Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The fascism continues to grow

As I have predicted in earlier blog posts it is not only ”illegal” to build a marketplace on the Internet, it is of course also illegal to link to those or similar ones with “illegal” activities. In Sweden a man is now being charge with having links on his site to another site providing free showing of a couple of hockey games.

This is nothing out of the ordinary and it’s the logical consequence of the laws and verdicts that we have seen recently. This is also the next step towards controlling the Internet, something I also have mentioned several times. So nothing about this happening should surprise anyone, still it seems to do. Why? Have you morons still not figured it out? This is how the government and the enemy elite always works, always have and always will. They find a “flaw” or some “injustice” that everyone can agree upon. It can be something like saving the poor with tax-money which means those in charge win votes and the voters can sleep better at night knowing that higher taxes on the poor saves poor people. Or it can be stopping child molesters that makes the populace inclined to agree with those in power; again the elite wins votes and people can feel safer letting their child play outside since the government have hired 2 new investigators. It never stops though; there are still poor people hence higher taxes needed. There are still pedophiles out there so 1 more investigator is needed. And so on and so on. The same applies to the Internet; first comes one law said to protect us from terrorists, pedophiles (always popular), than comes another one since the first one wasn’t fully covering, then a third and so on. All the way more people employed by the government is needed to monitor the system and check that everything is okay. This same scenario is now unfolding in regards to Internet surveillance and what we can and cannot do online. Despite what some pirates might claim a vast majority of the Swedish populace do agree with the government that the Internet need to be monitored or - in one way or the other - be under control. It can be regarding porn or that youngsters can get hold of drugs (which never happened before…) or some site teaching citizens how to make bombs - so if you really pressure people they will agree that more laws and more surveillance is needed. Of course they will never understand that those laws already exist or that those abnormalities are not what the net is about. People are stupid.

But there is a line and right now the line might very well go just here, trying to throw a man in jail for having a couple of links on his site is not really something even those idiots out there will think is okay. This of course means that the man will be either acquitted or just get a minor slap on the wrist. In the next step however the power elite will find something that will convince more people and then another trial and then a real sentence. This is how those in power, the government and those in charge grow their influence. Always have and always will.

In the short run these governmental mistakes will benefits the pirate party but in the long run that will not really matter. But it is a good thing having pirates in the European Parliament and soon in the Swedish equivalent and this during the worst economic depression ever hit the human race. Because when those riots hits the streets and the world is in turmoil the politicians will look to control more and more and a some people actually thinking in higher position is a good idea.