Sunday, October 18, 2009

Muslims and racists

There has been a slight change in how journalists write about or report about racist, semi-racist or national movements and their parties. From being lepers shun by pretty much everyone, and largely ignored, they are now rather being spat upon or ridiculed.

If someone with apparent fascist or racist opinions got bashed by so called anti-fascists a couple of years ago, it hardly reached the press. Such individuals could get stopped from renting a meeting place and was never faced with any invitations to debate. The mainstream parties did everything to keep them away, not mentioning them at all except for giving them the racist epithet when it suited the mainstream agenda.

And the basic foundation of such movements, the problems related to immigration and refugees also got ignored. Well, mainstream pundits and the establishment sometimes need to show how much they care about the poor, uneducated and mistreated youngsters in the suburbs and so, consequently, now and again; we learned how much money politicians wants to give those people. For altruistic reasons and in order to make politicians out to be “protectors of the weak”, certain aimed projects to give immigrants jobs, education or better purchasing power have been launched now and again.

We can also hear about how Abdullah should get ahead in line to some jobs, immigrants are underrepresented as teachers, doctors and whatnot, and what better way than to throw out some white person actually qualified and replace that person with some Black Muslim? After all, white people with education that knows the language shouldn’t complain. Complaining people are racists or capitalist swine’s not wanting to help their fellow man.

The interesting fact that you can find Muslim doctors, former CEO’s, engineers and scientists driving cabs or working as subway-guards, is largely ignored. Thanks to obstacles put up through legislation curtsey of unions and righteous politicians, people that should be very valuable to society, are instead forced to take work way below their competence.

There is nothing wrong with driving a cab, but when that same person could be saving lives or building bridges, you have a distortion that is not only bad for society, but also kind of degrading for that individual. This creates resentment, and the next generation of immigrants seeing how their parents are treated, may very well tumble down further.

The large portion of immigrants taking the sorts of jobs no white Christian person would touch is also a very vulnerable group. They are underpaid; we need to get them welfare. They don’t know the language; we need to teach them. They live in rundown areas with high levels of crimes; we need to feel sorry for them, give them stuff and be generally nice to such poor sods. In reality, what is being said is that all immigrants are dumb, need help, need support and cannot cope without the government supporting them. In fact making immigrants out to be exactly what the racists claim them to be.

There is a lot to be said about immigration, there are problems, mostly ignored problems that cannot be mentioned. Heaven forbid that anyone should ever mention anything about problems with immigration. Such a person is, of course, a racist. Everyone knows this. Worse still are those people that are proud over being British, American or Swedish. Especially when those people are white and Christians. A Muslim waving the flag is trying to adopt and being a good person, a Christian waving the flag is a racist. A Muslim wanting to learn more about his new home, learning about history or societies structure is a good person. A Christian doing the same may have suspect intention.

At the same time as we bomb Muslim countries, mutilate Muslim children and knocking of relatives of immigrants and refugees, we give them welfare and tell them how sorry we are for them, being so week and poor. And you cannot turn on the TV anymore without hearing about Muslim terrorists and Hollywood does the very best to support this notion.

All in all, a recipe for resentments and conflicts.

Racist and nationalistic movements largely ignore the contribution of immigration. They ignore that immigration mostly is a profit for many welfare countries since immigrants and refugees often already got an education (high cost), and immigrants in particular have a high level of wanting to do well. They are guests and want to do well in their new home, they want to adapt, learn and contribute. Too bad we normally don’t let them.

But there are also other problems, where “racists” and such people have it more right than the mainstream opinion. The Muslim religion has some traits that shouldn’t be ignored. Sharia laws and Burkas aside, there are also texts and people urging religious wars, and the inherent mistrust towards freedom of speech cannot be cast aside. And since “we” are murdering their kinsmen by the hundreds of thousands, you need to have a slight suspect feeling towards a dark-skinned person in a turban with a large beard boarding an air-plane. It is sad to say, but it is the truth.

The racist, semi-racist or the national movements and their parties don’t get much right, they are mainly ignorant morons with the attention span of a single-celled organism. However, they do get it right with some of the critic, and even more so they capture the national pride that most people have somewhere in their bones. If you have ever been abroad and someone trashes your country, how do you react? I’ve found myself defending things that I loathe myself, just because it’s an automatic response. There is a certain feeling of belonging, and a home is always a home, no matter how terrible.

Journalists and politicians have decided to face racist and nationalistic people by looking down at them, treating all of them as criminals and make everything they say or write into something suspect. But now, as said, with a slightly different approach. From ignoring them to bashing them. From keeping them at the sideline to arguing the case of insanity. This because the first option didn’t work, in fact it gave the racists and nationalists a sense of “we against them”, and many people even felt sorry for them. There is a fact that most people feel certain sympathy for the underdog. And the problems are real, politicians and journalists often ignore them, if they are not arguing for more money being thrown, but otherwise costs, religious and multi-cultural clashes haven’t been on the agenda. Only racists have that on the table, consequently only racists are talking about a solution. People know this.

