Thursday, April 9, 2009

The signs you should worry about

After months of nearly pure darkness, glimmers of “enhancement” are emerging in the U.S. economy. President Obama's top economic advisor, Lawrence H. Summers, even claimed there was no longer "that sense of a free fall" in the economy. Can you say “clueless”? This Summers idiot should read my post further down why this might happen and why it is an illusion.

So while the Obamanator is buying thousands of cars for borrowed and newly printed money to support this dream of total madness; out in the real world far from the asylum that is politics global shipping is expected to plunge 74 percent this year. Demand for commodities is dropping like a stone and the dry cargo index have fallen 92 percent the last year and the drop is expected to continue the next 2 years. For those who don’t know, the dry cargo market is a sure bet when looking at how the world’s total economy is going and drops like these has never been heard of before.

Another topic I have written about before is the sex-industry which continues to see a fall in people searching for erotic pleasures. This is also a sure sign of things going downhill since prostitution is considered to be a recession-safe industry and when prostitutes start looking for a better way of making a living, you know something else is getting screwed up.

And China, which is probably the key that will open the depression door, have had five consecutive monthly declines in both imports and exports. And what is happening lately is that the decline in exports has slowed down while the decline in imports has accelerated.

And I just haft to mention this German nationalization again which is so funny. Not since during Hitler’s glory days have a bank been nationalized, but now they are doing it again.

All these and much more are signs of the recession gaining momentum, not halting as politicians would like you to believe. Even signs of “better times” like increase in oil prices and some temporary upwards jumps in the financial markets are in reality signs of things really going towards hell right now. If you want to invest in something, invest in gold and similar items that hold a more objective value. Or, if you have a lot of money, go and look for those companies that benefits from all the stimulus’s, but please remember to withdraw your money sooner rather than later. And to all of you; have you started buying candles and dried up food packages yet? If not, do so now.

liberty maniacs


liberty maniacs


Just Tax!

Great stuff. A new party single for everyone in this world not believing in the complete madness of the bail-outs and stimulus that will make our world fall into darkness. You just know that when the Germans start to nationalize things, we are screwed…

Thanks Sanna for the tip.

Fantastic news from the world

Bulk carriers and container ships in Asia, most evidently in China, are loading less and less cargo and trips are being cancelled.

Australia's unemployment rate jumped to 5.7% in March from 5.2% the previous month, the biggest monthly rise in 18 years, official figures have shown.

The Irish Republic has unveiled its second budget in six months to deal with its rapidly contracting economy.

Tourism continues to worsen in Miami-Dade, with hotel taxes dropping faster in February than they did in January. Taxes charged on hotel guests plunged 24 percent in February, compared to a 17 percent drop in January.

Germany has not nationalized a bank since the 1930s. But NOW the German government moved a step closer to fully nationalizing Hypo Real Estate Holding, saying it planned to buy all of the troubled mortgage lender’s outstanding shares.
-Everybody say "sieg" to the camera

The Indian Apex chamber FICCI have now suggested an action plan to meet the funding requirements of the industry which is currently going through difficult times.
– haha... Now India is soon in the race for global depression

And lastly a quote which is very funny. He is talking about the last couple of weeks with an increase in oil prices. You will get why this is so funny when the depression hits us soon

"People are buying oil when they see signs of economic hope,"
/ Phil Flynn, analyst at Alaron Trading Corp.

Buffy, season 7 reminder

With a very slim hope of a continuation, at the movies, of this fabulous series as told in media lately, here is a little reminder of the last season:

Well well well…

Suddenly several news media in Sweden are printing and saying things that are sort of negative about Annika Östberg. I have followed this topic for many years and I have never seen so many “negative” reports. And you know that Swedish journalists are after blood when they start writing/telling us about costs and throws money numbers around. Suddenly her flight costs money. Suddenly it costs money to have her in prison. Nah, really? I don’t know if there is some rude awakening from Leif GW Persson contribution to this discussion or that journalists suddenly realize (partly from visiting a lot of blogs) that there is more than one way of selling this story or possibly (but not likely) the monkeys are thinking and doing some research for once. Whatever the reason I actually think this is kind of "impolite". The media have more or less in unison sold the heart-breaking side of this story and suddenly when Annika actually is “free” or at least transferred, they start writing the crappy side of the story. Kind of a bad welcome for the lady in question. I still think that this murderess woman should stay in jail, preferably of the American variety, but it kind of take the fun out of it when people are starting to sing the same tune. Maybe she won’t get those 15min on morning TV selling her book after all?

Market goes up and down – UK and other idiotic things

In the United Kingdom the central bank has gone over to quantitative easing (QE) since the interest rate is as low as it can be and people are still not shopping enough. Basically this means that the central bank presses some keys on a keyboard and presto; more money exists. The bank then uses this money to buy assets - usually financial assets such as government and corporate bonds. The government and those corporate businesses (financial institutes) then have more money in their hands they can invest, spend or buy things for and the theory is that this will get the economy going again since there is suddenly more money in the system.

