Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lies your journalist tell you

Get your stuff together and head for the hills! Now!

The Demopublican party got its act together and abandoned the badly preformed show they´ve put up the latest week or so, and finally got an budget agreement on the table. The compromise, if approved by the House and Senate, would lower federal spending with about $2.4 trillion (at the very best and most positive way of looking at it) over the next decade.

Of course there were NO CUTS (!!) whatsoever, instead they are lowering future obligations. If they intended to spend $100 billion MORE on weapons the coming 10 years but now instead will only spend $80 billion MORE, they´ve now “cut it” by $20 billion...

This is fraud, this is lying, this is absolute madness.

Of course journalists are spinning this like they actually decided to make cuts.

They are lying to you!!

Even if, IF they actually had pulled out $2.4 trillion (AGAIN: Very positive number, the real number is more like $1 trillion) in cuts over the coming decade, so what? The current deficit is 1.500 trillion/year. Oh, let’s see. 2.4 divided over 10 years... uhm... what´s that again... Oh, I cannot understand math from the 5th grade...

So in fact this budget will mean that the deficit will grow!

Worse: This budget will increase spending – every year!

And horrifically: No cuts will be made before 2013!!

And horrendously: They are not bound by this agreement!!!

Rating agencies have said they both wanted to see immediate cuts and an intention for bringing things back to order in the near future. Nothing of this was meet, so the rating agencies should downgrade the U.S. based on this Demopublican agreement. They probably won´t though... but let´s see.

Here´s what you need to know:
Real gross domestic product -- the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States -- increased at an annual rate of 1.3 percent in the second quarter of 2011, (that is, from the first quarter to the second quarter), according to the "advance" estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the first quarter, real GDP increased 0.4 percent.

At the same The price index for gross domestic purchases, which measures prices paid by U.S. residents, increased 3.2 percent in the second quarter, compared with an increase of 4.0 percent in the first Excluding food and energy prices.

Or to put in other words this means:

1) the American consumer who make up 75% of the U.S. economy and close to 15% of the world’s economy is very fast losing purchasing power (and have been for quite some time).
2) The 10-12% of deficit spending that the U.S. government is borrowing/printing to cover up the lying is the only thing keeping GDP above depression levels - and that has been the case for several years

Or to put this in yet other words:
The U.S. is broke and in a depression since years back and will either default via demopublican decision or via a market decision, and this will likely happen sooner rather than later. You can pray that they don´t go to the printing press first... if that happens we´re looking towards an inflationary depression and that ladies and gentlemen will mean the end of life as we know it.

And you journalists out there, please, please do your God damn jobs! Is it so hard to tell the truth? Is it so hard to actually work for a living? You should be warning people. The Greatest Depression is coming, nothing can stop that now and you should be fuckin telling people!

Friday, July 29, 2011

LIES again exposed!

Oh by Beelzebub the almighty lord of us all what crap we´re now faced with!

U.S. Department of Commerce have released their latest data and they are basically admitting earlier lies and saying that U.S. of A. is crashing before our very eyes!

Read the report here.

Now they are saying that U.S. in the first quarter, had real GDP increased by 0.4 percent. A few months ago the number was 1.8%!

If you read the data and you compeer that GDP number with their “official” inflationary figures it basically tells you that U.S. citizens are getting royally screwed right now, getting poorer by the minute.

AND remember, the U.S. is running a deficit spending of close to 12% ($1,700 billion)- on borrowed/printed money! What happens when they cut that deficit do you think?

Again: very easy math...

In essence the biggest most powerful country on this planet, the former engine of the world, is in a depression. Have been all along.

They are lying to you!! Look what the press writes! See how journalists tell this horrific story! Either they aren´t checking the facts or they are openly lying to you!

See through the scam and prepare now. Math doesn’t tell lies, and right now the math is telling you to run to the hills.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don´t be too unhappy – find the humour in it

One of the main reasons why people let themselves be herded around like a flock of sheep is the fact that with knowledge comes despair. Unfortunately there´s no blue pill one can take to forget once the veil have been lifted.

You see just when people gain intelligence and knowledge to see the world as it really is they find themselves bond and chained and unfree. Contrary to popular belief intellect and awareness does not make you free or happier, in fact you´ll suddenly realise how truly bent over and fucked with a rusty pipe you´ve been.

People unconsciously know this and actively stay away from knowledge that could upset their little existence.

To make matters worse once a person has seen through the charade of world affairs and tries to warn and educate others he´s only met with confused looks and bewilderment. You cannot tell people they are actually living more as slaves then free individuals, why would they believe you? Aren´t we living better today than any of our ancestors did?

I´ve gone through all the stages of this. First the happiness coming from the revelation compareable to reaching the top of Mount Everest or breaking your personal best running a track. Second comes despair when you try to explain to others and all you get back are platitudes. Third comes the notion that all others are idiots. Then you´ll meet another person also enlightened and knowing and you´re happy again and the circle starts over.

Somewhere around ten years ago I realised that our world, up ahead, was heading off a cliff. So I started to warn about the euro, about banks, about maddening lending schemes, about government plots and about a future so bleak it would make the great depression look like a walk in the park.

As per usual no one listened. To be honest I was ( and I still am) a nobody. Without power, riches or fame it’s hard to make oneself heard. Thankfully we have internet – at least until our Great Leaders shut it down for ordinary folk.

My predictions was slightly off though. I thought the first crash would happen during 2007 (it sort of did, but 2008 is probably more accurate), then Politicos and the elitist sphere would kick the can down the road for about 2-3 years and then all hell would break loose.

So according to my Nostradamus-thinking a decade ago we would - today - be living in absolute misery. I was wrong. They managed to pull 59 rabbits out of the hat I hadn´t considered so our crash-and-burn society was postponed.

The funny thing however is that all those schemes, all that money printing and all that borrowing they did to “save us” actually made things worse, and so if I thought in hellish terms before imagine what I think today...

I´m usually right about these things. Not perfect in my prediction of course, I miss dates, the scope and sometimes the persons involved, but comes to the actual events I am usually spot on.

You can hope and pray am another crack-pot looser from the tin-foil hat family, but what if am not?

Let me give you a tiny anecdote from my life to show you how sure I am about the near future. I was offered a job in Spain not long ago. I would have earned almost 4 times my current salary, and I would have had a great job working with what I love working with. I would have moved to sunshine and to one of the most beautiful cities of the world. I turned it down.


First up: the euro. Getting paid in euro will very soon be the same as being paid in used toilet paper. The European Central Bank (ECB) has no backing whatsoever but still keep buying toxic assets and printing money like there´s no tomorrow. This means very high inflation (much higher than they are lying about on TV) and this means that if problems persists, get worse or things really goes to shit, well then the ECB will crash and burn and explode and die horribly. Only one thing can temporarily save the autocrats managing this horrific entity: the printing press!

So hyperinflation is very likely to hit euro-zone the coming years.

Secondly: The Spanish debacle. Spain´s real-estate market hasn’t crashed yet. Pundits would like you to believe that it did during the Great Recession, but far from it. The entire housing- and real-estate market in Spain is totally bogus! A scam! A house of cards about to face the biggest shit-storm in history! And Spanish banks are in it with hundreds of billions of euros and the Spanish government stand as a guarantee for much of that debt. Unemployment is well over 20%, and structural problems are among the worst in the world. Add in Basque separatists and Catalan- and Galician nationalists and you have a very nice recipe for utter upheaval – very possibly civil war.

