Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another year, another scam. Another year, more commercial crap.

You might think that I, as a harden advocate of capitalism, would love Christmas and the frantic shopping sprees that puts a lot of cash into merchant pockets. That is what most people are taught, that capitalism is about buying, selling, profits and stamping all over a sickly grandma to get the last toy in the store. It is not.
Capitalism is about value and property rights of that value. Although commercialism, advertising and shopping sprees may very well be part of capitalism - definitely more so then those socialist ´paradises´ where you need to stand in line for 10 hours to get a loaf of bread – such things would rather be the consequence of free choices on the markets, not an inadvertently building-block of capitalism.  
However the hysterical scam we see nowadays is not just commercialism, it is commercialism with no or very little value. What I mean by that is that we are not getting each other the perfect gifts or hand each other gold, instead we buy crappy useless things or toys that will fall apart long before the next xmas hype. Sure it is still about family and great food and as such Christmas is a fantastic holiday, but I remember that already at a very young age I started to ask questions; why just that day? Why hand out presents that no one wants? I think I was around 10-11 years old when I first said that we should give each other money (if any presents are necessary) and then eat and have fun together.
And then we also have the scam of the season itself, something I cannot, and never could, overlook.
You know that there was this guy that was born around 25th of Dec, born of a virgin, was impregnated by the Holy Ghost and his birth was followed by a star in the East? This guy was of Royal decent and the birth was adorned by 3 kings. He later became a teacher at 12, was baptized at 30 and he had 12 disciples. He was called the light, and the son of God, and he performed miracles such as walking on water and raising of the dead. At his death he was crucified, was dead for 3 days and then was resurrected.
Yes, I am, of course, as you probably already figured out, talking about the Egyptian “sun”/sky God Horus.
Jesus came a lot later and he copied this formula, just as many other God´s did throughout the ancient world.
We can prove, scientifically and historically, that the Old Testament was stolen almost in it’s entirely from the Sumerians. The New Testament in turn was stolen mostly from the Egyptian religion and their book of the dead.
But okay, let’s say that we buy the concept that God did a rectification of earlier misconceptions and did send his Son down to us and things then, partly or fully, occurred as described in the Bible. Even if so, according to what most believe nowadays Jesus, if existed (probably not since there are no historical records outside of the Bible), was born in the summer. Also it seems that not only did the ´birth´ get moved to pagan dates around 22th, 24-25th of December, his death was probably also moved to fit better with Jewish and pagan traditions around Easter. It is all about marketing and perception baby.
Consequently the entire foundation of Christmas is built on a faulty premise and it is a holiday with crappy commercialism induced by tons of lying commercials telling us to buy things we do not need and, even worse; to buy crappy things with no or little value.
I still like Christmas, if spent with family and with lots of great foods and snaps and beer and Glögg (mulled wine) and more food, and of course food. It is a good, traditional way of getting people together, but personally I would rather see that people did so more often, all over the year. Christmas is too much stress, too much pressure and way too much crap changing hands for no real objective reason.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Does This Smell Funny to You?

Yeeaasss, so much gold! 

I love it when a spokesperson of the super rich and super powerful - someone whom also happen to be part of the most wasteful organisation of all time - says something like this: Click Here

When you are done reading about the pedophile protecting head of one of the Pentarchia´s, you can go ahead and kiss his golden ring: 

Friday, December 20, 2013

People are so stupid

How the world ended – a letter from 2025 to the future

Having fun in the future? 

