Thursday, April 30, 2009

Increasing kill ratio day

Today in many parts of the world the lefty’s takes to the street in rallies against poverty, injustice and other things they themselves have created. This is the bloodiest of all days, a day that should be a reminder about holocausts, death-camps and wars the socialists have created and keeps creating. Instead people with intellect barely corresponding to their shoe size prance around like magnificent horny peacocks waving their bloodstained flags around like Gulag never happened. If one does not count religion as an ideology, all the -ism to the left (socialism) are the most horrific things mankind ever conjured up. Not only do we have the pure National Socialism and communism which have murdered hundreds of millions of people, we also have the “lighter” form of socialism which is pretty much the same as fascism and probably is responsible for even more deaths than the purer forms. This because the policies of big governments is the main reason for poverty and starvation and more people dies from unnecessary starvation and regular oppression than from wars and death-camps.

Undoubtedly these black-hearted destroyers will blame the ‘market’, the rich and some elusive forcers for unemployment and the financial crisis. They will also argue for more government, more restrictions, more control and more regulations. Like this authoritarian world haven’t enough of that already. Hiding their malicious evil behind beautiful words like “equality”, “justice” and “solidarity” they will also say we all must come together and work for a better future. Of course never mentioning that what they really are talking about is that some should be more equal than others, that justice should come from the state and that solidarity is going to be forced upon people.

So those of you out there that actually have a brain, do as I normally do. I usually walk past one of these rallies and start sending out thoughts remembering and honoring all the dead, raped, molested and tortured that have fallen victims under those red flags. It do not help those already dead or the needy in the world and I’m not religious, but it still feels good “sending a message” instead of puking and get horrified over all those murderess lefties wanting to increase the kill ratio even further.

Killer pigs - final one, promise...

Oh, I know I said I would leave this piggy fever thingy alone. But this is way too funny to let it slide by. Apparently this is a horror movie from the 70's and I just need to buy this one. Imagine this going on you TV while you are reading some text from a idiot journalist that is declaring that the resent swine flu might kill millions... I cannot stop laughing and I haven’t even seen the movie yet.

Amazing what some vodka and a short kid’s movie clip can do for your day… ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wanna shiver me timbers?

The pirates are gaining support which is a good thing. Forces trying to stop the totalitarian society we are heading for must be saluted. However one poll don’t really say that much and those saying they are going to vote or are member also needs to get out and really vote comes election day.

I still have some concerns with the pirates regarding their experience and in particular their overall political agenda. Inside EU they might do some good, but they seriously need to look at their agenda and enhance it before even considering going for the Swedish parliament. But they have kind of surprised so far and might continue to do so.

In all probability I won’t vote at all, as usual, since voting implies a support to an infectious and horrible system. But if I would, to the European Parliament, the pirates would get my cross on the ballot paper.

Most of you are idiots – I'm going back to the real world

This is going to be my last entry about this swine flu thingy. Since there are much more important things going on in the world and this minor flu is hardly even worth mentioning. But since most of you out there like to be spooked and seemingly loving big governments coming to the rescue, I kind of enjoy putting you baboons down. But enough is enough. There are real diseases, war, financial crisis and a lot of other stuff that is million times more deadly and much more important to put some light on.

a summary:

About 500 000 people die from flu each year

In US about 36 000 people die from flu each year
Recently, during a week (April 12-18, 2009), the American CDC confirmed 25,925 cases of influenza in the United States and 55 child deaths. No scary stories about that? Why?

In UK it is about 5000 people

In Sweden about 1500 people.

2500* people are suspected of having/had swine flu so far

There are 100 (9 according to WHO)** confirmed dead and 170** suspected dead from this flu.

(*depending on what news you read, I selected the Lowest number I could find)
(**depending on what news you read, I selected the Highest number I could find)

Let say all the dead are from swine flu and that all infected have/had swine flu. Let also say all the dead were healthy vigorous people. This would be the worst case scenario and is extremely unlikely. IF this is the case the risk of dying is 6,8%. I play those odds in a second. As I have said before, if any doctor or institute what’s a test subject, I VOLONTEER to infect myself. Just pay my buss/train/flight and I’ll be there.

And to further put things in perspective, if this goes on for a while and the death toll rises up towards thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, it is still NOTHING. Tuberculosis or malaria kills more than that each month. People die from starvation by the hundreds of thousands and we have war, poverty and all the other fun things that exist in this world. And the risk of you dying in traffic or by an accident in your own home is still far far greater. In other words, why do you idiots even care about a minor flu?

And finally, even IF this is so terrible as journalists and governments are trying to make you believe, isn’t life more worth living without worrying about some illness that may or may not infect you with a absolute maximum of 6,8% death rate?

Now I’m going back to the real world, if you maniacs still think this is so deadly and horrible, do me a favour and seek out a psychiatrist, you obviously have some issues that needs to be resolved. Maybe you can get some happy pills?

Swine flu from 1976!

Oh no! The swine flu has been around for ages! Why haven’t anyone reacted with widespread panic before! Ohhhh… the humanity!

This frightening warning is from the same year I was born and tells us about the pre-origin of this terrible disease.

Easily scared people beware!

And a voice of reason...

A cautionary tale about weight

One very popular topic very often used to fill out a newspaper is articles about weight, more to the point; weight-loss. The weight issue might be applied in several ways. One way is to show pictures of a thin model that perform the act of gluttony once a day with one carefully selected environmentally friendly salad leaf. Then journalists can sit back as horrified hamburger eaters and overweight soccer mums do all the work. Another way is to conjure up some obese woman (preferably famous) that can go on whatever diet is popular at the moment and a couple of months later she can proudly proclaim she has lost the equivalent of 4 pizzas in weight. One week later she has of course gained all weight again which will be ignored in another article later the same year where this woman declares her war against fat.

Among feminists this is also a very popular topic since, apparently, every other paper at the store is filled with either plastically altered porn stars or skinny and unhealthy models. “No normal woman looks like that” – is a very common phrase. After that statement comes the obligatory women-under-pressure debate and the conclusion; that it is those dreadful people with penis who should be blamed for women being paraded in this awful way with unnatural low weight.

I once upon a time attended a couple of university courses about feminism and gender research. For some reason I was one out of two men attending and for another peculiar reason at the end of every “debate” the vast majority of vulva-persons all turned towards us two penis-people looking for some kind of confirmation, perhaps proving a part of their own point. I always, happily and frankly, declare myself being on the opposite side which started a new debate in a more pleasant tone. During one such occasion, talking about underage skinny models, a petite female so thin you could probably blow her across the room if you turned on a fan, turned towards me and said I always claimed the things I said because I was a man. I suppressed a feeling of exhaling hard in her direction and instead told her that I only stood by my belief and if she argued that my opinion was because of my gender she was committing the same crime she accused me for. But on one occasion I was actually in total agreement with the overwhelming female horde, regarding all those diets thrown around. We all agreed that diets seldom tell the basic and obvious truth that most seem to ignore; you need to use more energy than you eat in order to lose weight.