Although the worst of this will not occur just yet, I don´t really feel like moving to a place ready to blow up. Am not afraid of dying, but I´m not stupid either.

All of this, the scams, the economic turmoil, the knowledge that The Greatest Depression is just around the corner could be a suicidal revelation. I could be contemplating doing PCP and jump off a tall building, and I know some out there seeing what I see actually thinking along those lines, but am not. Why?

I see the humour in it!

Here we have a world filled with riches enough to feed, clothe and bring warmth and a home to all, a world whereas war could be a thing of the past and we could all be dancing in joy over being free without oppression. We actually had it all, but we have squandered it away, we gave away our freedoms and we rely on soul-sucking entities to rule us. We let banksters, journalists and politicos rule us supreme while robbing us in open daylight and lying to us on a daily basis.

I find this incredibly hilarious!

Especially funny is that most is out in the open. The facts are there to see. Also history teaches us what is going on and what will happen very soon. People only need to open their eyes and we could save ourselves, but instead almost all of you watch reality shows while nibbling on chemically processed food supplements.

How can this not be funny?

Oh, if I dress like a seal and go swimming in shark infested waters, I can get hurt? Nooo..? Really? If I live on a active volcano I can get lava flowing into my bedroom? come? If I go out fishing far out at sea with an approaching hurricane at the horizon I can get wet and possibly never get home ever again? That’s news to me...

Tens of millions are about to die from famine in Africa. Millions more will die across the world once The Greatest Depression is here. Civil wars, total upheaval and other funnies will claim tens of millions more. All this because people refuse to see reality.

Can you see the hilariousness?

We live in a world filled with entertainment, so don´t fall too far into sadness. Do what I do. Sit back, relax with a bottle of vodka and enjoy the show. The biggest convergence of events in human history is about to take place. Take pleasure from it as much as you can. Who wants to live forever anyway?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facts of the ages – what you should know. Part II

Keep walking please.

While the Greatest Depression continues to gain momentum most people seem utterly clueless as to why, and what is possibly worse is that no one seem to understand the scope of it.

So what do I see that others don´t? And are there actual evidence to my claims? I´ve compiled a wee tiny thingy (in two parts, you can find the first one here ) to point to reality.

Remember this is not the ramblings of a madman, it’s not made-up stories to frighten you, and am not a tin-foil hat seeing reptiles taking over the world through Illuminati.

These are facts. Hard, straightforward, irrefutable, undeniable and absolute facts.

Fact 4 – the Scam of GDP (BNP for Swedes)
I have talked about this before, and I will many times more. The reason for this could be that I want you to know how idiotic this measurement is, but actually I only find it hilarious that so many, pundits and the general public alike, seem to have taken this swindle to heart.

Before I get into the explanation you need to know that:



They are lying to you, and if you take everything they say about GDP at face value there’s no hope for humanity. Really. It isn’t. This scam has gone on for long enough.

GDP normally is calculated as follows:

GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports), or,
GDP = C + I + G + (X − M)

Let´s see if you understand math at the same level as 13y olds.

What the equation tell us, among other things, is that if Government spend more, GDP goes up. However, government need to take money in order to spend money. This means that every time government do something (at its core) it’s a zero-sum game. A politician can consequently not promise to give you something without first taking something from you, but no matter what it has no effect on GDP.

There is however one exception from this mathematical fact; borrowing.

A government have the ability to borrow on the future. In the simplest of terms they take money from your future, from your kids and your grandkids and put it to use today. They take that money from future obligations such as Medicare, your pension funds, your savings and our potential future productivity. This way they can bring GDP up and hand over “free stuff” to you in present time. Of course in the long run this means lower GDP, but let´s not dwell...

In addition to direct borrowing from your future (or: STEALING!) they can also borrow money from other countries or larger financial institutes (big banks). Banks and other countries see no problem in lending out cash to a government since they always have you, the people, as collateral. A government can mortgage you, your labour and the country´s natural resources in order to get loans.

In other words to please you today and get your vote they sell you and pieces of your country like a commodity. Or; the more benefits you get - this way - the more enslaved to foreign interest you´ll be.

Never heard that one mentioned from a crack-pot leftie have you?

These first two options do have limits. Either the repayments on such loans get too high for comfort or we reach a situation whereas big banks (or other countries) start to question if the loans will be repaid. Also, sooner or later, peoples mortgaged future will be here to bit back. People want their pensions, people want their savings and people need Medicare and so that money needs to be conjured up again when the future as arrived.

This limit has today, in most countries across the globe, been reached. Borrowing more in either of these first two ways cannot be done anymore, or at least not enough to satisfy those in charge. Coincidently pundits, “economists” and politicians are today talking about a “liquidity crisis” – there´s not enough money in the system...

However there´s a third way those deemed better can borrow and make you happy today. They can go to the central bank and get unlimited cash through a magnificent invention: the Printing Machine!

Since printing shitloads of phantom money out of thin air coincidently (the word of the day...) brings with higher inflation (did you read my first post?) it’s a highly temporary fix. But thanks to Guttenberg’s invention our elected frauds can, for some odd years, play Santa’s in order to buy your vote.

All this to keep GDP growing and keep you voting for the same criminals you always vote for.

I will almost stop here. There are of course more interesting things to mention about GDP, but you can play around with the equation above and figure it for yourself or go to this post by the Market Ticker and get some more background about other malicious dealings that comes with GDP. There´s also a huge difference between the short term and the long term effects depending on action taken, but you should have figured that out by now.

There is however one more thing that should be mentioned. Because what you need to know is that it doesn’t matter (again in the short run) what our masters spend the money on. Whether they borrow/print and spend or if they keep to basics without bringing in cash from the outside to the equation, what they spend money on does not matter comes to GDP – it has the same effect.

In essence government can buy flowers for all your money, they can buy guns, wage war or dig ditches across the countryside and GDP stays the same (or increase if they´ve borrowed/printed) no matter what.

Productivity be damned! Creating value? Pfff... such secondary crap is ignored, GDP is what matters.

This is what I referred to above when I mentioned that GDP can be growing while we´re actually getting poorer. As example almost 80% of GDP in the U.S. is consumer spending and about half of that is borrowed money and the only thing keeping U.S. GDP numbers up is unprecedented military costs (also on borrowed money). Mathematically speaking this is impossible to sustain, which of course mean the entire economy will, sooner or later, retract (or Crash!).

In real figures the U.S. economy haven´t grown at all in many years, no matter what any spokesperson of GDP say.

Again this is basic very simple math.

And here you as consumer also enter the picture because it doesn’t matter what you do with your money either. If you save money you contribute to GDP, if you lend money to government you contribute to GDP, if you spend all your money on porn you contribute to GDP. In the short run it has no meaning what you do – your money will always contribute. With one exception; if you pull out your cash from the system, hide them under your bed and try to never use it the contribution will, to a degree, go down. But even then you need food and electricity and you still pay taxes and so forth.

Just as with government, productivity and savings (the backbone of the economy) is not important, what is important is that you spend money - preferably borrowed money so you can temporarily increase GDP. This is why cornflake-economists and those ruling us keep telling you to spend, spend and spend. Buy more stuff! Please! It doesn’t matter if you actually need another TV, another phone or 57 new pair of shoes – just spend it all!

And this leads us to our next piece of reality...

Fact 5 – a totally fictitious real-estate market
Almost in every country (especially in the western world and in China) three factors have kept real-estate prices up at a totally false height.

