Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Con-artists to investigate frauds

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have been caught fiddling numbers, hiding facts, bullying opponents and outright lying in the name of science. Anyone reading the Climategate emails or checking what these tricksters use as “scientific material” (the ‘material’ that’s not SECRET that is) need to stand in awe over how evil these thugs are.

Among other things we now know that one single tree in Siberia is responsible for the famous hockey-stick graph. We know that only data supporting their pre-determined view is used, all the rest of the data is ignored or hidden away. We know that they actively persecute and thrash anyone arguing against them. We know that both earlier and later proven faulty data is used and they do so intentionally.

This is facts. This we know.

But such revelations and a slight turn in the public consciousness is a danger to this agenda. The tens of billions pouring into their ‘research’ and the hundreds of billions earned and invested by big oil, different governments and outright evil companies like Goldman Sachs needs the boogeyman to live on. They cannot have people questioning worldwide taxation, emission swaps and the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous.

They need to show how scientifically accurate they are, they need to put a foot down “clear out the faults” so we start believing again. As long as the Church of Climatology isn’t worshiped without hesitation by a large majority the scams cannot continue unhindered.

So what better way to restore their slightly dented power than to have an “independent revue”?

Said and done. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has consequently asked the world's science academies to review the work of IPCC. He did this by stating:

"Let me be clear - the threat posed by climate change is real"

And if that clear message wasn’t enough he continued:

"I have seen no credible evidence that challenges the main conclusions of [the IPCC's 2007] report."

And with this mission statement the InterAcademy Council (IAC) will review IPCC.

Am I the only one seeing the problem here?

Oh, but wait. If the mission of IAC wasn’t clear enough, wait ‘till you know how “independent” they are. This is like sending out wolfs to investigate why the fox got into the henhouse. Well, in all fairness to wolfs, they probably would be more independent.

Anyway, taking a wee look at the IAC do you know who their partner organizations are? You guessed it; over half that can be seen on their webpage are UN programs. The rest is the World Bank and other international academy groups. And if that isn’t enough how about the fact that the same people that has appointed the IPCC folks are the very same people that has appointed IAC folks.

And their website is filled with things about climate change. These are hardliner Climate Church goers. They pray at the altar of the Polar Bear God and they are going to check their pals at UN?




Oh, but wait ‘till you hear what Robbert Dijkgraaf, the IAC council's co-chair, said about the review panel. This is the stuff of fiction if I ever seen one.

"The panel will look forward and will definitely not go over all the vast amount of data in climate science," he said and continued; "It will see what are the [IPCC's] procedures, and how can they be improved, so we can avoid certain types of errors."

When I see this I read: “We are a part of the same Church so we will not check any beliefs, only go over how they can be better at hiding the decline so no hacker or blogs can spread the truth in the future.”

Of course they will condemn one or two things, just to show how goodigoodgood review they’ve done. Maybe a slap on some fingers, just to be on the safe side. But the end result we already know as stated by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon above "Let me be clear - the threat posed by climate change is real"

And have you noticed how they hardly ever write or say MANMADE global warming anymore? That’s because there is no such thing. It never was and never will be. If you check any of their claims of this, just pick one and go search for the evidence and you’ll find nothing, nada, zip. There is no such thing.

Climate change however exists. Always have, always will. Easier to sell a scam if you use a perfectly normal fact to hide your religion behind isn’t it?

So the Earth will continue to spin, Polar Bears will continue to increase in numbers, the coldest winter in memory is soon over and they will continue to take your money to pay for their trickery. Isn’t the world a fun place?

Mating with Peruvian midgets

It seems that the one with the really tiny penis, the Gorgon of UK, have done well.

The latest economic figures from the British Isles aren’t the stuff you read to your spawn before bedtime, in fact you wouldn’t read it to a fetus aborted in the 10th trimester.

Apparently the British economy contracted in January as retail sales, net exports and industrial production figures shows us.

You see when the seasonally adjusted index of production in January 2010 fell by 1.5 per cent compared with the hellish month of January 2009, that’s a bad sign. A really, really bad sign.