So if you want to be a perky copulator or fit into your old pair of jeans again, this is the only really good advice you need. How you go on doing this in reality, is up to you. If you exercise more or eat less/better or a combination you might lose weight. If you however think that nibbling on some diet-sticks or drinking some disgusting fluids makes you thinner, you are an idiot.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Malevolent journalists – the swine’s of the story

Journalists (most of them) are the laziest people you will ever meet. To my knowledge it’s hard to even find public employees doing less.

How do journalists “work”? For the most part – at least when it comes to news from other countries – it goes something like this: One journalist somewhere in the world finds a story, writes something from his/her perspective and then sells the story to Routers, some newspaper or similar institutions. Those institutions then have agreements and collaborations with other journalists, TV-stations and so on, consequently selling the story further along. Maybe some reporter will be send out if the story is worth it, otherwise they print and say pretty much the same thing as their counterparts. The same flow can be found travelling from the “sources” of governments and big businesses wanting their story to be told. Very seldom (often only locally) journalists goes out in public and search, dig and “get” the story for themselves. In other words most stories you get to read, hear or see have been passed down through several stages and often been translated in the process.

The other way journalists “work” is to play with words in order to enhance the story. And this they are actually very good at. Let me give you a couple of examples: A hurricane becomes a “Killer Hurricane!” massacring everything in sight and the worst force ever seen. In reality however 2 fishermen foolishly going out in a dingy drowned and an old man has died from a falling tree that should have been cut down years ago. But maybe my favourite is “cancer” and everything you can attract this disease from. Chips, crips, tomatoes, alcohol, the sun, solariums, fatty food, the TV, your computer, your cell-phone, electrical and magnetic fields, tobacco, several different building materials, fabric softener and many many many other things have been said to cause cancer. Often a newspaper quotes some pseudo-scientist that wouldn’t get a job in the real world, but thanks to governmental founding he/she can deliver some study that shows that people eating 30 000 tomatoes more than is normal have a 15% higher risk of attracting cancer. Of course the study leaves out whether or not these people with higher risks are chain-smokers and/or live near Chernobyl. But newspapers grasp things like this in a heart-beat, throwing up headlines like “Tomatoes causes Cancer!” Inside the paper you can read how many tomatoes you can eat before it becomes a problem and an extra interview with some frighten mum claiming she will never feed her young tomatoes again. Building on this story for a couple of days people – baboons as most of them/you are – starts to wonder if tomatoes really are dangerous and sells will drop for a couple of months.

This Swine flu is consequently pure gold! Ignoring pretty much every fact and only showing people walking around in gas-masks and only interviewing frighten hypochondriac’s journalists can deliver news that sounds like the seventh seal have been broken and the end is near. Adding to these stupidities are governmental officials rushing to “save us” and international organs that need to justify their existence. Increasingly louder voices for boarder patrols and warnings issued by different governmental institutes further enhance this madness. For each day that passes the scariness increase and more and more people ask if they can eat pig-meat.

Again I need to ask you all; how stupid are you? IF the death toll goes up towards tens o thousands we are starting to get close to a pandemic one might worry about but even then this is nothing. There are millions of things that you should worry about if you feel the need to. You own home for instance. Did you know you are far more likely from dying or ending up in a serious accident in your home than anywhere else? It is true. If you really need something to be afraid of, be very afraid of living at home!

Thanks to some independent media and the bloggosphere you can at least learn the truth if you want to. And try to ask yourself, in this case and in others: why are governments trying to control the Internet? Yeah, that’s right…

How you know your time is up…

I’m changing bank, and so should you

I’m getting really tired of Swedish banks. They failed miserably during the late 80’s and early 90’s “needing” a bailout and in some cases a government takeover. Despite making billions in profits during the last ten years or so they again are in trouble having made bad investments and not putting the earlier profits to good use. And again a couple of them “need” governmental support. Most of them must have monkeys employed; well actually a monkey would probably get it more right. Economy is in either case not one of their strong points. To a large extent this is governments fault. If businesses know that if they are in trouble the tax payers will come to the rescue, they will of course be less prudent with money and take higher risks.

And thanks to the complete stupidity of the Swedish central bank there is now hardly any reason to save money anymore which means that they have created another crisis that will worsen the situation. So you cannot really blame a couple of banks if they lower the rate on savings, in some cases down to ZERO. But it is really annoying to see a failing bank (I’m a customer at) first making horrible decisions anyone with normal intellect could tell them is the wrong ones, then they crawl to the government to gain support, asking their own customers and the rest of the taxpayers to bail them out, and now they are saying that anything I save will not generate any additional savings rates. This is too much. Why the hell did we not let these bastards fall, crash and burn earlier? And why are the government supporting and helping these monetary failures again!? Let them go bankrupt already.

I’m not completely sure which bank I’m going to change to, but at least Handelsbanken is making a profit and so far not needed and don’t want to be a part of any governmental support, so that’s one option. There are of course others and the first thing I’m going to do after work today is to find a suitable one, and so should you.

Do not support a business that takes your money and gives nothing back except making you pay them again thru bailouts and other stupidities.

Do not keep your savings or your business at a bank that clearly doesn’t know how to calculate basic math.

Do as I will do, change bank. If you have a savings account or a business account with SEB or the even more horrifying idiocy of SwedBank, leave them. Close down your account and go somewhere else. And do it now!

Please help out in bringing these losers and their stupidity down.

And if you can; make the government understand that we do not want to pay for the mistakes banks makes. Your tax money should not go to bail out failures.

Do it today or as soon as possible.

I volunteer – infect me

I still find this swine-flu thingy very amusing in a tragic-comical kind of way.

Any normal year a half a million people worldwide dies from flu, why aren’t those pandemics? Suddenly a hundred or so Mexican may have died from one of many strings of flu (so far not completely confirmed that it is all courtesy of the swine one) but seemingly almost every infected get well and walk away with no problems. But if you reed the news it is still Armageddon, and people still gets scared.

