Thursday, October 15, 2009


Apparently about a billion people have reached the starvation limit. I would take such numbers with a large portion of salt, however, there is an indication that the number is going up and as I have said many times before, there is a thin line and when that is crossed, which will happen soon, tens of millions are at risk of dying. Courtesy of the enemy class.

But look at the upside! Those walking corpses can much easier get a job within the fashion industry.

Me, I’m off to buy some red wine and convene with one of the most beautiful females I’ve ever meet. I’m guessing there will be food, lots of food…

What comes next

Ever wondered what the next step in our surveillance societies is? Well, look no further than to UK were it is now illegal to possess an "offensive" image… Coming to a country near you soon, just after you have ratified IPRED and ACTA.

Visit Old Holborn for more information.

The Road To Hell

Many have said it, but I wonder if anyone has said it better then Chris?

Two bumps on the road

China will not support increased sanctions on Iran as a way to curb its nuclear program. Which makes you wonder what the Nobel Peace Winner by cheating are going to sell out this time? He withdraws the defense system in Eastern Europe to oblige the Russians, and very surprisingly, Russia suddenly supports sanctions towards Iran. That leaves China that rather wants to strengthen their relationship with Iran. As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, China has veto power over any decision by the body to impose sanctions. And since China pretty much own the American economy it’s hard to see how the Pick-pocket in Chief will win this one.

So that door is pretty much closed, that leaves political discussions or a direct confrontation. Although the main focus will be on the first mentioned, you cannot really rule out the armed option since the Obamination have increased the military presents in the area, increased military shipment and is now spending more on the military than the warmongering chimp that presided him at the white house. I would keep a close eye on the development the coming months, if more troops are sent and the rhetoric goes up a knot it’s time to hoard oil and gasoline.

The other bump is Czech president Vaclav Klaus that rubbed salt into EU wounds by choosing Moscow to reveal that he never intends to sign the Lisbon Treaty. This man who knows how it is to live under an oppressive regime and are among the very few politicians we can actually call right-wing, are stalling. Just hang in there Klaus, just another 8 months or so and let the Tories make good on their promise.

In the meanwhile the depression rages on, at least in the real world far from economists and journalists fictive delusions, which doesn’t really leave a lot of time for the agenda to go on before the coming collapse. These two bumps are probably not enough to hinder our enemies from continuing their plans, but annoying at least, and some pain in the arses of the elitists are kind of fun.

The scam keeps rolling on

The Dow Jones index tops the 10,000 mark for the first time in a year, boosted by better-than-expected results from JP Morgan. US banking giant JP Morgan Chase saw profits between July and September that were much better than expected.
The second-biggest US bank made a net income of $3.6bn (£2.5bn), compared with $527m in the same period of 2008. Later in the week, Goldman Sachs is expected to announce hefty profits.

How about that? The biggest robbers in the history of mankind are showing “profits”. How keen. There are a couple of faults here, of course, but that is largely ignored. Well Bloomberg seem to be catching on slightly and there are some semi-laud libertarian voices here and there arguing reality, but it will most likely not be enough. The crash will happen before any of our enemies “realize it”, just like before. People will get duped again and continue to vote for some fraud that promises change or better living conditions.

But I also found this gem. A mainstream news-station actually arguing and telling the truth!? I was blown away. This little segment is among the most surprising things I’ve ever seen. Are there actual journalists and none-bought media out there? I actually checked the video-clip for tampering, that’s how astonished I was.

conservatives vs. republicans

Makes you wonder how they are going to spin this, among other things. As stated before, its not only democrats getting booed of the staged and facing angry mob-like crowds, the republicans are facing those too. Of course when it comes to democrats the opposition are racist (there is a black man at the White house), they are red-neck scum’s and even Nazis sympathizers. So what does that makes these people?

As I have said many times before and as many other people have pointed out, it’s not about left or right anymore (if there ever was). It’s not about equality verses freedom or any other lies they try to sell us. It’s us against them. It’s the common man against the elitists.