But the chippy Prime Mentalist was out talking to his serfs today stating that "we will weather the storm together". Probably trying to once again work the kind of mojo where anyone who sees his little presto-change-o instantly forgetso.

But he also urged discipline in public sector pay, announcing a pay freeze on senior public servants such as NHS managers, top civil servants, judges and military leaders and the pay of consultants, GPs and dentists. Too little too late is an understatement. Whoever wins the coming general elections will haft to face a financial calamity of unprecedented screw-ups.

As many of their counterparts NeuLabour has been out letting the banks hoard cash courtesy of the taxpayer. The banks in turn have been buying housing from themselves to keep prices up and making the best out of peoples stupidity. Despite that housing prices dropped by 1.5p% in February, which is yet another sign of worse times up ahead.

UK deficit is currently above 12%, close to the same level as the Greek one. The public official debt is however lower and the British reputation is a bit better than that of Greece. On the other hand the total debt (public+company+private) is actually higher in Britain and the scams are the same, so when figures like those mentioned here pops up it doesn’t bode well.

In conclusion Gorgon Brownie and his thugs have managed to utterly destroy the country, but the crash isn’t here yet, but it is not far off either. Let’s wait for Spain, Portugal and maybe Japan before we see riots, massive demonstration and the Union Jack burn in hell.

Jihad Jane as internet terrorist

I haft to give it to media; they do know how to spin a story. One of the intended assassins set out to recruit a network for suicide attacks and other terrorist strikes in Europe and Asia, dubbed herself ‘Jihad Jane’. The crazy bitch in question was so intent on waging jihad that she traveled to Sweden to kill an artist, probably the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who is believed to have a $100,000 bounty on his head from an Alky Aida linked group. This was to frighten "the whole Kufar [nonbeliever] world."

All is well so far.

But just as I asked for yesterday we can today read about how the American lady, Colleen R. LaRose a.k.a. Jihad Jane, used the Internet to recruit and assist Muslim terrorist operations in Europe and Asia.

Apparently using e-mail and YouTube videos for this purpose.

You can almost hear the pitter patter of huge combat boots closing in on your own home connection don’t ya? I do.

I have an army of elves trawling YouTube. I do troll but only on blogs. Also there are pixies throwing dust around Facebook and… hello… isn’t there saffron-clad skinheads playing old school horsemen-style apocalypse games on MySpace?

Anyway, it seems that Jihad Jane (love the nick!) had very frequent email discussions with other terrorists. Allegedly e-mailing one of the Muslim conspirators about her desire to become a shahed, or martyr. She also e-mailed the Swedish Embassy in Washington, asking for instructions on acquiring permanent residency in Sweden.

So I guess we need more regulations then. Isn’t that right? Sure it is, and also more control and an additional surveillance agency roaming blogs. And how can people still email authorities? Isn’t that sort of… wrong? We may get information that way, certainly that loophole need to be fixed.

Terrorists online, oh my Allah…

To comprehend how deep the chasm is

People of this world need to wake up. We’re so deeply imbedded in manure that no peddling or breathing apparatus will save us. All that can be done is to brace for the inevitable collapse and gobble-gobble when we finally give in and sink down the bottomless compost-abyss.

Our masters are borrowing to pay for borrowing that was earlier borrowed to pay for borrowing. They are printing money to pay for ‘green’ jobs. They are waging wars in foreign countries and increasing their own fat paycheck while the common man hardly can afford to drive his car the local supermarket.

They're all slime and antlers. Their tentacles are reaching out into our pockets, picking our last savings and then they tell you it is cheap to borrow and that we all should go to the bank and take out another mortgage that can be spent on another TV we don’t need.

You know, I could rant and go on and on about statistics and math while showing graphs that point out how deeply screwed we are, but in the end it is about you and how much that brain of yours can take.

Think of our current situation like this.

You own a house which is worth 1 million, which you bought with a loan of 1 million. You cannot borrow more, the bank would say no. But in steps your local politician and makes it legal to hide your losses, so you take contact with another bank that hides 500 000 for you and presto you can suddenly borrow another half a million.

Then you do this many times over and a couple of years later you have outstanding loans for 10 million on a house worth 1 million. Most of that borrowed money you’d spent on consumer goods, some have gone back into the house, repairs and such, but the value haven’t really gone up.

