Thursday, May 31, 2012

Famous Zombie Jew in the shower

When I tell friends that I have sort of given up on the human race, they always sort of look at me weirdly and wonder why.

Now and again people also ask me how I can say such nasty things about others and complain so much over a stupefied populace.

Well, the next time I will just send them this link:

Oh, by Ba‘al Zəbûb, our awaiting Financial Armageddon cannot start soon enough…

Nude Zombie apocalypse cometh soon

Since I wrote this post I´ve been researching this Zombie thing for a couple of days and Lord and behold my findings! 

You see it has always bugged me how sockpuppets within media can keep heaving out lies and how bloated pompous, ludicrous, obviously inbred, creepy little worms of the political sphere can get away with wrecking country after country while smirking happily at cameras. Shouldn´t either someone call their bluffs or, at the very least, prosecute one or two for obvious defrauding and counterfeiting?

And banksters after bankster, people of profound decadence and absolute immorality, can cheat, steal, rob, kill, inflate and grow obscenely rich by stacking up losses without even a smudge of accountability.

Europhiles and world governance totalitarians refuse to explain how it is going to look post crisis bailout, which is a little worrying, indeed considering trillions more need to be printed and borrowed upon the backs of our children and grandchildren. A person might think that there would be a great deal of detail being open to scrutiny, to see if it targets and mechanics are working, as proposed. As we now know their schemes of ye old didn´t pan out as the Keynesian mania suggest, why would today be any different?

And yes we are allowed to held referendums on the Eurovision Song Contest but holding a popular vote (if being European) on ECB bonds, EU-membership or why and how to bail out oily Mediterranean’s is, of course, out of the question. 

Again and again we are asked to bend over and grab our ankles so unelected bureaucrats and deceitful collectivists can thrust that rusty pipe, without lubrication, further in. And no one seem to care that much. Sure a few protesters here and there, and sure at times the occasional body part get sent to those deemed better but in general, and as a whole, most just take it - at least as long as that corroded pipe, soon reaching our uvula, comes with ´free´ garbage collecting and a few vouchers.

There has to be some sort of explanation.

Stupidity is of course the obvious choice. But how and when did the dumbness set it? Looking at history it was probably always a part of human consciousness. But as we today have access to all the information necessary and have times gone by as a blueprint of what not to do, we should be less inclined to believe deceptive clowns.

That is however not the case. In fact we seem to getting dumber and dumber.

Is there something in the food? Have they contaminated our water supply? Do we get subliminal messages from our bellowed flat screen TV´s? Are cellphones emitting waves that disrupt our synapses? Is there a weapon created perhaps?

When facts and truths are right there in front of us and all we really need is a basic knowledge of plus and minus to see through the lies but we still refuse to acknowledge what is what, then something is clearly going on. 

A zombiefication has occurred.



And, perhaps most intriguing, by whom? The umbrella corporation?

If we are more like zombies then bodies with conscious souls people will of course turn full out zombie once the apocalyptical financial situation created by, sent forth by, and enhanced by The Powers That Be explodes during the coming months.

If so it can be good for those of us behind the shotgun to understand why the soulless creature before us turned. Well, perhaps you will care more about reloading for the next double tap, but regardless I will tell you anyway.

You see our minds have been constantly bombarded with the notion of collectivism for decades now. And the very core of collectivism is to frown upon all forms of individual thinking. A free thinking individual with his/her own ideas trying to live his/her life as he/she seems fit best, is an abomination. A person wanting to keep the fruit of labor is an outcast, and anyone questioning the all-knowing decrees of the progressive SocialFeminist central planning sphere will be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the law.

Day after day bought and paid for journalists report that all is well in the world. Although indignation sometimes arise when a glorious head of state spend $60 million a year on taxi fares, such reporting are however always followed by how splendid it is to spend $290 billion to exchange light bulbs in public building and this we are told by interviewing an “expert” stating that we now will save one Polar Bear every 5 years.

It’s good to pay tax, it’s honorable to stand in line at the hospital and it’s marvelous to be educated by gramscofabianazi teachers quoting government approved books stating that; zombie is the way to go.

