Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Zombie apocalypse is closer than you think

Our future..?

A Zombie is usually described as a “soulless body” who´s intellect has been reduced to the very basic of needs, namely to eat. In movies, TV-shows and even by government bodies (go figure) they are also described as “walking dead” with basically only two functions; either eat braaaaiiiinnnnnssssssssssss or get shot in the same.

Although the general public isn´t really known for their brain-eating habits I would seriously, and scientifically, argue that people on this planet have turned into something very similar to the soulless beings they love to watch on TV.

There are two parts to this story. Firstly the similarities between the modern man and his invented fictional character. But secondly, and more importantly, what we as a species will evolve into once The Greatest Depression is here full force.

To understand the second - and important point of this post - you first need to understand the first.

You see people on this planet have always believed in weird things.

For example there are still tens of millions of people believing in invisible sky pixies that love everyone (except gays) and even when fairy spokespersons in the real world are fiddling kiddies, arguing that poverty is good for you or claim that dinosaur bones are planted here by enlighten imps to test our faith in the invisible sky pixies, people still run off to church/Mosques/Synagogues or whatnot to listen to fairytales and Cheopsian stories.

Other weird things people have (or still believe in) believed in include; the flatness of the earth, that manmade global warming is real, socialism, the Moon is made out of cheese, trolls and goblins, George W Bush (Sr and Jr), slavery is/was ethically correct, Jews are devils, the Easter bunny and Gordon fucking Brown.

Today, together with the above already mentioned, people believe that taxation is necessary, government is good, and that libertarianism is the same as laughing at elderly dying on the street.  

At the same time laziness has been evolved into the highest form of morality.

A moral person today collect most of his/her income from the government, complains about those working the hardest and are looking to win the lottery so he/she can retire so he/she can do what he/she does best; eat, drink and watch TV. A moral person today wants to steal money from the neighbor to increase his/her benefits package. A moral person today watches public TV, thinks that equality is when men refuse to open a door for a woman, and have no quarrels with unions acting like a more corrupt version of the Mafia. A moral person today has no problem letting tens of thousands die in the war against drugs while puffing on a cigarette over a glass of beer.

Morality is backwards, but even worse is the inherent laziness that comes with it.

How many people do you know that can support themselves if push comes to shove? And I don´t just mean working i.e. actual labour. I mean more down to earth stuff. Like; how many farmers do you know? How many do you know that can saw clothes? Make shoes? Hunt? And if electricity goes out, how many kids wouldn´t scream that they have nothing to do? Do you know how to find a proper water supply?

I could go on and on, but the point is that modern man is dependent on far away productions and dependent on people he/she never have and never will meet for the stuff we call ´everyday life´. If this system of delivery, often “free” curtsey of the government, is suddenly removed, how will people react? How will they cope?

And if such a situation is combined with things like war, black-outs, and horrible enough: No TV!! How the hell will these ´modern´ people survive? That is without eating their neighbor…

I can, honestly and truthfully (no joke here) recognize a zombiefied person straight away. People that will either eat you or kill you for your belongings without hesitation. Such people can easily be spotted by the lack of sparks in their eyes. And if you are in doubt just start telling them truths. If they look at you with a blank stare and start mumbling “tin-foil hat” and “conspiracy nut”, well then you know; there´s a zombie in front of you.

These are the people that believe what is said in mainstream media; people believing in Keynesianism and socialism; people so stupefied that they actually believe it matters what political party they vote for.

So we have a lazy populace with no clue how to survive without contemporary appliances – people that actually believe in the Orwellian saying: “war is peace”. These lazy beings are living in a society with a collective mindset of “what is yours is mine”. A society run by, controlled by and overseen by politicians and the elitist sphere.

IF I am correct in assuming that The Greatest Depression is just around the corner. IF the biggest shit storm in human history is about to strike. And IF so, our societies grumbles down and crashes completely and the buffet of “free” stuff people grown accustomed to vanishes, how do you think a horde of TV-dependent lazy cretins will react? Sure those capable of getting out of the couch will rebel, start civil wars, throw themselves into the arms of totalitarianism, vote for more stupidities and start stringing up banksters and politicians in lamp-posts, but then what? When it is all said and done and the world continues to burn around them and there is no food, no freebies, no one who knows anything about anything and perhaps even no government, what then?

Also when hospitals no longer are supplied, doctors no longer want to work, water supplies get tainted, and civil wars, wars and perhaps even nuclear fallouts happen, diseases will spread and famine will be a part of this new everyday life.

I cannot be the only one seeing mindless disease ridden beings bent on violence erratically stumbling around the countryside looking for food, work and shelter.

And from there, if not earlier, cannibalism will seem like a viable option.

Do you see it? Can you picture that scenario?

Honestly this is more of a fun scenario I sort of hope for rather than actually believing it will come to pass, but neither would I rule it out.

Yes I do believe this can happen, and if so it will not happen decades from now - we´re in the start-up phase right now. So if I was you, a shotgun should be a vital part of your survival kit…