First up is you – the true idiot of the story. Partly because government, big business and big banks keep telling you to spend it all and partly because interest rates been kept ridiculously low you went out and bought houses, apartments and real-estate with (mostly) borrowed money. Sure they did fool you with imaginary rates and a constant bombardment of advertising, but you made a conscious decision to spend a big portion of your savings or borrowed more than you should in order to buy something that was already overvalued.

Even worse is that many of you borrowed on top of on your mortgage or used a piece of that loan to buy more stuff you don´t need.

Secondly we have banks – spiteful and scheming banks. Many of which were already in a zombie-state and should have been sized (or burned to the ground) long before we ended up in today´s mad world. What banks do comes to mortgages and loans I have already covered in my first post, but here´s an addendum: they also buy houses, loans and mortgages from themselves or from each other!

There are several variants of this but usually It goes something like this: a ´Parent´ bank buys a (often defaulting) competitor – recently they bought these competitors with freshly printed cash curtsey of government - that becomes a ´Child´ underneath the owner (or they simply start a subsidiary). On the books of this ´child´-bank there are loans and mortgages so the `parent´ bank buys them (at a higher price than the market is willing to pay) and in doing so increase the average “value” of their books. If you remember from my other post this means the bank can lend out more money i.e. get higher revenue.

If they keep doing this; buying and selling within their own walls or (sometimes) between “competing” banks, they can fictitiously create higher prices of housing and real-estate. And since they also get more “value” on their books they can lend out more to stupid morons (you) that in turn buy those homes at inflated prices and so the carousel continues...

The thing I´ve described here isn´t always possible in all countries because, strangely enough, a few countries have outlaw such shadowy dealings... but as said this is only one of many ways banks can artificially help out creating a bubble.

The third entity after you and big banks doing their very best to create a bubble is also, coincidently, the entity responsible for all things wrong in this world:


In addition to force-feeding you lies and propaganda to convince you to buy stuff that you don´t need and stuff you actually cannot afford, and in addition to having a responsibility comes to law and order, government also embark on their own fantastic tale of carelessness.

You see government usually have access to their own huge bank (ex: SBAB in Sweden - Fanny and Freddie in the US) through which they do their very best to keep interest rates low, house prices high and try to act as a vacuum cleaner on the market – picking up enormous piles of toxic assets and bad loans. This they do in order to circumvent the market and instead of letting the economy cleans itself and let the automatic functions of capitalism punish irresponsible loan-takers and bankrupt fraudulent loan-givers, government steps in.

Whether they have access to such a bank or not, government still have other certifiably insane schemes to pull out of their filthy hat.

Examples of these are; subsidies for building companies, vouchers handed out for “free” to people looking to buy their first home, bank guarantees so no big bank need not to worry about bankruptcy, bail-outs, government loans, stimulus packages and the list goes on and on.

If you remember from above a government can never, ever, never, ever, never do anything without first take your money through taxes or through borrow/printing money. So every time government steps in on the real-estate market they do so by taking money from another sector of the economy. This relocates capital from one area that may be just as vital or even more productive to the area government, in its eternal wisdom, feel is more important. This is the very definition of a bottle-neck economy and it always, without exception, create bubbles.

As two final notes on this subject you should firstly know that renting should always be more expensive than buying (and owning) a home. If it’s not, you can automatically assume that something is seriously wrong.

Secondly the cost for a normal home for a normal income have always, throughout history, been about 3 times that the normal annual salary. If the cost of a normal home costs 9 times or even 10 times a normal income (which is the case today) you can automatically assume that we´re living with a bubble economy.

Of course all of these facts are ignored by The Powers so when our debt-mountains (the largest pile of crap in history) come crashing down so will all inflated sectors come down with - which in particular is the case with real-estate.

Fact 6 – lies, lies and forced sex in hotel rooms

If you´re managed to read through my ramblings in these two posts and also decently understood these hard, straightforward, irrefutable, undeniable and absolute facts - Then you will by now also understand that you´ve been lied to. And this is not one single tiny white one, this is lying way beyond any cartoonish double-dealing two-faced supervillain.

If you´re not grasping a pitchfork at this very moment and/or looking for a grassy knoll with a nice view over your parliament, you have simply not understood what I´ve just told you. Repeat and read through these two posts again without passing go.

But you see, our magnificent story isn´t quite finished.

Normally this is probably the only topic I don´t really need to cover. Most of you actually know or suspect you´re being lied to on a daily basis, but what you don´t understand is that the lying doesn’t stop with “I didn´t have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky” or funnies like “I smoked, but I didn´t inhale”. Such expressions of elitists lying are only a very, very small portion of it. And that a rich, fatty man with Napoleonic complex get caught having sex (or: rape) a maid in a New York hotel room and then lies about, and then get a horde of lawyers to discredit the woman in question and then is let lose to cuddly with his wife whom he days earlier cheated on is hardly even news anymore.

However our Great Leaders and their entourage of cornflake-economists, journalists, banksters and customer service agents working for social services, are today really out in force. Many of these criminals are of course only idiots, just as you are, but many of them are also fully aware where things are heading and what´s wrong with the world.

This make them lie - well, lying more than usual. And believe me, we´ve seen nothing yet.

Since they are fully responsible for our economic mess (and many of them know it) they are today trying to cover it up. Even if they aren´t fully aware of their part in destroying our way of life, they still have an inkling that people will blame them. This is, coincidently, the REAL REASON for bringing about the nightmare of extreme surveillance and the fascist monitoring systems they are putting into place.

So far they have blamed the market, they have blamed banks, Wall Street, PIIGS and of course; manmade global warming! A few shadowy organisations have also started to blame immigrants, refugees and gypsies. This “blame-game” will only increase. It was never our elected frauds fault – it was the boogeyman (blacks, Muslims, Jews, the rich, the poor, Alky Aida, *whoever*). And the sheople (you) will of course follow suit.

Just look at what they try to feed you about the crisis.

They say it started with Leman Brothers going down. No it didn´t! Not even fuckin close. And then they argue we have too few regulations on a already overregulated market. Then they claimed that we need to save the “too big to fail”.

And then we need to borrow and print trillions se ´we´ could pay off debt! Yeah, that’s logical...

Now they are trying to tell you that all is well. Never mind Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy etc in Europe, never mind that China is building giant cities no-one is living in, never mind that Japan is into her 34532532th stimulus, never mind that U.S. is crashing before our very eyes, never mind rampaging inflation and the biggest debt-mountain in history, never mind tens of millions starving in Africa. And you should never pay any attention to the thieves behind the curtain.

Sure there are problems, but they have fixed it or know how to repair it. No worries. You just keep buying stuff and they will fix all problems...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Simple basic math - why is that so hard?

The Market Ticker again tries to explain basic simple math.

Any chance that the DemoPublican party will listen? Well, you know what I think about that one...

... and

... so

... depression.

Started to stock up canned goods, dried-up food packages and guns yet? Better hurry up, not much time left now.

Why are we supposed to be surprised again?

Fear – a feeding ground for extremism

While Norwegians morn and people in general are asking the question “why?”, our elected frauds are out demanding that we stand up for democracy (=politicians) and journalists are prodding into the life of the sociopath in question. Everyone seemingly surprised how such horrific dealings could take place.

Me, am only surprised that events like the one in Norway aren´t more frequently occurring and perhaps I’m slightly confused as to why it didn´t happen sooner.

Let's see, so far I have seen this act of ´terrorism´ blamed on Zionism, too easy to get hold of guns, Christianity, Muslims, Marxism, the white race, Kim Kardashian, vaccination, circumcision, homophobia, right-wing extremism, etc.