 A lazy unemployed person winning the lottery is put on the pedestal of human morality. A well-educated inventor working 24/7 and creating jobs to thousands should be put on trial in Haag for exploiting people who otherwise could be watching soap operas while munching on chemically processed snacks.

 In such a world zombification will occur.

And a dumbed down populace already prone to unsteadily stroll down the street chanting nonsense over and over again are of course highly receptacle to things of THIS nature.

Not that parasites or government induced inoculations are necessary when people, in general, are totally clueless how to get food, water and shelter once this world crashes down the abyss of financial despair.

Cannibalism and flesh-eating mobs will, more than likely, be a common sight a few years down the line.

“nude?” you say and referring to my headline -- Nah, that’s just to attract readers, but its neither unlikely that people unable to get new clothes and with no idea how to use a pin and needle will become bare skinned as well.

Naked slow-moving brainless teens roaming the countryside doing anything for food...? Uh… perhaps this zombie apocalypse isn´t such a bad idea after all…

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WAR! - buckle up people

First there was this
Which for all intended purposes is an open declaration of WAR.

Then there was this idea

And then we have THIS ONE!

And while our benevolent leaders do this of course. they also come up with was has to be one of the most asinine ideas of humankind. Ever.

How can this not lead to war? When its all said and done, and the survivors crawl out of their Zombified caves to look at what has become of this world, their future historians will probably point towards Russia, Germany or the U.S. or some such to appoint blame. For me above suggestions, and more to come, will be far more of a culprit then anything else.

Remember where you read it first folks.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Spanish Quantum Vacuum Collapse

Take a siesta hun, its all good...

Unlike the Large Hadron Collider deemed by some to be a doomsday device because certain theorists said that it could destroy the planet, the Spanish debacle will however lead us into a final death-spiral.

For a few years now I have been arguing that Spain is the most likely torch to ignite the first pile of manure that will knock over all other piles of crap like dominoes. And so mainstream historians (people with very little clue) will claim that: “it started in Spain, and it spread like wild-fire across the world. And so The Greatest Depression was created”. Just like they claim that Lehman brothers was the igniting factor back in 2008. Of course this is by large wrong - both claims are - but nevertheless this is what dummies of our über ventriloquist’s will argue.

All those bought and paid for puppets of the elitists, i.e. cornflake economists and journalists will continue on the same road as before. Arguing that there was too few regulations, we didn´t spend enough money and federalism, preferably on a global scale, would have saved us and is the way of the future.

Other asylum inmates whom should be carved into little pieces and eaten by a pack of wild dogs, i.e. socialists, fascists and other –isms, will of course blame capitalism, the Jews, Muslims and the rich, trying to create further animosity and build upon that “we against them” feeling so to gain power and be able to wage war against such fictitious enemies. But the fact of the matter is that Spain is by no means alone, they are just “unlucky” enough to, probably, be the first big piece to falter and crash.

To a person with knowledge in basic arithmetic and having a smudge of common sense none of these “explanations” will come as a surprise. That´s how the stupidity of a dumbed down TV-generation without awareness of history having been raised within the confines of public schools and continuously lied to by media and politicians, will react and think.

Lubricated orifice licking by elitist puppets below of those Deemed Better aside, the real problem of the matter, at the very core of our dilemma, is the lack of interest in what works and what don´t. People simply don´t pay attention. They don´t want to know that their lives are that of drones and zombies rather than free sentient beings. People refuse to acknowledge basic truths and see any reducing of their entitlements as an attack on their cushy existence. The ´free´ buffet of stuff promised by government is what matters, who cares if the government print trillions, borrow trillions more and indebt generations forward? Who cares if child’s of today will grow up impoverished and enslaved? Give us stuff!! Free stuff!! Fuck tomorrow!!

This is also at the core of Spain’s problems.

Almost all of Spain’s housing developers are totally insolvent. The banks that lend them the money are also insolvent. The government, having promised to back those bad loans lent to insolvent yahoos, is pretty much insolvent to. These facts even mainstream screw-ups acknowledge, but what is not said however is that those loans are turned over between banks, those debts are being traded upon as having “value” and banks are even lending out more money to contractors and developers so they can repay their old loans! And if that wasn´t bad enough now the Spanish government is even trying to use those bloated apocalyptical loans to prop up the banks. Again.

