Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mysterious conspiracies

I have been reading about the resent ”revelations” that people organized themselves in order to get peoples and politicians attention. Apparently one of the journalists that “discovered” this master plan is married with Pär Nuder, a high ranking social democrat and when she isn’t writing children’s books her fictional brain discovers conspiracies. She has done this before, done “lots” of research and come up with the startling surprise that people organize in order to get something done. And apparently she and her husband even own a PR company together. And the husband, Mr Nuder, is also a good friend to Sergej Stepasjin, a former warmongering head of spies in the Sovjetunion that also happen to have got the royal Nordstjärneorden from a government lead by mr Nuder. And you don’t need to be a conspiracy buff to start connecting the dots that way.

And isn’t it interesting that the newspaper in question is owned by an interest group that have their reasons to make the none fascist movement into the bad guys. Two prominent journalists looking for a raise or another job in the future maybe?

It is also soon election to the European parliament and some fears are growing among the people in power that The Pirate Party might win one or two seates, and on who’s expense? Well we don’t know actually who would miss this lucrative snooze job, but someone(s) will not be happy. So what to do? I know, let’s plant some rumors about those pesky bloggers and throw some suspicions about their dark and misty affairs, they don’t necessary have anything to do with Piratebay or the pirate party, but hey, people are stupid, then believe what journalists tells them. You can almost hear the second “journalist” Ewa Stenberg shouting “Eureka”. - I think she is the brains of this operation, mainly because it’s harder to find any dirt on her and people that looks clean is always the most dirty ones. – And then they go to work. Someone actually tried to convince people something and had meetings about it? Oh… and we have someone that doesn’t want to be known? Ah… and money exchanged hands? Aha… A PR firm or two (our competitors?) was involved? Yes… now we have our story… Rub me little bit lower dear husband and take of your glasses, Ewa might recognize you.

And we need some more chocking news to follow up this story, because when journalists do a follow up and a series of articles, people just know its truth and seriousness in the work. So what will we do next? Do we have any dirt on the bloggers we can use? Maybe one of them visited a child porn site one time? Or maybe did we have some strange looking man we can take picture of while he is in meeting with Henrik? Or maybe the Pirate Party got money from a former racist? It’s so fun making up news isn’t it hun?

Oh… no, busted!

Apparently one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden have made a chocking find, the opposition against government surveillance was organized! A couple of oppositional people talking together? Oh, no way! And they even had some meetings? Oh my God! And they have also talked with some people who don’t want to be known by others? Also one guy even went across the Atlantic to visit… *drum roll* America… And maybe some pocket change money exchanged hands to pay for some people working 24/7 for several weeks!? How can this be? The humanity!!

This amazing piece of journalism is worth a Nobel Prize for idiocy. I was just going to bed when this crap happens to fly by my screen. How can journalist even get salary for things like this? And you can really see them sitting in their office trying to form an article out of nothing, fully aware that every little piece of decision being made is made about the same way. The only difference in this case is that there is hardly any money or any kind of recourses, even if these so called “journalists” do everything in their power to lift up some shadowy figure with deep pockets helping out behind the scenes… And with the other side being the government with the never ending income from taxes, even billions wouldn’t be enough. But still…. someone did pay for an ad in a newspaper, huhu… someone against government surveillance most really be rich... Now that’s big spending...

And apparently someone also has written an article that is supposed to fit some particular politicians to get them listen a bit more. This revelation is apparently a chock for the charlatans at this newspaper. Someone actually tries to write a political document in good Swedish or in a way so people want to read it or listen? Nah!? Really!?

Chavez size the rice

The latest dictator that some stupid people have voted for are now confiscating rice factories because they, according to Chavez, is overpricing their products. I absolutely love this guy. No one in the world are like dear Hugo showing people how stupid voting is and how people in general really believe anything you tell them. And the funniest part of all is that he still got followers and even other dictator wannabees around the world who wants to follow his recipe. It’s completely hilarious how he is utterly destroying the Venezuelan economy while violence increases and his political opponents get killed. All of which are with the stupid populace support. As said before and as will be said again, we have never learned anything. It doesn’t matter how many Hitler’s or Stalin’s we get, we don’t learn. People are idiots. At least that’s incredible funny.

Socialist 1:

Socialist 2:

Yeah, you voted for them. what will you vote for next? Idiot.

I’m a very stupid man

I have just moved to a new apartment in Greenock, Scotland. I walked around in the apartment, noticed that the refrigerator was online and working so I went to do some shopping. Bought mainly beer, vodka and other necessities. But back home again I become conscious that the fridge “wasn’t working”, or so I thought. There was no apparent cold despite everything operational and everything checked out, so I tried to turn the cold-knob (or whatever its name might be) to maximum, thinking it might be some stupid Scottish thing with the power line or that they hadn’t got modern day appliances yet. My prejudices running wild and sighing I started to do some serious drinking to at least not waste the alcohol before it got to warm. Then after a couple of runs back and forth to empty the Smirnoff bottle I suddenly realized that the liquids was cold as ice, might even have been some crystals forming. So then I used my superpower of reading English and behold, very clear just in front of me, it says “Frost Free”. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

Henrik is a stupid man

In an article, Henrik Arnstad, writes about the monarchy in Sweden and how he would love to be able to vote who is king or queen. He also argues, which seems to be his main point, that the Swedish people are being regarded as children for not being able to vote in this regard. Really? Isn’t this interesting. Here we have a man who clearly believes that royalty is thing of the past, but he still believes we should vote about who should be king and/or queen. Why? Is the monarchy somehow better because some brainless populace have voted for some poor smuck/s into these positions? And even if this silly silly man has some kind of a point about the monarchy being obsolete, why should we ever vote for someone (any idiot out there) to be our ambassador and have the ability to put their dirty hands on the royal jewels?

No, my dear Henrik, you have missed the point about growing up completely. You don’t want to grow up; you just want to change who gets your money and who is ruling your life. Me I trust a man or a woman who have traditional values, history and can’t be dethroned by idiotic people’s whims much more than some well spoken regular Joe that’s thinks it will be cool to open up the parliament after each summer break. And if you really want to grow up, my dear Henrik, shouldn’t you decide over your own life? Shouldn’t you decide over your money and make your own decisions? So why do you feel the need to scribble down a name on a piece of paper so that person/persons can dictate every minute of your life? Either you emancipate yourself or not. There is no middle ground, but you are young yet. Maybe you have time to learn how things work yet.

Kill them, kill them all

Why are we cuddling with animals all over this planet? I don’t get it, what have ever any animals, with the exception for cows (hamburgers) and dogs (good company) and a couple of more, done for us? Most of them are only in the way. If some idiotic, close to extinct, bird are nesting next to your house, kill it. And Polar bears that some people seem to worry about are murderous stupid things that kill baby seals for a sport! Every day some animals go extinct, no matter what we do. 99% of all the species that ever lived on this planet is gone! Extinct! Dead! Humans did not kill them, nature itself did. And even if we have killed of some useless idiotic beings, why should we care? Some stupid biologist will probably tell you that we would disrupt some eco system somewhere. So? Even if, what does that do to us? We can always cultivate some more chickens in tight small spaces and knock of some more cows if we need food or something else. And if there was a sudden increase in vermin because some cat or other predator dies out, we can always throw some chemicals around, radiate them or create special hunting seasons. Might even be a new reality show; “The Rat Killers” – whoever kills the most rats in this abandoned building in 24hrs gets 100 free Big Mac’s and get to go out on a date with some C-starlet that happens to have done soft-core porn because her daddy touched her breast by accident one time.

We are to bloody soft as a race. It’s very hard to believe we got to rule this world. If polar bears were above us in the food chain, do you really believe they would care about stupid little us? Nope, not a chance. They would start holocaust camps that would make the Nazis look amateurish. We are the only ones stupid enough to care and why? Because some insect have hair or because some bear happens to have fur and therefore are cuddleable? Stop this nonsense. Let’s just kill them. Kill them all. You know you really want to. Who haven’t dreamt of snatching hold of a small little kitten’s cute little neck and break it? And who haven’t been fantasizing about putting bullets in the heads of some adorable kangaroo babies? And even if you haven’t, what does it do to you if we start slaughtering some animals here and there? That’s right, nothing!

Same shit, different name

I was politically active for a long while before I really got it. I actually thought that there were differences between political parties. I had a notion that a party that wanted to lower taxes with one or two percent was on the side of freedom and that a party that wanted to increase taxes with one or two percent were evil. I also thought that people needed to activate themselves to get something done and that if only lots of good people come together we could at least save the city we live in. I was also under the impression that Sweden had the world’s best healthcare and that ideology and ideas can get you somewhere. Yeah, I actually was that silly when I was younger. Sounds stupid even writing it, but I do believe in being self-aware and learning from your own foolishness.

