Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A country without guns

As we all know criminals always obey the law, that’s why they are criminals, right? So whenever our righteous masters believe it is in our best interest that self-defense is outlawed and no-one is allowed to put safeguards in place because - and this is the funny part – government will protect us, we can be absolutely sure we’ll be safe. Right?

Okay, so what is wrong with this picture?

Map over Shootings in Malmö, Southern Sweden.

And mind you, this is one city, and only this year.

Of course some will argue that this is because the city of Malmö is by large a haven for immigrants and so for gun-toting Muslims, militant mafias and biker gangs. Although not completely wrong, that is a very simplified picture seen more from xenophobic eyes than reality.

Others may argue that the Social Democrats governing the city have capitulated and their socialists’ ways have brought forth the worst in people. Even if I would like to believe that to be true, it’s not really so.

I’ve also seen so called ‘experts’ argue that the closeness to the continent via Copenhagen and a rapid expansion of the population are key elements in the escalating violence. If that was true one can only assume that cities like Hamburg and Amsterdam are war zones and that whenever people fuck too much or move in larger numbers mayhem ensues.
You don’t really need a degree in asylum-awareness to dismiss such a claim.

The truth is that all of these are a part of the ‘why’, but there is also two other reasons that should be acknowledged.

Firstly we have a situation in Sweden whereas people in general are losing confidence in the law and the justice system. For most of the time this isn’t visible so it won’t show up in statistics, and I can hardly prove it other than to point out that every person living in Sweden continually, and consciously, break the law on a daily basis.

Think about it for a moment.

Do you really drive within the limit? Do you always have your seatbelt on? Do you always apply for permits when doing alterations to your house? Do you really care that downloading music and movies is punishable? And how many have smoked a joint, bought smuggled beer or put a jug of moonshine on the table lately? Do you always file correct tax information? Ever walked against a red light?

The laws are so many, and so intrusive that we need each lawyer to have their own, small, petite, minuscule area of the law as their expertise. No-one knows exactly how many laws and regulations there are for everything around us, and when you start to think about it it’s worse than picturing all the billions of galaxies in the universe filled with trillions upon trillions of stars and planets. So why care about every single detail?

Do a little experiment a normal day and try to see how many laws you break. The result will probably shock you, and that’s only for the laws and rules you can or may know.

As if that isn’t enough we’re on a weekly basis reminded that the law only applies for the common man. When banksters waste billions on scams they get a pat on the back and get their pockets re-filled via the treasury, but God help a normal citizen if his tax-return contains a small error. And how many times haven’t we seen, heard or read about politicians’ frequent visits to porn clubs or how they put lavish dinner parties on the taxpayers tab?

This combination has over time deteriorated peoples respect for law and order. And rightfully so.

Also there are many laws that are highly moronic, seemingly only there to create criminals and not to protect anyone. The limitation on bringing in alcohol from abroad is one such law, the illegality of Marijuana another. Not to mention all the crap that pours in from EU each year.

Secondly we are not allowed to protect ourselves. Well okay, there are certain things we are allowed to, like defend ourselves when attacked, within reason that is – cannot hurt the attacker too much… But in general we’re pretty much defenseless and the only thing we can rely on is the police - an under-staffed bunch of bullies that, like the rest of us, have no clue what law really says, and can almost ONLY arrived at the scene after the fact.

Getting raped and manage to phone it in? Well, just wait for 15min and two officers will arrive and take your statement. If you’re alive that is. And if you are getting raped and fight back, please be gentle to the poor rapists, if you bruise him too much you can get sued or locked up, maybe even get jail time far longer than that of any rapist.

A women getting raped should have the absolute right to cut off the penis of her attacker, a family facing a home inversion should have the absolute right to take a machete and hack the thugs into little pieces, a shop keeper getting robbed should have the absolute right to pull out a shotgun and blow away the head of the robber. This isn’t so, only government has the right to protect you.

So when ordinary folks aren’t allowed to own and carry guns, no-one else will either. Right? After all when government has outlawed something even criminals listens. Right? At least that’s the premise we live by.

How strange that it doesn’t seem to work…