 And here I haven´t even mentioned the derivatives and CDO´s and the inflation used to build upon all of this crap. I haven´t even touched the fact that the ECB is buying up Spanish treasuries to keep this fraudulent system running a while longer.

Add in sky-high unemployment numbers, succession movements in the Catalonian and Basque regions, international banking cartels sucking the system dry of what little wealth there is and a highly inflationary euro to this equation and what do we have?

A receipt for utter collapse and disaster.

 Looking at the math, Spain may very well never recover. Seriously; Never.

Just as in most countries there is no incentive for the general populace, duped, tricked and fooled as they are, to turn it around. On the contrary, all the movements and ideas being listen to are that of collectivism and Keynesianism. The very things highly responsible for the mess we are in will apparently save us with more of the same.

 We know that too much spending with money that does not exist and unholy alliances between banksters and politicians created this financial Armageddon. A blind hairless chimp with no limbs having undergone a lobotomy can see it, but not the people of this planet.

In our brave new financial world, honest accounting is a treasonous, terrorist act against the State. To anyone trying to show real losses, to show how many times a toxic loan has been turned over, lent upon, sold, re-sold and re-packed into something new that in turn can be turned over, sold and lend to new fools, is a worse person than if being a Nazi Al-Qaida member.

 Somewhere in Spain, right now, I promise you all that there is a Bankia accountant being crucified upside down or waterboarded for failure to properly cook Bankia's books and financial disclosure statements.

That´s how the system works, and that’s what our benevolent leaders want to hide from you. They can´t really do it though so its right there to see, you just need to look.

It doesn’t matter if you are a limp-wristed, sentimental, lentil-eating hippie wanting to save the planet through banning lamp-bulbs, or if you are a leftie thug having the urge to put everyone earning more than you into concentration camps. The facts are the facts and the reality is right there.

Bank runs have already started, just as I knew they would and said would happen. And just as clockwork The Powers That Be are out in force either already imposing restrictions on taking out cash or outright planning to arrest and detain people who do. Some demonstrations are already getting declared illegal. Internet restrictions across Europe are growing by the second. Unelected eureaucrats and cloven kleptocrats are running around trying to find out what scheme they can use to save their previous plans.

Of course the strongest voices are saying "print money"; let us take you on a magic levitating carpet ride thanks to more QE baby!

A corrupt system ruled by oligarchical cabals has failed and all we are told is that we need more of the same - well, after (and during) austerity measures has robbed people of their last cash and handed it over to the oligarchs.

Of course all of this can be fixed. Even Spain can be saved. All it will take is to acknowledge real financial data, prosecute those responsible and let the system crash and cleanse itself. And after that roll back all restrictions and accept capitalism as our savior and benefactor. It will still take a few years before we are back to any sense of normality, but at least we would both avoid The Greatest Shit storm of all time and all that comes with it.

 But as you can imagine that won´t happen.

 Instead; say goodbye to all that you hold dear and brace for impact of what will be regarded by the survivors as “The End time”. The rapture is nigh and it has nothing to do with religion, but all to do with peoples stupidity.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The conundrum of the ages

Ready for the truth yet? 

 I keep wondering how and why so many within the elitist sphere - and in particular those calling themselves “journalist” - can keep lying to us with a straight face.

Firstly we have those ancient and proven facts such as we know that free individuals are happier and less inclined to rebel then enslaved people. We know that a society letting markets work and correct itself always out-compete and out-produce the alternative. It’s a well established fact that socialist countries always fall behind and get beat in pretty much every area by more capitalist prone countries.  

Of course a socialist state can put all their resources in one or a few baskets and still be able to reach competitive levels. Examples of this is how the Soviet Union could keep up with the space race and comes to military or how Cuba can have really good healthcare despite in all other aspects being a 3-world country with a poverty stricken populace. 

Other obvious evidence from the past, as well as contemporary evidence and common sense tell us that economically prudent countries keeping inflation and spending down will always come out the winner. There are countless of examples of countries and empires growing in size, power and riches through free trade, stable currencies and keeping public spending down while later declining after imposing restrictions, letting inflation run rampant and spending money they don’t have.

Always the same story, always with the same result.