Each day more people dies in traffic than ten times the amount of infected swine-people. The amount of deaths so far hasn’t even reached the number of dead from physical pig attacks yet for Boar’s sake! I really hope that all those people the newspapers are writing about are the only ones out there that really are frightened, otherwise the worlds collective intelligence is lower than even I thought, and I had you all pegged slightly over the amoeba. No wonder you all love being controlled and completely govern by malevolent politicians, apparently most citizens aren’t even capable of a rational thought.

In addition to this, have you seen the “advice” we are getting? Wash the hands. Really? I shouldn’t ignore that? Don’t be picking in your face with dirty hands. Nah? Don’t travel to Mexico if it can be avoided. Why? If any of you idiots out there wants to give away your ticket, give it to me, I’ll go in a heart-beat.

If any doctors out there need a test subject, send me an email. I volunteer to infect myself with this swine flu on purpose. The odds on surviving this minor sickness is apparently staggeringly high – if the reports about all sick people are sick from the same flu. And if, against all odds, I would happen to die, at least I can leave with some time to spare before the looming depression hits us with full force. And IF this turns in to a new ‘Spanish Flu’ with the equivalent of 50 millions dead, I pledge to eat 25 bags of crisps each day for 20 years in order to enhance my risk of getting cancer by 30%. Promise.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Faces of tomorrow

Exchange the word ’great’ to the word ’minor’ everywhere and ad ’so far’ wherever you see fit. In a way this is our future, but in another way ours will be far far worse.

Conscription for females

For those that do not know it, in Sweden we still have compulsory military draft. I did one year in that sand-box and, among other things, learned to shoot with and handle twenty or so weapons which was kind of cool, but it is still a huge waste of time. Now day’s this isn’t really compulsory for everyone since the Swedish government/s need to save money for more necessary project like owning real-estate in Siberia, growing fish in the Baltic sea and increasing politicians salaries. But even if most today escape military service this involuntary labour demanded by a malevolent authority is pure slavery, nothing else.

But now a brilliant suggestion by communists and socialists in Sweden is stating this is unfair to women. Women should also be enslaved. According to this dazzling suggestion - attempting to turn around the lefties dwindling voting support – all women are also supposed to go thru the same assortment process so they might be selected to learn how to crawl in mud. I’m guessing there is a feminist thing behind this, but I still kind of like it. Of course military service should be completely voluntary and a professional force is most likely a better killing machine, but if this kind of waste of money, waste of time while being coerced by the government is being imposed on one gender, why not the other? The fact that most women wouldn’t handle carrying 70lbs walking 1 mile each day and that there is some facility problems don’t stop me from saluting this suggestion. This entry is only about 50% irony because idiocy all around is fairer than idiocy only for those with a penis. Besides, if the communists ever get to power they could need some extra people to guard their camps and honestly, speaking as a man, it would be worse being guarded, tortured and killed by women than of my own gender.

Let’s face it, women with guns is sexy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The worst is yet to come

We are in the preliminary phase of one of the greatest conflict in history, quite possible the greatest of them all. Time and again humans of this earth have laid their trust in awful regimes, oppressive tyranny and monstrous ideology. Why? Why have the waste majority, time and again, been ruled by dictatorial warmongers whom do nothing except impose more laws and create more hardship? We have learned nothing from history and in the words of one of America’s greatest men talking about the holocaust and WW II we cannot say those two ending words:

“And then, rising above all this cruelty, out of this tragic and nightmarish time, beyond the anguish, the pain and the suffering for all time, we can and must pledge: Never again.”

I’m not referring directly to Darfur, former Yugoslavia or Iraq. Inexcusable as those crimes may be, they still do not hold a candle to the worldwide plague of collectivism and big governments. Since the dawn of agriculture those of us using our grey matter have known that there is enough food and work for all humans, still people starve by the millions, work is scarce and the lives of billions are under the thumb of malevolent institutions that claims to be saviors.

Anyone reading the journals of human history with an intellectual approach will find that the latest 250 years have both been humanities finest but also most terrible. Finest because we learn how to produce, how to live civilized and how to respect our fellow man. Terrible because so many have listened to those who say we all need to share and that we need to put our trust on the whims of government. No government have never and will never be anything else than a bunch of parasitical thief’s that thrives on the backs of all those it rule. Politicians do not produce wealth; they only redistribute wealth, and in doing so increasing the cost several times over. When a politician gives you something, it is you and your neighbor that pays for it, again several times over. Government cannot create jobs, government do not know how you should live your life. Still almost every person on this planet believes that governments can give them things and make their lives easier. Why?

The peril we stand in front of now might be our biggest challenge ever. Hitler’s tyranny and the Soviet Empire were formidable foes, but most people realized this and took a stand against it. Now we have a much sneakier enemy creeping upon us without us hardly realizing it. Slowly but surely states and governments have been increasing their power several times over in just a couple of decades. This slowly imposing menace is growing accompanied by nice sounding words like “healthcare”, “Save the poor” and “solidarity”. Or in regards to Internet they use carefully selected euphoniums like “child-pornography” to make us more willing to obey their reasoning for monitoring and controlling us. Each year governments everywhere expand the law and increase their power. Each year politicians dupe people into believing in the comforts of totalitarianism.

I believe we have forgotten our ancestor’s cries for democracy, freedom and equality mainly because we live comfortable lives. We are richer, live longer and most aspects and in most countries we are still more free than those people that came before us. And who doesn’t want to save the needy, the hungry and the ill? We all do. So when some smug well-spoken pastor of collectivism bombards us with horrific images of the starving and show statistic about unemployment our first gut feeling is that we most come together and help out. But what we forget is to use the brain. Ask yourself the following two questions and if you answer those in what can only be construed as the only right answer, why the hell do you keep doing, voting and rooting for the non intelligent response?

Who will work the hardest and produce most: The one working for himself and for his own gain or the one who works for the common good of the state?
Who knows best how you should live your life: Is it you yourself or is it the public opinion?

The current economic crisis we have worldwide was created by governmental restrictions on the financial market and by governmental interventions on housing and consumer markets in several countries. This is a fact. Do you really think that we would have this crisis if you, the individual, decided how to work, were to put your money and how to live your life? The crisis has also reached very high grounds mainly thanks to huge governmental loans and the never ending printing of new money. Would you – or would anyone let you – keep borrowing money to pay off earlier debts and keep spending money on things you cannot afford? And governments already deeply in debt and having no real resources to take from, are loaning more money, printing more money and making enormous investments in order to get us out of this crisis. Would you do the same if you look at your own private economy or if it was regarding your company?

