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I’m very tired about this Swiney flu scaremongering. I have debunked most of the stupidities our lazy, profit-chasing morons of the press have written so far, if you like, you can find those among my earlier postings.

However, something I have urge you all before is to visit Junkfood Science. This site/blog is, according to me, one of the best sources, and the home of one of the easiest to read text about medical science you can find.

In this post, Sandy Szwarc, again tells the truth about Swine Flu, how it is, act and affect us according to SCIENCE, not according to journalists.

Please bookmark this woman and her blog. It is very hard to find anything better, not just regarding Swine Flu, but also all other things journalists want to scare you with.

Mostly American visitors

Just realized that for the first time another country than Sweden is topping my visitors list. Almost 700 visitors from the US this week which is almost as much as all other countries combined (for some strange reason not all of them are counted into the statistic everywhere, just as several links). I better step up my language skills, and hope I can contribute to a small degree to the coming second American Revolution.

More lies - Green Jobs Czar goes poff

One of 47 appointed Czars (Green Jobs Czar: Van Jones) have been forced to resign from his post. So that’s one leftie madman, just a couple of thousands left in Washington. I think he got of very easily, and he will most likely get to be a reoccurring guest at the left-wing controlled media. I would rather see this guy, together with the rest of our enemies, getting chased down with pitch-forks and torches.

But, of course, European media ignores almost all this and the background for his firing, instead they focus on what the leftie media always does, blame or semi-blame the far right for being racist (this idiot happens to be a black man) and/or for instigating an unfair campaign.

Yet more lies. When are people going to see through this continuing scam being displayed?

Two parts of this story we are not being told from leftie Media, only from Fox:

Just in case that tsunami hits the shoreline

There is several indicationa of something about to happen. The recent, uncalled for, massive build-up of IMF-founds outside the already agreed upon amount, gold prices souring upwards, the massive bombardment of so called “green shoots” from media, indications from China and Japan that they no longer want USD, and the continuing climb of unemployment everywhere tells a story. These are just a couple of examples, there are many other things going on of course, I have written about many of those before, and it all builds up to a huge sign saying something will happen very soon.

As I wrote in this post, I changed my earlier prediction about 2010 being the crucial year when everything is going to tumble down around us. Since a couple of weeks back I've started thinking we will see the “first” collapse already this fall. I say first, but the first collapse happened already in Mars this year when bad assets, failing banks and plunging stock-markets seemed to be forming the second great depression, but in stepped our elitists friends with bail-outs, massive stimulus’s and they “saved” banks, overloaded equity markets with fiat money, started programs and hired tens of thousands of people into useless jobs and some kind of stalemate ensued. Together with massive propaganda campaigns and pundits issuing positive statements the fall has been halted. Things are still going downhill, but not as fast anymore, and the power elite rejoice saying they have saved us.

It’s all a scam and the whole situation is very similar to an earthquake far out at sea creating a giant tsunami heading for land. The initial earthquake shakes building far away from the epicenter in a big city, people panic a bit, lights goes out temporarily, but the government “fixes” everything with some loans and some extra employees, clearing the streets from debris and trough all their megaphones they declare that there is nothing to worry about. Some people are pointing out to sea saying a giant wave is coming, but those people are laughed at, ignored or even ridiculed. The earthquake have ruined some businesses, insurance companies pay massive amounts in damages, many feel something is wrong but cannot put a finger on it so they withdraw some investments, which is immediately replaced with newly printed money from the central bank. Close thereafter the government declares danger over and pats their own backs over how good they responded to the crisis.

Looking out at sea, you hardly see anything; the wave is hidden beneath the surface.

Aftershocks create more tsunamis and rattle the city some now and again, but media, government officials and mainstream pundits continues to “save the day” in addition to a continuation of the propaganda telling everyone how fine everything is.

Here we are today. Nothing has been done to save the city, no barriers, no emergency measures put into place, nothing has been done about the poor infrastructure, even the earlier debris have just been scuffed into alleys, hidden from most tourists that continues to spend money. People dependent on jobs, food and energy being produced in and around the city does not stock up reserves; instead they borrow more money to buy boats and villas by the beach.

In the meanwhile the city government tears down the few palisades existent by the shoreline saying it ruins the view, they encourage more boat-buying and subsidize housing and real-estate by the beach, and the politicians socialize energy- and food companies and put the main productions in bigger units closer to the water.

With this situation in mind, what will happen when the biggest wave ever seen by mankind hits those shores in wave after wave of destruction and despair?

Don’t kid yourself people, it’s just at the horizon closing in faster and stronger for every minute nothing is being done to stop it or prepare for it. The question isn’t IF it’s going to hit us, the questions are when and how severe the effects will be.