The truth is that there is very little separating one politician from the other, no matter what color they have on their flags or what financial doctrine he/she bow down to.

They all want you to vote – to support the system.
They all want you to pay taxes – to pay for their salaries and idiotic spending.
They all want you to hate the opposition – mainly to get you to vote so those “others” you are suppose to hate don’t get the power.
They all want you to obey and follow the laws – no rebellion or too much thinking please

And no matter what the government calls itself or who’s in charge, the governing is always authoritarian. Sure there are different temperatures in hell but have you ever tried to oppose the government? Any of them? In the end it doesn’t matter if you are living in a real dictatorship or in a “democracy”, if you oppose the government you will get hurt and maybe die. Try to stop paying your taxes or refuse to obey traffic laws and watch them go to work on you. And if you really stand up for yourself, don’t think for a moment that the government won’t kill you. They will. No matter what country you live in or how free you think you are. If you don’t believe me, please try to prove me wrong, it would show the rest of us how stupid, and dead, you are.

So when there are polls and general elections I just shrug and ignore the stupidity. Why do people care whether or not we have one more or less government program? Why do you care if there is a woman or a man ruling you? Or if it’s a king or Pharaoh? If you let someone else steal your money, tell you want to do and then kills you if you don’t obey, does it really matter who this person is? I don’t vote anymore, sadly once upon a time I did. They say you shouldn’t complain if you don’t vote, why not? If there are no politicians that I feel would be a good candidate to rule my life, why shouldn’t I complain? No the ones that shouldn’t complain is you idiots that do vote. If you vote, you vote for the system, for the oppression and for the politician (any of them). You live with it. Someone like me that don’t vote have the right to complain.

War is peace & the living dead

There is always dense people that tries to avoid the realities of life or are trying to make the best out of what the government let us do. I sort of get it; I mean humans do fight for the scraps we can collect and most of the time we actually try to do the right thing. But still there is a stupidity behind “always hoping”. The current economic crisis we are in will not get better anytime soon, anyone with a brain can tell you that. Sadly brains are in a short supply so instead people listen to vegetables like politicians, journalists or “financial experts”. Some of these silly losers that the populace listens to even think that we already have seen the worse or even that companies are starting to hire people again.

Nope, the fun is just getting started and pretty much every government on the planet is doing their finest work to worsen the situation. People should be selling their businesses and stockpiling conserves or moving somewhere where they can grow their own crops, but they still listen to the same idiots that created the crisis in the first place. Inhabitants on this planet have been living on money that does not exist, letting governments increase inflation and steal our wealth. We have been subsidizing peoples mechanical spending with the same peoples own money and the entire time citizens work less hours while we are destroying capital with mindless laws that are supposed to “save the planet”. And this we have been doing for a long time now and now the time is up. Not even governments and countries can keep borrowing and spending money that doesn’t exist for all eternity. They can hide it for a while through inflation, exponentially increasing borrowing and different political pastimes like wars, but in the end the bill is up for payment. And this is what’s happening now and even if they “succeed” to trick people again and maybe even postpone the crisis a little while, it doesn’t change anything. We are heading for a huge fall and I for one cannot wait. You have deserved it, now suck it up.

Friday, February 27, 2009

25 million kronor

The princess is getting married and the Swedish people love to gossip and everyone hates those that have more than others? Hm… what can we write about… Let’s make a story about how much you can get for 25,000 000 kr!

When I was in a local political forum in a small town in Sweden in one single committee, we once did take a trip to live on a mansion for a couple of days, the cost were 15 000kr/person and we were about 40 people. And this was just one time, it went on and on and in all the different councils and committees. Did you know that two, maybe three larger political meetings with people from all over Sweden cost about 25,000 0000kr? I once calculated that my cost from being a politician for 14y, at a lower lvl, totally were about 20,000 000kr and I wasn’t even payed with salary, I did it on my spear time, think then what idiots like Reinfeldt or Sahlin cost you each year. What’s the cost for security or even heating for different government buildings each year? How many billions haven’t the social democrats spent on elections throughout the years? And you are the one paying for it. We have thousands of politicians in Sweden and all of them are chosen by the same idiots that then pays the bills. For the pleasure of getting controlled by and robbed by your elected official, you also get to pay for the alcohol; hotel rooms, flight tickets or candy that official buys for your money. Yeah, sure, Victoria is a part of this idiocy, but she and the royal family is few, cost very little compared to other government accounts and at least she can say that she draws tourist money in to Sweden.

Muslim idiocies

I have known a couple of Muslims in my day and most of them have been great drinking buddies, but sometimes religion is in the way for them to. We Christian idiots have been burning witches, doing crusades, outlawing alcohol and believing in a spooky father figures, but so have Muslims. We are all idiots under the same sky. But sometimes one idiot stands out a little bit more than the rest. Sheikh Mohamed Al-Najimi, member of the Saudi Islamic Jurisprudence Academy is such an idiot. He is now stating and issuing warnings to youths studying abroad of using ethanol or other fuel that contains alcohol in their cars since they could be committing a sin. Could be? Sin? How about after shave dear Sheikh? And that ethanol is a “competitor” to oil and its derivate have not the slightest thing to do with this statement…

What are the idiots talking about?

Apparently there is a discussion about who is going to pay for Princess Victorias wedding, the King or the government. Here is a newsflash to all you idiots out there; it doesn’t matter! Its tax money either way! You are going to pay for it even if you don’t like the wedding cake or that the bride is wearing white… Who cares if it’s the state, the city of Stockholm or the Social Democrats that’s paying for this shindig, its tax money. And don’t come dragging that idiocy about the Kings personal wealth, were do you think he got that from? The Easter bunny?

This is going to be a great day in Sweden and we should all be happy that the Princess and Queen to be has found love, but don’t go around pretending this is a great cost or that we can avoid paying for it with tax money. Do you know what each political party throws away at things like alcohol and hotel rooms each year? And those ever so funny “art students” are a fine little expenditure aren’t they? If some of you idiots out there really care about tax money, you should start complaining about the real problems that exists, not a happy loving occasion for Sweden’s future sovereign.

Stop crying and plan your funerals better

Several Swedish newspapers are reporting about 82y old Inga Svensson who needed and wanted to say goodbye to her fiancée. Her tear-filled eyes and her wheelchair didn’t help her because the public service people that was supposed to help her get to and from the funeral missed the time they were supposed to pick her up and then the driver didn’t want to stop at the chapel for some unknown reason.

Now Inga Svensson is very upset claiming that saying goodbye to a loved one you can only do once. Here is a thought for you Inga, say goodbye now, in 5min from now, tomorrow or whenever you like to. You can even say goodbye before someone dies. Your fiancée aren’t going anywhere, he is rotting away, happily eaten by worms and beetles. He can’t hear you, but then again, he couldn’t do that even if you had made it to the funeral. And you should know better than to trust anyone else to get you someplace. If you have lived for 82 years, you should really plan things better. Take a normal cab, they might cost some more, but hey, if you really want to get to your dead boy toy before he turns into humus, you might pay for it. Or maybe you should have gone with those friends you claim to have and apparently they were able to get to the funeral. What? They couldn’t pick up the dead ones bride to be? Or don’t you have any children, relatives or neighbors to help you out? I mean come on, you rely on a public service for the elderly to get you somewhere in time? Did you really love that guy?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do it like they do on the discovery channel

The more I read about this news with Princess Victoria and her future husband; I get more and more exited. Or is it the vodka talking? Well, anyhow, it’s great to see some loving among the royals again and with loving I do mean the making of children. Let’s face it people, not even Madeleine is getting younger and we need some more little cute things that tax payers can waste money on. Well, the royal family doesn’t cost more than a bunch of art students and compared to politicians that never do anything useful they are a barging, so don’t get that wastefulness as necessarily a bad thing. The Swedish royal family is great ambassadors for Sweden and probable “takes in” more money than the cost. So if you, the idiotic people, are going to throw your money at someone, throw them on the royals and rebel against those useless elected ones in the parliament. At least our two princesses are beautiful, can you say the same about Reinfeldt and Sahlin?

What goes up must come down…

This is maybe even greater news then the future marriage in the Swedish royal family. Well, at least it’s funnier. Apparently a satellite, costing the American tax payers $280-million, were launched to study global warming, you know, that made up idiocy people are afraid of. Failing to reach the orbit it crashed near Antarctica. Oh, maybe it was space monsters or Aliens? Seems reasonable thinking of the satellites purpose. Anyhoooo… The reason for the satellites crash isn’t completely clear and more millions need to be invested in the research before another satellite for about the same idiotic amount is launched. This is great waste of money is, if anything, great entertainment. People have bought this crap about manmade global warming so the NASA idiots jump onboard, finally getting to do something again, to waste people’s money and they make a satellite that crashes so they have more things to do. Is it just me that sees the conspiracy here?