I write this to acknowledge and convey the truth about how The Greatest Depression emerged, how it inadvertently transformed into wars and human destruction on an unprecedented scale. I write this to any potential survivors and with the hope that such things as computers and internet may still be available. I write this to all you erratically wandering an unforgiving earth with slim hope of finding work, food and shelter.
I write this to all those out there still able to read and to those still able to form coherent thoughts without instinctually hunting down braaaiiiiinnnnsss to eat.
Firstly I am not sorry myself - I tried to stop it with what little means I had at my disposal. I warned, I wrote, I talked to friends, relatives and neighbours and I tried to tell those I knew in power what they were doing and where it was leading. I did so for over a decade and despite being correct every step of the way and with a spooky accuracy predicting event after event that led up to our annihilation, very few listen.
The few who turned their head away from soap operas and did listen to me, and to others like me, never made up more than a fraction of humanity. And once people finally started to admit that their comfy existence was no more and react, they of course reacted incorrectly.
So I write this in the hope that any survivors may listen and perhaps we can finally, as a species, realize those absolute truths we´ve been ignoring for the past 250 000 years or so. Irrefutable facts like $1 always is $1, that you cannot get something for nothing and that inflation is the same as an increase of new money in circulation, has been ignored too long.
If you still ignore or refuse to understand I guess you´ll soon start World War IV with whatever sticks and stones you have as weapons there in the future.
The decline we entered and died because of was political and economical but also ethical. People’s morals had dissipated over time and almost every single person believed it correct to rob their neighbour. Benefit junkies with herd mentality voted for oppressive thugs promising gold and lush forests for everyone. Tree-hugging hippies and their feminazi allies destroyed what little production was left while creating an increase in xenophobia that, of course, was tapped into by nationalist Sieg heil-ing freaks.   
Fascism, National Socialism, socialism, communism and political correctness sort of merged into a unified ideology everyone needed to follow. To make sure that the people obeyed this fascinazicommusocialism the total surveillance society was implemented - not over night, but step by step. In order to save the children and stop terrorism we created new agencies that used super computers to keep track of, monitor and punish those that strayed. Reality shows and celebrity life later became the only news we were allowed to read about.
Harsh penalties were created against public congregations and demonstrations. The banks were bail-out over and over with newly printed notes while our governments spend other freshly printed notes to keep millions of benefit junkies in their sofas.
They tried it over and over again until the system - the entire global financial system - imploded. People by this time had had enough of all the misery; riots and bloody rebellions started here and there in a few countries. However a few countries had a final out, one final step politicians could take to save themselves and their cushy jobs; They Took us to War!!
Of course there was only a matter of time before a supposed terrorist with a suitcase nuclear device exploded in New York, taking a couple of millions of people and the UN building with him. From there on it was all downhill.
Everyone blamed everyone else for everything. Only a few of the big banks kept laughing, buying up most of the known world, but their laughter soon turn into screams as violent mobs burned down their banking palaces and country after country started throwing nukes around.
We can assume that a few spokespersons of the elitists still exists, also in your world, and they will crawl out of their bunkers - perhaps you have already meet one? They are easily spotted. They will argue about equality, keep talking about sharing stuff and will say things like: “Obama cannot be blamed for the end of the world, it was Bush´s fault” or; “We need to take from those that still have to feed everyone” or: “We need to restrict working time in the field to 8 hours/day and give everyone 5 weeks of vacation”. A few of them will even be savvy politicians or surviving banking trolls and they will say you need to create a central bank and have a unified currency in the hands of the people as well as create a centralized authority so that all the goodies that you manage to scrap together during hunts can be shared among all of you. If you encounter one that sounds suspiciously like above you have 3 options; let them stay and let them argue their evilness, throw them out and leave it to a broken world to take care of them Darwin-style, or you can string them up.
I hope someone is still left to read this and that you heed my warnings.
With Love and hugs and kisses   

    / Apocalypse Nowish

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The global warming scam continues

Global warming!! 

The truth never factors into it, does it? It doesn't seem to matter which area or which one of the pseudo-scientific four-winged soul suckers that mumbles something about something, it can ALL be blamed on too many people doing the wrong things. It rain more this year than last year? Global warming! A typhoon hits Shanghai – Global warming! Wild fires in Australia is because we drive too many cars. Economic worries in Europe arise due to a horrific increase… I mean drop… oh, no.. increase? No, drop! Uauhm… a change in temperature.
Nowadays it is much harder finding a topic not directly associated to Manmade Global Warming, then the opposite. I have even seen/heard politicians argue that male oppression of women is due to an increase in temperature… ouhm… I mean decrease… decrease in temperature is due to global warming… hmm… No, that cannot be correct; I mean increase of course… although numbers point to a decrease and a new Ice age about 1000 years away, so females’ getting raped and dominated by horrible men is due to a decrease in temperature! No! No! I mean decrease in temperature! 
Let’s just keep to “A change in temperature”, a change automatically implies humans and their horrible ways. 
A change in temperature is now also to be blamed for Coccidioides fungu! And; Naegleria Fowleri! And; the Black-Legged tick!
I just knew they would start throwing some scary name around soon. Just as with future flues (Swine flu was both harmless and had a pretty harmless sounding name) they need to come up with scary sounding stuff so we keep paying environment taxes and keep obeying government  decrees about hats and pets. Precisely as with one of the most frequent killer of man, dihydrogen monoxide (thousands die of it each year) scary sounding names awoke fear and creates a reaction when reading it.
Murderous killer Dinosaurs died from global warming!! (Or was it another Ice age?) Regardless; if such magnificent beasts died from it, how can we then survive the same?
When I read this story I felt like a Black-Legged Tick would jump me from behind at any second, bite me and infect me with Coccidioides fungu, anaplasmosis and babesiosis and that that would then lead to Naegleria Fowleri, borrelia and rash illnesses and then of course certain death.
Oh, and did you know that, according to Al Gore, the entire North polarized cap has now disappeared? Well, it can have disappeared already last year since Al Gore made his first 5-year prediction back in 2007. Of course he has spookily predicted the same every year since, not got it right so far, but eventually he will.
He is right you know - the polar caps will melt at some point. They have before, on numerous occasions, and they will do so again. Not that Al will be alive when it happens, but he can rest assure it will.  
So there you have it folks; A murderous Black tick named Gore will soon infect you with Global warming and impose rash illnesses on all babies while spraying fungi over families eating at McDonalds. That will in turn create a new Ice Age filled with Borrelia-infected male rapists roaming the earth looking for cute puppies to eat. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bitcoin – sounds sketchy to me

