Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The “lock me up” questionnaire

I was wondering what will happen if you actually resist any of the new fascist laws comes to internet. And I do mean resist, not vote for the Pirate Party or complain online, I mean really put up a fight. If they come to take my computer and I strike them down with my ax, would I be sentenced for it? Well, that question is sort of rhetorical, but you maybe get where I’m going with this.

If they steal my stuff when I’m not at home and I then go down to the courthouse and take their computers and stuff with me home, have I then committed a crime? I have actually paid for both, aren’t I taking what’s really mine?

If they read my email, don’t I have the right to hack into the central bank and steal some billions as compensation?

If they check my Facebook account, shouldn’t I have the right to take all letters been sent to the Prime Mentalist and read those?

What if they follow my MSN chat? Is it then my right to expose all Swedish spies abroad?

I could go on, but there’s also the follow up questions, like what will happen to anyone actually taking the fight to the man. Imprisonment is a very likely outcome, broken legs or even death may also occur.

I need to admit I’m a bit of a coward and would probably never fight back physically, not normally anyway. However, that line, that final straw isn’t that far away and I know a lot of normal law-abiding citizens feel the same. They almost crossed it comes to the Swiney inoculations that they almost, and in certain countries/states have been forcing vaccinations. That’s one thing I would never tolerate, and I would rather die than have any butcher put a needle in me against my will. Likewise I would never tolerate any forced quarantine for anything as harmless as flu.

And this daunting tyranny they are forcing upon us now when they read, monitor and control everything we do on our computers is also a step too far. Why don’t they put up cameras in our bedrooms and have the thought police check our receipts instead? That would actually be a less intrusive idiocy.

We could also talk economy and how the elitists give away hundreds of billions to the banks and wealthy while normal people get unemployment and lesser purchasing power. Or we could discuss illegal and highly questionable wars or many other things the enemy class is up to.

The lines are getting blurry, therefore my questions above become less and less unsound and more and more of something we need to relate to. We need to start asking those kinds of questions, and we need to start doing it now. Soon it will be too late.

What is your limit?