Fantastic day today

The crown princess of Sweden is finally getting married. Not a day too soon. The children of the royal Swedish family are growing up and we need some new ones to pine over and read about. I’m kind of a royalist, well not really, it’s an idiotic relic from the past that belongs in the fairytales, but still in a way I am. And the royalist in me is kind of sad despite the great news. First of all it’s a bought in French family that makes up the royalty, so I would rather see the real ones on the throne. And we are getting a queen in the future that has a “normal guy” as a husband. Kind of pollutes the DNA, well actually it’s the other way around, royal blood isn’t really more than incestuous blood for the most part, but you know what I mean. It takes away the mystery and über feeling that comes with a royal family. That’s their point of being, if you take that away, all you are left with are regular people.

Despite that rambling, great stuff “Vickan”!

I also had a great day at work as well as after work. A bottle of vodka and some muffins can do marvels for your nighttime.

Some idiots are demonstrating as usual and more billions are wasted from different governments going for that apocalypse nowish that’s going to be great.
So a great day all in all.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Konstfack students! Yeah! You go!

I absolutely love these guys. The Swedish people are a strange breed, when our politicians waste billions upon billions on nothing, we say zilch, but when a couple of art students trash the subway or fake a psychotic episode that costs a couple of hundred thousands, everyone goes mad. That’s why I love those students and their inapt and completely idiotic followers. They are showing the Swedish people what their tax money actually pays for and if people get upset over those little shenanigans’, they should go completely berserk and start civil wars over what really goes on.

So I truly hope that those brainless art student people keep doing these things. It’s great! It actually gets people thinking and not about the stuff the idiots do, but what it costs and why the normal populace should pay for the idiocy. So all you Konstfack students out there, go nuts! Please.

Kebab and beer...

… Is the food of the God’s.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cry wolf to many times…

This is incredible. Apparently British police went a little bit overboard when they reacted to a call about a bottle of brown fluid that had been thrown through the window of a parked car on a residential street in Enfield, north London. Wearing suits designed to protect against all chemical and biological threats, and with fire crews and paramedics in support, the team examined the inside of the car where the mystery substance had leaked. A female police officer was also taken to a local hospital as a safety measure after getting some of the substance on her suit.

The story doesn’t really say if the bottle in question could in parts be seen or if the car in question belonged to a diplomat or high government official, but still, come on! Do terrorist really throw in bottles through a window of a car with no one in it?

It turned out to be:

Isn’t that a way of wasting tax money…

size matters?

I missed this, but apparently a man in northern Sweden got a bit anxious to relieve himself and with no toilets around he did so in public. It was in the middle of the night and at a non public area, but the police caught him in the act, so to speak, and he got a ticket for about 100$. Strangely enough there were no muggers, murderers or Piratebay people to arrest. My thinking is that this horrible criminal had something to display that the police didn’t, so they wanted to emasculate him, but that’s just a theory.

What people should do is to walk over to the IRS (Skattemyndigheten) office and do their business on the front door, something that I myself never have done…

Melodifestival again

Well, for those who don’t understand this concept, every year there is a Eurovision song contest with contributions from all over Europe. All the countries vote and one song will be declared winner and the next year the country, from where the winner comes from, will be hosts. This year the final is being hold in Russia but until then there is tryouts in the European countries about which songs and artists that are going to be sent. And as the number one Eurovision happy country, Sweden has several tryouts. Today is the third one. It can be seen live on the Internet which I as refugee will do. I believe that none of today’s contributions really stand a change in the coming final, so once again I will incorporate my favorite from 1995. Cheers people!

The blind singing to the blind

Well, as reported before and has been written several times before in newspapers all over the world, the spending spree of the new complete idiot in the white house are on the way. Every minute the millions are thrown away and this at a time when the problems are based on wastefulness and overspending. This is going to be, by far, the biggest idiocy ever produced from an American president. And with most of this money coming from loans, mainly from China, he is spending away the future of not only America, but the world. China has its own problems and even if they today have the world’s largest currency reserves, it will not help when the crisis hits us all. It seems like it’s a sign that Stevie Wonder is playing at the white house, the blind singing to the blind. Oh yeah, this is going to be fun. We are heading for a fall people, start piling up those conserves, you’re going to need them.

If you doubted

Yeah, that’s right. Soon it’s the end of the line...

Left sided traffic more logical?

I have been thinking and I’m wondering if there is not a good reason for countries around the world to adapt the British way of driving, on the left side of the road. First it felt uneasy, strange and kind of exotic, but when I started to ponder on the subject and really got into it I do feel it is a more appropriate way of using traffic. First of all, most people are right handed, so if you use that little stronger hand to shift gears and have the slightly weaker left hand on the steering wheel, isn’t that actually a bad thing? Isn’t the English way of using your stronger arm to control the car better? Secondly it feels better to go, like in the UK, clockwise around a roundabout or around a fast food place like McDonald´s. In most countries we go counter clockwise, why? Shouldn’t it be better with the familiar way of going - with the sun and the clock? And thirdly; it would be fun to see some changes that might lead to some accidents. It probably would go pretty smoothly, but the risks are slightly higher and traffic accidents are lots of fun.

Another race of fuzzy bears that should be killed!

I have earlier put forward the idea that we should act proactively to kill all polar bears, they don’t do any good anyways, and they kill cute baby seals for God´s sake! And those infectious crime mongering psychopaths; Koala Bears are a given for us humans to get rid of. Now I have detected another race of bears we should look out for and put down for extinction; Panda Bears! These retched creatures going around looking like a ying-yang symbol might be the fuzziest and cutest of them all. Their fur looks so cuddly that you almost go to sleep only by seeing one of those bloodthirsty things. So what has these Panda Bears done for humans? Nothing. Why keep some idiotic animal around that we can’t use? Maybe those furs can be good warm clothes, but otherwise they are just in the way. And they sometimes are used as a symbol for WWF which is a reason as good as any to kill them. They are also on the way out partly because of us humans already, so let’s finish the job.

Great day in Scotland today

Okay, it’s raining, lots of clouds in the sky, I feel tired and a bit bored, but it’s still a great day. Because I’m no longer living in Sweden and in Scotland I can buy vodka at Lidl. So it’s a great day.

Is it a crime to provide a meeting place?

As I have said before, the accused in the Piratebay trial act wrongly in and out of court. And they do and say things that according to my experience put them on the guilty rack. But I also believe that this is because of the circumstances in themselves and their inexperience with these kinds of situations and; most importantly, I as many others come from a more traditional way of doing business and looking at things. I too believe in knowing who’s in charge and the more hierarchical way of organizing things. But even if they did earn money and even if they know about all the things that the prosecutors accuse them of, the main reason for this trial is to figure out if it is illegal to create a marketing place or a meeting place were others might do crime and might share crime. If it is, then every government, company and organization that has built parks, shopping malls and every other place in the history of mankind is also guilty of the same crime. Every place humans and laws exists, crimes have been and always will be committed. So if these guys have copied, distributed and shared files illegally themselves, okay, they are guilty according to the law and in that case those kinds of crimes. If they only have created and provided a meeting place, they should be acquitted. And as far as I can tell, the prosecutors’ have not proved and will not ever prove them guilty of doing any crimes, but they will most likely be convicted anyways, because this is a political trial and anyone who says different do not know the facts or are lying.

Friday, February 20, 2009

What is freedom?

If I were to say that freedom needs to be for all people, otherwise it’s not really freedom. Wouldn’t you agree? I know from experience that pretty much anyone you put this statement in front of will agree with it. But still it’s so damn hard for people to grasp and really understand what this means.

Pretty much every political party that has ever existed has spoken about freedom. Even the Nazis and the communists. Everyone from social democrats to libertarians speak of freedom. So you know they can’t mean the same thing.

If freedom really is when everyone is free, no matter whom they are, this must include things like gender, age, job, income or social status. Many people will agree also with this, much fewer then the above statement, but still a significant part of people will concur.

But if you stress the money part and maybe ask a follow up question if the billionaire having the same right to his single dollar in his pocket as the poor person whom only own one dollar in total, things start to go downhill. Suddenly, if you say this, it’s no longer applicable, must people do not agree with this. Why? Because some people might own more cars or have nicer jobs or have a higher social status than others. This inequality gets people jealous and start wondering why someone should have billions when others have nothing. So suddenly freedom doesn’t apply for rich people, which in turn means that things like what job you have or your social status does not give you the same rights or freedoms as the rest.

