Friday, April 4, 2014

Syria it is then?

I have been speculating about which country bloodthirsty warmongering NATO would attack next. Which country will receive the democracy bombs and what people will get the peaceful torture, rape and death? What area will be subjected to freedom drones and lovable invasion?

Apparently the Turkish has spoken out of turn and already revealed the plan.

The plan to arrange a False Flag Attack were to be outed on YouTube and other social media and so the Turkish authorities decided to turn it off because apparently the elite still believe that that is how Internet works.

Awwww… what a shame. 

You can feel their pain, can’t you? So sad. 

Of course this is enormous news! Biggest of the year, by far! Overshadowing Crimea, missing planes and murdered journalists with miles so of course western media is... ouhm... not saying a pip?
My question is; does this revelation mean that they will move on to Iran and get back to Syria later? With a bit of luck they can drag Syria into the mess anyway since Iran and Syria are (sort of) allies.
I have also heard a few things. Not only is Israel doing a few things behind the curtain but apparently Iraq is looking for ways to block internet now, and a few troop and ship movements on-top of that seem to indicate that something is about to occur. Perhaps just a prelude, a test run, but it can also be that the attack is imminent. Obama has lost a few diplomatic games lately and his star is falling fast, he needs to do something, he need to unzip and show himself to the world. Also NATO is stepping up their warmongering at the same time as the world economy is defaulting before our very eyes.

What is that saying again? Oh, that´s right; when everything else has failed, when all they can do has been done, then they only have one card left to play; they will take us to war!

How long before we out these criminals for what they are? How long are we going to stand for this GramscoFabiaNazi madness? How long will we let the murders and the looting to continue?

Funny enough there is one additional question needed to be addressed. One final question that will not only determine the destiny of our evolution but may impact on human existence as a whole. IF we disclose the truth about these people and their evil mass murdering plans; to what ideology/idea and set of politicians will we turn? And within the answer to that question we have the real problem.

You see the problem is not really NATO, IMF or the EU(SSR), the problem is neither North Korea, Iran or the U.S. The problem is that people simply do not understand and people want easy, quick solutions. People do not want to hear that we need to eliminate the banking cartels and big brother government - most even believe we live in a capitalist world today. Instead the majority will, again, as they´ve always done in the past; turn towards those funny ideas of nationalsocialism, socialism, communism and fascism. Apparently, in most people´s mind, the answer to wars, regulations, centralized decisions making and central banks is more wars, more regulations and a lot more centralized decision making. At THAT point, when we´ve reach THAT stage; that is when human life on this planet is going to take a turn for extinction.

I have no hope or delusions whatsoever. I know where this is going. I´ve known for over a decade now.

And I also know that it is highly unlikely that I will be among the survivors.

Consequently let me give you a bit of advice; let it go. There is nothing you can do about it, people are too stupid. Give up. Buy vodka, popcorn, some drugs, guns, whatever, and try to enjoy it. You and me are fortunate to be alive when the human race ended its reign of this planet – take a seat, relax, drink, and watch, it is going to be a hell of a show!