But the worst thing about all this is that it leads us further down the same path that got us into this mess in the first place. We are getting more restrictions, more regulations, higher taxes and greater loans upon loans to be paid by you and all your relatives in many generations to come. This crisis isn’t going to and cannot end, not even if they “halter” or “stop” this crisis temporally. The problem remains, now even worsened. And with low production capacity in regard to the rest of the economy and with so much money being flooded into the market this is going to be a spectacle of incomprehensible horror.

The last time we had a situation like this, we got to see the rise of the two main killing ideologies ever seen, National Socialism and communism. What do you think is going to happen this time? And if I’m right that this crisis soon turns into a depression and if I’m right that this most likely will be worse than anything before, what will happen then? How will the world look in 15 years from now? In my mind that’s not a pretty picture. And who is really responsible for this?

"It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them because in spite of everything I still believe that people are good at heart. I simply can't build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death. I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness. I hear the ever approaching thunder which will destroy us too; I can feel the suffering of millions and yet, if I looked up into the heavens I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end and that peace and tranquility will return again."

/ Ann Frank’s diary

You are going to die! Part XXII

Did you know that tens of thousands of people worldwide die because of swine each year? I’m not talking about some minor flu thingy; I’m talking about the real threat from these retched creatures.

Fact is that any decent sized single pig or a group of smaller pigs, domestic or wild, can kill a person. According to government data in the USA and Canada alone approximately 40 people are killed each year by pigs – six times more than by sharks worldwide. Many are the tales how veracious swine’s have disemboweled and eaten unsuspected humans. One such tear dripping tale is about an Indian boy in Delhi 2006 who at the tender age of three only wanted to say hello to some of these assassin’s and got eaten in the process, leaving a grieving family behind. What most people do not suspect is that swine’s actually are omnivores and that they hunt together as well as dogs or other pack animals. Every pig pitches in in a fight. Pigs attack in several ways - they charge and slap their heads into the victim slicing it with their protruding tusks and/or cause a great deal of blunt trauma. They have powerful muscular necks and fight each other that way. They sometimes attack other things with by biting into them, often pinning the animal with a hoof or two front hooves and biting in with the front teeth. Another thing they do is get a protruding body part (ear, foot, etc) in their mouths and bite down, sometimes shearing it off with the immense bite pressure of their side teeth.

But this little story doesn’t end with direct murder, oh no, there is another, more subtle way these creatures kill us by the thousands each year, by being sneaky enough to let us eat them! Around 100 000 people dies from food poisoning each year, a vast number of these are contributed to pork meat. But it doesn’t stop there. Tens of thousands of people around the globe die each year from eating too much salty fatty meat clogging up arteries. Even if the cow probably is the main culprit in this case, one shouldn’t discard the plotting geniuses of the swine family.

I wonder if this makes Muslims smarter not eating bacon or if they are more stupid not helping the rest of us killing the swine's?

Great news from around the world

Argentina says economic growth slowed to an annual pace of 2.6 percent in February as the world economic crisis slashes demand for its exports.

South Korea's Samsung Electronics has reported a 72% drop in quarterly profits after more losses at its microchip and LCD television divisions.

News about corporate loans and bonds takers now also facing it harder and harder to repay, has got some economist in the US very worried. If the default levels they predict come into effect, it will be unprecedented maybe with the exception for the Great Depression. If this is the case the financial sector will soon collapse as well.

Hoping to raise money quickly for a new $500 billion emergency loan program, the International Monetary Fund is in the advanced stages of a plan to sell bonds for the first time in its history, officials for the group said Saturday.

oh, we are all going to die…

The scourge of humanity rages onwards in Mexico and it might now have reached 80 kills and made around 1300 sick. Oh, the humanity…

Meanwhile, in the real world, during the same time this news has been told to us thru media, the following has happened (only counting statistics from the US);

5 Americans have died from driving into a dear, 200 have died from falls, 14 have died from drowning, 10 from shooting accidents, 7 from suffocation and tens of thousands have died from heart diseases, smoking, alcohol and that oh so funny huge killer of humans; old age.

And a bit of topic, do you know how many Americans that dies from the flu every year?
According to Centers for Disease control and prevention (CDC) over 200 000 US citizen get hospitalized each year and about 36 000 people dies. On average between 5-20% of all Americans get the flu each year.

Of course there is still need for emergency meetings, governmental bodies to be on high alert and we also need an increase in founds diverted to research and border patrols. Yepp, the humans is doing it again. Idiots.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today the mother of the earlier kidnapped boy Thor is back in Sweden among friends and relatives. This is pretty much the only good news I can find in today’s papers. I say congratulations to the mother but I cannot stop wondering where that idiot kidnapper resides and why someone hasn’t done some harm to his limbs yet? If he really did kidnapp this boy, he should be held responsible. And to all victims out there, hang in there, you might make it, if the coming depression doesn’t get you first…

The cancer of the enemy class

While the recession keeps gaining momentum, businesses crumble and unemployment increases, those in power are looking for someone to blame. Not blaming themselves of course, but there is a lot of scapegoats being blamed at the moment.

Often enough it is the “market” that’s being blamed. The market couldn’t handle finances, the market couldn’t fix the problem and the market caused the rain falling today. Standing as shining examples of the “market” are some chief executives and some fraudulent pranksters whom of course is rich and is firing people as the devils they apparently are. Some religious groups are also getting to be liable. Either it is a Jewish conspiracy or it is those dredged Muslims with their oil fueling the fire. And it might be some torrent sites doing all the harm? There are also other movements - that have the same intellect as a grain of sand - that argues that immigrants and refugees are the parasites that should be blamed. If we just cut back on social welfare to all these moochers we will be saved. In Hungary they are blaming some elusive “enemy force” and in Russia there is a growing fascist movement blaming pretty much everyone, but mainly they end up together with the “grain of sand”-people mentioned above.

All of this is smoke-screens hiding the real parasitical life forms of the enemy class. It wasn’t the market, some Jews or a couple of thousands immigrants that created this world wide crisis. Some directors and executives might share the blame, but you cannot blame all of them for trying to save their companies now and cutting back on personal. The real enemy is those within, those that sit with the power, those in charge. Of course the government is the main culprit, but there are a lot of supporting forces backing them up. Most journalists only write what happens according to those that tell them the news, hardly ever doing in-depth investigations. And economists might be the real wrongdoers since most of them hardly understand basic math and those that are heard in the news (thanks to brainless journalists) is mainly governmental thugs employed by and in league with the power elite. We also have professors in biology and ‘experts’ in the field of electricity that get their 15min of fame telling us what to do with the economy. To this we add bankers, some top business people and a lot of government dependent employees, all looking for hand-outs and “help” before, during and after every crisis.