And then when we dissect the age thing and start asking questions, suddenly there is lines that need to be drawn. Things like; legal age for drinking, legal age for sex, for voting and so on becomes relevant. Some people don’t think old people can´t/shouldn’t drive cars. And when you really come down to it, people should go to certain schools or have certain old folks homes. Different contributions or restrictions are piled up the further you go and the more questions you ask. So apparently, age isn’t something that can be connected to freedom either.

Gender is the next topic for discussion. I don’t agree with much of what feminists often argue, but to some extent they have some points. Men have been the rulers throughout history; men still have some social advantages that women don’t, at least in many countries around the world. So there might be some things to be done about it. But when you start asking these follow up questions to the freedom concept, the same thing as with age comes up. Women should cut in line to certain jobs; some families (but not others) need extra help and support. There should be free breast cancer examinations and so on. And when you get into it, men also are a wronged group for some reason. Some men cannot stay home with their children, because the loss of income is to great, is one example of this.

In other words, people might concede the concept of freedom, but not what the word really implies. So when people, politicians or pretty much anyone around you are talking about freedom, it’s not really freedom they are talking about, its freedom for some, but not for others. Depending on their political views, gender, age or social status their interpretation of freedom will vary. Isn’t that interesting?

As long as people don’t grasp the significance of freedom and what it truly means when all people are free, we will keep having idiocies like death camps and racism. The meaning of a single word and the people of this world knowing this meaning could save billions of lives. But are you and the rest of this world ready to admit that the billionaire has the same right to his single dollar in the pocket as the poor person whom only own one dollar in total? If you don’t, you are against freedom. It is that simple.

9y old boy pleaded guilty to murder

As reported in some US papers today a 9y old boy in Arizona that shot his father and another man have now pleaded guilty to murder of the last one, but apparently not to the death of his father. Riveting reading and I’m a bit surprised Swedish newspapers haven’t picked this story up as an example of those bloodthirsty Americans Swedish journalists like to write about. It will probably pop up during the day…

Swedish women are clueless - according to RFSU

RFSU in Sweden suggest that birth control pills should be “free” up to the age of 25. This dim-witted proposal is put forward with the “argument”: women have the right not to get pregnant against their will. Really? How about not having sex? And why the age of 25y? Isn’t that a bit discriminating against older people? And why aren’t they telling us that these women in fact are the ones that also pays for these “free” pills? Or do a deluded RFSU believe that pills are a gift from Santa? There are no secret were babies comes from. If you don’t want babies, do the operation, don’t have sex or use birth control. If this isn’t clear to the Swedish female then she is inept beyond belief. The whole thing is very simple, but RFSU wants the tax payers to buy “free” things to give to themselves. Only a very bizarre organization with brainless spokespersons can propose such an idiocy.

Apocalypse soonish

The end is so near I can smell it.

There are such big similarities between what’s going on the world today and what happen during the 1920’s that I need to pick up that tread. There are really only two main differences I can see. First of all, we still haven’t had any massive increases in protectionism. Some, but not as much as back then. And second we do not have the gold standard today, which they nearly didn’t have back then either, it was on the way out. But otherwise is almost spooky. Kind of like a theater piece being played once more. And this is the first act, nearly completed:

On one side of the Atlantic we have the Americans who, through fictive loans courtesy of the government, have bought houses they really can’t afford and been living over their actual income, back in the 20’s it was stocks and bonds that people bought for the same reason and just as today, they lived on money that didn’t really exist. We have just had one president who neglected the economy and increased the public debt followed by another one that will surpass this by far. Just as back then.

On the other side of the Atlantic, in Europe, we have governments piling up national debts like it’s no tomorrow with a couple of the main actors of the world market leading the way. Just like back then. Throughout Europe the economies are going, but hardly more. Because of the European Union and the monetary union, the different countries have different problems but cannot do anything about it because they are tied to the Euro. But the main problem is, as before, UK were the national debt is frightening high and the governments solution is to put out more money on the market and borrow to spend even more.

All over the world people, even though still not aware of the coming comedy, are still having an incline what’s about to happen and are starting to save their money in gold. Investments are going down all across the globe and even if protectionism has started to grow here and there, it has not really taken off yet. Businesses are going down and several big corporations’ issues warnings about their profit margins pretty much every day.

Ladies and gentlemen, the stage is set.

Back then it was the hyperinflation together with protectionism and, above all, the US Federal reserve idiotic attempt to support Great Britain that really got things going in the end. This scenario is not very likely today though. So we have a slight change of the plot here I would say. Protectionism will increase, no doubt about that, so one main ingredient are still there. The British governments plan to put in more money in the market will increase inflation, but if it will be as bad as back then is hard to say. But instead of those problems, today we have EU and some other major players like China. And if I had to guess, China is the most likely candidate to push this pile of crap over.

So we are a couple of years from the main event. Several countries have started spending sprees in attempts to jumpstart and keep their economies going, this of course with either borrowed money or newly printed money, some, as Britain, have used both. And this will be the ending of the second act.

The third act is the most entertaining one. When some (or several; according to me, the most likely ones are China and some member states in EU) will run into really big problems. And then it will take off. Businesses going bankrupt all over, unemployment skyrockets and all the people who are used to be taken care of by their governments will suddenly lose their income, which will lead to civil unrest, possible even civil wars (which is very likely in China). And it’s all downhill for several years. And then it’s time for the final act:

The final act will start when a hysterical people with hysterical problems look towards those easy solutions and start to listen to that hysterical man (well, probably several men and maybe even a woman this time) with politics that seem to be the salvation. And then comes despotism. And with many of these countries now being nuclear powers or having that capability, there will not take long until someone presses the button. Fun fun fun.

Remember where you read about this comedy first people. I will not be there to tell you: “I told you so”, because I will probably be dead and communication will probably not be as good when there are big holes in this planet. But I must admit, this is going to be great. I really am looking forward to this finalization of life as we know it on this planet. There will be some pockets of human survivors, ironic enough, Africa will probably be the only place left were we can still live. Back to basics you might say. Oh, I can’t wait, just a few years left…

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spending money that you don’t have

Think for a moment that you are in debt and your costs are higher than your income and that your costs are getting higher all the time, with your income standing still or at least not getting higher at the same rate as your costs. You are about to go bankrupt and this will also highly effect your children and grandchildren whom will inherited the debt you are responsible for. What would you do?

Well if you are a politician, you would borrow more money, letting todays and future taxpayers pick up the tab. And then you would go out and spend it all and increase the debt even further, and then you need to borrow even more money so you can keep spending. Isn’t politics fun?

This is what’s going on in the world. The new American president is going on a spending spree; the British and German governments are doing the same. And this they do during a time when the economies are built on a very shaky foundation that could collapse at any moment. But it gets even funnier. Alistair Darling, the British Chancellor, have gone to the printing presses to: ”make more money”. This is the same thing as to say to the market: “We give up” and it means that they no longer intent to pay the bills, which will lead to even less investments and consequently even higher debt with more people losing jobs and even higher loans. Are you getting this?

But it does not stop there either. Unions, socialists and even companies are crying and asking for governments to help and bail them out. People are gathering at demonstrations to force governments to spend even more. And just around the corner there it is; the biggest crisis in recorded history. The last time we got real exciting guys like Mussolini and Hitler, I wonder who we get this time?

Thank you massa’

The current Swedish government wants to”allow” their citizen to buy some none prescription drugs at normal stores. Isn’t this nice of them? This outburst of kindness might be followed by them letting us: be alive or breathe as we wish.

I always love it when governments “allow their inhabitants…” something. Don’t you? It makes me feel all fuzzy inside to think of politicians who let their humble servants do things. We should all go down on our knees and thank ye all mighty for this token of appreciation. Maybe next time they will allow us to eat cookies after dinner?

Our ancestors started global warming!

A mammoth was found in sunny Los Angeles. Maybe those cave living ancestors of ours caused some global warming in their time to?

Fine day in Scotland today

A nice sunny day in Scotland today. Warmth and no snow might get you off, but for me it’s the ability to buy alcohol in the nearest store that does it. When I lived in Estonia I relished in the fact that I could buy tons of beer for the fraction of the price as in Sweden and this pretty much anywhere. In Scotland it’s not that cheap but still cheaper than in my native country, but not in: “I have found religion” kind of a way. But you can at least buy it at pretty much at every corner and this every day of the week. In Sweden there are countless home breweries and to smuggle alcohol over the border is pretty much a way of life. Because the government thinks we can’t handle ourselves and consequently have put all sales of alcohol in government stores so the government can make money of our drinking and that makes it alright…

You are going to die! Part XV

I have mentioned these guys before and it should be obvious for most people with some brain activity, but the ones who you really need to look out for and the ones who are the biggest threat to your very existence is your own government.