We also know that the 19th century was, by far, without competition, humanities best century of all time. Never before, or since, has so many people lifted themselves from poverty, enslavement and horrific conditions. Sure their work and lives was still, compared to today, pretty much awful, but compared to what was before it was close to heavenly.

And finally we know, with absolute facts, figures and with countless of examples from history, that government can NEVER spend itself out of a slump. News flash, friends: this has never worked. Anywhere. Ever.

Socialists and irresponsible thieves of all colors always want to argue against these truths, and their lying is pretty convincing to someone not paying attention, but the facts are the facts. You cannot hide from reality, truths and absolutes.

I could go on about history, but we don´t need to look so far back to see the obvious. Today we can see how countries that has continuously printed, borrowed and spend much more money than they have being in big trouble. The countries with at least a decent brake on such things are doing better or even much better. Countries that has, at least in part, lowered public spending and kept close to REAL GDP numbers are today being pressured by kleptocrats to do the opposite since the kleptocratic notion of Keynesianism has failed miserably and they have no cash left. Today we can see how countries focused on production and low inflation are the only ones decently coping with the buildup to The Greatest Depression.

And finally we have the math. Regardless of what you may think or how you may interpret history or our current dilemma, the math will never lie to you. Mathematical evidence, at least at its basic level, is absolute. There is no hiding from it. No bureaucrat, no politician, no journalist, not you, not me – NO ONE! - can discard the constants and absolutes of the math.

And what does the math tell us?

It tells us that someone(s) always needs to pay. There is no such thing as a “free lunch”. Never existed, and never will.

The math also tell us that the more money you print, the less value for each note. This means that printing money, in the very short run, is a zero sum game for the society as a whole. In the little longer run it’s inflationary and creates bottle necks. And in the long run it’s hyperinflationary and destroys societies.

The math tells us that $1 is always $1. So if the government taxes you and spends, the immediate impact on GDP is ZERO!

THE ONLY WAY government can spend and at the same time have an impact on GDP is if they borrow from the future and print shitloads of money. And the funny thing is it doesn’t matter what they spend the money on. This is what our masters has been doing, and kept doing for many years. It’s not more value; it’s not more wealth, and it’s not higher production, its only higher GDP. It’s a scam and the math tells us this.

Buffoons in higher places keep ignoring the math and so they keep building upon our current dilemma. Every time they print and borrow more money they increase the depth and severity of The Greatest Depression.

The math doesn’t tell you any lies. And the math tells us that the game is up. It has been up for a long time, we´ve just ignored all the warnings and all the obvious evidence.

 And the math tells us that sooner or later the system cannot take the lying and cheating anymore. We will reach a point where no scheme can paint over the problems, and we will reach this point very, very soon.

We should have reached this point a long time ago. But governments and banking cartels kicked the can down the road through CDO´s, derivatives and inflation. With schemes undreamed of, with plots and plans worthy of any super villain, they kept the system running.

When the system finally was ready to burst and reveal the scams, back in 2007-2008, they came up with such madness that only asylum inmates could rejoice. Trillions was printed, trillions more was borrowed, and trillions upon trillions was spent on pointless, useless production- and wealth-destroying ideas such as cash-for-clunkers programs and save the environment lunacies. And trillions more was spent on the worst stupidity and most conspiracy smelling insanity of all; save the “too big to fail´s”. Big banks and their bankster spokespersons got bailouts and extra cash to keep the derivatives- and housing markets scams rolling for another few years. The very people responsible for The Greatest Depression, politicians and banksters, in a beautiful harmony saying “Fuck you” to the rest of the planet.

They bought a few years and in doing so turned a smaller depression into a mega disaster of such proportions that it will change life on this planet forever. The math however (again) tells us that the game is up. The system is ready to explode again. And again they tell us that we need to spend, print, spend, print and spend our way out of it. It’s all about keeping GDP numbers up. This entire circle of complete and utter madness going against history, truth and math is supported by journalists, cornflake economist and a majority of the useless cretins making up our duped populace.


How can you all be so stupid!?

And how can journalists and those deemed better keep playing this game of world-destruction?

The end is nigh folks. There is no turning back anymore. We will face The Greatest Depression. And we will face it soon.

