Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That puppet moment

It is hard to imagine a better illustration of a person finally being told about the collectivism and slavery he´s living with, and accepted, then this picture;

Recognize yourself? You should, and I am not only referring to walking through an airport here…

Emma Watson - spanked and tortured...?

She can handle a wand - your argument is invalid... 

Emma in 50 shades of Grey?  

This is probably just a way of selling newspapers but if true I hope they really make it explicit and truly sexual. The problem with casting a famous actress for a roll like this is that she is probably unwilling to strip down naked and get tied up, spanked and roughly penetrated.

But then on the other hand, since Emma herself says things like this, perhaps there is a little hope for a truly magnificent erotic form of BDSM?

Well let’s hope for that. I wouldn´t mind seeing Harry Potters former sidekick screaming from pain and pleasure during a couple of hours, and I am probably not alone in that sentiment.