This while “right”-leaning xenophobes either claim no affiliation or blame our multicultural society.

Like any of these “reasons” would explain a sociopath and his behaviour.

And what I regard as the only reason (except for him being a nut) and why am not even the slightest surprised by this horror show is almost completely ignored.

Today we´re monitored 24/7 and government watches pretty much every step we take. Behind every corner is a politically correct group arguing their case underneath a CCTV-cam. Women are not supposed to be house wives anymore, kids are mostly a thing of the past but if pressed out one a woman need to forcefully inoculate against harmless flues. A woman should work, vote socialist and be a feminist, otherwise there´s something wrong with her. Males are totally emasculated and each man is either a rapist waiting to happen or a kiddy-lover. Smoking is the worst thing you can do, fully comparable with mass murder. Alcohol, drugs, paedophiles everywhere, terrorists hiding behind every bush.

Every day there´s something new that can kill us like: sugar, salt, water, broken trolleys, traffic, Alky Aida, eating too much, eating too little, bees, sharks, super hurricanes, riding a bike, exercising too much, exercising too little, rainfall, snowfall, and falling in general.

And then we have PIIGS, economic problems, wars, pestilence, famine in Africa, extremism on the rise, and Sarah fuckin Palin.

More and more people are also starting to feel the Greatest Depression closing in, starting to wonder, to plan, to question and look towards the future with despair.

In the centre of all this is the European Union. Run by unelected autocrats and fiddling bureaucrats this entity of, for and created by the elitist sphere is taking every chance to ignore or suppress the hundreds of cultures and languages existing within.

It’s not only our in-house suits that crack down on flag-waving or national anthems anymore, the European Union does it to.

When did it become “racist” to wave a flag? When was the popular vote on banning church on graduation? Why are we led to believe that singing old folk-songs is the same form of nationalism as Nazis´ embrace? People get a fine for having a flag on the balcony, people get labelled as xenophobes because they like listening to country music, and people having a problem walking past a bunch of black kids at night are racist.

All this while The Powers That Be just recently pulled off the biggest heist in human history, leaving you and future generations with the tab, and continue to lie to us every chance they get.

As said, am only surprised that there aren´t more maddening killing sprees happening.

Here we get to my main point; You´re scared of almost all above aren´t you? Feeling slightly concern are we? Worried about the future and your kids future? Have a sentiment of dread? Fear of dying are we?

Why do you think our elected frauds keep selling their Orwellian surveillance society with notions of paedophiles and terrorists? Why do you think they are scaring you with images of starving or hurting people every time they want to pass legislation?

A frightened populace is a controllable populace.

They want you to fear those that aren’t like you. If people have another religion, culture or colour they are dangerous. Right? Muslims want us all dead - this we know. And this is not knowledge acquired from supposed racist parties; we get this knowledge from the established ones. The same goes with hackers, smokers, fat people and male teachers. People are evil and the only ones that can save us from the evil people are the people that govern people.

And again mainstream media and the established parties are scratching themselves pondering how individuals they drum out to be ‘racists’ can gain support. A party, a person and a group that to a large extent is frozen out from general debates, have little money and has a hard time finding office space shouldn’t be able to attract voters or sympathy. The righteous elitists have done and continue to do everything they can to label these horrid foes with the vilest epithets imaginable. Still racist and immigrant- Muslim- hating parties keep climbing the polls and the established parties seems to have no countermeasure other than continue the bashing.

They still don’t get it. You still don´t get it.

Let me ask you the following:
Would your government take a view opposing yours and silence you, and those who would speak for you, and refuse to countenance any debate at all that would let you have a say? Would your government use lies and deceit to override anything you might want to do or say? Would your government use the law against you, demonise and punish you, encourage others to treat you as subhuman, for no other reason than they just don't like you?

Do you smoke? Drink? Drive? Are you a little on the portly side?

Can you see why support for extremism is growing? It's not because people are all suddenly racist, it's not even because people are all suddenly in tune with racist parties because they have pretty much the same policies and opinions as all the rest of them.

You see it doesn’t matter if journalists find criminals within supposed racist parties, which party hasn’t criminals as members? Aren’t they all criminals? What if some article or pamphlet is riddled with holes? How many of the elitists aren’t lying to us each day? Are we supposed to care more because one party get “caught” lying but not the other one?

Ideology is dead, only a politically correct elite remain. No matter if they call themselves “conservative” or “Socialist”, their politics and the consequence of their policies is almost exactly the same. Is it then a revelation that extreme views (from all directions, of all colours) attract twisted loons looking for a home?

It´s also about the opposite-game whereas one group always is put up against another. The poor VS the Rich, the western world VS the underdeveloped nations, we against them. Even as they are trying to tear our national identities and personalities apart they still play the opposite-game. Are we supposed to believe that people do not pick up on such idiocies?

Worse still is that sometimes the opposite-game turns into the blame-game. You see those in charge are never at fault, it was the Jews, it was the terrorists, Muslims, black, immigrants, the rich, and my favourite: the market! Politicos have no part in any sort of problem, it was always someone else.

Why are we supposed to be surprised again?

And if am correct in assuming that the Greatest Depression is about to arrive to our shores, what then? You think people having nothing left to lose cannot lose it?
Maybe you should be afraid, but in that case of the right things.

As a final note: 21 years!? WTF!? Oh, we cannot lock away people longer than that now can we? Oh no. And capital punishment? Pfff, that´s not politically correct...

Monday, July 25, 2011

There is a difference between ´terrorists´

One thing that keep eluding people is that there actually is such a thing as “a good terrorist”. Blowing up a building doesn’t automatically make you evil. Of course writing such a thing will automatically label me as yet another terrorist, and that is exactly what this post is about.

Our collective consciousness have been imprinted with terrible events such as 9/11, bombs in Madrid and now a loony Norwegian going around executing youngsters. Our masters take full advantage of such heinous acts telling us that terrorism always is evil – any sort of attack on one politician is an attack on our entire society. An attack on democracy.

“Either you´re with us. Or you´re with the terrorists”

This way of looking at things is not only very wrong, it is also very dangerous. To bunch all “terrorists” together in the same folder no matter if they are left-wing, right-wing, Basque separatists, Islamic thugs, Jewish extremists or crazy Norwegians, and no matter if they are hackers or blow up cars, is so wrong its laughable, but journalists and our sphere of politicos do it.

You see those in charge have an inherent interest in keeping all threatening people away, no matter who they are or what their agenda, so in the world of the elitists anyone that attacks or plan to attack them are evil and this is exactly what they keep trying to impregnate us with.

This is understandable, from their point of view, it is however a total misrepresentation of reality.

The murdered in Norway hadn´t stopped bleeding before media and those deemed better started cabling out either irrelevant facts or purely fear mongering.

The killer is apparently far right, a Christian fundamentalist (and have friends!), he´s an anti-Islamic fascist with nationalistic tendencies, a narcissistic racist with inferiority complex, and a anti-democratic thug with hatred towards the left in general and SocialDemocracts in particular. Oh, and on one picture he´s wearing a freemason outfit!

Seeking answers to an horrific event like this is reasonable, the collective mindset of bunching all “evildoers” together is also slightly understandable.

What is despicable however is the way our masters do it and how much they use events like this for their own political gain. That way of reacting is almost as evil and despicable as these bloody events.

