range of powerful tools to “save us” which are simply not available today.

First of all, the 2008 crisis struck at the ideal stage of an economic cycle. Interest rates were comparatively high, both in Europe and the United States. This meant that central banks were in a position to postpone The Greatest Depression by slashing the cost of borrowing. Today, rates are still at rock bottom, so that option is no longer available.

Second, the global situation was far more advantageous three years ago. One key reason why Western economies appeared to recover so fast was that China responded with a substantial economic boost. Today, China, plagued by high inflation as a result of this timely intervention, is in no position to stretch out a helping hand. Also China is in as much of trouble as the rest of us because they hold a couple of trillions of soon to be useless dollars, and their internal political situation is shaky at best.

And in 2008, national balance sheets were in reasonable shape. In Britain, for example, state debt stood at around 40% of GDP, U.S at 80% and so on. This meant that many countries had the balance sheet strength to step into the markets and bail out failed banks. Partly as a result, national debt has now surged past those earlier marks and are in many countries at all time highs. In essence governments cannot perform the same rescue operation without risking bankruptcy. In actuality several countries are already bankrupt.

The debts are higher than they´ve ever been. Inflation is already running amok. There´s no leverage for huge market interventions. And no engines such as China or the U.S. can drag us up from the abyss. Our near future looks very bleak.

Or, as I´ve been saying for a long time now: I TOLD YOU SO!

Only one option remains for those in charge. Only one way out as they see it. Only one way to temporary paper over problems - ONE. FINAL. TIME.


This is why already when I started this blog 3 years ago told people to buy a wheel-barrow. Remember Zimbabwe? Weimar? That´s where we´re heading.

Money! yey!

Of course our Great leaders also could do the right thing, and in some countries they´ve actually started to go in the right direction. But it is too little, too late.

Let´s recap.

They printed trillions, borrowed more trillions, and they threw tons of regulations over already overregulated markets. All of this you, your kids and your grandkids will pay for. When that didn´t work (never worked before in history, but they still did it) they are now pulling out austerity measures. Again: You, your kids and your grandkids will be paying for it. And WHEN hyperinflation happens, again you´ll take the blunt hits.

You. Not Goldman Sachs, not the politico sphere, not lying journalists, not your government. You. You´ll be paying for this in so many ways.

So whether German statements of not putting up the money to bail out Italy or the U.S. downgrade effect markets negatively (as they should) or the manipulations and the lying takes us upwards to new ridiculous levels, in either case next week will be fun to watch.

In addition I´ve been talking about the “blame-game” for a long time now. The game whereas Jews, Muslims, the weather and Walt Disney get the blame for this crisis. It seems that the first group of people blamed is the tea Party movement. A movement highly unhappy and totally against the non-deal the DemoPublican party spitted out gets blamed for markets going down.

Who would have ever thought eh..?

I fully espect people like me to be blamed very soon to. We warned about it so of course we made things worse...

The next phase I´ve mentioned before is political turmoil, massive demonstrations and extremism in all directions leading to clashes and more shootings. That phase will go on for a year or so while highly volatile markets jumps up and down and our great leaders continue to promise us they will fix it while, in reality, they can only print shitloads of more money.

Since a real inflationary effect takes about two years to reach the entire system, that’s about the length of time our Money masters and Elitists have to impose more restrictions, declare marshal law and to expand their Orwellian surveillance society. I think things will really crash and burn sooner than 2 years, at least in many countries, but I would say that’s the maximum number of years before the Greatest Depression enters its final and most destructive phase: Hyperinflation.

After that many of you idiots out there will turn towards socialism, fascism and other extremist views for your salvation. And so when all else has failed, when there´s no way out, when hyperinflation is here and you morons listen to hysterical tiny men with hysterical solutions, they will pull out that final rabbit:


Remember I´ve been saying this for over ten years now. Although not pointing out exact dates I´ve been spot on in all other regards. So to whom will you listen? The lying cheating bastards of the press? The Banksters? Your government that has been lying to you all along? Or will you finally start to pay attention and listen to me and all the others that knew what would happen and predicted this from stage one?

Make your choice but don’t complain later when you’re scavenging the countryside looking for food and work. The Greatest Depression could easily been avoided, but you didn´t listen.

As a final note our overlords have set up the stage for another solution that conspiracists always mention. I usually don´t bring it up, just because it’s so filled with misconceptions and conspiracy crap, but it is nevertheless another way this could go: A World Government with a world currency.

I cannot see how they would pull this one off, maybe in stages, but they have run out of time, which is another reason why I seldom bring it up. But I do expect plenty of bought and paid for journalists and that many within the elitist sphere will talk about this more and more. Certain countries and groups of idiots will buy that notion of course, but I hardly see how they will manage to implement it. Perhaps afterwards, when we´ve lived in hell for a decade or two, people may be reluctantly accepting such stupidity. I personally don´t think we´ll ever get to that point, but let´s see.

Either way, The Greatest Depression goes on and I have plenty of vodka to enjoy it.

This is going to be fantastic fun!