Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Scottish trip

Saturday was a day of traveling around Scotland doing the tourist thingy. Jumping onboard the buss at 9am starting out with strawberries and red wine as breakfast. First stop the Wallace memorial monument. It was kind of a drag, not really worth the money to put it politely. I love history, old things and visiting places were historical events have taken place, but this was a big waste of time and the constant raining didn’t really help either. Thank God for alcohol. The only good thing about this was a very nice view over a beautiful landscape.

Standing in the little boy’s room holding my manhood over a urinal I happen to have this picture in front of my face. Is it just that situation that makes one think there is a phallus thing going on with this monument or..?

Well, next stop was Stirling Castle. This was much nicer and great building. If it wasn’t for the raining I would probably rate this even higher, but there were also some things that annoyed me. Firstly most of the castle was seemingly of limits so you couldn’t really walk around checking out paintings, chambers nor go around looking for those secret passageways. Secondly it was a bit to touristy with dressed up clowns prancing about. Maybe those sorts of things impress the very young, but for me it is only another reason to drink more beer. Lastly, the stupid constant raining that cannot be stressed enough. I think that every day I have been living in this country it has been raining.

Also spent some hours in the city of Stirling which is kind of a nice place. Had a hard time finding a nice pub though, which felt very strange. You can hardly turn around a corner within seeing a pub at any normal place in Scotland and most have a genuine and nice atmosphere, but in this town we went around looking for almost an hour before finding a good one.

Back on the buss there was a lot of drinking and then the day ended with a nice party celebrating one of the newcomers at the workplace. All in all a great day that could have been better with some sunshine and if we had skipped that Wallace monument that I hope I can discourage some of you from visiting. Huge waste of time and money.