A government might be the king and his knights, a Pharos court, some Tsar or those elected politicians, but they all share the same faith and reality; they can’t make money! Every government that ever existed has lived on, partied on and build on their people’s money. They have only done so in different ways and in different amounts. To some extent, even though very subtle, people know this and to keep the citizen from figuring out what really goes on, the government needs to come up with some kind of defense for their existence. This has often been through religion. A ruler is proclaimed: “The son of God” or get some other nice holy title. In exchange for the particular religions and its priests support, the government gives them the power of people’s souls or they outlaw writing for non religious types or some other solution. So if you oppose your leader, you are not only committing a rebellion, you also violate the “laws of nature (=God)”. This has not always worked perfectly. The priests might not be completely reliable, they might find another ruler that gives them more power, but also some people have seen through this charade and rebelled against their governments anyway. So governments need other and more viable solutions and these have varied throughout the ages. One common solution has been to outlaw weapons, except for the ruler’s armies; people without weapons are easier to control. Another solution has been to increase the gifts to the people to keep them happy. Give them free healthcare, free slaves or less working hours and they might not be so inclined to overthrow you. Entertainment is another way to go. If people are busy with watching gladiators fight or are happy with theaters or other forms of entertainment they are not really too eager to destroy the ones giving them this, especially if it’s “free”.

But all the way governments need to show the public that they care, they need to act upon injustice and help the poor (whoever they are). And they need to impose laws to protect, help and serve the people. If many get killed by riding horses, the government needs to show they are worried and preferably make laws to outlaw riding until a certain age or that people need helmets or something of that nature. All the time doing all of it with the people’s money.

And here comes the first catch: All those laws that cost money could have been used to pay for new inventions or be used in many other different ways that actually would have benefited the people more than what the government comes up with. What the government does might sound good, it might even (very seldom) work to some extent, but still the alternative would have been better to all involved. Sometimes (most of the time) the government’s solution might even increase the suffering. And this leads to the next catch: governments need to justify these laws or public solutions with banning the alternative; otherwise, what’s the point with the government? So if the government sees and hears about a new drug that might cause people to act in a certain way and there is a public outcry to ban this drug and do something about it, the government goes to work. They outlaw that substance and presto: they have created a bunch of outlaws! These will be taken care of by going to jail, handled by the police and maybe even getting some “free” medical help. The law causes a high cost of the substance which in turn makes people to turn to the mafia, which will kill, meme and bribe their way through society and the government has another reason to exist, to fight crime! People can’t fight crime, they don’t have weapons (courtesy of laws) and a mob defending themselves against aggressive muggers or whatnot cannot go about their business, the government is needed to impose the respectability and non partisan point of view.

And this just goes on and on. Often very subtle and very non harmful to the naked eye. People drown? Let’s have public swimming lessons so they all learn how to not drown. People are not educated? Lets impose laws so all kids need to go to certain schools, on certain times, with certain teachers and with certain curriculums. People can’t afford healthcare? Let’s make it “free” for all. All of these and many many more solutions make it seem like the government cares, it might even sound good or great. Who doesn’t want to be able to swim? And get their kids to learn things? And that doctor is expensive, excellent that the government cares and makes it “free of charge”. But you are the one paying for it. Did you think about that you stupid idiot? And the government does not do this carity work for free, no, they cost money. Politician’s costs money, the administrators, the teachers and even those who collect your money and then put it “were it belongs” cost money. Some economists have counted that using the government solution instead of paying for it yourself might be 3 times more expensive. I think its way more than that. So in supporting this idiocy you lose money and this might cause you and your children to starve. But even if it doesn’t, you have given up your right to choice for yourself.

All this is just a couple of the many ways a government might do you harm. I choice to write about the non obvious ones because the others you might know about, probably not, but you might. Most governments have other, more understandable ways to kill and harm you. They have been more open about it, killing at random. Every war that ever been started have been started by governments, not the people, not companies or something else, only governments. Witches have been burned, non believers have been massacred, and those not paying taxes will be executed. It might have someone saying/writing the wrong thing or it might have been someone having the wrong color of the skin, but the government has killed it. Pretty much anything you can think of from wearing classes to being an atheist has made governments kill. And they are still doing it today!

Without a doubt government have been and are still today the main reason why you might get killed. But they are soooo nice, giving you “free” roads to drive on with your government approved car imposed with different taxes, all of which you pay for, so they must be good… Idiot.

The economic crisis will soon hit us very hard – drink vodka

You should all be aware that the current financial crisis isn’t over by a long shot. It’s just getting started. And if you read this and hopefully listen, you should start piling up those candles, popcorns or whatever you need, because soon we will be hit by something worse than the great depression. Big troubles in Eastern Europe, mainly for those countries that have gone over to the Euro and problem for banks all over were the first signs. Car manufactories going bankrupt and real estate agencies loosing clients was the second sign. Then we had the hording of Gold on the market and then the different government support packages that will increase and worsen the situation. Now we also learn that investments are going way down and that calls are being made to increase protectionism and/or increase international cooperation, all the time economists and governments encourage spending with borrow and fictive money. This can’t end well.

These are all signs of the economies going downhill. There is no real panic yet, but it should be. And with socialist all around the world screaming about government solutions, increasing taxes and strengthening unions will not really help either. The thing to wait for now is that last little spark to get the fun going. It might be anything from a company declaring themselves out of business to a government imposing martial law. It will happen and I have will enjoy all of the mayhem and idiocy with vodka, the true mistress of entertainment.

Piratebay again

It should be clear that I’m on the side of Piratebay and I think that most of the problems caused by sharing files and information over the internet is due to governments and big corporations, not by a couple of boys using technology to build a platform were people can meet. The Piratebay people are innocent in several ways, but I still find it necessary to point out a couple of things that might not work in their favor. First of all, they are all completely aware of the shadowy path they are walking. They know that some of their “users” are sharing stolen files and music and they know that this might be considered suspect by governments and by some in the general public. They also are fully aware of what their name “Piratebay” implies and I’m fairly certain that they feel like rebels, cool outsiders or something in that regard. I would. And from what I have seen and heard from the trial so far, their knowledge about how to act, market and sell themselves, their ideas and the concept is really horrible. They should get some good marketers working for them; they need those more then lawyers. But instead we have hundreds of blogs all over the world doing the sales pitch for them and for the most part people are on their side, so they are still winning this. If they don’t completely fuck things up they will come out of this as heroes no matter what the outcome of this or future trials.

The ones that really should be on trial here is those governments who insists on putting taxes on pretty much everything. If there were not for those, most people would afford buying records or whatnot and this would be a none issue for the most part. And those companies and executives that suck the entertainment industry dry to keep their own lavish lifestyle should be ashamed to even consider going to trial. And the idiots on the prosecuting side and their supporters don’t seem to care or know about what magnificent opportunities this technology gives us all. For the most part it is not copyright protected things that are shared, no matter what any of those technology fascists says, its information and free software and culture aspects that are floating around to all people in this world. This overcomes boundaries, crosses state- and country lines and there are no fascists or communists that can stop it. And this is the real problem. This is the reason why governments seek to manage and monitor Internet; their inability to read and control what is going on. In milliseconds a military takeover, a politician cheating or the stupidity of a courthouse can travel all over the world and be read, copied and commented on by millions of people. And we can’t have that. Normal people with more power then politicians? No way.

The problem with this free and, all over the world, accessible information, is that people are stupid, not any copyright laws or any other thing Piratebay are accused of. The morons of this world might share information and stupidities with each other, making themselves even more stupid and that’s the only problem. But with free information at least they have the choice to be smart or stupid. With the technology haters and governments doing the driving, there is only stupidity.

Facebook causes cancer! - if you are an idiot

Yeah, from the makers of; “Chips/crisps give you cancer”; “Tomatoes causes cancer”; “Cell phones give you cancer” and the ever popular: “the sun gives you cancer” there is a new risk we all need to relate to. Apparently one psychologist, Arec Sigman, has figured out that social meeting points on the web increases the risk of getting cancer. But by no means does it stop there; this complete humbug also claims it MIGHT increase dementia, strokes and heart diseases. This can be read in today’s Daily Mail. Oh, I’m so terrified. Maybe if I don’t use facebook I might not die?

Is this idiocy really even news?

Vodka saves the day - Some travel tips

I’m not a globetrekker or have been travel that much to be a guru in the travel industry, but some pointers is never the less important to tell you about.

