Saturday, October 2, 2010


I am not really a fan of the Georgia GuideStones theorem that pops up now and again in tin-foil hat circles. However no matter what one believes in that regard it is hard not to wonder what the end game really is when it comes to policies like the Manmade Global Warming swindle.

There are tons of very smart people coming up with schemes how to sell this idea that, as far as I can tell, has no basis whatsoever in reality, to the general populace. Some of these scientists, researchers and bureaucrats must know that what they are selling is bogus. Maybe even a majority of them. So why do it?

The reason is, in all likelihood, Power.

There are many ways of gaining, maintaining and expanding power. The most commonly used selling point throughout history has been the usage of FEAR. If people are afraid of something it is much easier to sell a bigger, better, stronger and more intrusive government. And with bigger, better, stronger and more intrusive government comes power for those that either sits in government or for them that knows best how to take advantage of government.

If FEAR is combined with a clearly defined antagonist that is sold as the real instigator of said fear and if the alternative is marketed with pink shimmering skies, pretty much everyone will listen and almost all of those will conform and become controllable little sheople.

Today we can see this trickery when it comes to internet where, apparently, every no-good horrible Muslimterroristpedophile is openly chatting up our daughters while spreading hatred and communicating on what train station to blow up.

Terrorist do exist, Muslims too, and pedophiles that according to the grapevine started to exist at the same time as computers and webcams, is a reality. And the fact of the matter is that internet can be used for evil purposes. Just as a fork can be used to kill so can internet be used to plan the killing. You can find out what fork is best for the crime, probably even get hints and tips from other would-be fork-murderers. So when it comes to internet they do make a slim, petite, very minuscule point.

Manmade Global Warming however have no such defined adversary, except, of course, mankind.

We know that The Sun (not the paper) is responsible for almost all weather on our planet. That single percentage or two that hasn’t to do with the Sun can be related to cosmic rays, our magnetic poles or the oceans. There are also other minor factors like the occasional asteroid, volcanoes and such. But for some reason mankind have such an imperative role in the environment that the end for the entire planet is near. Driving cars, factories, hairspray, refrigerators and our pets have for some unknown reason started a chain reaction that will end all life.

Already when reading such claims any thinking adult should start being very skeptical towards the Church of Climatology and its followers.

But it doesn’t stop with ill-defined and very vague claims; they also use pure fiction and outright lies to sell us this story.

For example the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have been caught fiddling numbers, hiding facts, bullying opponents and outright lying in the name of science. Anyone reading the Climategate emails or checking what these tricksters use as “scientific material” (the ‘material’ that’s not SECRET that is) need to stand in awe.

Among other things we now know that one single tree in Siberia is responsible for the famous hockey-stick graph. We know that only data supporting their pre-determined view is used, all the rest of the data is ignored or hidden away. We know that they actively persecute and thrash anyone arguing against them. We know that both earlier and later proven faulty data is used and they do so intentionally.

This is facts. This we know.

And when they have an “independent review” of this scam, what happens?

Well when the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asked the world's science academies to review the work of IPCC. He did this by stating:

"Let me be clear - the threat posed by climate change is real"

And if that clear message wasn’t enough he continued:

"I have seen no credible evidence that challenges the main conclusions of [the IPCC's 2007] report."

And with this mission statement the InterAcademy Council (IAC) reviewed IPCC.

Oh, but wait. If the mission of IAC wasn’t clear enough, wait ‘till you know how “independent” they are. This is like sending out wolfs to investigate why the fox got into the henhouse. Well, in all fairness to wolfs, they probably would be more independent.

Taking a wee look at the IAC do you know who their partner organizations are? You guessed it; over half that can be seen on their webpage are UN programs. The rest is the World Bank and other international academy groups. And if that isn’t enough how about the fact that the same people that appoint the IPCC folks are the very same people that appoints the IAC folks.

And their website is filled with things about climate change. These are hardliner Climate Church goers. They pray at the altar of the Polar Bear God and they are to check their pals at UN?

These are sort of facts and knowledge one should have before watching these flicks I have brought for you to see. Even if you don’t buy the Eugenics angle (I don’t) you cannot ignore that the end result, the end game, may very well be the exact same thing implied in these clips and argued by conspiracists.

Happy viewing

Fun isn't it?