Tuesday, March 4, 2014

180 degree turn spins our world into twilight zone

Crazy. I was Crazy ones. 

For us growing up under the cold war and during the 1980´s the world of today seem to have turned on its axles, jumped into a black hole and ended up in another galaxy were it rains crazy milk and matrix-like madness is the norm of the realm.

Back then U.S. was still a respectable power in the world. Although already tainted, dirty and falling the Americans and their only decent president since Warren G Harding, felt like a comfy secure haven. Together with Great Britain and their Iron Lady the U.S. was a force of good facing off against the evil empire of the Soviet Union. A USSR that, among other things, fought a losing battle against the CIA-backed Mujahedins of Afghanistan.

The world was crippled by the constant struggle of western democracy versus the communist nightmare. But it was a simpler time and it was easy to pick a side.

And back then China was a weird place filled with other communists committing mass-murder on their own populace almost daily. Back then what we today call The European Union still had some positive potential and there were so much positive feelings with and within pretty much everything.

The 1980´s was the decade of neon lights, Miami Vice, excess living, cocaine, Alphaville, and macho movies. The 1990´s feels now, afterwards, like a pass-through decade were the chess pieces were put into place for what we have today. A decade that saw the rise of Internet and mobile phones, but did not contribute with much more.

Today almost everything has been turned upside down. The U.S. is now close to an evil empire seemingly invading countries on vims and with flimsy excuses they blow up wedding parties, murder kids in droves and protect poppy fields in Afghanistan. This while their previous allies in the Mujahedin now are called Al-qaida, an organisation which now is the sworn enemy of America.

The previously hated STASI surveillance tactics have now been implemented in every western country - only worse. People can no longer watch porn without having an Intelligence Agency watch them watching it. All we do is monitored, collected and weighed in for or against us.

Today the European Union has morphed into EUSSR wherein unelected bureaucrats decide how many fish we should catch and how much food we should produce and they do so with 5 year plans and it is all ruled via nepotism.

Today Russia seem to be, despite their anti-gay stupidities, a better country then most in the west. Today China is the only great power in the world with a so-so intact credibility – and please here remember that the Chinese are building giant cities no-one lives in and fiddle the numbers to seem credible.

Feminism, political correctness, and GramscoFabianazi ideas is the norm and there is nowhere to run in order to get away from it. Airport controls feels like entering a war zone, any/all men working at schools are automatically said to be paedophiles, terrorism lurk behind every bush, and those trying to tell the truth about it all are chased and hunted down like animals.

In the world of economics debt is nowadays something positive and it has even been suggested by a Nobel Prize winner that an Alien invasion would be good for the economy. Today if prices goes down it is negative while prices going up is something positive. Phantom FIAT money thrown at the stock exchange forcing prices up is something great and how we solve any economic vows. That the price of a normal home cost the normal buyer 10 times their annual salary, which is 3 times the historical norm, is regarded as a perfectly well-functioning market.

And today we´re busy trying to save the world from manmade global warming - something that has been scientifically proven to be a false idiocy.

The world is a much scarier, weirder and crazier place today than it was when we lived under the threat of nuclear holocaust. We live in a world of upside down madness. To me it sometimes feels like we´ve entered a different reality.

What the hell happen? How did we end up here?

The only reason I can think of is that yet again the human populace show themselves to be the moronic clueless amoebas I always thought they were. Sadly I again get it right. 

Can it get worse? Ooohhh, hell yes!

Whenever I, a few years ago, pointed out the faults, the wrongs and the direction, everyone said I was a tin-foil hat and that I was a crazy delusional angry man that no-one should listen to. Today, when I have been proven right and even my previous bashes say so, and when I again point out what is wrong and where this will lead, the very same people, again, say I should take off my tin-foil hat and stop drinking.

People simply do not want to believe, they do not want to see, they do not want to know.

People think they can sit down in front of their reality show of choice, nibble on a pizza and what goes on out in the world will never bother them. If, for whatever reason, they get up to complain they do so against smaller things or they find the wrong entity/person/group to blame. It is easier that way.

That is why we´re fucked. And that is also why things will not get better; they will get a lot worse. A lot.