Monday, February 1, 2010

This is marketing

Holding a degree in marketing and having worked within the field for many years, some things get my blood pumping, and this is one of those:

Poor little billionaire Tiger. Getting wealthy by hitting a small ball with sticks at the most beautiful locations of the world and getting married with a Swedish hottie is hard work. You feel sorry for him too, don’t ya?

Anyway when a strip-joint makes the best of it and flies over a golf-tournament with this message, I get hard. This is making the best of a situation. This is marketing.

Pure genius.

If I'm ever in the area, I promise I stop by and give the women at this establishment lots of extras...

Sanity, were aret thou?

IPCC, you know the UN panel of climate fraud consistent of bureaucrats and pseudo-scientists (very few among those 2500 actually hold any relevant degree), have been exposed again and again.

My sister that mostly pray to the save-the-planet-and-all-animal-religion have shrugged and regard everything that comes from these tricksters as lies, so why haven’t media and mainstream pundits figured out the same? Every group of ordinary folk that comes my way and make this the topic of conversation spits at the gasoline taxes, pulls up the middle finger at Fraudenhagen talks and seem to be willing to knock off a couple of Polar Bears with a rusty ax, but politicians goes tralalala and impose even more of the same crap.

Now after Climate-gate, Glacier-gate and Hurricane-gate, and the latest Amazonian-gate even the hardiest green Nazi most be feeling some question marks bonging above their heads, but you people out there should have realized this a long time ago.

Many years ago I figured out what the real agenda is, all on my own, only reading and making my own conclusions. No oil-company paid me to search for any form of validity, no big business gave me stuff to follow scary claims to their origin, no heartless rich banker in top-hat hired me to look into what UN and other entities have said.

You know what I found?

– That not a single one of the alarmists ideas or claims holds, not one.

I still haven’t found a single argument that holds, there’s no fact supporting the notion of manmade global warming, there’s no evidence, no science, nothing, nada, zilch.

And no, I’m not a scientist, but even a layman should be able to find some sort of validity, right? I haven’t. And believe me, I’ve tried. Do it yourself, don’t take my word for it, don’t listen to bloggers or whatnot, search and find out for yourself. If you find any proof, just one, my earlier promised of £100 will still be paid out to you.

To my amusement the western world is facing a very harsh winter. Just when they were about to take carbon-trading to the next level, making a few billionaires and some banks very happy, we get hit by the longest and coldest winter seen in many decades. How’s that for irony? Mother Nature doesn’t like liars it seems.

When will mainstream media start doing their job? Are every journalist paid for by big business (that actually loves this scheme, contrary what tree-huggers say) and every newspaper threatened into silence? It almost seem that way, because why else would they almost totally ignore and not investigate what hast to be the biggest scandal of all time?

Why not look into facts about all those animals that are supposed to be going extinct all the time? It is not only the continuous revealed ‘gate’s they scam us with, cuddly carnivores’ beasts must be in the mix for some reason.

WWF is still running ads in Swedish papers claiming there’s only 3500 tigers left in the world, but according to their own website the number is close to 7000 and many reports say Tigers probably can be counted somewhere above 10 000.

And those fucking Polar Bears. Aren’t you also bloody tired of hearing about a creature going extinct because of lack of cold when they apparently survived the Middle Ages much warmer period? And Polar Bears are actually doing great. The worldwide polar bear population is somewhere around 25,000 today a number that has held steady over the last 25 years or actually has risen slightly. And that’s more than double the around 10,000 that were living in the 1960s.

A tad sanity, that’s all that I ask for, is that too much?

About six or seven years ago when I predicted our current economic dilemma, I also drew the conclusion that people either are highly stupid or don’t want to know what’s really going on and that those in charge, the powers that be, took full advantage of this. But even I, with my cynical loathsome approach to much of humanity, didn’t think the sheople of this world were so utterly insane that they believe in something that make the claim “the moon is made out of cheese” seemed rational.

Manmade global warming is a hoax, it’s a giant scam partly perpetrated by the billions thrown at researches to say it is real and partly coming from government wanting a new source of income.

If they can do this to us, and you can believe it, they can do anything. Please remember that the next time you question why the hell the Germans listened to ideas about eugenics. You do it too, today, because the manmade global warming fraud will lead to (and already have led to) the death hundreds of thousands of people. Millions may die if we continue with this idiocy.

This is the ultimate test of sanity and intelligence. Forget Mensa or university degrees, if you really want to know how far above the ameba you are in evolutionary steps, this is it. Believe in this hoax and you’re a one-celled idiot, plain and simple.