First of all, if you go to UK, don’t exchange too much money, use your credit card. Even if it costs money to use. This because the coins keep piling up. In three days I manage to collect a smaller fortune in all those little pounds and pennies. So much so that it started to affect my walk, too much weight on one side. Okay, after a while this might not be a problem for you, you learn how to handle all those coins, but if you are going for the first time or just staying a day or so, don’t use money, use your cards. And my second tip is to look for that cheap vodka. You get a lot of value for your money. For about 6£ you get 50ml of 40% vodka which is a good start if you want to go to the pub later on.

If you are a British citizen and going to Sweden, there is some other tips you might think about. First, if you go in the wintertime, bring with you really good sunglasses. During those days when the sun actually can be seen (not that often though), it is low set in the horizon and if you go driving, cycling or even go for a walk, you might not be able to see that much. The suns low setting and the snow might make you close to blind. Second, be prepared to buy your alcohol in those government shops that is not open all the time. No local store or supermarket sells alcohol other then with very low %. And then the drinking culture is quite different. Were I come from people usually get drunk about 6 or 7 pm, possible even earlier. This is not the norm, I’m from the more northern parts, but generally speaking we start to drink earlier, drink more and stop our drinking later then most British people do. This goes for both genders and is generally a way to make babies, well… mostly.

But generally speaking, the differences between countries are highly exaggerated by my book. No matter if you are in Turkey, Estonia, Spain, Sweden or some other place. People are about the same. They might eat slightly different things, but they all eat. People might have different drinking habits, but they all drink. And mostly all the people I have meat have been polite and very nice about most things. Even those times I have walked in to a Mafia Bar, or that time I ended up in a gay bar, got stuck in customs, missed a deadline or made some cultural mistake, people have been nice about it no matter where I have been. As long as you yourself are willing to learn and do apologize for your mistake, there is no real worries.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You are going to die! Part XIV

Sex is a fun activity and is also necessary for the survival of the species. But it can also kill you and that in several ways.

First of all, the act of lovemaking might contain some physical activities that might hurt or kill you. Some people like to use chains, whips and suffocation as a way getting off. Lots of people die from suffocation each year by letting the strangulation, or that bag over the head last a bit longer than is good for you. These kinds of sexual role-playing and other similar fetishes are dangerous, but that’s kind of the point. But there is also several other things that can happen during more “normal” sexual activity. People might bang their head against a bed pole, fall out of bed and break their neck or are so into it that they don’t pay attention to what goes on around them. There are also several kinds of equipments that can hurt or kill if not used properly. Not only the once already mentioned, but also electrical appliances. And you always need to be careful what things you put into which hole and how you then use it/them.

The above isn’t enough though; the most dangerous thing about sex is STD’s. Things like Chlamydia, syphilis and other common diseases today are treatable and can be cured with some antibiotics. But back in the day these might actually have killed you. And today we have AIDS. Even if AIDS isn’t only a sexual transmitted disease and you can live with it for many years, it might get you and people around the world do die from it.

And finally we have consequences of sex. A jealous husband might kill you and a woman that has been cheated on might poison you. You might also get pregnant and from that comes other fun things, like giving birth to the next Hitler or getting attacked by some pro life people whom hates you for thinking about abortion. Then there is also human trafficking, prostitution and things that not really have to do with sex, but still needs to be mentioned, like rape and child molestation.
Sex is not really a massive killer of man; more people actually get born and get happy by sex then gets hurt or dies from those activities. But you still need to be cautious and don’t jump into bed with just anyone and do whatever comes to mind, it might kill you.

Feminists can blow my nose

I’m just saying, they could, and maybe even should. Most feminists could use a big nose to wipe and empty of its content. Pretty much every feminist (that is a girl) who I have meet has been ugly or fat and/or is only lacking that big, fat, pumping nose to do her proud. The gay, sorry, guy feminists out there are in it for political correctness or are looking to score some feminist females. It’s all a nose job…

snuff in Scotland?

Good day in Scotland today. Been out looking for a new apartment, had a nice lunch and now with lots of newly bought beer and some crisps I’m spending the afternoon watching porn while boats go by my window. Also I’m contemplating the good fortune of not being in the hellhole anymore. If I could only resolve that snuff buying issue, I will be really happy.

Hollywood calls

I bet you pretty much everything I have that there is already plans in the working for making a movie about Piratebay. You can always trust Hollywood and movie makers to make something out of something like this in an effort to cash in. But that idea will open a lot of strange roundabouts. Someone “steals” movies and whatnot, and then the movie executives makes a movie about that theft and the marketplace they ended up in and then they get that movie about the stealing stolen and displayed at the same place they started to attack for being the illegal in the first place. Maybe they can even make a movie about the movie about Piratebay that got stolen and displayed at Piratebay? But then that one will probably be shared and put out there too…

Government hating generation being created?

Apparently the prosecuting attorney in the Piratebay trial has changed some of the previous charges. This guy has had years to prepare, have the backing of some of the richest and most powerful companies in the world (and the government), and after two days a big part of his “case” goes out the window? Pfff… this thing is so idiotic. Well, the whole trial is stupid and it doesn’t matter what will be the final verdict, the Piratebay have already won. Those Piratebay guys are not really experts in marketing or sales, but they still manage to kick some serious butts on executives all over the world. And the Swedish “justice”-system, laughable as always, is so entertaining. Did you see that “judge” falling asleep?

Wasting millions of tax money on a trial that cannot be won and in doing so making an entire generation mistrustful of the government and the justice system… wait…hold on… that’s great! Magnificent even. Hopefully we soon will have millions of people all over the world hating governments. Oh goodie! I wasn’t thinking properly. From now on I’m a huge fan of this trial and every other idiocy that comes from this. I might even start to rote for the prosecutors. I wonder what will make the worst out of this situation, not guilty or guilty? If someone out there has the answer, let me know so I know what to hope for.

Gold and the coming depression

Apparently people are rushing to buy gold again, a sure sign of bad times and worse to come. Throughout the ages gold have been a guarantee for long time investments because the value of gold doesn’t moves that much and even more importantly, gold can be used to make rings, tiaras, coins or something else to further increase its value. This is also the reason why we once in our history had all our currencies bound to gold; the gold standard. From the early 19th century until the First World War was the best time in human history if you look at the increase in people’s living standards and salaries and during that time we had the gold standard, being a insurance that governments and central banks couldn’t print as much money as they wanted, hence kept the inflation down. Sadly this gradually changed eventually leading up to the great depression and the abandonment of the gold standard. Since then governments have had no problems fiddling with the books or using the money making machines to put more and more fictive money in the system.

But still, gold remains as a favorite investment. It’s beautiful, have always hold great value to people and can be molded as well as used for different things. And when people start buying and putting their savings in gold, that’s the real sign for all the rest of us to be on the lookout for the next depression. Did you think that the financial crisis had peaked? You sad sad little human… The fun is just about to start.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sex, adolescent and grooming

I’m having a hard time seeing a potential law against people taking contact with and then grooming someone that is underage. The line here is really blurry and it will be almost impossible to know exactly what you can do or not. For instance, if I happen to chat with someone that is hiding her/his true age from me and not the other way around, should I be punished for that? And the legal age to have sex is different in different countries. If I’m talking to a 17y Swedish girl, it’s okay, but not her American friend at the same age, to take one example. And at what age does someone become a pedophile? At 18? 26? 38? If some guy is 17y had has meet a girl online that is 14y, is he grooming her and is he a pedophile? Well not if she is an Austrian girl, 14y is the age of consent in that country. With FRA and IPRED in Sweden already eliminating most of that country’s freedom I see the attempts to make a law that will be very hard to interpret as just another excuse for surveillance and control of the people. It is already illegal to have sex with a minor; it is illegal to have child pornography and it’s illegal to do most of the things that are related to grooming, so why a new law?

And this age thing is pretty stupid in general. The age of sexual consent vary in Europe from 12y to 18y. In Sweden its 15y, but why this certain age? There are people that are sexually active far before their 15th birthday and some people should never have sex no matter what the age. And girls develop often faster and at an earlier age then boys, shouldn’t it be different age of consent according to gender?

So this thing is just stupid and unnecessary. And for those parents out there, who let their little girls have webcam in their closed rooms with the lock on, please check her once in a while.

Gay marriage in church is idiocy

Don’t get me wrong, a couple of my oldest friends are gay and I have an aunt who is gay. If they want to get married, let them, it’s stupid, but if even gay people feel the need to be stupid, so let them. Don’t you love that everyone always seems to excuse themselves when talking down gays, black or Muslims? “I know many” or “My relative is xxx” is normally the first phrase. So from now on, every time I put down gays or whatever, I won’t brag about my connections, if you think I’m a bigot or racist, that’s your problem.

