Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The LORD is my shepherd

Do as I say and you will get 3000 Bucks for Thingamajigs!

I do not get divine omens from entrails or Feng Shui interpretations. No, my pearls of wisdom comes from a very unlikely source; common sense! 

You know that stuff you sold together with your soul a long time ago so you would be bestowed with the grace of public officials while queuing to get that operation. 

Let me ask you; do you even know what common sense is? 

While walking home from the pub in high heels, do you take the shortcut through the dark musty alley or do you hitch a ride with those hooded men waving at you from a dark van without license plate? How many times have you had sex without a condom rolling that dice of chance where 1-2 gives you STD and 3-4 pregnancy and 5-6 gets you off the hook? Have you ever gotten beaten up by your insignificant other, again and again, but constantly made up excuses and still stayed? Started a gay bar in a Nazi neighborhood lately? Have you ever tried to fight the system truly believing you could win? Still think your kids will learn something in public schools? 

Do you still believe thatpoliticians are NOT in liege with banksters and journalists in an evil co-dependent unity? 

Oh, and probably my favorite; Ever inoculated your kids because a smug salesperson of big pharma say it’s a good idea? 

Common sense is such a rare commodity these days that it should be regarded as a superpower.
Just look at our pending financial Armageddon. Here you have obvious truths, clear as day, starring us straight in the face beeping, flashing and screaming at us; hey! Look here! And what do people do? They turn away, shield their eyes and mumble something incoherent while erratically walking out in traffic as the zombies they are. 

Any smudge of sanity popping up in a sheepish head is swiftly brushed away with platitudes those deemed better has taught us. 

There is war going on in Afghanistan where a horrible oppressive puppet government now rule and families are getting butchered, women are getting raped by American soldiers and poppy fields are flourishing like never before, but you believe it is about protecting women and deposing a horrible oppressive government while stopping the drug trade, don´t you? 

When your central bank lowers interest rates and print shitloads money to help politicians fulfill election promises and when banksters throw trillions at other banksters so they can buy more treasuries and hog the market, you think they are really helping the economy to grow and that freshly printed cash will come to your benefit as well, don´t you? 

Sure you do. 

And when your government tells you that they will impose a slim tax increase of 1% on the rich which actually means higher taxation for the middle class transferring money to banks, to unelected bureaucrats and to political bodies while creating bottle necks, you actually think that that money will go to the poor and elderly, don´t you? 

Sure you do, you know you do. 

And those new restrictions, taxes and bans put on internet meant to spy on us regular folk and created in order to protect the elitist sphere while SWAT-teams hunt down horrible criminals like 14y old kids downloading music, you actually think such laws and regulations are there to track down pedophiles and terrorists. Don’t you? 

You think it matters who you vote for? Of course you do. 

Common sense is defined by Merriam-Webster as, "sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts."  

If you say that above defines how you make your decisions and that this is the basis for how you perceive what is going on in the world, then you are either lying to yourself or you should commit yourself to the nearest psychiatric ward before your hurt someone. 

There are of course a few exceptions among you lot. Also there are a few herded creatures who, once in a while, think rationally and with a clear head. I think I belong to the second category because when it comes to things like, for example love; well then I am a complete idiot to. 

Generally though most of you are idiots. Not because you necessarily are stupid, but you rather chose to be shepherded by those deemed better than to use your synapses for other things then your favorite TV-show. Sometimes hard to understand why though. That childish munchkin business reeled upon us from up high is communicated by self-serving, holier than thou, self-righteous, pious parasites who work for soul-sucking demonesque masterminds of our destruction – and this! I actually think most of you know. 

It’s hard to understand why so many refuse to see the malevolent dealings going on. Probably a defense mechanism properly defined as: “don´t see, don't hear, don't speak". 

Politicians hate you, the powers hate you, and the entire system is built around hatred towards you and humankind. Still you follow along like a good little lamb. Putting your trust unto the lords of social services, police or whatever else is controlled by the elitists and paid for by you. 

Mostly the only thing a politician has to do is to promise you a fluffy happy life filled with sunshine and green grass and furry snakes and fairies riding bunny rabbits while money rain from the sky and every stone is made out of gold. You morons fall for it every time, and this has very little to do with left or right or colors of a political party, they all do it, with different degrees of success of course, but they all do it. 

Honestly, this is not necessarily such a big problem. Sure the thieving of you by vile sneaky bastards will create problems and hurt a little, and it’s always fun to stack up a decent body count curtsey of government, but generally speaking those above only rule to a certain degree since rebellions otherwise will ensue. Their thievery cannot be too much in the open because even the sheepiest of sheep will fight back if backed into a corner. 

But when our benevolent leaders join forces with media (that consequently refuse to show the thievery and trickery) and get their fatness increased by banksters greasing the wheel the scams reach new heights - not always easy to see through. When we add in global cabals of pure nastiness and let Great Leaders create new cushy institutions above national level so to increase their power and wealth, that’s when the real trouble starts. Let that situation fester and grow for a while and we get wars, recessions, depressions, and a total detachment of those ruling us. They get God-complexes and alienate themselves and see anything and anyone threatening their power as “terrorists”. 

Let it go even further and we end up where we are today. 

Let it go even further than that, and we get The Greatest Depression, World War III and perhaps the end of humankind as we know it. 

Of course our fantastic leaders should be dealt with according to their conduct, and by their own standards they should be judged, but sadly the ones suffering the most and the ones bearing the first blows will not be those above, it will be you. In essence you are responsible for your own destruction. 

You should fear evil, because no one is with you and the rod and the staff will not comfort you, they will instead be shoved up your rear end without lubrication and as such you will walk through the shadowy valley of death and mayhem until you get your sense of dignity and morality back. You all need to regain common sense, and with that we can get past whatever will befall us. 

Until you do, we are utterly, deeply, roughly and completely screwed - and not in a good way.