The unison outcry to stop the “far-right” is the most obvious one. Apparently trying to make all organisations and persons with a grudge against government and against socialism and against politicians guilty by affiliation. If you hate government or hate socialism you´re a friend of Anders Behring Breivik.

We´ve seen this many times now. In the U.S. all you need is a bumper sticker with the name “Ron Paul” on it and you will be considered a threat to national security.

Fascists, national socialists, conservatives, libertarians, anarcho capitalists and so forth are of course the same people.

Hate anything about our modern society and you´re an enemy. An evil man. Another Anders Behring Breivik.

In other words this blog will probably be even more monitored than before (FBI and Swedish police are frequent visitors), or even shut down because am “hateful” or too “far right”.

Usually papers are pretty good at doing this towards the far-left. Left extremists constitutes the, by far, most terror-inclined group. However, as in our Norwegian case, the far-left isn´t a unison group. Many of them are violent, but many are not.

Having checked out Anders Behring Breivik´s manifesto (not read it through entirely) he seem to be pretty delusional, living in his own twisted reality talking about some kind of conservative sect he´s supposedly member of and pointing out that thousands across Europe will die by the hands of his brothers and sisters.

Regardless if such a organisation exist or not, during our time we certainly live with a lot of things to be scared of and the hatred festering and growing across Europe towards the power elite, EU, and PIIGS is very easy to predict and can very easily give birth to more of the same lunacy. Next time it could be another crazed “far-right” person, or it will be someone from the left, or from a Muslim terrorist organisation. Who knows.

As I´ve said before and will say again: This is not the first time and it´s definitely not the last.

Here we can also see the second big mistake; Our leaders are trying their very best to convince you to blame anyone else but them. This they do by any means possible. If it’s not the far-right or the far-left, its Muslims, Alky Aida, Jews, Gypsies, the rich , the poor or any other ill-defined group easy to put a label on and easy to bring forth as a bogeyman.

If this wasn´t enough they also bring out other things to scare us with as much as possible. Nowadays there are paedophiles behind every corner, a rapist in every bush, hackers are running amok online and terrorists are a threat everywhere. Be afraid! Otherwise you may die some day!

And so the consequence of these horrific events in Norway will, most likely, have the effect that our societies closes up even more. There will be much more fascist surveillance to save us from fascism. There will be many more socialist solutions in order to save us from extreme lefties. The more people complain, the more shootings, the worse it gets. In an endless circle.

The harder any form of resistance becomes, the harder the hammer will come down.

All the while the people are monitored and under government thumb they are also unarmed and self-defence is either illegal or highly frown upon, and then we have government(s) promising to protect us from problems mostly created by politicians.

Those deemed better will never take responsibility, they will never see their part in it, they will never act as they should act.

Only imagine if am correct in assuming that the Greatest Depression is just around the corner. What do you think will happen to people then? How many more shootings? How many more bombs?

Just as Alky Aida (and U.S. madness) succeeded in closing up our societies so will Anders Behring Breivik manage to do the same. Our democracy really is in trouble, but it is not a delusional Norwegian that has done that to us. He could be regarded as a symptom, but seem to be too crazy for that. Probably only a madman’s idiocies, but that will also be drowned in a collective frenzy in search for more “far-right” people.

There really are bogeymen out there, but they are not the ones those deemed better would like you to point a finger at...

Friday, July 22, 2011

91 unarmed people dead so far

Norwegian police how now put the death toll from Friday's attacks at 91 and confirmed that they have arrested a suspect whom they described as a right-wing Christian fundamentalist.

This in opposite to the initial and usual knee jerk reaction to blame Muslims – which includes the so-called “terrorism experts.” As I mentioned in my earlier post statistics show domestic fucks are usually behind things like this and Muslims make up a tiny fraction of terrorism in the Western world. This was of course ignored until we found out that media in unison reported links to the far-Right, that he´s an anti-government and anti-immigration extremist with racial and anti-socialist motives - spinning this into a anti-gun and anti-fascist story

In certain circles Anders Behring Breivik (the suspect) seem to be a sionist Freemason while in secret having Muslim ties while posing as a right-wing extremist to give anti-Muslim hysteria a bad name. That is if you believe "right" extremists online commentators.

Lefties across the board are of course putting Anders Behring Breivik in the same folder as all right-wing groups and are calling for a total bann of guns. I wonder how Michael Moore would spinn this? Norwegian government actually pro-guns?

Of course the Obamination was out with his usual commentary saying: "It's a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring" Aha, okay. So we can expect more fascist laws to prevent fascists from killing more peoople?

My first reaction this morning waking up is anger. Not only anger at the shooter, but also against Norwegian laws banning self-defence. If people out on this Island been armed only a very few would have been killed and the shooter would certainly be dead.

My second reaction was that "I told you" -itch wanting to tell the world that this is exactly what I suspected would happen, and that it will happen again. Believe me when I say that this is not the last time we will hear about such a horror story.

Comes the Greatest Depression this will be a normality.

And you will, just like most people on this planet, be unarmed and helpless.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

... and then depression

Oh yeah! Let´s do it!

Comes to the Greatest Depression I haven´t really reflected that much over me myself and I. Sure I´ve been planning my future residency slightly, and I do advice relatives and I am soon debt-free, but I haven´t so much thought about my end of the line. Will I survive the Greatest Depression? Should I actually purchase guns despite the illegality of it? And when the four horsemen ride by, will I wave in joy or just resign into my own little bubble?

I would like to believe I am smart enough, resilient enough and have enough willpower to take myself and my loved ones through this ordeal, but truth to be told am ridiculously ordinary and despite smarter than most I don´t really have any extra skills that would benefit me in a post-apocalyptical world. I don´t know VA, have no clue how to fix a car, and chemistry is to me equal to alchemy. Am no farmer and I don´t like animals.

How could such a person make it? Prostitution?

The only things working in my favour are my adaptability and a pre-apocalyptical knowledge and the fact that I am also willing to work for a living, to buckle down and make an effort - something a vast majority of people in the western world won´t do.

Quite honestly I figure I´ll be shot, thrown in jail or in other way contained by the Powers. Just as before in history those knowing what’s wrong and how to fix it are usually the first ones to be executed or shipped off to Siberia. So within a couple of years I´ll probably not be around anyway.

But what if I´ll still be here? What if the coming decade(s) of financial despair will not give birth to dictatorships across the globe and so we´d be spared from the next World War that may go to a nuclear stage? What if ordinary folk will not be consigned to eternal torment in the fires of Gehinnom, but instead doomed to walk the earth, unemployed, disillusioned and helplessly starving for years and years and years?

To me the later would be the worst scenario. I prefer to out with a bang. Modern man have been on this planet for a ridiculously short period of time. Have we during that period done anything potent enough to merit a future stay?

If we´re going to destroy ourselves, let us at least do THAT in correct manner. For once, let’s do the correct freaking thing and let’s kill ourselves through the biggest epic worldwide kill-all-leave-no-one-alive shindig of all time! When another race comes by to check out this planet, we should at least make them say: “Holy crap! These guys really did a number on each other!”.

Sadly (or maybe comforting enough) that will not happen. Instead it will be the Japanese prolonged debacle on a global scale while our masters continue to impose restrictions and continue to build on our current fascist surveillance society and come up with new schemes to empty valets.

Our crisis will go on for a very long time. Frankly I hardly see an end to it. There´s is no way to bail out $200+ trillion in debt on a worldwide scale. There´s no way people will give up their “free” buffet voluntary. There´s no way politicians looking to get re-elected will do the right thing. There´s no way we´ll see a rude awakening across the board on a level necessary to change things. There´s no way we´re going back to sound and real money.