This isn’t capitalism and it’s hardly socialism (even if I sometimes claim that), it is more of an fascist cancer were all the dark spots avoid the scans and collectivize themselves in their own little corner making all the decisions. As mentioned before, this isn’t really a conspiracy – I wouldn’t rule it out in all cases though – and it is not really an intricate plan, it is more how the system is built. Those in power fraternize with others in power. And the political color have very little to do with it, they are all in cahoots. Journalists, executives, economists and politicians come together in a harmonically fuck-you to all beneath them. It is the regulations, the constant interventions and the power of financial decisions contributed to the enemy class that have created this crisis soon to be a depression. Do not let any of these malignant abnormalities tell you it was the market or some victims of war fleeing to your country that you should blame.

And just like the medical form of cancer, they are typically activated in cells, giving those cells new properties, such as hyperactive growth and division. All designed to protect against the “enemies”; unemployment, poverty or the market. All the while creating more problems and more of the very thing they are said to protect us from. The ability to become established in diverse tissue environments such as unions or environmental groups should be legendary, but most people don’t know this and citizen’s certainly do not recognize that they are losing normal functions in those cells and that their own bodies, their own life, is getting more and more swallowed by this tumor.

This diagnosis is a fact but the enemy class will keep all of you busy fighting the spread of the cancer they created by telling you to eat more and buy more things, all the time trying to get you to put the blame on someone else. Also they want you to keep an eye on political trials, a war, some flu or some kids downloading porn, all in order to keep you from looking at what is really going on.

The real solution to this is the ‘chemo therapy’ that gets rid of this system and those in power. The solution is letting people decide things for themselves and to eliminate all the intrusions that central banks, governmental institutions and the elitists does on a regular basis. We are going to have this crisis and it is going to hold for a long time. How long and how severe is decided when you, the people, realize who is really to blame and IF/when you really do something about it.

One voice of reason – although to nice

There are some people that try to fight back against the enemy class; Peter Schiff is one of those. In this short little piece he explains both the problem behind the current crisis and the solution to the coming depression. You should listen. But Peter and this march against corruption are still being too nice about things, still being “correct”. The government (any of them) will not listen to reason and with socialism in the world growing in an unprecedented speed, what we really need is a rebellion.

Another politically correct day

A lot of people are getting upset over some skinny model again. Why do you people even bother? Is it because you are all overweight and cannot stand someone not gobbling on fat-dripping hamburgers? Are you trying to get thinner but are too busy nibbling on some pizza reading newspapers and getting upset over someone actually managing this task? Have some of you idiots ever considered that some of these models actually wants’ to be skeletal? Let the woman be and take a look in the mirror and do something about your own flabby waist.

In another story some 14 year olds (apparently most of them were 16+, but that’s no fun writing as news) have been parading around in t-shirts and underwear at some party serving drinks. So? Are you telling me that all girls around that age are all innocent and cuddly with their stuffed toys? And so what if they got to strut around, they got clothes as payment.

And apparently some Swedish people run brothels in the Philippines and got caught. Sex is legal, but for some reason selling sex isn’t. Why? Prostitution should be legal and what two (or more) consenting people do between them is nobody’s business.

In other words, let people be skinny, fat, ugly, young, old, prostitutes or whatever, that’s their business, not yours and certainly not the governments. Have some common decency and be a humanist for once. Let people be free and if you ever want to bother someone, be a nuisance to yourself.

Another scary plague

Some people have died and several have been infected with some swine flu that apparently may have killed as many as 70 people. The Mexican government has rushed to close schools, museums and football matches in an attempt to contain the disease so far infected a staggering huge gargantuan number of about 1000 people. This “outbreak” has also wandered into the US bringing the number of cases to eight. All have recovered fully. The World Health Organization in Geneva said the strain in Mexico was identical to the one that has been detected in California and Texas. The same organization is calling for an emergency meeting.

In another related story from a Swedish newspaper we are being told that malaria infects millions of people and kills by the tens of thousands each year. Nah? Really?

How many of these “outbreaks” do have each year? If it isn’t the bird-flue or mad-cow disease it is AIDS or some other virus string killing off people. Of course journalist has no interest in these stories except making people buy their inapt and over the top papers. To scare people have always been a good way of selling things. Everything from gas-masks to new taxes is sold with the notion of fear. An ice sheet is falling down? Argh! We need environmental taxes. A couple of people died from food poisoning? Terrible, we need another government program to monitor that situation. People die from deceases? Oh my, that never happened before; we need regulations and better border patrols.

And please remember to always buy homegrown Swedish/Danish/English* (*+every country in the world) food to stop the plague from spreading.

Maybe you think you’ll never die if you just listen to "good advice"? But my spider-sense tells me you are all morons.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Liberate courthouses

As some bloggers correctly have pointed out, including me in a non PC-way is that Swedish courthouses are not only being told what to do from politicians, they are also controlled by politicians and most funny of all; politicians make rulings in trials. I myself have never understood this complete madness and if ever ending up in a trial in my home-country, no matter what the circumstances, I would argue and protest against my judges. Politicians with no law degree and an interest in how rulings should be made, have no right being my executioners.

I have been asked a couple of times if I wanted to sit as “judge” - probably been asked in order to “get rid” of me in other political bodies. I turned them down each time since I knew my efforts were more needed elsewhere but also because I knew I would never be able to rule according to the law. If someone comes in accused for tax aversion or making their own hooch I would argue for and rule for acquitting. Those “crimes” without any victims that should be regarded as heroism or perfectly legal is not something I could ever regard as “illegal” even if I’m representing the law. And if some apparently guilty rapist would sit in front of me I would argue for 50 years imprisonment and torture, also with no regard to what the law says. Even if some of the other politicians being appointed by their respective parties wouldn’t be as “incorrect” as I would, they too are victims under their own agenda. How can an environmentalist rule fairly in a case regarding dumping of hazards’ material in nature? How can a socialist rule fairly when it comes to taxes? How can a conservative rule fairly in any case where the law has been broken? The answer is they cannot.

To be fair this is not only the politician “judges” fault that this situation arises, it is mainly the law itself that is wrong in oh so many ways. I would argue that over 90% of our laws, in any country, are unnecessary and completely idiotic. With more objective laws based on actual crimes being committed politician judges might be able to cope with making the rulings. Judges and their impartiality should be questioned, but isn’t the real problem the political influence?

Swedish courthouses are a bias and totally unfair system and this should be changed. Not that I think that any of you reading this will ever take the necessary steps to make this happen, but maybe you might when our entire society is crumbling , unemployment is sky-high and there is no hope of recovery. Because that’s where we are heading right now. This economic crisis is just in its infancy and when the real mayhem starts you people are forced to make a decision. Are you going to follow some well-spoken socialist and take us further down the abyss or are you going to make the right choice and finally impose a humanitarian and rightful way of living?

