Monday, June 25, 2012

Lying cheating bastards of Journalism

Although a (very) few pundits seem to get it and understand our current dilemma somewhat, most seem utter determined to enhance the crisis. In most cases such asylum inmates lack a proper education or are incapable of a rational and logical thinking process. A few others however not only should know better, they DO know better but they still push for more overdoses of heroin to keep the druggie up on its feet a few more weeks. Sometimes it is weird that well educated seemingly smart people keep arguing that the treatment for over-spending, too much borrowing, too much money printing and too many regulations is: more of borrowing, more printing and more regulations. We are debt-serfs to banking cartels, and their enforcers and trusted companions, the politicians, do everything and anything to keep the trickery rolling for another few months. Many within the high-and-mighty sphere know what is going on and what soon will happen but still they keep going along with the scams.

And so it is not hard to start believing in conspiracies.

Are journalists and media, usually owned by the very same people trying to control the money- and debt markets, really so afraid and so bought and paid for that they do not dare get out of line? It is getting increasingly hard to say No to that question.

Politicians may be the root cause of the cancer currently destroying the world, but the actual cancer, the malignant tumor itself; the banking cartels and our in-debtness, is the real sickness. BUT those really enabling our impending catastrophe and arguing against any chemo to be administrated are those we trust to tell us the truth - instead they tell us lies.

 In essence journalists are probably the most evil people around.

Politicians you can sort of understand. They want to get re-elected, they want cushy comfortable jobs afterwards if not getting elected, and they usually respond to public outcries rather than the truth. This is partly understandable. Banking cartels, deliberately malevolent or not, want more money and more power. Also understandable. If they can and are allowed to cheat the system and rob us blind, it’s not hard to understand why some of them do. Cornflake economists and other pundits living off and by the state and/or off and by the money masters you also can sort of understand. They too are victims of their own ambition, and if you put your hand on your heart you know you would do the same; lick upwards, kick downwards.

 Journalists however should have a calling. They should want to tell the truth, they should report on the news and give us unbiased information. If their directors and owners tell them what to write and say, they should go to a competitor, start their own network or travel across the country warning what is going on. At least in my head this is what journalism is; a commitment to the truth.

 But apparently, in our world of today, that is not journalism.

 Let’s for example look at Euroland. The Europhiles and their pet Marxist project is experiencing a few localized tumors. However the developing credit cancer will be metastasized further and soon the body will wither and die. It is just a matter of time. This cancerous situation was brought forth by cheap credit, too many regulations and debts going for the moon. The melanoma was spread and enhanced by ECB and the Euro trying to impose the same regulations, the same interest and the same FIAT currency on completely different countries with completely different cultures, languages and production capabilities. A blind monkey without limbs could have pointed out the insanity, but The Powers That Be and their entrusted spin-doctors of the media kept going anyway.

The question is not whether the Euro of today will break or if EU will grow in size and power in response, the question is; will the people sit back and accept what is going on? And I am not talking about demonstrating lefties or juveniles throwing stones at police, that’s a given, what I mean is when will the people, normal folk, wake up and demand incarcerations and justice? Will lazy indoctrinated soap opera watching drones awake or will they let puppet masters drive us straight of the cliff into the abyss of centralization and totalitarianism?

 I think the answer is that a duped general populace neither has the will or intellect to fight the real power structure. But to a certain degree I understand you sheople out there. If no-one tells you the truth, how would you be informed? You cannot turn of the latest soap and read a book; that’s impossible. And getting that fatty ass up and do some research and read alternative news and actually check the “facts” handed to you? Pfff… why would you when there are beers to be poured and porn to watch?

No one within the journalist domain is telling us what is going, instead they only cable out what certain agencies and their owners tell them to - only reporting what is told from other´s, not actually investigating or checking the facts.

There are so many shadowy deals made and so much criminal activity that we can fill every single jail on the planet, and that´s a big scope! Why aren´t journalists out getting those stories? Why are they only sitting around munching on doughnuts while the world is crashing down and those controlling the events roam free to screw us over even more?

We´ve become so lazy and so used to having everything handed to us that the only way we can wake up is if someone actually tells us to get up. Journalists have here an important part to play, but they refuse. Until World War III (or wherever this is going), assume politicians always lie and always end up doing despicable acts of malevolence; know that banksters only wants to control and rob you and that the spin-doctors of media do everything to enable the other two groups. They are an evil triumvirate, but the main reason problems persists is because journalists let them.

If you really want to wake people up, try to awaken that journalistic spirit first. Without at least a few papers and TV-channels telling truths, a zombified populace will probably never come to their senses.