 IF - and I really need to stress and point out that “IF!” – IF we get out on the other side in a decent manor, and IF we haven´t destroyed this planet through another world war, and IF we don´t impose worldwide governance where the individual is completely subservient, IF we don´t turn fascist/communist/socialist, and IF we eventually can recuperate ourselves and our societies…

… if so; please, please, please, for the love of all you hold dear, please adhere and listen to what the truth, history and the math tells us. If not; it’s just a matter of time before we´re right back where we are today. And how many depressions and how many wars do you think we, as a species, can withstand?

We´re about to face an extinction level event, and all journalists can do is keep up with the lying.

Go figure…

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

They reek of fear and desperation

Ready to know the truth yet..?

Just when I thought that this was the low point of the elitist’s sphere, another complete insane idea pops up. And then we have THIS ONE! Don´t know if this is just American ignorance, but if it’s not, it’s even worse. You could of course take this as a sign that those above are pushing their agenda forward or that the Bilderberg’s or new world order are behind such idiocies, but I hardly think so. I think its signs of desperation.

They simply don´t know what to do anymore. Except this of course.

Of course taking a step back and abandoning the Marxist Euro or admitting that their Keynesian/socialist madness has failed is not on the table. And leaving their cushy and comfy very well paid job voluntary? Pfff… never going to happen.

So when people start to revolt, take to the street and pretty much every government is exchanged regardless of color or what they are doing, Politicians don´t have an out. They tried to force the recovery to arrive as through magic. They tried to print shitloads of money while borrowing shitloads more, and they tried to impose more regulations on an already overregulated market.

It all failed.

As anyone with working synapses knew it would.

Since those action already taken are the only ones The Powers That Be would consider, they want to do it again - as you can see the Obamination try to explain to his criminal European counterparts. But few countries even have the possibility anymore; they´ve emptied their treasuries, borrow to the roof and already printed themselves into hyperinflation. The desperation is so tangible now. You can actually see it the faces of those deemed better. Take a look at any of the conferences going on, have a real look at the faces of our dear übermench, and you´ll see what I am talking about. They reek of fear.

Their eyes are filled with desperation.

And even while protected by thousands of police, military and security personnel, they are not feeling safe.

And neither should they.

We protect those that lie to you and steal all your money

I´ve said so many times now on this blog that it’s just a matter of time before a totally disillusioned populace go medieval and outright rebellion and civil wars happen and with that politicians, bureaucrats and banksters dangling outside their former cushy and comfy offices. Now, hunting them in their dreams, the elitists and all those above us normal folk are having the very same image of the near future.

Of course they are afraid. And they should be.

Sadly they will not act appropriately and minimize the effects of The Greatest Depression and consequently also save themselves. There is still time to do that. We could perhaps be back to normality and decent living conditions within 5-6 years - IF they did the right thing today. We would still have a depression, there would still be a lot of problems, but our situation is almost fixable.

But, as already mentioned, they will do more harm, not less. They will print more money, keep interests rates down and borrow more in order to spend, spend and spend. They will not get out of the way and let the market correct the problems they´ve created. They will not reduce restriction or regulations, they will instead increase them. They will not abandon their Keynesian schemes or their socialist ways, instead they will build upon them. They will not let Germany and a few others with a so-so inkling of what is correct take the lead, instead Froggies together with Oduma and wasteful Mediterranean’s will dictate what happens next.

And so The Greatest Depression will increase in size and severity and since we are already – today - looking at the biggest and most profane change of human existence ever seen on this planet, one can only imagine where this ends.

Keep tuned. Not only will things very soon pick up speed, but our masters will get more and more desperate and if you have some sense of dark humor, this will be fun, fun, fun.

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to start World War III


Well, well, well... I guess it was just a matter of time.

It is of course possible that this moron won´t be heard, but you can also bet on that this is exactly what The Powers That Be are thinking right now.

And if you don´t understand what this means and what consequences it would have, this is basically a decleration of war. To occupy and take over a people, their country and their resources. If this dosn´t lead to emerging fascist/communist governments and another huge war in Europe, nothing will...

Fun times, isn´t it?


Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

So… a 12y girl figured it out, why haven´t you?


Morons. Idiots. Fools. Maniacs. Loosers. dimwit

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Zombie apocalypse is closer than you think

Our future..?