Forever Young?

This might be the only hope left. Listen and enjoy…


This is going to sound a bit corny, but when I was very young and played with little soldiers in the sand-box my main fighters and the ones I was looking for when buying more of these fun little things was one of these:

I’m just saying…

Where is that Piratebay game?

A Judge is bribed, bought, hangs with copyright people and does back-flips together with movie executives on his spare time. But what has this poor sod really done that is so horrible? Had champagne in the same room as the prosecutors on a couple of occasion and been involved in an organisation that sometimes debate copyright laws? Whoopydooda. I have heard politicians call-up hospital chiefs to get their friends an earlier operation; I have seen politicians hire their own family thru contributions that should be going to the poor; I have listen to a lawyer argue a case for a rape victim and calling her with the wrong name thru half the trial; I have seen a journalist that was put in charge of monitoring a certain parliamentarian, but had sex with the “target” and then wrote a nice little piece “forgetting” certain facts. To this we can ad all the scandals with credit-cards, prostitutes and strip-clubs our elected criminals throw tax money on. And not to mention all the idiotic things that never reach the daylight. There is so much amusing shit going on in the world of the enemy class that this Judge is a beacon of light in comparison.

And I don’t really see the point from the piracy boy’s side on bringing this story around fifty-eight times if the notion is to get a mistrial. That will never happen. The accusations we have seen so far aren’t severe enough and the work in itself seams to have been carried out. Finally it doesn’t matter whatsoever who the judge is. Politicians sitting at the courthouse under duress and indirect orders from their party headquarters will never acquit. It is at the next court level with people that actually knows the law the “real” ruling will be made (reduced sentences but still found guilty?). The only thing all this attention will do is to make the next level judges a bit testy since “we” are attacking one of their own. And as I implied above, there is only so much you can spin a story before it makes you look to aggressive and consequently lose your high-ground. We can all agree this Judge never should have handled this trial and that this ruling is appalling. But let’s get the amusing theatre on the road again and let’s see what fun things we can find at the next level. Maybe some mushrooms that makes us temporarily bigger?

And that’s what I’m really waiting for. ‘The Piratebay game’, in which you fight bribed judges, kill bought politicians and knock citizens over the head with a newly burned DVD in order to save them from the zombie curse. If I knew anything about computers except finding porn and writing a blog, I would do it myself, but I eagerly await that game.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The baaaaaa alarm

Walking to work this morning going past some of those nice little British cottages when I heard a horrifying sound coming from one of them. It was a lamb interpretated thru the digital sound of an alarm-clock. Baaaa! Baaaa! Baaa! And I need to tell you, it was not a very pleasant sound. More of that silence-of-the’ kind that makes you get shills all over. What kind of psychotic freakozoid lover of bestiality exists at that house? And the noise could be heard all around that block, what the hell do the neighbours say? I did noticed two cars at the driveway and some other indications of family-life so the entire family must be suffering from severe knitting cramps. I will try to avoid going that way again; something is very disturbing about that house.

I told you so...

Again the spooky accuracy of my premonitions is about 100%. Not that you need to have magical powers or being a true Oracle in order to see reality, you just need a brain, but it is still fun to rub it in and say those four beautiful words: “I told you so”.

This time it is Volvo that's in trouble. Apparently this big company are using a lot of red ink at the moment. Well I might have been a bit premature on claiming this prophecy, even one or two “experts” have actually mentioned Volvo in negative terms before. But what you ought to know is that these kinds of reports are only a couple of spots showing signs of illness. Others are showing better numbers, but do not let that fool ya. The world is, according to the grapevine, having a tiny wee bit of the sniffles. Once in a while coughing, but mostly still going strong thanks to some painkillers in addition to lowering of bodily activities - mainly brain-functions. Meanwhile everyone keeps ignoring those melanomas, that funny syphilis and a growing shadow on those brain scans.

A picture showing the growing socialism:

I wonder how long the Swedish government can keep doing “sort of the right thing” and not throw money around like the socialists they are. I’m guessing these reports with a couple of more accompanied by communists crying and a couple of brainless journalists complaining will make them cave in soon enough.

Yes, its going to be a great x-mas this year, filled with presents like peppers-spray, guns and maybe, if you are lucky, some food.

Looking for Gold

Something I have been contemplating on fore some while now is why the price of gold haven’t gone up much more? There are several rumors floating around about IMF selling gold and some people wants to see if Fort Knox still has gold in it. And if some of those conspiracy theories are right that might keep prices down since the amount of gold on the market increases, but it still doesn’t feel right. Since I know, which most of you out there don’t, that this crisis is astonishingly bigger than anything you can imagine the prices of gold should go up much more than it does. Why isn’t? Anyone have the answer? I’m going to figure this little mystery out…

Useless facts…

...I just shaved off my beard and realized, looking in the mirror, that I’m getting a tad less overweight. And I joined a gym today. Perhaps it’s that mid-life crisis thingy? Maybe I should get myself an younger girlfriend and na Porsche to go with the new fresher me…

Frightening – how stupid are you people?

We can leave that bias and bribed judge and the political trial aside for a moment. What really scares me is how completely unaware people seem to be when it comes to the usual dealings within the ruling enemy class. Every trial in Sweden are a subjective hearing based on the madness that is our laws and regulations. Innocent people get convicted all the time and people who are guilty will sometimes be free to go. And most of the “crimes” being committed aren’t even real crimes since there is no victim involved, but that doesn’t stop the government. There are a lot of factors making the Swedish justice system into a puddle of manure. Among other things you have politicians making trial rulings, which is unbelievably comical. You also have overpaid attorneys and prosecutors that most of the time hardly even read thru their cases properly. But the justice system actually “works” most of the time, in opposite to everything else the power elite does. I could go on for a long time about each and every one of these statements of fact or the ridiculous “justice”-system, but let’s just shed some light on the black pit of despair that is government.

You can never, thru the established political parties, get a seat at the EU-parliament or the Swedish parliament without lying, cheating, back-stabbing some friends, sell your soul, give up every ounce of self-respect and leave all form of ideology behind you. Of course those sitting in those positions will never admit it and so will never anyone dependent on these sell-outs, but that doesn’t change facts. And this goes for every political party, everyone. Some newly started Piracy youngsters might think they are above it all, but it will not take a long time before beds are made, positions are drawn and the reality of politics becomes evident. Just wait and see when the money comes in and the seats (power, status) become more available.

