Friday, June 1, 2012

Iiiiiiits! Friday! …Let´s give the sheople interesting news

As usually on Fridays (if you don´t understand why, you´re an idiot) we are told bad news.

Looking at U.S. numbers today, we can notice that Spain better watch out so the Obamination and his cabal won´t outrun them in the unemployment race. This was so bad that the pick-pocket in chief and his band of misfits decided to leak this info to certain people so they could have a wee little late-day sell-off yesterday.

A zombiefied, drugged-up populace of sheeps getting herded towards the abyss by malevolent sheepherders need to spend their last money before the end so our benevolent leaders need to keep the system afloat a few more months so they, and the money masters, can steal what wealth there is left.

But of course the news about Oduma the Great doesn’t stop there. We now learn that the most warmongering president in U.S. history have (AGAIN!!) declared war on Iran. Because that is exactly what this is, and again we´re supposed to believe that Iranians are the dangerous aggressors here?

According to Stephen Hawking black holes eventually evaporate leaving nothing behind, and I´ve started to wonder if that doesn’t very accurately sum up our current predicament.

Hundreds of years of entrepreneurial spirit and private capital blown into pieces within a few years; thousands of years of ´trial and error´ by markets and humans soon to be destroyed in the name of progressive foolishness; thousands of years of learning how to survive on this planet and when we finally reach a point where we can feed, clothe and house every single person, it will all go to straight back to the tribal beginning while tens of millions die from starvation, famine and war.

The credit cancer of the past decades has finally metastasized out to all corners of the globe, and the inflation that comes with keeps us down on the same living standard as our grandparents while wealthy demons up high collect all our earnings. The derivative and CDO scam is cracking and will at any moment come crashing down on us all like the hammer of God. The debt mountain is already crushing our kids and grandchildren and soon it to will destroy generations more to come.


Welcome to the Greatest Depression ladies and gentlemen.

 It’s time to bring out the vodka and put popcorn into the microwave.

The fattest lady in history is about to sing the highest note ever heard.

We are making (rather “crashing”) history right now. At least some comfort that the biggest event in the history of humankind will happen when you and I are alive.

Good luck everyone, you sure gonna need it.