Maybe certain countries will go back to a decent level of sanity, but it won´t be enough.

Can a worldwide depression of gargantuan proportions last forever? Probably not. At the very least someone will, 50 or so years from now, invent a way to travel through space and so we can leave this rock and start anew. I wonder if I´ll be around to see it?

But in the meanwhile our Masters of despair do their very best to prolong and worsen this crisis as much as they can.

Yesterday European elitists decided to throw 159 billion euro ($229 billion) in the black hole that is Greece. The Greek bail-out (part III - part IV to follow) will consist of 109 billion euros from the euro region and the IMF, and 50 billion euros will be contributed by financial institutions (banks) after agreeing to a series of bond exchanges and buybacks that will also cut (hide) Greece’s debt load. Coincidently this is pretty much the same dealings that covered up Greek debt and made them able to join the euro in the first place. This fact is of course ignored, just as the fact that this means that the Europhiles continue to break their own rules.

At the same time they try to “rescue” Greece our übermench also decided to increase and strengthen the “euro rescue fund” which means that ECB will continue to vacuum the market in hunt for toxic assets and paying for those with freshly printed phantom money they conjure up out of thin air. This in turn means higher inflation and even bigger problems and so when the crash really hit us ECB, the euro and all belonging institutions will literarily go up in flames.

And so we are truly and utterly fucked – well, no news there.

So while I continue to ponder on my life, my future situation and if I could/should do something different I think I´ll stick to my original plan: stock up on vodka and popcorn and find a comfy chair. Because no matter what the coming years will be high entertainment and since we´re going through what arguable is the biggest convergence of events in human history, I will try to enjoy it as much as possible.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Facts of the ages – what you should know. Part I

While the Greatest Depression continues to gain momentum most people seem utterly clueless as to why, and what is possibly worse is that no one seem to understand the scope of it.

So what do I see that others don´t? And are there actual evidence to my claims? I´ve compiled a wee tiny thingy (in two parts, next to come) to point to reality.

Remember this is not the ramblings of a madman, it’s not made-up stories to frighten you, and am not a tin-foil hat seeing reptiles taking over the world through Illuminati.

These are facts. Hard, straightforward, irrefutable, undeniable and absolute facts. Although I´ve here in this post left out the scam of GDP and how governments “work”, this is the base and from this you can draw the same conclusion as I have.

As a final note this is a pretty long post, but this is what you need to know, please read and maybe, just maybe, we can avoid making the same mistakes going into a post-apocalyptical world.

Fact 1 – Money

If there´s one thing I want you to know and understand it is the subject of ´money´. If you don´t want to read everything in this post, at least take your time to read this first part. Because the existence of and the deceitful dealings that comes with FIAT currencies are the most sinister things you can possibly imagine.

This is how you get robbed in open daylight. This is how they steal your hard earned cash. This is why the Greatest Depression is just around the corner. This is the main reason why empires of history has crumbled and fallen. If you understand money you will understand almost everything that goes on in the world.

What it all comes down to is money. If you don´t know what money is, how it works or what difference there is between value, price and cost you simply don´t understand. Sadly many ignore economics and won´t listen when someone show graphs – they think that it’s too difficult, too much over their heads.

It’s not.

Economics is based on reality, base-A math and common sense. You do NOT need to understand M1, M2, M3. You do NOT need to grasp trade surpluses. You do NOT need know what “asymmetric shocks” is and how it correlates to the euro. Actually you don´t even need a degree or any official education to understand.

This is, coincidently, also why many cornflake-economists and knowitall tricksters keep throwing about words seemingly thought-up within padded walls of a psychiatric clinic. They protect their area and their own “expertise”.

This is what you need to know:

FIAT currencies – that we have today – are useless and totally worthless pieces of paper with totally arbitrary numbers attached to them. There´s no value whatsoever in our paper (or digital) money. None!

There are two reasons we use these made-belief pieces of crap in commerce. Firstly because government say we should and government have your hard labour (taxes) to back this claim up. Secondly because you, the people, accept it.

But FIAT money is, at its core, without backing. There are no cars, no refrigerators, and no production as a base for our money. Nothing. And you cannot use it for anything, except maybe as toilet paper. Its phantom “money” printed out of thin air.

Real money (i.e. gold, silver) actually do have value. Precious metals are equal to real money. Gold for example have had real intrinsic objective value and have been THE key go-to commodity since the dawn of civilization.

If you think about it this isn´t that strange. Gold is beautiful, you can make jewellery out of it, and as a metal it has other practical applications – it has value above and beyond the purely monetary. Most importantly though is that gold comes in limited supply. You cannot magically bring forth gold! This is why governments hate it, this is why “experts” say that gold-based money is archaic and obsolete – because they cannot manipulate the amount. The Powers always arguing that in a real modern society we don´t use gold as money, we use paper...

Why is this important?

Because if governments and their prolonged financial arm of big banks have the power to print money and control its supply, they can also decide where that money go first and they can use this power as way of extra taxation. Before I explain why and how, there´s one additional thing you should know. This is probably the most confusing part of this entire story, so please pay attention...

...Money is a static thing that actually cannot be changed comes to cost and value. If the cost of a snickers is $1 million or $1 dollar have no meaning. It doesn’t matter. Think about it. Does it really matter if that note you´re going to pay with have 6 zeroes or no zero if all you want to do is buy one item and everything in society changes accordingly?

This is probably confusing to you but if all else stays equal it doesn’t matter what a note say or how many of them they print – again, comes to cost and value. If money gets equally distributed throughout the economy nothing would change. They could print $985684499 trillion or withdraw almost every dollar in circulation and nothing would change. It doesn’t matter whether a cookie costs $1 or $100, as long as all else stay within the same parallel.

Today’s fiat currencies are just numbers, fictive and arbitrary numbers, and so if equally distributed to all at the same time, nothing changes!

Let´s say one snickers costs $1 dollar today and then you have the cost of everything else (whatever the cost may be) and then – over night – you put on 6 zeroes on each $. The cost of one snickers is exactly the same - just as with everything else, including your salary, taxes etc. Everything have only adjusted to this new situation. The only difference is that now you pay $1 million/snickers instead of $1 dollar/snickers, but the cost is still the same!

If everything stays equal at any moment of time, the amount you pay or earn will be exactly the same no matter the amount of zeroes on and no matter what it says on those useless pieces of paper we call “money”.

Stop here for a moment. This part you haft to understand! If you do not understand, read it again, and again. Check online. Do whatever until you do, because this is a key element.

When you think you do understand think about the following: what if those zeroes aren´t distributed equally? What if, oh... let´s say: Banks(!) get all those extra zeroes first. You´ll get them to, but not at first, only later when they have trickled down through the system.

What effect do you think this has?

This is what´s going on right now, and has always been going on within all FIAT systems and will always go on until the system blows up and/or the people have had enough.

When, a couple of years ago, our Great Leaders went forth on their epic adventures of Quantitative Easing (QE – i.e. print money) in order to “save us” from The Great Recession they did just this; They printed shitloads of money and handed it over to banks, financial institutes and government.

You didn´t get any, the poor didn´t, the unemployed didn´t. Almost all that money went to the already rich and powerful.

What they did with the cash? Well, what would you do if you get trillions of “free” cash? After they, sort of, paid off their debts they went out and bought stuff, mainly stocks, real-estate, commodities and used it to take over competitors. Did you see how prices exponentially increased comes to stock markets etc during that time up until now? That happened because that newly freshly printed FIAT aimed at certain areas from those deemed better inflated those markets.

