Friday, November 6, 2009

Swine Flu game

Kill little piggies! Take your revenge on Swine Flu!

Play the game here and save the world from this menace! Refuse the vaccine, kill the buggers instead!

Swine Flu game

10.2 percent

Official unemployment rate in the US is now 10.2 percent. "green shoots" they say? Yeah, riiiiight...

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jobless recovery they say? Pffff…

How can thinking adults even listen to these people? When have any of them ever been right? The Greatest Depression is well on the way, crime will soar, people will go ‘postal’, there will be no real growth in the economy and the next couple of crashes are only behind the next bend, and up ahead is that howling abyss of fabulous madness.

Sure, this is America, but do you think your country will do so much better when the world’s biggest economy holding the world’s reserve currency tips over and dies?

We are screwed people, and the enemy class is still lying to you.

Started to gather necessary supplies yet?

Trade wars

Well, it’s almost redundant to point out that once again my predictions holds. As stated many times before increased protectionism is just around the corner. And several months ago I spoke of the pending trade-war between the US and China. Now it seems it is starting to escalate. Although not really a trouble yet, it will be in one way or the other.

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Shall we guess that the Obama administration will curve this little thingy and instead start subsidizing the mentioned businesses? Maybe throw some bail-outs at them?

Obama cannot afford a trade war with China, they have the power to, at any moment, sell off a couple of trillions of USD, to mention one thing. But he cannot afford to alienate workers union or manufacturing companies either, so the most logical conclusion is to sneak in some extra founds the backdoor, indirect protectionism, if there is such a thing. Oh, China will not like that either, but maybe if they are sneaky enough the Chinese cannot really complain.

Ah, the Schemes, the schemes…

Obama reveals aliens?

Lately I have stumbled upon several discussions about how the Great Leader soon will reveal the existence of extraterrestrial life. You cannot really take such claims seriously. People who write stuff like this are the very same people that after a night of licking frogs and drinking bong-water claim to have been abducted. They go way beyond any normal tin-foil hat.

However, thinking about it for a while, wouldn’t this be the perfect way of covering up the elitists mistakes, boost Obama’s approval ratings, and make people much more inclined to buy a world government and a world currency?

Well, yes it would.

And it wouldn’t even be needed to be true; with today’s technology they can probably fool 9/10 of the world populace. The bigger the lie…

So however farfetched such a claim may be, I wouldn’t completely rule it out either. They will soon come to the end of the line, their scams cannot work forever, the economy is about to collapse, something needs to be done, and soon. Will it be Aliens? Nah, that’s very much out there, and why would any creatures from another world care about us suicidal maniacs?

Fun thought though.

Another sign of idiocy

At the same time as the Swedish government felt it necessary to have a deficit of SEK 19.6 billion last month, citizens continues to borrow more money during these economic times.

Are people that stupid? Well, that’s a rhetorical question.

The leftie government should of course be cutting expenses, but it’s much better helping destroying our future instead. This alone is a very good sign of how stupid sheople really are, however, to borrow lots of money in the midst of a financial crisis and with the Greatest Depression around the corner goes beyond total insanity. And seemingly they are buying lots of housing and real-estate for that money, this is fixed assets, already overvalued, will be fun seeing all that wealth evaporate in the near future. Also, say thanks to the central bank, seldom has cornflake economists ruined so much for so many in such short time.