Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cry wolf to many times…

This is incredible. Apparently British police went a little bit overboard when they reacted to a call about a bottle of brown fluid that had been thrown through the window of a parked car on a residential street in Enfield, north London. Wearing suits designed to protect against all chemical and biological threats, and with fire crews and paramedics in support, the team examined the inside of the car where the mystery substance had leaked. A female police officer was also taken to a local hospital as a safety measure after getting some of the substance on her suit.

The story doesn’t really say if the bottle in question could in parts be seen or if the car in question belonged to a diplomat or high government official, but still, come on! Do terrorist really throw in bottles through a window of a car with no one in it?

It turned out to be:

Isn’t that a way of wasting tax money…

size matters?

I missed this, but apparently a man in northern Sweden got a bit anxious to relieve himself and with no toilets around he did so in public. It was in the middle of the night and at a non public area, but the police caught him in the act, so to speak, and he got a ticket for about 100$. Strangely enough there were no muggers, murderers or Piratebay people to arrest. My thinking is that this horrible criminal had something to display that the police didn’t, so they wanted to emasculate him, but that’s just a theory.

What people should do is to walk over to the IRS (Skattemyndigheten) office and do their business on the front door, something that I myself never have done…

Melodifestival again

Well, for those who don’t understand this concept, every year there is a Eurovision song contest with contributions from all over Europe. All the countries vote and one song will be declared winner and the next year the country, from where the winner comes from, will be hosts. This year the final is being hold in Russia but until then there is tryouts in the European countries about which songs and artists that are going to be sent. And as the number one Eurovision happy country, Sweden has several tryouts. Today is the third one. It can be seen live on the Internet which I as refugee will do. I believe that none of today’s contributions really stand a change in the coming final, so once again I will incorporate my favorite from 1995. Cheers people!

The blind singing to the blind

Well, as reported before and has been written several times before in newspapers all over the world, the spending spree of the new complete idiot in the white house are on the way. Every minute the millions are thrown away and this at a time when the problems are based on wastefulness and overspending. This is going to be, by far, the biggest idiocy ever produced from an American president. And with most of this money coming from loans, mainly from China, he is spending away the future of not only America, but the world. China has its own problems and even if they today have the world’s largest currency reserves, it will not help when the crisis hits us all. It seems like it’s a sign that Stevie Wonder is playing at the white house, the blind singing to the blind. Oh yeah, this is going to be fun. We are heading for a fall people, start piling up those conserves, you’re going to need them.

If you doubted

Yeah, that’s right. Soon it’s the end of the line...

Left sided traffic more logical?

I have been thinking and I’m wondering if there is not a good reason for countries around the world to adapt the British way of driving, on the left side of the road. First it felt uneasy, strange and kind of exotic, but when I started to ponder on the subject and really got into it I do feel it is a more appropriate way of using traffic. First of all, most people are right handed, so if you use that little stronger hand to shift gears and have the slightly weaker left hand on the steering wheel, isn’t that actually a bad thing? Isn’t the English way of using your stronger arm to control the car better? Secondly it feels better to go, like in the UK, clockwise around a roundabout or around a fast food place like McDonald´s. In most countries we go counter clockwise, why? Shouldn’t it be better with the familiar way of going - with the sun and the clock? And thirdly; it would be fun to see some changes that might lead to some accidents. It probably would go pretty smoothly, but the risks are slightly higher and traffic accidents are lots of fun.

Another race of fuzzy bears that should be killed!

I have earlier put forward the idea that we should act proactively to kill all polar bears, they don’t do any good anyways, and they kill cute baby seals for God´s sake! And those infectious crime mongering psychopaths; Koala Bears are a given for us humans to get rid of. Now I have detected another race of bears we should look out for and put down for extinction; Panda Bears! These retched creatures going around looking like a ying-yang symbol might be the fuzziest and cutest of them all. Their fur looks so cuddly that you almost go to sleep only by seeing one of those bloodthirsty things. So what has these Panda Bears done for humans? Nothing. Why keep some idiotic animal around that we can’t use? Maybe those furs can be good warm clothes, but otherwise they are just in the way. And they sometimes are used as a symbol for WWF which is a reason as good as any to kill them. They are also on the way out partly because of us humans already, so let’s finish the job.

Great day in Scotland today

Okay, it’s raining, lots of clouds in the sky, I feel tired and a bit bored, but it’s still a great day. Because I’m no longer living in Sweden and in Scotland I can buy vodka at Lidl. So it’s a great day.

Is it a crime to provide a meeting place?

As I have said before, the accused in the Piratebay trial act wrongly in and out of court. And they do and say things that according to my experience put them on the guilty rack. But I also believe that this is because of the circumstances in themselves and their inexperience with these kinds of situations and; most importantly, I as many others come from a more traditional way of doing business and looking at things. I too believe in knowing who’s in charge and the more hierarchical way of organizing things. But even if they did earn money and even if they know about all the things that the prosecutors accuse them of, the main reason for this trial is to figure out if it is illegal to create a marketing place or a meeting place were others might do crime and might share crime. If it is, then every government, company and organization that has built parks, shopping malls and every other place in the history of mankind is also guilty of the same crime. Every place humans and laws exists, crimes have been and always will be committed. So if these guys have copied, distributed and shared files illegally themselves, okay, they are guilty according to the law and in that case those kinds of crimes. If they only have created and provided a meeting place, they should be acquitted. And as far as I can tell, the prosecutors’ have not proved and will not ever prove them guilty of doing any crimes, but they will most likely be convicted anyways, because this is a political trial and anyone who says different do not know the facts or are lying.