The fictitious effect: GDP went up! Yey! We´re rich again...

... uhm, hold on... what?

Remember what I told you above? The effect of that printed cash would have been zero if it had been distributed equally, but here they printed and gave it to certain areas of the economy. Important areas. Areas that contribute to political campaigns. Areas with tons of lobbyists. Areas from which many of the high-and-mighty cometh or have plenty of friends within.

And in this case that printed cash actually matters! The extra zeroes actually have effect!

You see the ones who get that cash first and can use if first can take full advantage of it. We don´t have a equilibrium, the money is not equally distributed throughout the economy and so the elitist sphere can, in the short run, claim larger parts of the market and in doing so drive prices up and so drive GDP up.

The real effect: INFLATION! (additionally the rich get richer...)

This is what they CAN DO within a FIAT currency system. This is what they CANNOT DO with real money.

Again: why do you think the elite hate gold and love “paper”?

Here you should go: Aha! And start grasping after that pitchfork, but you see things are a lot worse than you realise this far...

Fact 2. Inflation

As mentioned above one undeniable effect of having paper currencies is inflation. It’s sort of built-in. Automatic. Money printing is only one part of inflation, but the biggest and most important one. When they print money each note loses in ´value´. This is also, for some reason and for most people, hard to understand.

Partly because it’s hard to understand and partly because those above don´t want you to know the secrets of inflation it has been decided, over time, that inflation isn´t inflation anymore, instead it has been morphed into ´an increase in prices´ - which also increase the confusion.

They also want you to believe that ´increase in prices´ is the normal state of the economy. Increasing prices is good! Prices going down (deflation) is bad! This, coincidently, is also one of the main reason for the bail-outs and stimulus being thrown around – to keep prices up.

This is one of the most malevolent misrepresentation of the truth in history. If you fully understand the implications of this you should be loading your guns right now.

If you grasped Fact 1 above you now know that:

a) (FIAT)-Money is useless paper at the very best
b) They print that cash out of thin air and on whims
c) The already rich and powerful get printed cash first

This is important because when inflation start to effect the whole economy it will effect those who get that printed cash last the most. This because “When they print money each note loses in ´value´”.

If we only look at money (again the FIAT variant) and we double the money supply (=inflation) you´ve effectively doubled the amount you need to buy something. Very simplified a lollipop that cost $1 before the doubling will cost $2 afterwards.

Now this isn´t exactly true since there are a lot of other factors that have a say in the matter, so the actual effect is usually much lower.

A main factor that contribute to this equation – in a positive way for those in charge – is higher production. If we produce more, faster and more efficiently it increases the total value of the entire economy so over time the effect should be that prices should go down and wages go up.

But in steps inflation! They print money which makes each note worth less. This means prices instead of going down go up and eat up some (if not all) of that increase in productivity. Since much of government income is based on prices (VAT, salaries etc.) a lot of people will also pay more in taxes.

The Real effect: Over time you can work harder and harder, earn more and more, produce more and more and still get less and less.

THIS is why your grandparents could buy a house and two cars on one salary and still be debt free after some odd years, while in your family - today - you need two salaries and are still paying your mortgages well into your retirement. Inflation happened. Sure we have more stuff today and in total terms live slightly better, but in actuality you should work even less today than back then and still be able to live much better.

Except for that hidden government tax the actual effect of FIAT currencies and money printing consequently becomes: IT MAKES THE RICH RICHER AND THE POOR POORER.

Getting an itch in that trigger finger yet...? oh, but hold on...

Fact 3 – fractional reserve banking

I am not going to tell you what this exactly is, you can read about that yourself. What I am going to do however is to point to the fact that this system is dependent on one single thing; debt!

Without debt this system defaults. Automatically.

I have seen a lot of comments online and heard people argue that this system really is poor people´s best friend since it’s very hard to get hold of money for common folk in any other system. A person making such a claim is either totally ignorant or is lying to you. Whichever the case that person is your enemy!

The system of fractional reserve banking arose when history’s early “banks” figured out that they could keep a fraction of real money (Gold, Silver etc.) that people kept with them and lend far more “notes” in exchange for that real money to people than the actual value.

As long as people didn´t withdraw all their savings (=gold) all at once, “banks” could lend 10 times, 20 times or more of the actual value. People could consequently use “notes” as currency instead of gold and silver.

If one person put 1kg of gold into the bank, then the “bank” could lend people notes equivalent to 10kg (or more). This they could do since most people didn´t want to carry around their gold and if they withdrew, they seldom withdrew it all. So “banks” sort of had full coverage.

The “banks” then figured out that they could charge people for keeping their gold safe and, later on, take out interest on “money” (notes) they lent out to people. And so modern fractional reserve banking saw the day of light.

Those notes then became “money” and later on the only form of money – the reason of this have been told above.

Already here you should understand that the entire system is built upon debt, but as with any tale from the crypt the scariness doesn’t stop here.

You see it is here where these 3 first topics converge!

Remember: printed paper money goes to banks firstly and foremost.

It is said printed money is “lent” to banks from the central bank (usually the entity with the printing machine) since they also pay a fee or “interest” to the central bank. However the banks in turn use that phony money as base for their lending practises – as they used to do with gold. And just as they did with gold they DO NOT lend out the actual amount, but instead 10-20-30 or even 40 times that amount.

This far, comes to fractional reserve banking, it’s not that bad. It could work, and as history shows; it has decently worked.

The “first” problem however is that in order to earn more money, they need to lend more money to the market. Consequently there´s an incentive for banks to have as many loans and mortgages as possible. This also means they will, sooner or later, lend to people/businesses/governments that cannot pay back.

The “second” problem arises when the market is sort of full and don´t want any more loans. There´s only so much people want to borrow or need to borrow. So in order to keep ahead and keep increasing the borrowing (and consequently increase debt) banks come up with schemes unheard of except maybe told in comic books.

Firstly they regard that debt they have from lending out as “having value on their books” (your loan is “money” regardless if you can repay or not) and so they can lend it out again to another person, and then again...and again...

Secondly they come up with new names on paper based on paper based on debt that is based on debt and they lend it out again.

Ever heard of derivatives? There are countless of names for these debt-soaked fraudulent dealings, but the most common name and the name I normally use as a collective name is “derivatives”.

There are trillions of derivatives floating around out there. All of which have very little (or mostly nada) value attached to them. Its only debt borrowed upon debt, lent on top of debt, re-lent to get more debt that they can lend out to increase debt so they can get more debt they can lend to people.


...I get tired only from writing...

The real effect: our entire economic system is built upon, dependent upon and totally infected with debt.

And remember: there´s very little value in the bottom of this debt-pile, and the value that is there, can never, ever, never, ever, never, ever, never (!!!) make up for even a fraction of that debt.

So if the system were to collapse... oh my... You cannot believe the fall-out, you can´t imagine what this will do to us all. Our entire way of life would come crashing down. Everything would change.

The funny things is: it will come down!

You see math doesn’t tell lies.

We are, today, at the end of the road comes to this debt-economy.

Have you watch the news lately? Or did you actually take some time off from American Idol to listen to what our Great Leaders said comes to the bail-outs and stimulus packages? What they did say was that we had a problem of liquidity. Banks didn´t have enough money and people weren´t borrowing enough. Of course government then needed to step in and borrow for us. If the market and people won´t do as they are told, government need to do it anyway.