There are two reasons why gay marriage is brainless, wrong and idiotic. First of all the whole thing is stupid. Some religious sects that believe in life after death and are responsible for millions of dead people find it great for citizens to bind themselves according to the law? That’s just completely idiotic. Real “marriage” is not according to law or some bloodthirsty priests, it’s according to love. And as a rule: whenever the government or some religious idiots feels it’s appropriate to “trick” people to do something to get something – in this case better protection in case the loved one dies, or in case of “divorce” – you should regard it as highly suspect. The whole thing is a scam.

The second reason is; whatever you think about religion, the government or love for that matter, you cannot force other people to do your bidding. If an organization wants to put a metal object on some peoples fingers and have some rules revolving that, that’s their deal. You cannot run to the government and impose a law to overrule that organization just because you think they are wrong or you want that metal ring yourself. That’s called fascism! So if you are gay, don’t blame the church for you not being married, that’s their thing. If they don’t want to marry you, they shouldn’t. Their organization, their rules. Every priest that refuses to marry gays has my full support. And if you are gay, you should feel lucky and happy about not getting too involved in the greatest killing machine of all time; religion.

So this political correctness with gay marriage is a horrible thing and we can without hesitation say; Gays are idiots.

You are going to die! Part XIII

One of the main reasons of our unhappiness and stressful relationship with the outside world is the choices we make. Every little decision we make can be fatal. If we choice to walk over the road 5 sec earlier we get hit by a truck and die. If we vote for the wrong politician we might lose all our savings. If we go swimming we might drown. If we forget our laptop and go back home to get it but then do not catch our plane and that plane goes down and everyone dies, we might think we did the right choice or maybe it was divine intervention? Everything, and I do mean everything, can lead to our demise or our happiness. And you never know. This uncertainty, which we normally do not think too much about, is also one of the main reasons why we are quite happy with someone else making the decisions for us because then you have someone to blame. Not you of course who let someone else rule your idiotic existents in the first place, but you can blame that idiot who made the wrong choice. So our mortality and fear of making choices is also one of the main reasons why we get ourselves killed. Fear of dying leads to your death. Is that not irony for you?

Let’s take the voting process as an example. The farther left you go in your choice of politicians, the fewer choices you need to make, they (the government) does it for you. But those who make the decisions are also humans and consequently also they make the wrong ones, wrong for you and maybe even wrong form them. And if they have a choice between themselves having some champagne and letting you keep your money, what do you really think they will choice? And if there is a choice between the politician’s cars and lavish lifestyle and whether or not you will die or live, what do you think they really prefer? And since one of the main reasons for people dying is how and by whom they are ruled, your choice to elect politicians is also one of the main things that might kill you.

Another example is how you choice to live your life. If you, similar to me, like to drink, do tobacco, drive fast, have a lot of sex and you despise your government, you probably are running a much greater risk of dying then most. But if you are a nice little comfy watcher who never drives to fast, religiously keeps to one lover, hate all kinds of drugs and never complains and always listens to what the politically correct tells you, you might run a smaller chance of getting killed, especially if you also know and follow those in power. But here is a notion to all of you; no matter what you do, you will die! Don’t fear death, is a part of all of us. If you get a bit scared, think of the one you hate the most and that this person will die someday too. All of us will. Is just a matter of when, not if, not really why either, it’s just time we are talking about. Try to get this into your thick idiotic brains and please go out and hate all politicians, ignore traffic laws and do drugs. You will feel better for it and you will have a more fun life. And when that gong sounds that means your time is up, do you really want to have been the yes conversationalist who never explored anything and lived by the book or do you want to have been that obnoxious one who traveled, explored life and did the best of what life gave you?

A good day to be me

A great day in Scotland today. Okay, it’s kind of raining, lots of clouds in the sky and the left sided traffic is killing me, but still a great day. Far away from the idiocies of Sweden were people now are risking getting their citizenship taken away from them if one of the main parties in the government gets their way. I’m drinking Budweiser, watching the boats go by and am generally content with life. I still feel a little bit too close to "home" and Scotland is a part of the European Union, so I might move away from here in the future, but today is a great day. No snow, no useless trials against young boys and I did see some fine looking females walk by. Yes, a great day.

Travel idiocies

Okay, even though I’m against most forms of surveillance and control of people, I kind of liked the new rules they have at many airports around the world. Not because it stops terrorist, it don’t. But more for keeping away those complete madman’s that might pop up. In a world consisting of morons, there are always those who stand out a bit more than the rest. They drink too much and start to fight with airplane personal or they suddenly throw a fit and go berserk pretty much anywhere. You don’t want those people on your airplane, but if they still end up there, you definitely don’t want them to have weapons in their pockets. So for the most part I actually don’t mind getting searched fifteen times and getting my picture taken a hundred times at airports.

But; arriving at Heathrow, on February 16th 2009 (for those government idiots who read this), and when I already had went past 7 or 8 control points; I got the “real” security check and got halted. I apparently had fluids in my bag. I thought; did I leave a beer or a Cola in there somewhere? But no, I had a small bottle of soap and some hairgel. Okay, I’m no chemist, and maybe some genius somewhere can MacGyver together a bomb or something from soap and hairgel, or maybe I had missed something about those kinds of things and airplanes, so I kind of let it slip while the security lady put those bottles in the trash. But then something interesting happen, she let me keep my aftershave! Why? It contains alcohol, its flammable, why throw away my soap but not my aftershave? I thought this was really strange. And then the control lady picks up my nail clipper and I thought; Fuck! On my nailclipper there is a nailpolisher that you can pull out and that one is really a weapon. I could easily kill 3 crewmembers, two old ladies, a couple of children and the captain with that thing. But she just throws it together with the rest of my stuff. And by this time I’m actually mistrusting the whole system. Something is seriously wrong here. And then she tops everything off with sending her “friends” at the security away to eat lunch, standing there alone with me, and I know this is wrong. In case of a felony or someone tries to smuggle something, it always needs to be at least two witnesses. I’m not a bad guy, no matter what you think from reading the things I write and I’m a harmless looking fellow and Swedish, so you don’t really suspect me like that black Muslim Abdullah from Saudi Arabia, but still. Follow the rules damn you and don’t let me or anyone else whoosh you by with a weapon and flammable fluids, while you toss away the soap!

And now comes the real fun part. Oh this is great. When I get past this last security check with the lonesome security lady, into the terminal, I find literary hundreds of stores, selling soap, hairgel and lots of other things with which even I could build bombs and even start wars with. Also I can get drunk while shopping those terrible murderess things. This is complete idiocy! Are the governments of some countries in the hands of the beauty and cosmetic industries? Is that the real reason for this shit, not the terrorists? Toss away the soap so I will buy a new one!? So now I’m against those surveillances and monitors too. Apparently totally useless. Terrorists always find a way through, no doubt about that, but can you at least check those madman’s and have some consistency to this thing!?

You are going to die! Part XII

People are not only very stupid and easy to fool; they are also very inventive and have no problem learning the art forms of torture and executions. Few hobbies have taking more time in the human history than how to come up with new and more creative ways to kill other humans.

We can skip some of the most common ones like beheading and hanging. Not very inventive. Firing squads and bullets in the back of the head (popular socialist solution) we can also ignore and jump ahead to the more interesting ones. One of my favorites is the Iron Maiden. Not only a great rock band, but also a pleasant piece of equipment. A person is put in a metal box shaped like a human with two joining pieces, like any kind of box. He/she then gets strapped down on one side and can watch the lid close with lots of pointy spikes on the inside of the opposite part (lid). The number of spikes, how effective they are and so on determines how much pain and how long the subject survives. You can almost hear them making bets on how long you will survive, cant you? Another one of my favorites are when they attached each limb of a person to a bunch of horses and then let them pull in opposite direction, pulling that person into pieces. If the audience were a bit lucky the amputee didn’t pass out from the pain and instead screamed a bit before losing to much blood.

And of course you cannot talk about torture and executions without mentioning the church (any of them). How the Catholic Church handled witches for instance. The “witches” had mainly 3 ways to go. Being burned alive, kind of a crowd pleaser, but not really that inventive. And then you had the drowning test. If the woman (pretty much always a woman) in question sinks, she is innocent of witchcraft and will go straight to heaven, if she floats; she is a witch and instead got to be burned alive. A win win situation for all parties. And then, probably top three in my book, the suctions device. With this you put a tube down the woman’s throat and poured in lots of water, letting the suction do all the work. When she reaches a certain point, her belly will explode and killing her in agony. That if she hasn’t “drown” or died in lack of oxygen. Fun fun fun.