Every department, run by unfair and subjective politicians, needs to waste all their money; otherwise they get less the coming year. This is something they don’t even try to hide; still most people get the look of a fellating prostitute - without the joyful eyes - when you mention this fact. In other words, every department, every committee and every political thingy needs to convince other political thingies they are necessary and the main way of doing this is to waste money. The more they waste, the more necessary they are plus, consequently, the more money they can get next year. Different countries have slightly diverse systems, but most works like this or very similar to it. Ever wondered why it is always room for another political body investigating whatever but never money to the elderly? This is why.

Those in power loves being in power and have other friends that loves the same. It doesn’t really matter if they are journalists, politicians, businessmen or leaders within the union, they all are and always will be in cahoots. But this is very seldom a real plan with some mystical organisation pulling the strings, no, this is just the normal way of things at the top. And it has nothing to do with socialism or the market economy, no matter what the ideology is among these people, the result will be about the same. This is why many journalists don’t really like bloggers and this is why all politicians (even the “right-wing” ones) hate capitalism, because bloggers and capitalism means competition. The only “struggle” the enemy class wants is from others just like them. Exchanging smaller bits of power between them is okay. And this is why politicians (and most others in power) really hates and detest the Internet. No matter what the government or any political party claims, they all hate it. Because information is suddenly free and a scandal can travel all around the world in the time it takes to wipe their fat asses with some stolen hundreds. So if “they” aren’t watching, monitoring and keeping tabs with laws and whatnot, people might start thinking for themselves or maybe even – God (politicians) Forbid! – citizens start making their own decisions! The enemy class absolute worst nightmare is; thinking people.

Finally, don’t believe anything those elitists tell you about this current crisis and the coming depression. If you want to learn the truth, find it for yourself. It is very easy, basically everything politicians say and everything central banks are doing, is the complete opposite of what is true and right. And just so you know, we are already screwed beyond all comprehension so buy a lot of Vodka, always a good thing when the world comes crumbling down.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SwedBank getting close to bankruptcy – let them

As I have mentioned several times before (latest yesterday), SwedBank is showing big loses and the stock is dropping like a stone at the moment. Again to no surprise whatsoever for those with basic knowledge in economics and finance. And even if many of these minuses are "plus" in the sence that the bank is cleaning up some, this is just another nail. Since the Swedish government already have pledged to support the banking sector it is already too late to tell them and everyone else to let this shitty company crash and burn. But on the other hand, more is to come in the near future. More banks and companies are going down so I will just continue to say “I told you so” and give you all the same advice. Maybe some of you idiots will listen.

A bought Judge? Pfff... hardly news...

To no real surprise it has now come to attention that the only educated Judge, Tomas Norström, with a law-degree judging the Piratebay trial was, and is, sleeping with the prosecuting side. Among other things he is a member of several organisations with direct links to many of the people and companies on the prosecuting side. He is also a member of the board for ‘Swedish Organisation for industrial law-protection’ whom works for stronger patent protection. He is also colleague with the American movie-companies attorney in Sweden, Monique Wadsted, at a foundation and apparently knows this woman very well since they both also are members, together with Henrik Pontén from the anti-pirate agency, in the organisation SFU.

As mentioned before this is how the enemy class is used to doing business. Journalists, politicians, judges, prosecutors, big business, they are all in cahoots and good friends since several bottles of wines ago. Not really in a conspirator way, it is no planning of plots, it is just how the system is built. Without these Questionable collaborations the whole system would break down. It is one of the pillars the foundation is built upon. And several calls for a mistrial is heard. Idiots. There is not going to be a mistrial. Mr Norström was given this task by a certain system and his colleagues are the ones making the ruling if there are going to be a mistrial. Based on this information, that will never happen. And some bloggers are talking about a “threat to democracy” and calling this a “travesty”. What!? This is how it works, this is normal things. If you haven’t gotten this fact, then you have no clue about either democracy or the system of government we live with. Actually this is probably one of the better and nicer things about the system. I actually think that Mr Norström might be a good judge and might have made a fair ruling despite all this new information. This is nothing, please. If you think this is bad, you should really know what goes on in the corridors of the enemy class.

And finally you really need to ask: is it a coincidence that this Judge got to reside over this trial? What he's doing on his spare-time or what hobbies he has is probably not a secret and since he knows several of these people very well from being members of the same organisations, what says that not several other judges have the same “secret” partnership? I would bet a thousand pounds that there are several more judges in the same or worse collaboration with the entertainment industry. And why would they put down their good friend and colleague? For these puny reasons? Not going to happen.

It is much worse

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has presented new alarming figures and the world economy is expected to shrink. What the idiots at IMF and journalists don’t tell you is that the real numbers are much much worse than those being presented. I could show you numbers and we could do some counting exercise, but all you really need to know is that even if IMF is closer to the truth than politicians, they are still idiots and we are all completely and utterly fucked beyond all comprehension.

This is from the financial Times and please remember, also these guys are in reality not counting the whole picture and are way too much on the positive side:

For more than a year, the IMF’s loss estimate has swollen with each update. As late as October, it expected losses on US loans and securities of $1,400bn; it now foresees losses almost twice that size, at $2,700bn. In addition, it has now added forecast losses of $1,200bn in Europe and $150bn in Japan.

The ballooning numbers reflect two important facts. We have no certainty whatsoever as to what the real losses will eventually be – except that they get worse every time we look. Last year’s gloomiest forecasts have proved far too optimistic.

Have you still not started buying candles and dried up food packages? Might wanna get going on that…

Great thingy - Ron Paul for president!

Were is superman now...

What they ought to be saying

My countrymen. To you, I say today; you are going to pay. You are going to pay for the lavish spending of your parents; you are going to pay for the public debts but most of all you are going to pay for your misplaced trust in government and the state. It is going to take several years of hardship and high spirit before we once again stand prosperous. And you are going to do it. As of this moment, every governmental expenditure, both state and local as been withdrawn. With the exception for the police, the armed forces and a couple of minor administrative groups all else is gone. As of this moment no social workers, no nurses, no cleaners, not doctors and no teachers are employed by the government. There are no governmentally own companies anymore, they have been sold to the private sector and the money has been used to pay off the debt the socialist before us collected. There is no subsidy to get anymore; there is no special treatment to either the individual or the collective. Sadly the taxes will not be cut with more than half at this moment. We are still paying for your mistakes and earlier left governments and we as a nation will honor that debt and repay it. During the curse of time as the debt decreases, so will the taxes.