There are two problems with this theory and this scenario:

1) UK is broke, completely. And in order to keep paying public employees and trying to jumpstart everything the government is borrowing money like crazy, but still people won’t do as expected; spend. This means that the debt is growing rapidly. The rates are very low, but still people will not go out shopping. So when all this money flows into the system, people who get a piece of it will still not shop as the government is pleading them to do. Why? Because it is a crisis, jobs are not safe, the country’s debt is growing, and there is also a slow but steady growth in prices. So even if rates are very low and you actually lose money if you save them, people are so afraid they rather take their chances with the money they have instead of buy something they might not need.

2) This is the important part. This newly “printed” money they have conjured up out of thin air goes firstly to financial institutes who are the main benefactor of this money. They get it first. Every time you fictively increase money without any value attached to them, whoever gets this money first wins the most. Money works like any other commodity so when you increase the supply it means that the demand (the price) goes down. Each pound loses in value. But at the start this is hardly noticeable so the persons/companies that get the money first can “trick” other people/companies that the money is worth more than it really is. This is the main reason why the markets are going up and down at the moment.

Further Explanation:
Company A gets freshly printed money and they use this to buy products from company B which might either increase one company’s stock value (someone is buying or have money to buy, hurray) or even both of them. But when company B uses the same money it has lost in value because it is now more money on the market. So when Company B now buys things from company C the market reacts a bit suspiciously or neutral. Their stock might go up or down, it depends really. And as this continues some companies goes up, some goes down, but the overall effect is about zero. This means that investors start looking for two things; firstly those really sure bets that exists, mainly companies with solid finances that have products that always is sort after, even in a crisis. Secondly they might try to temporary gain profits by investing in those company A:s that get the extra cash first, but this only temporary, they invest, get their winnings and pull out which also is a reason for the market seemingly doing better now and again. But if you look closely on stocks on the market, when the index goes up you will notice that there are few companies (at least fewer then during normal times) that gain momentum and pulls the total index up, which is exactly what is happening now.

What does this mean? It means that nothing is changing; the crisis is not diverted even if some figures might temporary show it and some stupid journalist writes it. The crisis looms still and now you have a ticking inflation bomb waiting for something to trigger it and when that bomb goes off; can you say “Weimar” with a German accent?

The first fun thing is that when the crisis isn’t over and maybe even getting worse, governments will do the same thing again. Look at Japan, they are into their 999th (or something, hard to keep track of) stimulus and things just keep getting worse, but they are still doing the same thing. And every time the inflation bomb and the amount of time it takes to fix the problem increases exponentially.

And second fun thing is that this is going on all over. Not really as bad as in UK and in the US, but it is going on in pretty much every country and the speed and amounts are increasing for every month that goes by. So when the g20 countries say they are going to inject even more trillions of dollars (also created by pressing some keys in a keyboard) on the market it is the same as issuing a death order. We are soon plummeting much further down and within a year we will not be calling this a recession anymore, it will be a depression. Don’t believe eventual positive signals; don’t believe it when some extra billions seemingly are available on the market. It’s a scam, a trick, an illusion. We are fucked and you better believe it soon, because your number is up together with the rest of us.

Buffy movie?

According to some reports Sarah Michelle Gellar is reportedly in talks to reprise her role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer – this time for a movie. Some elusive “source” is quoted saying:

"There is an idea for a script and to pick the story up with Buffy older and maybe even a mother.
"Michelle is busy with movie projects at the moment but she is excited about the idea. Buffy still has a huge fan-base so this is a movie that already has an audience.
"Michelle is a shrewd businesswoman so the chances are this will happen at some point."

Sadly I think this is a bad hoax or a late april fools thing. But most likely it is Sarah’s manager trying to fridge on the Buffy thing in order to promote Sarah and make her more “out there” again. Firstly these kinds of romurs florish all the time on this or that movie or tv-series. Secondly Joss Whedon would be asked about this before someone can even think about doing something. And lastly there is already a continuation in the form of comic books and it will be very hard to ignore those so the only way to really make this potential movie is to focus on the road between Sunnydale colapsing in the last TV-episode and were the comics are today. If they are not thinking of doing some bad Dallas impression with Buffy waking up in the shower… And with this and other things comes the problem with casting. With many of the cast members starting to be and, in some cases, look old, this is something that is hard to put together. And a baby!? Come on. I would love to see a movie, but if it is not a great idea behind it, let it be. We shall not smudge the series.
Easier then to make more movies about Firefly/Serenity or some continuation within the buffyverse but with a new crew and an other storyline. One of these I hope comes soon.