And we really need to mention those ever so effective Germans. Too hard to shot people and dig holes? Let’s start factories were we gas them and then burn them. Easy, effective and maybe even pretty humane (in regard to other solutions), but also inventive. And you could also use those human bodies as a way of heating, maybe even reduce global warming! I’m not sure if this last part ever happened or is viable scientifically speaking, but it is a good idea to pick up for all those dictator wannabees out there.

I could go on for a long time, but let’s skip to my absolute favorite and what has to be number one; starvation. And I’m not talking about that easy one; not eating in a dungeon or rotting away at some prison. No I’m talking about the one where you get to watch all your relatives and your children die all around you while you yourself are dying of hunger. This is my favorite way of killing people, not because it’s one of the main killers of humans of all time and not even for the psychological effect of seeing your loved ones die painfully, no, it’s because it has been a way for countless governments to get rid of pesky inhabitants. Since the dawn of agriculture we (those with brains) have known that we have enough food to support ourselves, all of us. But instead we let ourselves get ruled and taxed by different forms of governments and all they do is eat, live and build things with the money they take from the people. This might lead to some starving but is not really the main issue, because you also have wars and other fun things the rulers use as their pastime, and that increases the risk of starving by a lot. But that’s not really enough either. You can, however, as ruler, always deport people were there is no food or outlaw them from growing their own crops and here is where the real fun starts. In China, for example, this has been used throughout history, killing millions upon millions, but of course worse of all are those socialists. During a couple of decades (50’s and 60’s) in China tens of billions of people died from starvation, courtesy of: the government! Russia (or the former USSR) is another place where this way of killing was used several times. If farmers didn’t want to give 100% of their earnings to the state, they got deported to Siberia and didn’t eat at all.

Granted, starvation in its self isn’t really inventive, but you can work around it, creating lines stretching out for miles with people wanting to buy a piece of bread. Or you can send your soldiers out to rob people of their last cows, which is always enjoyable. So starvation is number one because of these reasons and this last topping of the cake: It still kills millions of people today! And you haft to admit that a night in front of the TV without those flies buzzing around the starving and dying isn’t really a good night. I mean munching on some chips and drinking beer kind of needs that. All this when those people actually could be eating. I mean, come on, does it get funnier?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Those dictators are amusing

While Hugo Chavez is doing his best to impose socialism in Venezuela, on another continent, Robert Mugabe is partying like its 1984. Throughout history those who have thrown the best and most lavishing party’s have been those in power. Granted, they have done it on stolen money while most of their people have been starving, but still, those dictators knows how to shake it and swing it. According to the latest from Zimbabwe our friend Mugabe did celebrate his 85th birthday with 2000 bottles of champagne, 8000 lobsters and 500 bottles of whiskey. This guy is great isn’t he? The food shortage in his country is high, unemployment is almost total and inflation is rendering any money useless, but still he somehow manages to steal some more money from his people. Good for him.

And back in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez won the latest referendum. He needed to use billions of his people’s money to convince them how to vote, but he did it. Now he has changed the country almost totally, with him as dictator and showing politicians everywhere how to convince people to vote for totalitarianism. Between him and our other good friend from history, Adolf Hitler, politicians now have a good ground to stand on.

This is absolutely fabulous and if you never did understand the funny thing about those in power, you should be able to grasp these at least. If you think Mugabe’s spending are a bit too much, you should watch how your own politicians do away with other people’s money. Without any exceptions, every last one of our politicians live on, party on and decide over; your money. That’s the nature of the game. Politician only costs money, they don’t produce any. Mugabe is only showing us a little bit of their true color. And Chavez, he is making the best of what he got; the support of idiotic people, just like your politician does, only at a bit less spending rate.

Same thing all over again

Someone said that those Piratebay boys don’t have support among the general public so I asked around. Not a single one I talked to (about 40 or so) was against Piratebay, not one. Okay, maybe my little opinion poll isn’t the best reader of the general public and I admit many of those I talked to have about the same political persuasion as I do, so maybe this isn’t the best indicator to what people actually think, but still, not one.

I read an excellent article in Svenska Dagbladet ( )today written by Fredric Karén. The article refers to his grandmother who in the 60’s were a radio pirate broadcasting outside the law. A true hero of free speech from the past. Like today, at that time many record labels and big businesses detested these pirates playing records without paying for it and sending radio that was closer to people’s hearts then the public state radio.

Me, I remember the TV and media monopoly in Sweden and how we only had two channels in our country far into the 80’s, only the government were allowed to broadcast and tell us things from the world. This fortunately changed and I had a small part in that change, smashing TV: s at public squares’ in demonstration against those totalitarian laws, writing editorials and argued against socialist’s despite being at a very young age.

Now the next generation is standing in the same place arguing against the same people about the same damn thing. Getting trialed for letting information and culture being free and accessible for people all over the world, terrible. Me I always download things from the Internet first, take a look at it and then decide if I’m going to buy it or not. (Except for Sophie Zelmani of course, always buy her records direct.) And I do believe many others does the same. Many companies have realized this and often put out a beta version for free or have their own portals where you can download some things for free. Others live in the past and have this stupid notion that convicting some young guys might make a difference. Don’t these Hollywood executives and whatnot have a brain?

Porn is a great pastime.

If you have nothing to do, there is always lots of porn on the Internet to look at. And this art form isn’t bound to a certain form of entertainment as its critics often claim. Pretty much anything and everything goes. If your fetish is socks, there are sites about that. If its fat people, skinny people, large or small breasts, big and small dicks, gay, dwarfs, black, Asian or whatever, it’s there for you. Pornography is probably the only form of entertainment that has this vide range. Of course there is some stuff that even I get disgusted by and if you flip around long enough, sooner or later a child porn site pops up. But most of it is harmless fun and the more professional ones have a lot more women’s behind the camera or doing writing than feminists would like you to know.

So if you are bored, please go out on the net and search for whatever rocks your mind. I promise you will find it and that you will have a nice couple of minutes. At least it might take your mind of the stress of everyday life for a while.

Brainless Swedes pays for the idiocy

After one student pretended to be a mad women and got herself locked away at a psychiatric ward and this latest student that smashed a subway train, both claiming it to be art, the “art school” in question seems to be willing to look over their rules. Why!? Don’t do it! There is not often the Swedish people get upset over seeing their tax money go down the drain, this actually makes them think. Don’t take that away. Please! This small little waste of tax money is a little fart in a Tornado compared to all the wasteful idiocy that goes on in Sweden. I truly hope Konstfack (the name of the school) gets more money and get more students just like these ones. Smashing, crashing and burning stuff all over the country. They are showing the true face of idiocy and by doing so also makes people look into their own faces and maybe seeing their own part in this drama. You have voted for it! You are paying for it!

Please Konstfack! Do me and the country of Sweden a big favor and keep supporting, nourish and pay for this absurdity with that tax money you get. I love you!

Greetings from socialism!

This is absolutely great stuff. Apparently an “art student” in Stockholm has done a movie where he (even if you do not really see him, you know it’s a “he”) smashes a subway cart and does some paintjobs. This was a part of his exam and it’s called: "Territorial pissing".

This is fabulous isn’t? First of all we have a university that gets pretty much all its founding from the government, they then get one of their students to do a makeover on the subway, costing a bundle, and now another part of the government; SL (Stockholms Länstrafik) that also lives on tax money are going to sue the School bringing on a legal process that costs, yeah, that’s right, tax money! Greetings from socialism!

You are going to die! Part XI

Natural disasters are one of the best entertainers there is. Thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people might perish during floods, volcanoes erupting or through earthquakes. There is Typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes and that oh so funny rainstorm. With the exception for pandemics’ and human inventions like religion and socialism, natural disasters are the main killer of humans.

But the fun part isn’t that people dies, that’s kind of sad, and it’s not even the real force of nature showing off. No, the real funny thing about this is people looking so surprised when a Tornado in tornado country has destroyed their homes. What? A tornado here? No way! And those people living on the hillside of a volcano are equally surprised when hot lava beds come rushing through their bedrooms. And if people live in southern Florida, the east coast of India or the coastal regions of China and get hit by some massive storm, they actually seam astonished how it could happen. Okay, many of them cannot be blamed for this stupidity. There is not always a warning before an Earthquake for instance, but many of them shouldn’t really look surprised and be running for their lives if they had just paid attention to the fact that they are living on an active volcano! And this is what makes it funny!

There is also some other things that are not as deadly, but still as funny. Every year there are many parts of the world where it starts to snow and ice is formed on the streets. But also every year people drive as usual, don’t use spiked tires or walk around in sneakers. Broken bones, car crashes and accidents spike during this first period of colder climate. This every year!

So if you don’t get shot by your government, snuffed by a disease, die from living in your own home (brrr…) or fall down from old age, natural disaster is the most likely candidate to kill you. But you keep that spirit up; it makes your demise even funnier.