In addition to this, 97% of the laws will get booted out and will never be seen again. This process will take a while so in the meanwhile most of the old laws will still have effect. Things that will be changed immediately are;

Freedom of body:

You may eat, inject, smoke, drink, sell and do whatever you want with your own body. As long as it is consensual and no force is involved, do whatever with yourself.

Freedom of soul and mind

There is no state church or restriction for religion whatsoever. Get married, get divorced, get 16 husbands or build a mosque in your backyard. No one have the right to impose on your life and freedom of choice.

Freedom to protection
Effective immediately everyone has the right to self protection and hence all banns of firearms and weapons are hereby lifted. If ever a socialist government gets to power again and they even wants to make the slightest miniscule change to government and law, rebel, go up to them and shot them.

We're have left humanities bloodiest century plagued by a terrible political invention -- totalitarianism. The socialist way of thinking that communists, fascists and national socialists share, might be easy to see thru for most, but the smaller bits and pieces are not. We have partly left the worst totalitarianist ideas behind us, but we have still carried the collectivization with us and with that comes big government and a more sneaky and elusive socialism.
This is what caused this depression.
We are going to fight ourselves out of it with capitalism, freedom and equality. We are going to prevail, because in the end, we are humans. No race is more fragile and less equipped to rule this world if it wasn’t for one thing, our brains. It is time to use that intellect and get rid of all instruments of repression. Good luck to you all, now I’m going to get high and get me a hooker. night.

A suicide? My freshly shaved bodily cavity tells another story

David Kellermann, acting chief financial officer since the government takeover of Freddie Mac, was found dead in his Virginia home. The death is under investigation.

Reporting from Washington -- The acting chief financial officer of Freddie Mac, an embattled government-owned company that controls millions of home mortgages, was found dead today of apparent suicide in his suburban Virginia home.

LA Times

Americans seem to get it

Even though these left journalists and several others blame fear of Obama passing laws, that’s not really the issue. It’s rather the fear of the Fascist Obama himself and the economic crisis. Hopefully some of these Americans also are planning to overthrow the government. One can always hope.

My Darling psychosis - nothing left to bleed

I have been spending some time this afternoon reading the new British budget and it is really funny. Normally I would try to avoid complaining since being a guest here, but this is to idiotic to stay away from.

Not only is there lots of higher taxes (what did I tell ya) but there is also more fun things. Like the complete wastefulness of the taxpayer’s subsidizing themselves to buy a new car. “Oh, it works for the Germans”. It is just destruction of capital. If you own a perfectly good car or don’t need one, why pay tax money in order to get a new car “cheaper”? It’s complete madness.

This is fantastic: "income tax for those earning more than £150,000 to rise to 50%". Together with the rest of the budget this is a sure way of getting the last investment money to flee the country. So not only have this government completely wiped out the entire country several times over and collected a debt that might never be paid, now they are scaring off the only investment capital that might get the country going again. In addition to all this craziness they also do as socialists always does, throw money at the unproductive and lazy in order to get them dependent on the government and keep them voting for the same socialism.

But maybe the most fun about it is the tax increase on tobacco and alcohol. Especially the later will not be very popular among the British Isles. So even if there only about a year to next election, I have the same advice to the English speaking people, revolt. Labour has destroyed the country, totally. Don’t let them also destroy the only means there is climb out of this darkness. A year from now there might be nothing left to save.

I also checked the pictures of the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, and that idiot actually looks happy. On every picture I can find he has that smug crocked smile. Unbelievable.

They are bleeding us dry

As I have predicted, the central bank have lowered and lowered the Swedish interest rate until it is practically zero. This together with more money in the system have lead to higher prices on real-estate and more people borrowing in addition to wasting away their last savings in order to buy things they in reality cannot afford. Nothing strange about it and very easy to understand if you are not journalist or economist in lieg with those in charge. The worst thing about this is the next step when either prices fall like a stone or (more believable) the interest rate will go up towards 15-20%. Either way, billions will be wiped out.

So in two magnificent moves the enemy class have wiped out the last line of defence Sweden has. Firstly the government decided to spend, borrow and print. Granted not at any high level just yet, but they still decided which direction to take and any money wasted is bad enough. And then the central bank lunacy which is followed by people going out and spending all they have left. In other words practically no savings are left, there aren’t any buffers in the economy and the unemployment continues to rise. It is almost like they want the country to fail and the people to starve. When this crisis slowly but surely goes over to a depression, people will probably turn towards the lefties and their “solutions” which is the very policies that got us into this mess. And if you didn’t starve before that decision, you sure will after it.

What my birth-nation needs, like most other countries in this world, is a revolt. You can wave your hands in the air over some triumph, but next year that victory will be gone. If those in charge lower one tax, they put 3 regulations and 5 laws into place instead. And they might agree how horrid it is to restrict personal freedom, but behind closed doors they either vote the other way or plot how to circle around. For every year that passes; more laws, more restrictions and more monitoring is put into place. And every time there is a problem, more regulations or the printing of more money is the only answer. This needs to stop. But the enemy class will never give up the enormous power and dictatorship privileges they have and they will use force, both in order to enforce the laws and to protect their sorry asses. When you are starving and without a job, do not blame immigrants or some elusive ideology. It is those in charge that should be blamed. Your enemies are neither the rich or poor people nor are our enemy the market. It is those within the system, supporting it, ruling it, that is our enemies. It doesn’t matter if they call themselves left or right, they are all in support of the same planning and controlling system. This surveillance and regulation state is not only creeping into every corner of our homes, it is also the main reason for this crisis and the coming depression. The only way out of this vicious circle is to rebel; to bring in freedom, equality and objective justice in the country.

When I look around what people are writing, they are for the most part right. I have not seen a single commentary saying lowing interest rate was a good idea. Still newspapers are filled with stories about this or that family going to buy lots of stuff. The Prime Minister says it was necessary and several economical “experts” argues it was the right thing to do, but not you, the people. Even the people have realized that making it cheaper to borrow and destroying all saved capital is a bad idea. Even the people knows it is a bad idea to print a lot of money and borrow yourself out of debt, but not the enemy class, those in power, those in charge. According to them it is necessary to save foolish bankers and make people throw away their last savings. According to them it is necessary to bail out others within their ranks while normal people are unemployed. Why are you letting them do this to you? Many of you apparently have more brain cells then the entire Central Bank and the parliament together; still they rule your life. Why? Are you happy being monitored and controlled? Do you love paying ridiculously high taxes and not getting anything for them? Either you do something or you fall. This crisis is already too late to avoid, but maybe, just maybe, we can stop the next one. Our enemies can be defeated; you just haft to make an effort and, maybe, get a gun.