Thursday, March 20, 2014

Suicide, bitches!

If you haven´t noticed yet there is a wave of suicide among banksters.

Although not yet statistically “out of the norm” since the total number of these parasitical thieves numbers in the hundreds of thousands (if not millions). Still, this wave is decently sudden and they are piling up on the pavement so it is not hard to see conspiracists having a field day with this one.

Perhaps related is another wave of suicides going on in the Froggy business of Orange?

Or perhaps this is a unconscious reaction to where this world is going?

Regardless I am appreciating the effort and have consequently bought a nice bottle of Smirnoff and a few Russian pirogues for the weekend. I am also hopeful that this trend will make its way into the EU-parliament and get a hold of journalists across the world.

Oh, and just so it is perfectly clear: I would never, ever, for any form or reason, commit suicide – so if you see an article about a Swede jumping from a tall building in Barcelona; I was murdered.