And as I said in the beginning of this post, I believe that this wave is very close to hit right now. The math and a part of my brain is still arguing for a longer perspective, half a year or a full year from now, but there are so many wild-cards, so many things that can happen from now until then, that I have been forced to reevaluate the taming. A huge terrorist attack, another war breaking out, a huge company like GE or Microsoft going bankrupt, are just some of the wild-cards out there. Add to those the looming crashes of real-estate markets in several countries in addition to the commercial real-estate crash in the US and there are a lot of things that can be be put into play. The USD can also fall apart at any moment, probably not yet for a while, but it’s on very shaky foundation and I would not rule out that it can collapse tomorrow. It is also entirely possible something even I haven’t thought of can strike at any moment.

And when those waves hit the shoreline, not only will the big city go down, several smaller cities along the cost and many villages that have done the same mistake will also suffer. Even inland towns that have been more prudent will suffer from the waves but also, even more so, suffer from the aftermath of bankrupted trading partners, deserted factories and the crushed sandcastles they have invested in.

There are many events in our lives that define us; what we have done, what we have seen or lived through. It can be a favorite team winning a competition, getting raped, a move to another country, a child being born or a lottery winning. There are also even bigger events that effect entire generations like the industrial revolution, world wars or maybe things like the moon-landing. This tsunami wave will be in the latter category, maybe even surpass those mentioned. Maps will be re-drawn, shifts in power will take place, upheavals are going to be common occurrences, and millions will starve to death. And a very possible outcome is more wars breaking out, civil wars for certain.

I promise you all, when it is all said and done, when the smokes clear, and if we get out pretty okay on the other side, this will be called the Great Depression. The earlier miniscule one back in the 20’s and 30’s will just be regarded as a bump in the road. Of this I’m absolutely certain, the math and the reality cannot be fabricated. How severe, how long it will last and whether or not this will be the last depression is up to you, the people. There are ways of lessen the impact and see to it that it never happens again, but for every day, every minute you let our enemies continue to reinforce the wave instead of the defenses, the worse it’s going to get.

Where will you be after this event? What will you say about it? Who will you vote for?

I have said it before, and I will continue to say it. Prepare. Stock up on dried-up food packages, get a gun, practice self-defense, buy oil while it’s cheap, have extra gasoline at home. If you can, get seeds to grow your own crops. Even IF I’m wrong, those things are not in the way to have. It never hurts to have extras at home. If you consider me to be one of those nut-jobs, fine, think that, but listen never the less. It can be a black-out, a natural disaster or something else that will make you happy over having those items at home.

When I was a kid, during the end of the cold war, we were still told that we should have extra cans and some candles at home, just in case. This is what I’m telling you all now, just in case…

Obamination Czars

Maybe these titles and persons is a way of covering up unemployment? But if that’s the case, the Obamination needs to hire 300 000 each month just to keep the score even.

How did US citizens let their country go down this road in the first place? Very frightening stuff.

Simple Listing of Czar Titles:

1. Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) Czar: Richard Holbrooke
2. AIDS Czar: Jeffrey Crowley
3. Auto Workers Czar: Ed Montgomery
4. Autism Czar: Not appointed yet.
5. Behavioral Science Czar: Not appointed yet.
6. Bailout Czar: Herbert Allison Jr.
7. Border Czar: Alan Bersin (Former US attorney)
8. Car Czar: Ron Bloom
9. Climate Change Czar: Todd Stern
10. Copyright Czar: Not appointed yet.
11. Counterterrorism Czar: John Brennan
12. Cybersecurity Czar: Not appointed yet.
13. Disinformation Czar: Linda Douglass
14. Domestic Violence Czar: Lynn Rosenthal
15. Drug Czar: Gil Kerlikowske
16. Economic Czar: Larry Summers
17. Economic Czar II: Paul Volcker
18. Education Czar: Arne Duncan
19. Energy Czar: Carol M. Browner
20. Food Safety Czar: Michael Taylor
21. Government Performance Czar: Jeffrey Zients
22. Great Lakes Czar: Cameron Davis
23. Green Jobs Czar: Van Jones EDIT: RESIGN!
24. Guantanomo Closure Czar: Daniel Fried
25. Health Czar: Nancy-Ann DeParle
26. Infotech Czar: Vivek Kundra
27. Intelligence Czar: Admiral Dennis Blair
28. Latin American Czar: Arturo Valenzuela
29. Media Diversity Czar: Mark Lloyd
30. Mideast Peace Czar: George Mitchell
31. Mideast Policy Czar: Dennis Ross
32. Pay Czar: Kenneth Feinberg
33. Regulatory Czar: Cass Sunstein
34. Religion Czar: Joshua Dubois
35. ‘Safe Schools’ Czar: Kevin Jennings
36. Science Czar: John Holdren
37. Stimulus Oversight Czar: Earl Devaney
38. Sudan Czar: J. Scott Gration
39. TARP Czar: Elizabeth Warren
40. TARP Czar II: Herb Allison
41. Technology Czar: Aneesh Chopra
42. Trade Czar: Ron Kirk
43. Urban Affairs/Housing Czar: Adolfo Carrion
44. War Czar: Douglas Lute
45. Water Czar: David J. Hayes
46. Weapons Czar: Ashton Carter
47. Weapons of Mass Destruction Czar: Gary Samore

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