Terrorist money? Anarchy? A scam? Or real value? 

I see some of my liberty minded friends getting worked up over Bitcoins, but personally I never got it. Not the technology part, I got that pretty well figured out, but what I do not get is why it is such a good idea to basically let the people with the most computer power run the show...
Bitcoin is open for hacking, fraud, bots etc etc. Sure, our regular, everyday Fiat money is counterfeit legalized by the powers that be and it too can be subjected to those things and government(s) do their best to make sure that our notes are turn into toilet paper – but, at least in theory, fiat money has intrinsic value; your hard work and the country it’s based/made in. As long as a government can keep the scam rolling and extract enough founds from subservient idiots and as long as they can pawn the country with big banks and other countries, you could argue that there is value behind our money - a dwindling value subjected to a hidden tax sure, but a value of sort nevertheless.
Bitcoin? Where is the value in that? A few 1´s and 0´s? Code? I keep seeing harden spokespersons of bitcode arguing it is just like gold and there is only one specific amount that cannot (pfff!) be tampered with. This is of course complete nonsenses. Gold has not just monetary value; it’s also a very usable metal that can be used in both technology and for jewellery. Gold hold its actual value over time (although the price might change), it does not fluctuate up and down like bitcoins and gold has both historical and factual existence that should not be ignored.
If you look at graphs of selling and buying volumes the volume only seem to be going up whenever those “insiders” (smart money, experienced traders, Goldman Sachs… whoever…) is selling bitcoin, otherwise its going down – which is very weird for a commodity with a (supposed) fixed amount of “real” value. Also the prices are impacted severely, both negatively and positively, by political decisions. Latest we saw a dip in bitcoin prices because China introduced restrictions in trading. If bitcoins really holds real intrinsic value and the number of bitcoins stays about the same regardless, I would assume that such a Chinese decision would increase bitcoin value/volume (and price), not the opposite.
But enough about my arguments, both technical (probably in some parts wrong - am not a computer wizz) and economically factual and instead I will say this: bitcoins make me nervous.
My reasoning is twofold.
Firstly I do not trust government(s) to keep their filthy mittens of this, or any other similar project. I guarantee that there are already super computers logged in keeping track of the “anarchy” of bitcoin with Government stooges closely following the, in the eyes of our politicians, horrible users of this currency. Likewise I guarantee that there are far along plans to take over the entire system, topple it, or turn it into another government owned controlled idiocy. What I mentioned about volumes, prices and political decisions above seem to, already now, verify this notion.
It would not even surprise me if the entire thing was invented in a CIA bunker somewhere in Guam.
Conspiracy nut? Moi?
When it comes to things like this; yes.
Government of all colours and from all countries has a long, very long history of messing things up, striking down on any unbelievers and trying to take things over.
Oh, but we can start over and do it again! Bitcoin will live on as bitcoin 2.0, 3.0 etc!
Yea, and what about the cash thrown in? And how many times can you start something like this over until no one uses it anymore?
I do get it, in a limited space and for a specific purpose bitcoins or any equivalent works, probably a lot better, than any other payment or currency. In games for example, on specific websites, localized and for a specific audience it’s a great idea. If you know what you are doing it may even be a good, temporary, investment. As a currency however, as a real I-can-buy-both-pizza-and-a-car for this money currency - no.
Honestly I would rather “trust” my government, at least with them I know they will mess it up, bring in hyperinflation and crash the economy – that is implied, built-in and expected. Any virtual mumbo-jumbo with a setup that guarantees that the biggest computer wins while dragging lots of fools into a weirdo situation that can be taken over (or already has) by government at any second, that, that feels scarier to me. Of course government, in such a situation, will also blame the freedom and the “anarchy” of the system. It is never government’s fault that something crashes and politicians are never to blame for people losing their money; it was the Jews, the market, the rich, the hackers….
The second reason I feel very uneasy about this is that the entire system seem to rely on the “community” and that the inhabitants, known or unknown to each other, will confirm any transactions and new “mining” of complementary bitcoins – and this over time, with a lots of fluctuations in price and with an ever growing size of the “community”. I do not think such a system can work, not even if you set it up with (only) three friends, so why would it work with thousands of people across the world sitting behind their computer screen confirming transactions? Not a chance! People are not cuddly and nice; they do not want the best for their fellow man. Also, in general, people are idiots and they look after themselves and this especially when it comes to money.  Do you really think that someone sitting behind a screen across the world actually care about someone they never have to see, even if that other person jump from a window after their account was ransacked?
I do, sort of, like the idea of bitcoins and the basic is pretty sound, and perhaps I am a bit “old” in the sense that I do not trust things I cannot touch, see, and physically interact with, but in the end my conclusion is not only based on feelings but also the way this commodity act (and is traded) on the market – it simply do not act and react in a way that calms my objections, quite the opposite.
I stay as far away from bitcoins as I do bonds and stocks. The world economy will soon crash, burn, implode, explode and after that the real mayhem will start. Bitcoin is not a safe haven from this, not even close. I suggest that if you have made money from bitcoin then take your winnings and invest them in tangible intrinsic values such as gold, silver, real-estate and farming. Also make sure to buy guns to protect it and any cash over should go to cans, dried-up food packages, batteries, oil etc. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