The new approach by the elitists will not work either. Letting some representative of a party write an editorial that the paper in question then thrashes will only enhance the “underdog”-feeling and further make people, that live in the real world with the problems, to feel more sympathetic. To let one racist sit in the morning couch and get yelled at, only benefits the racist. And the tactic is very seethroughable. Any opposition against the power elite need to be crushed. Any person claiming to have an alternative solution needs to be put down. Any threat to the mainstream opinion needs to be ridiculed.

What will work is to address the problems, something that will never happen. What would work is to let people be. If people want to move here or there, let them, but let them fend for themselves. If someone wants to come and contribute, let them, and let them be. Cut all welfare, eliminate all immigrant-programs and don’t ignore or look down on national pride. Nothing of this will be done, instead the elitists will continue on the same path. As a result more antagonism and more problems will be created.

A Muslim kid watching his father, the doctor, working at the local pizza place while Muslim countries are getting bombed and everyone around is thinking “terrorists” as soon as they see him, will have a strong feeling of “fuck you”. If this kid at the same time is treated as a child, even as an adult, getting money and “support” all the time, hearing how weak he is, how sorry we all are he is so weak, a resentment will grow. If then there are no jobs and no one seems to care about the real issues, some kids will end up in violent surroundings. I’m not excusing such lunacy, but it’s not hard to see how that can be. In other words, we are heading for even bigger problems down the road. You think it’s bad now? Wait for it, you will soon be looking back at our current time and situation with nostalgia. Again, in a way, this will prove the racist right, again strenghtening the racist madness.

As usual the politically correct and the mainstream idiots are doing more harm then good.

Help Us Make History!

Not evil? Well, I don't agree with that, there is evil behind this Global warming scam and every little idiot out there that buys this crap should get hanged. You are killing people! Fucking morons!

In either case, watch this if you can:


As I have said before, this is an intelligence test. If you have fallen for this trickery, you are an idiot. Very simple. Believe in what the lying alarmist say, and you are an idiot with the intellect of a single-celled organism.

Until later this evening (or 2morrow morning) you can watch this movie that exposes more of this fraud:

The greatest of all depressions

The coming week(s) are kind of interesting for us that know economy. Looking at next month or so we can predict whether the markets will crash very soon, a half a year into the future or about 2 years from now, so I’m kind of pumped up.

Of course media focuses on next week, since the stock market plunged 24/25th of October 1929 and many other crashes have happened in October, and in particular during this equivalent coming week. Now, this isn’t that surprising, the figures dropping in about this time of the year are not only good measurement of the year that just passed, but can also be used to predict the coming year. This means that equity markets and pundits are a bit worried this time of the year, easier to spook and more likely to go into a selling mood.

However, since media are writing about this very phenomenon and since the fraudulent banksters in Evil Incorporated; Goldman Sachs, and other frauds, has come out with pretty good numbers (fictive ones that is), I suspect things will run smoothly. There will be some good earnings from certain companies, banks will most likely show very good improvements in general (FRAUDS!!) and among other companies we will see some going up and some going down. Most likely will export companies in general go badly, but otherwise things will be “good enough” for our enemies to, once again, give thumbs up and talk about the end of the recession.

If this happens, which is the most likely scenario, things will be kept hidden until February/march when the commercial real-estate markets in the US and housing in the UK will start to crumble. And since stock markets are ridiculously over-priced at the movement (check the video further down for some basic economics), there is a very high probability of a crash, smash and boom somewhere around March/April of next year, dates I’ve been arguing is the end of the line for many years now. It is also hard to see how the USD can be kept up longer than that.

The way our enemies can avoid this is to use the last reserves, borrow even more money and let that funny printing machine spit out some more trillions, all in unison i.e. collaboration between our enemies and countries. In other words; more stimulus and more bail-outs. Such taken actions need to come soon to paper over and hide the true state of the economy further. At the same time it is necessary to continue the trickery so you, the idiots, carry on believing in Santa and the tooth-fairy. The souring unemployment will most likely be the argument they will use to argue for this next phase of insanity. If they do this, they might, as long as nothing out of the ordinary happens, keep the scam rolling for another year or so.

The risk of the real crash happening already now is very slim, but you cannot rule it out. And as I’ve stated before, there will be a horrific X-mas but the scam will not be revealed until the time has come after the 1Q next year. IF there is more massive stimulus, we get another year of building the depression.

Here you should know that in many countries the state of the economy is much worse today than it was in the 20s. We have already passed the “great depression” in badness, and the longer this madness continues, the worse it’s going to get. So IF we get another year or two, you’ll better start kissing your friends and relatives goodbye, that’s how bad it’s going to be. You should be rooting for a horrible dip now and keeping your fingers crossed for lots of bad numbers that crashes the economy.

In other words, the coming weeks will be very fun.

Mexican and Brazil government continues to kill

And speaking of murder by government, the Mexican and Brazilian frauds in suits continue their unwinnable war against their own people. Slaughtering and killing and forcing the Mafia, that the government is responsible for creating, to fight back.

Billions upon billions have been murdered by government. It’s the most common way of dying, but you, the idiots; you continue to vote for them.

How to give birth to terrorism

From one warmongering chimp to an murderess black idiot. Remember how Obama would bring the troops home and end the conflicts the first thing he did? But, of course, he increases the founding, expanded the number of troops and continues with the slaughter. In fact the current president is worse than the idiot before him. Death by government as usual.

No wonder there are "terrorists"...