So again you’ve reached the end of the line. Uhm, what to do now?

Of course your local politician have thought of that so he prints money hence inflation (seemingly making your house more worth), he lowers interest rates which makes it easier to borrow and again change the laws so you can borrow on the loans you already have. In essence you can take your debts and sell them to someone at a price and then you have money again. You do this a couple of times, but finally you can’t anymore.

During this time the rates has reached a level surpassing both the value on the house and your income, by far. You’re living on borrowed time and money, there’s no way out, it is time to pay up.

Unfortunate there is no money. Well, for you, if you’re a private individual, this means you’ll be in-debt forever and that you lose your house, maybe the banks and the lenders will get pissed or go bankrupt, but that’s not your problem…

Now imagine this on a grander scale with countries and think trillions upon trillions upon trillions.

You see countries have something you don’t, the limitless pockets of the taxpayers.

And if that’s not enough countries can sell property or government contracts to the lender to cover this scam.

However, just as with a person, a country also has its limit. This is where Greece is today. Iceland has already passed this line and is now getting bullied by larger nations to pay for their scams. Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK and the US are just about to cross over from still being able to borrow to pay for the cons over to defaulting. Oh, and the Japanese are living in their own little world.

The funny little neat trick with this global scam is that countries also have debts towards each other. It’s a circle fraud. And since the global economy makes each of us dependent on the other it means that it takes only one (if it is a big one) or a couple of smaller countries to default us all.

This is why it was so important for all of them to come together and do bail-outs, printing and borrowing and spending in unison during last year. This is also why it is so important for them to impose the manmade global warming scam – so they can tax us on a global scale.

But now the game is up. There’s no leverage anymore. Only two things remain. To print more money and hope that this can cover up the problems another year or raise more income hence let you normal folks out there pay for it.

This is a scam of unprecedented size. It’s a Ponzi scheme of such proportions that it dwarfs anything ever seen before.

Some of the financial institutes and banks that benefits from this love it, the rest of us are utterly, totally, and magnificently fucked.

So can we do anything about it?

Yes, we can. Two things need to be done.

Firstly we need the crashes to happen. Now. We need to cut spending; we need to draw back government by half or more and cut taxes. We need to raise interest rates to 5-6% and we need to face the music. If we do this it will be bad, we will plummet down in a depression, but it wouldn’t last very long. A couple of years of despair perhaps and then we would be safe, back in business and start rebuilding again. The elitists are hoping they won’t haft to do this, just look at Greece with their small baby steps what happens with riots, strikes and so forth.

Secondly we need to purge both the toxic assets and say NO (as the Icelandic people did) to pay for fraudulent loans. If the banks couldn’t think for themselves and got governments to back them up, that’s their problem. LET THEM FAIL! They should go bankrupt; they should all be without a job. I know this will temporarily increase the depression and many people will lose their job, but the alternative is far worse.

I know many of you out there are already angry and if we did this that anger will spill over into violence. If so, remember who to blame. It was financial institutes, corrupt big business that are the main perpetrators but they couldn’t have done it without politicians. Your government is the villain here. Also, journalists are to blame for not telling the truth.

Some of these people didn’t know what they were doing. Too stupid, too misled or they just saw all that 'free' money and didn’t think twice about what happens next. But they are all to blame.

You need to understand this dilemma and that what I just told you is the ONLY WAY OUT.

And more importantly, WE NEED TO DO THIS NOW!

If not, think apocalypse, think Ragnarök, it’s the end of the world as we know it.

You think I’m exaggerating don’t you?

This mess we’re in now is far, far worse than that bubble we had in the 20’s. Remember the ‘Great Depression’? Remember what that spawned? Remember the holocaust? WW II?


And do you know what we have today that they didn’t have back then? Weapons of mass destruction…

I’m not saying we will all die or that we’re heading for WW III, but the road we’re on may very well end there. It is a possibility.

Today I’m spending my last money on buying cans and seeds. What will you do? Watch the TV and get feed more lies? Better wake up folks, the greatest Tsunami wave of financial catastrophe in the history of mankind is heading towards the shoreline and you don’t wanna get caught in it.