A Zombie is usually described as a “soulless body” who´s intellect has been reduced to the very basic of needs, namely to eat. In movies, TV-shows and even by government bodies (go figure) they are also described as “walking dead” with basically only two functions; either eat braaaaiiiinnnnnssssssssssss or get shot in the same.

Although the general public isn´t really known for their brain-eating habits I would seriously, and scientifically, argue that people on this planet have turned into something very similar to the soulless beings they love to watch on TV.

There are two parts to this story. Firstly the similarities between the modern man and his invented fictional character. But secondly, and more importantly, what we as a species will evolve into once The Greatest Depression is here full force.

To understand the second - and important point of this post - you first need to understand the first.

You see people on this planet have always believed in weird things.

For example there are still tens of millions of people believing in invisible sky pixies that love everyone (except gays) and even when fairy spokespersons in the real world are fiddling kiddies, arguing that poverty is good for you or claim that dinosaur bones are planted here by enlighten imps to test our faith in the invisible sky pixies, people still run off to church/Mosques/Synagogues or whatnot to listen to fairytales and Cheopsian stories.

Other weird things people have (or still believe in) believed in include; the flatness of the earth, that manmade global warming is real, socialism, the Moon is made out of cheese, trolls and goblins, George W Bush (Sr and Jr), slavery is/was ethically correct, Jews are devils, the Easter bunny and Gordon fucking Brown.

Today, together with the above already mentioned, people believe that taxation is necessary, government is good, and that libertarianism is the same as laughing at elderly dying on the street.  

At the same time laziness has been evolved into the highest form of morality.

A moral person today collect most of his/her income from the government, complains about those working the hardest and are looking to win the lottery so he/she can retire so he/she can do what he/she does best; eat, drink and watch TV. A moral person today wants to steal money from the neighbor to increase his/her benefits package. A moral person today watches public TV, thinks that equality is when men refuse to open a door for a woman, and have no quarrels with unions acting like a more corrupt version of the Mafia. A moral person today has no problem letting tens of thousands die in the war against drugs while puffing on a cigarette over a glass of beer.

Morality is backwards, but even worse is the inherent laziness that comes with it.

How many people do you know that can support themselves if push comes to shove? And I don´t just mean working i.e. actual labour. I mean more down to earth stuff. Like; how many farmers do you know? How many do you know that can saw clothes? Make shoes? Hunt? And if electricity goes out, how many kids wouldn´t scream that they have nothing to do? Do you know how to find a proper water supply?

I could go on and on, but the point is that modern man is dependent on far away productions and dependent on people he/she never have and never will meet for the stuff we call ´everyday life´. If this system of delivery, often “free” curtsey of the government, is suddenly removed, how will people react? How will they cope?

And if such a situation is combined with things like war, black-outs, and horrible enough: No TV!! How the hell will these ´modern´ people survive? That is without eating their neighbor…

I can, honestly and truthfully (no joke here) recognize a zombiefied person straight away. People that will either eat you or kill you for your belongings without hesitation. Such people can easily be spotted by the lack of sparks in their eyes. And if you are in doubt just start telling them truths. If they look at you with a blank stare and start mumbling “tin-foil hat” and “conspiracy nut”, well then you know; there´s a zombie in front of you.

These are the people that believe what is said in mainstream media; people believing in Keynesianism and socialism; people so stupefied that they actually believe it matters what political party they vote for.

So we have a lazy populace with no clue how to survive without contemporary appliances – people that actually believe in the Orwellian saying: “war is peace”. These lazy beings are living in a society with a collective mindset of “what is yours is mine”. A society run by, controlled by and overseen by politicians and the elitist sphere.

IF I am correct in assuming that The Greatest Depression is just around the corner. IF the biggest shit storm in human history is about to strike. And IF so, our societies grumbles down and crashes completely and the buffet of “free” stuff people grown accustomed to vanishes, how do you think a horde of TV-dependent lazy cretins will react? Sure those capable of getting out of the couch will rebel, start civil wars, throw themselves into the arms of totalitarianism, vote for more stupidities and start stringing up banksters and politicians in lamp-posts, but then what? When it is all said and done and the world continues to burn around them and there is no food, no freebies, no one who knows anything about anything and perhaps even no government, what then?