The end is not always filled with alcohol

Oh no!!!!

Sorry for being so absent of late – during 2013 I have been changing jobs and countries like most people changes socks. I where in the Czech Republic, moved to Athens, Greece, back to my birth nation Sweden and then to Germany and now I am in Spain - racking up a massive hotel count in the process. To tell you about my adventures would either make you question my truthfulness or make you question your own life (my life is so much better) so I will not do so. Instead I will do a wee, short, tiny, little update of the world affairs in this post and as soon as I have internet in my new Apartment I will post much more frequently. Also I will soon be on Facebook promoting my ramblings to a larger audience.

Looking over the world things has not really changed for the better. Well, sure, we did have a few good deaths; like that of the South African terrorist and dictator loving thug. Of course his black corpse was celebrated by the ‘who´s who’ in the world of human oppressive depreciating while a few sound voices, as usual, tried to educate people that the dead extremist was as much of a xenophobe as the racist Mahatma Gandhi and as evil and horrific as the arch bitch Mother Teresa.

Perhaps the dictator wannabe and spokesperson of mass murder, Dalai Lama, is a worse a-hole then the above mentioned, but all four are serious contenders for the Most-idiotic-celebrity-scam-of-all-time award. Don´t believe me? Got too much caught in the glorious hype? Well, that´s your problem but a few googlings should solve your lack of knowledge.

Other than the mentioned deadness I hardly see any reason to rejoice. We all saw what happened in 2007-2008 and forward, which was worse than the previous economic setback because the debt was so much higher. Well now the debt is staggeringly much higher, and so the next economic problem, whenever it happens and whatever causes it, is going to be worse than in the latest one, because we have these unbelievable levels of debt and unbelievable levels of money printing all over the world.

For years now this has been my concern. Not the actual economic setback or rocketing unemployment, but rather the politically driven solutions (=consequences) of the situation and especially when this is combined with global corporate (banking) interests. Our masters cannot handle the situation they have created, so the only way they think is available is the same path. More of the same, not less, becomes the “solution”. More regulations, more taxes, more money printing, many more laws, new political entities popping up to solve the problems created by previous ones. I think the only thing that has not been increased is interest rates, something that instead has been reduced to zero. Basically everything is going in the wrong direction and things are getting worse for each passing day.

You should be worried and get prepared. A full out, by mainstream acknowledge collapse, may not happen until 2017 or even later, although most signs point to a much earlier and very soon crash and burn event. I have no idea when it’s going to happen, my premonitions are not always accurate when it comes to dates, but just to say something I say October 3rd 2014 as the first wave, partly saved by xmas and a few last ditch efforts, the real crash will occur spring of 2015 but will largely be ignored by mainstream so actual acknowledgement will be around xmax 2015 since people are dying from starvation instead of buying crap.

Well, there you have a very short return of moi. Soon be updating more frequent as mentioned, and until then remember to stock up on canned goods, dried-up food packages, oil and coffee, you are going to need that stash sooner than you think…