Sunday, November 22, 2009

The hoaxes and the starving

As I’ve reported before on many occasions, famine stalks Africa again. Millions of people in the Horn of Africa are facing malnutrition and starvation in the worst food shortages since 1984. The United Nations warned in June that as many as 6.2 million people in Ethiopia will need some kind of food aid in the next few months. But the true figure of those with insecure food supplies could be as high as 13.7 million. Twelve million Ethiopians received food from donor countries last year.
In the driest regions in southern Madagascar, 1.5 million people have inadequate food because of prolonged drought -- 250,000 of them children younger than 5.

Similar stories can be found about Kenya and other countries in Africa. But starving people can be found elsewhere and their numbers are growing, and according to some, even if we count in percent of the populace, something that hasn’t happened in over 50 years. Despite the anti-globalist movements and socialists groups, poor people in the world have decreased each year, until now at least.

There are many reasons for this appending disaster, our current financial dilemma for one, but I can see three other main reasons why tens of millions soon will die. Firstly many of those countries with vast amounts of starving and suffering have corrupt fascist or socialist regimes. As a consequence wars exist, civil unrests have good breathing ground, any wealth gets confiscated by the high and mighty, and it’s making any form of aid inefficient. Secondly there are trade-barriers, exploitation and invisible oppressive rules being imposed by the UN, EU, and the US or the World Bank. Basically we buy their cheap stuff but they need to pay us to buy it. Thirdly we have the scam of manmade global warming and other environmental hoaxes. In a scheme to confiscate more taxes from easily duped voters our enemies are also perpetrating and imposing the same lunacy in third-world countries. Not only directly, which actually is seldom done, most countries are usually exempted from any environment agreement as example, but more indirectly because as we buy bio-cars or try to stop using oil it actually have an impact on the poor of the world.

In essence our great leaders fool us with their conjured up economic crisis, they trick us into believing in something like manmade global warming, that doesn’t exist, they impose tariffs aimed at the poor and then they lie to us so we feel guilty for the starving.

It’s not your car that changes the environment, our globes climate has always changed, and always will. It’s not the average Joe’s fault that there are starving in Africa, and it’s not consumers fault we have an economic crisis. It’s our enemies that are at fault, but as usual most of you morons believe the crap they are saying. You are still voting for the same political parties, still believing that buying products with some panda on it will change things. In this sense you’re to blame, but only for being stupid, not for the actual actions taken.

When this depression rages on, which it will no matter what any cornflake economists or malevolent politician says, millions, quite possibly tens of millions of people will die, and that’s only from starvation and famine. During a depression and within the political aftermath there will be conflicts following hence more millions will die.

And what is our benevolent übermench doing to stop things from escalating? They have meetings to in-debt us further and they get together in order to impose more restrictions and more environment taxation. The very things that got us into this mess are supposed to save us from it. How funny isn’t that?

There will be no economic recovery, that’s a lie.

Manmade global warming is a hoax, and you’re the one paying for it.

But the funniest thing of all, the very essence of humor and what makes me laugh every day is the fact that we have the means to save everyone. If we were to change policies, end political involvement and stop all the things that are wrong with the world, there would be no starving, no wars, and no conflicts. But doing so would, among other things, eliminate all founding’s to scientists researching the manmade global warming fraud – something that will never happen. There is so much prestige, so much money within the madness of tunneling money from producing people to squashing production environment-movement style that they rather see millions die from starvation than admit defeat.

And eliminating tariffs? Please. That’s political suicide in many countries.

And stop creating financial dilemmas? Why would they? Nothing is more lucrative. They make billions on the way up, and when the crisis sets in, the taxpayers come to the rescue. They can’t lose.

In other words, millions of people will very soon die. As I’ve said before, we are only months away from famine catastrophes. They will blame you for it; they want you to feel ashamed and pay up for useless aid-campaigns. And they will blame manmade global warming for some of it. Mostly you idiots out there will eat it up, which in turn will create even worse problems.

Ah, the world is a funny place.