 Since that won´t happen either I shall sit quietly on the sidelines, impartial and understanding, ready to be loved by all when the mushroom clouds has dissipated and the radiation settled. If I survive, and if the growing totalitarian state haven´t sent their watchdogs over to my home, and if there will be a rude awakening I honestly expect statues to be erected of me and my kind in the future. Possibly an honorary seat at the interplanetary body at the age of 85, once The Greatest Depression is finally over and capitalism rule supreme 50y or so from now…

…well, I can dream.

Get armed, get a gun, and get it now

Do you know how we could end all wars and at the same time minimize the risk of rapes and violent attacks? It’s the same thing that would eventually end world hunger; end the suffering of billions living under oppressive regimes. It´s the same thing that would equalize all men and force governments to actually listen to the people.

If normal folk are armed and ready to protect themselves and their neighbor against all oppression and violence, regardless if it’s from amateur thugs such as the Mafia or from professional killer’s curtsey of government, the world would be a much better place.

And I have to ask you women folk out there; enjoying those rapes?

If not; you know what to do. 

How see-through hasn´t this warmongering become

This time it wasn´t a fake attack using media for creating a war frenzy as in the Gulf of Tonkin incident. It hasn´t been the lies that led to the slaughter of a million Iraqis. Instead it’s been a slow build-up, similar to that in Libya where CIA mercs (now in Syria) helped to fuel the rebellion. But our warmongering masters probably think it’s taking too long to convince the world opinion that Syria is ruled by hell spawns. Not even parading dead children and enlisting the help of celebrity clowns to sell another war to the public has helped. Syrian President Bashar Assad is of course evil incarnate, a Hitleresque character of pure malevolence killing orphans on a whim while his wife, Cruella de Vil, keep buying shoes with money she has stolen from the blind.

Since none of it really worked - people are getting tired of all the wars –in steps a Turkish plane.

Now you may think that such a staged event is merely to give NATO a Casus Belli and get all the allies to rally behind another war, but it’s actually not. You may also think it’s to whip up public opinion further to, somewhere down the line, attach Syria, but that’s not really the case either.

Of course both above are reasons enough, but this is more to get Russia and China to back off so The Powers That Be can get their war without needing to tangle with actual opponents. Of course one Turkish plane gunned down isn´t enough in this regard, especially not since it actually violated Syrian airspace and the Syrians were fully in their right to shoot it down.

However, it is another step.

How can the Russian and Chinese leadership take their people to another World War to protect a horrible regime that murders children and shoots down NATA planes? They can of course – so far.

But let’s say more things happen. What if “Syrian” military sinks a cruise liner? Because that neverhappen before… Or what if they violate Turkish borders again and perhaps even kill Turkish civilians? There are more than enough CIA trained operatives in the area to pull something like that off…
And what about those terrorist? Aren´t there Alky Aida members in Syria? And aren´t those terrorists planning to attack Paris? We always need to get those terrorists!

 We do not know exactly what arrangements Syria has with Russia and China — there is no formal defensive pact in place (although there is one between Syria and Iran! - A bonus! Jey!) though it is fair to assume that Russia will be keen to maintain its Syrian naval assets, a view which is supported by the fact Russia heavily subsidises the Syrian military, and has blocked all the UN-led efforts toward intervention in Syria.
So warmongering fiends of the West need enough reasons and a very strong Casus Belli and they need to promise Russia (in particular) a lot to pull this off. We are not there yet, so unless a crazy Turkish general goes berserk, this specific incident isn´t enough to start another war.

In other words; expect more!

Oh, and by the way, (totally unrelated) if you are going to fly over Syria in a passenger jet soon, I would advise against it. Just saying...

They are trying to get Syria (and Iran) to fight back and to become the aggressor, and they will stop at nothing to make it seem that way. U.S. and its partners in crime have, for all intended purposes, already declared war on Iran, so why would they ever back off now?

Our bellowed narcissists Leaders with their megalomaniac tendencies will get their war. Either with Syria or with Iran - or with both.  The buildup has been text book stuff and if you remember anything from the time before Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan it’s all so obvious now it’s bordering on pathetic.

We need to save the Syrian Chiiiiiilldreeeen!! Of course we do so by destroying their country and killing thousands of them, but they are better of getting slaughtered by NATO then their own, aren´t they? And aren´t women getting abused, raped and forced to wear strange clothing? The poor insurrectionists have no guns, unless certain intelligence agencies provide them with such. Oh, and didn´t someone say: “terrorists”? And another dictator biting the dust would be great eh?

But this time they need something extra. To both get you, the idiot, to pay for it and send your kids to die for it, and to ease the minds of Russians and the Chinese. Alas more events to follow.

And by the way (also totally unrelated) if you are planning on going to London for the Olympics, be aware of those Syrian terrorists. Just saying…

Oh… I cannot wait for this one.