Also when hospitals no longer are supplied, doctors no longer want to work, water supplies get tainted, and civil wars, wars and perhaps even nuclear fallouts happen, diseases will spread and famine will be a part of this new everyday life.

I cannot be the only one seeing mindless disease ridden beings bent on violence erratically stumbling around the countryside looking for food, work and shelter.

And from there, if not earlier, cannibalism will seem like a viable option.

Do you see it? Can you picture that scenario?

Honestly this is more of a fun scenario I sort of hope for rather than actually believing it will come to pass, but neither would I rule it out.

Yes I do believe this can happen, and if so it will not happen decades from now - we´re in the start-up phase right now. So if I was you, a shotgun should be a vital part of your survival kit…

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its time – and consequently I am back

The game is up...

A few of my friends have ask why I don´t write so much anymore. The reason was simple; there was no point. I´d basically said everything needed to be said and day to day commentators are plenty around the web. Now however things are starting to pick up. The end is nigh. The Greatest Depression is about to arrive in the world consciousness and the first crashes of many are weeks - perhaps days - away. Consequently I feel the need to come out of the shadow and show my disgust and again point out my condescending view of all of you useless none-peripatetic apes.

Gotten fatter have we? Still watching the latest reality show? Still complaining but still voting for the very same miserable soul-sucking demons that got us into this mess? Feel a bit more worried about the future? Are those red or black shirted people with war-like rhetoric starting to sound appealing? Yes, I am talking to you - the true idiot of this cautionary tale of financial doom.

I´ve said it before, and I will say it again; you bear as much responsibility for the coming years of despair, war, famine and utter disaster as those deemed better. Sure they fooled you, but you let them fool you. Sure you were tricked by vampire squid banks but you still, to this very day, keep your money with them and you still let politicos come up with schemes undreamed of together with banksters in order to steal even more of your earnings. Sure news reporters and other useless cretins in the pundit sphere refuse to show you the man behind the curtain, but there are plenty of real journalists and sources around the world. And sure, it’s not easy to see through the leftie charade played out by Krugman, Bernie the spender, the Obamination and other tentacle creatures, but if you try, you could.

Greece has finally entered the death rattle comes to the Marxist Euro, and behind the oily Greek curve awaits fascists, communists and other scums of the earth. France, Italy and others have been downgraded further. The Chinese scam has come to a halt. The Japanese are twisting in their descending coffin. From every country one horrific number after the other ticks in and the CDO´s and derivatives having pushed most of the latest years of phony growth, are about to implode.

My guess, as before, tells me that Spain, a huge terrorist attack or another war will ignite it all.

I am basically alone betting on Spain, but that’s because most people don´t understand the Spanish real-estate market and how the trickery behind the scene hide real numbers. Looking at the official data, there are plenty of crappy countries looking much worse, but if you know what I know, Spain seem to be nummero uno.

What I mean by a huge terrorist attack, false flag or not, is something much larger then 9/11. For example nuclear bomb during the London Olympics or a chemical attack emptying entire New York City. Things of that nature. I see this as very likely - regardless if it’s before, during or even after The Greatest Depression. Probably all three by the way…

Another war (Iran?) is a no-brainer. Sky rocketing oil prices, another uncertainty on the market, and an increase in terrorism coupled with less travelling and less trade will crash it all. Of course pundits, those deemed better, and vampire squid banks will claim differently since GDP (in some countries) probably won´t go down. On the contrary, a war usually drive GDP upwards, at least temporary.

So don´t worry too much about Greece.

Most of the evildoers have already pulled out or been bailed out by the European central Bank. Greece is a desolate footnote, and although our useless mainstream journalists will claim that a defaulting and crashing Greece is a danger, the Aegean’s are already passé and over with. The external evilness that helped the in-house Greek politicians rob, trick and cheat has already moved on to greener pastures.

But regardless, and since I´ve been wrong before, the final reason or what do flare up first doesn’t really matter. There are so many piles of crap, so many cans of gasoline poured over the crap and so many torches ready to ignite the worst disaster in human history that it’s really a toss-up.

Not long now.

The fat lady is ready to sing, and so I am back.