It still didn´t help, it couldn´t help. Partly because the economy couldn´t take more debt and partly because our soul-sucking suits malicious purpose was to increase the scam of GDP.

So instead of letting the markets crash and take a temporary pain of a few years. Instead of letting capitalism work its magic. And instead of flushing out a fraudulent system and start the world fresh anew they pressed more debt into the system, they rushed more regulations into already overregulated areas, and they handed over even more trillions to the very same banks highly responsible for the crisis.

Before you blame the banks for everything here, you should know that this system “works” with the good memory of government and since government is the main beneficiary of this scam they have no reason to abolish it or fight it.

If you pay attention there are still voices demanding more credits available, more printed money to banks and more regulations. Look at what they say about and what they see as the way our for the European PIIGS.

Can you say ´clueless´?

There´s only one way this can end; through a total bust and crash of the entire system. It can happen tomorrow, it can happen a month or a year from now, we cannot be fully sure of when. We can however be sure that it will happen and indications lately points to a total upheaval very soon.

Is there any way out of this mess?

Is there a way out? Sure, three possible scenarios can “save” us from the Greatest Depression.

1) Alien invasion of benevolent beings correcting all and bringing with happy joyjoy feelings to cute kittens everywhere.
2) Devine intervention from God(s) correcting all and bringing with happy joyjoy feelings to cute puppies everywhere.
3) A couple of inventions that will totally change our way of life and bring with a massive increase in productivity. A mixture of cold-fusion plus a magic elixir that can cure all diseases and teleportation would do it. However it should be noted that such things would probably not save us entirely, only postpone the Depression.

So there you have it. The basis of our current dilemma spelled out for you. If you read this post and a few years/months from now still blame ze Jews, Muslims, immigrants or capitalism when you´re roaming the countryside in search for food and employment, well then there´s no hope for humankind.

Since most of you are idiots, I have no illusions about where this lead and how it will end. You will, as people always have, turn towards totalitarian ideas for your salvation. That means tens of millions more dead from wars and famine.

Hopefully even nuclear holocaust! I keep my fingers crossed for this one because I prefer to go out with a bang instead of decades of misery...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Drought victims in Africa? No way! Who would have thought...

Victim of our GramscoFabiaNazi nightmare, will you be next?

Who could have seen this African disaster coming...

apocalypse nowish                  apocalypse nowish 2                     apocalypse nowish 3 once gain I can say "I told you so".

As per usual mainstream media fucks are catching on too late, and still haven´t got the entire picture. Sure The World Food Programme estimates 10 million people are affected by the worst drought in over half a century, and sure a few warnings have been told before.

But things are a lot worse!

These 10 million are only the prelude, comes the Greatest Depression we´ll see tens of millions more.

Who´s to blame? Well, you could read more of my ramblings, but instead I hope you listen to that funny little guy offering you the world and lots of stuff if you only blame all problems on capitalism, the rich, the Jews, Muslims and gypsies.

Much more entertainment up ahead if you do.

Top 5 list of reasons why things are about to go to hell

Have noticed a few things lately that points to that hilariousness I´ve been waiting for. A few hellish indications that we´re finally heading off that cliff. Not that I think we will burn in hell today or tomorrow, our Masters of despair still have a few schemes up their dirty sleeves so there´s still time to gather your belongings and head for the hill. Not much time mind you, but time.

Here´s a tiny list. Probably a lot more indications out there (plenty of economic realities and math to be mentioned) but these are really bending the shit-o-meter far in the “We´re all fucked” direction.

5. Bad news NOT only mentioned on Fridays
I have pointed out several times that for some very “strange” reason bad economic news seem to come on Fridays - just before markets close for the weekend and we have a couple of days of cooling down...

Lately however I would say it’s gone from 8 out of 10 awful news-bulletins cabled out on Fridays to about 4 of out 10. This isn´t scientifically calculated, more of a so-so accurate guess and since I´ve been following the news for a long time I feel like the direction is clear.

To me this is a sign that those deemed better no longer have full control of events. Their trickery, their manipulations and all that wealth they use to gain more wealth isn´t helping anymore. They seem to be slipping, losing control. If this notion is correct our apocalyptical ride down the abyss will kick off soon.

4. Doomsayers increase in numbers
Journalists have started to write a lot more about our day of reckoning and media suspects omething is going on and journalists can almost smell it, albeit not really picking up the true scent just yet, but getting there. Consequently more doomsayers and previously thought of “madmen” get more airtime.

3. Gold
13 years ago I told people to start buying gold. That was before the dot-com bubble bursted when the gold price was about 20% of today’s price (in dollars). The increase in the price of Gold calculated in U.S. dollars is not the best indicator though since the dollar is collapsing before our very eyes and since markets are highly manipulated, but lately a significant increase in gold purchases have occurred. Countries are hording it, advertising campaigns from companies wanting to buy your gold (or sell to you) is at an all time high, and the doomsayers mentioned above keep telling people to buy.

Gold is real money, have real intrinsic objective value and have been THE key go-to commodity since the dawn of civilization. Whenever people (and countries) start piling up gold that´s when the world is about to go down the crapper.

2. Al “fuck you” Gore is back
The man who invented Internet, the man who gave us the infamous hockey-stick graph based on calculations made on one single tree (out of thousands) in Siberia, the man who flies around in private jets and earn tons of money thanks to gullible sheople while proclaiming that humans should fly less and that making money is evil - this man is back in the news. Five years after launching his sinister “documentary” (hahaha!) he´s back with a new campaign to lift the climate hoax up on the table again. Gore´s Climate Reality-project is said to kick off with a 24hrs live streamed event on 14th of Sept.

I truly believe that if there´s one guy out there, one single man, one of the Powers who´s truly and utterly evil to the core Al is the one. Am not a religious man and I neither believe in God or the Devil, but if there are such things, my money would definitely be betted on Al Gore being Satan´s lapdog. He´s back on the scene and that can only mean the end is nigh.

1. The fear is tangible
One of my favourite pastimes is to read comment threads on news articles and blogs (I know...). And one thing I´ve noticed lately is that the comments have turned way south very fast. What was considered “idiotic” and “tin-foil-hat madness” only months ago, is today almost mainstream.

Many commentators even seem to be quoting little old me. I do not in any way claim responsibility for this rude awakening, am not that delusional, but together with a few hundred others (maybe a few thousands across the globe) I have been a voice of reason in a vast sea of insanity. Since many of our predictions have been spot on so far, even spookily Nostradamus + Sibyl + Oracle of Delphi correct, people are starting to notice and unconsciously starting to say the same thing. Others have started to awake on their own. Too late, but at least many are getting there.

Also the increase of people in my private life (that know nothing of this blog) starting to ask me questions about the future and economics has skyrocketed. The fear is spreading, and soon that fear will turn into both disastrous finances and violence.

Another fear-indicator is the day by day increase in surveillance The Powers are rolling out. I don´t think that many others see this the same way I do, but for me this is both an conscious and unconscious way of protecting the elitist sphere. It´s a defence mechanism. You will be dangerous once you figure out how ass raped you´ve been. Once you found out how much they have been stealing from you, how much they have tricked you, how much they have ruined your life, and once you figure out that not only you but your kids, grandkids and everyone you ever cared about and loved have been fucked to and that there´s no way out of this mess, well then you will lose it.

They know this.

They fear you.

That´s why they are buying supercomputers, to keep track of you.

And so the more they impose restrictions and surveillance upon us and the more they are pushing for it, the closer we´re getting to the end of the road.