Saturday, July 25, 2009

Politics created this depression – how can anyone think politics will get us out of it?

We are standing naked, holding our gold implanted umbrella that we bought on credit listening to the sound of coins and bills pouring down from on up high where Bernanke and other cornflake economists are keeping the printing press spitting out unprecedented amounts of useless fiat money. For every day that passes more and more holes are being created in our umbrella and while some bankers are shouting at us to pay our mortgages and loans we use our credit card to buy a 3 star dinner.

Unemployment is hitting 10%+ in the US, UK and Sweden and several other countries are getting there fast. That fiat money raining down is shoveled up by investment banks and financial institutes that go on a final stock-market rampage tricking people that there is a recuperation going on. Trillions of dollars of bail-outs and stimulus have not helped more than created a phony foundation for certain companies that apparently is “to big to fail” and consequently has got a temporary injection of newly printed money. Almost 100 banks have been bankrupted in the US in little over a year, trade keep going down, pirates are growing in numbers and attacking the few ships that still travels from the Middle East and Asia to Europe. Tens of millions of people in Africa is only one bad harvest or a year more of this depression from falling into complete starvation. Demonstrations and riots are being planned all over the western world and some are bound to end in bloody conflicts. A couple of banks and financial institutes are flooding the Gold- and silver markets with useless forms of IOU’s in a scheme to keep those prices down, this while the Indian and Chinese government is hording gold like crazies.

Add to above the situation in the Middle East with Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the risk of more upraising in China, oil prices going up with impact on trade and transportation of commodities and think about all the dictators coming out of the woodwork in South- and Latin America. We have fascist and socialist extremists growing in numbers everywhere and in countries like Hungary and the Ukraine things are looking really dark.

And what are being told from the ruling elitists? Remember that this is the same übermenchen that didn’t see any problems, whatsoever, with the economy 1,5year ago and when the shit started to hit the fan, they said that it was only temporary and that we soon would see the end of it. These are the same people that today are claiming to see “green shoots”, a “light in the tunnel” or some other stupid euphemism to persuade us that the crisis is over or at least halting. But do you know what those that did see this crisis coming and what those of us that have predicted almost every scenario so far close to 100% is saying? We are saying that this is just the beginning.

There is only one of 3 ways this can end. The first one, doing what is right, will never happen, so we can skip that. The 2nd one is that we are hit by a depression very soon, very hard and it will last for 5-10 years with all the turmoil that comes with. The 3rd and worst scenario - also the most plausible – is that the crisis is “halted” and postponed in the phony and fictive way we can partly see today. They will keep printing money, interest rates down, flooding us with stimulus’s and they will keep bailing out companies that should be scrapped and ignored. All the while building up gigantic bubbles and making money virtually useless with hyperinflation and stock-markets crashing as a consequence. Imagine the 1930’s times ten and then add nuclear weapons to the equation. Does this sound like a happy shiny future?

So when someone is pointing out - although way to positive and only partially - these problems, you should read and listen. Because if I, together with many others, is right; being prepared might actually save your life. I know most of you out there do not believe in this apocalyptical scenario, but does that matter? It is always good to have extra cans, lights and guns at home. Go get those things, if not for me saying it, at least there might be a black-out some day. Always good to have extra stuff at home. It does not hurt right?

Also, as I have mentioned before, this crisis, created and fueled by politicians and the class above you can only be stopped when you, the people, say NO. Only the day when we stop the socializations, stop all these political projects and put an end to this fascist cancer will we be able to breathe again. This demands that you start reading, start thinking and really draw conclusions because there will be countless of people with red and black flags trying to get you to listen to them. Don’t listen, they want to make things worse and stand for the exact same policies that got us into this mess.

We need Ragnar!!

This is great stuff. If I was one of those suckers going to the ballot dropping down a useless vote I might actually find this very persuasive. And this ad is correct; this is a fight we cannot loose. There is so much at stake right now, our entire future, our children’s future; I would even argue that the entire human race is in danger. And I do not only mean this Internet thingy and the fascist laws that keep popping up, no, I’m also talking the growing statism and the looming economic depression. I wonder when we get Economy-“pirates”? Because those are really necessary about now... The world needs Ragnar Danneskjöld and several of his piracy clones and we need 'em fast.

The danger is lurking right now – can you smell it?

A couple of people have asked me why I care so much about Honduras and why I even bother trying to educate people about the truth of things. The answer to that question is fairly simple and two-fold. One; I want to stick it to the man. And two; I know what comes next.

I want to stick it to the man.
Brain-dead journalists that, as usual, don’t do their jobs - are ignoring several obvious facts. Partly it is the adherent laziness that comes with being a journalists, it’s much easier just translating some stuff and eat a couple of doughnuts then to do actual investigating work. Partly it is because most journalists lean towards socialism, many of them are Hugo Chavez admirers and have nothing against Cuba’s dictatorship. And then we have the Obamination that still cannot do anything wrong. He can ruin the world economy, impose corporate take-over’s Mussolini-style, create hyperinflation, start Jugend-clubs and jump the bones on some poor policeman only doing his job, but it is all good. So when this Messianic figure rises up from his dungeon every morning and picks up the paper he can see that there is not a single word is telling people what’s really going on and he can stretch out his claws and relax. Most of the other public figures out there ruling and ruining our lives just follow the trend, as they always do. If journalists, leftie do-gooders, some laud screaming authors and our black savior say and do something, the rest follows.

I know what comes next.

While the greatest depression ever know to man is unfolding, growing and gaining momentum; all the representatives of the ruling elite assures us that they have it under control. The crisis is even “easing off” or “halting”, so no one needs to worry about that. And neither do anyone worry about these nit little laws that are being passed in order to monitor, restrict and control us all. The freest information-net and most dynamic thing ever created is being slaughtered right now and only some people calling themselves “pirates” is standing in the way. In this situation and with so much at stake you need to become conscious about certain realities. For instance; having a nation going against the wind with a populace and institutions actually doing the right thing and standing up for democracy and freedom – gives certain people horrific images of what is awaiting them in the future. Also, such a thing as a constitution that the governing elite continuously ignore, where can we find another example of that..? What people need to realize is that an attack on a political body, on one regime is an attack on all of them. Only when there is a high degree of consensus among the elitists and within the media they might condemn another ruler or government. Ask yourself; why have it not been any reporting about the enormous demonstration in support of the democratic government? Why aren’t they writing what the law, the constitution and the people of Honduras really are saying? How come all the dictators in the area is supporting Zelaya?

Take notes
Journalists in the west should be ashamed and check the real facts. Politicians everywhere should start their own rallies in support of the democratic Honduras government and they should all argue for indictment of the horrid dictator wannabe Zelaya. This is one milestone. Check around. All the people among those that rule you and exist “above” you that is standing up and supporting Zelaya, those people are your enemies. Not the market, not some gender issue or some conspiracy or a certain religion, no, those people now standing up and defending anti-democratic ideal, those are the ones to watch out for. Please bear this in mind and make a mental note, someday soon that information will come in handy, but remember to get that hardy good rope that holds many times over…

Condoms found!

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