Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Unified Scandinavia – important for so many reasons

These beautiful flags can be morphed into this?:

I´ve previously on this blog mentioned that I believe that we should unify Scandinavia into one entity, with one monarch, one capital and one army. In the light of world events, I feel the urge to stress this idea once again.

NATO/U.S is a disgusting entity responsible for several wars and millions of dead only during the last decade and Russia can certainly not be trusted either, and the EU(SSR) is a horrific mega-bureaucratic shithole filled with sycophants.

A unified Scandinavia would work, and probably work well. This since our history and culture is so similar.

With Finland and Iceland the total population would be circa 27 million and GDP $1600bn (higher than Australia). New roads, airports and national stadiums would be needed to be built and since parliaments and politicians should be focused around the Copenhagen/Malmö area (as I suggest to be new capital) that would save a lot of money. With this in mind and with armed forces (outside of NATO) a unified Scandinavia would have a lot stronger voice in the world. Far stronger then each country by itself put together today.

Of course there are a lot of problems. The Norwegians will be reluctant to join and the Finns will probably have some issues with it as well. Another problem will be the struggle for where to put new entities of Government and how to unite the royal houses and purely administrative political issues of that kind. If this can be handled by a proper committee without too much political involvement I do however think that such issues can be solved.

Of course merging all states into Scandinavia mean less grants needed then compered to all the governments of today - hence less total money thrown at politicians comes to administration, bureaucracy, but to pay for the merger and costs of changing currency to a Scandinavian Krona and the communications needed to be built we should sell off publicly owned businesses. Sweden alone has the possibility to sell off government entities to a value of around $70bn. The Norwegians can keep the current oil fund “in-house” but I would suggest that the money coming in as of the merger should be used for military and defense purposes. Rail-road investments, new airports, bridges and other communications will bring the different countries closer together but are also much needed investments that will benefit all in the long run.
A standing professional defense force of around 200 000-250 000 men with the very latest in technology and equipment will be second only to a very few other countries and would be deterrent enough to discourage any attacker.
The number of embassies, consulates and customs can be cut with 70-80% around the world. With Finland out of the euro and since Sweden, Finland and Denmark would be out of the EU(SSR) there are as much as $8bn to be saved each year on this alone - money that should be used to cut taxes to equal level in all countries. Again the lowest common denominator should be the target, not the highest.

Safety, a better economy, new investments and a strong voice in the world – there is no downside.

The only “downside” is for politicians. Not only will there be fewer of them, they will also be outside of NATO and outside of EU(SSR) which means far fewer seats, less income and less nepotism. I do however think we can live with that… This is however the last danger.
My main point of creating and advocating a unified Scandinavia is so we can skip any military alliances and leave the EU(SSR). If we do not leave such entities, there are much fewer benefits and the general idea sort of dissipates. Politicians will fight dirty to keep their alliances and keep their seats in Brussels so that is something that need to be handled.
As a solution, as I´ve already mentioned; all things related to this unification should be handled by normal people. A few university scholars, a few judges, a few business folk and a few union folk. Perhaps even a few from the outside who have no real stake in this – a few savvy people from, for example; England or Brazil would probably be a good idea. Very few with political affiliations and as many people of the common crowd as possible.
Scandinavia should be the opposite to the EU(SSR) - it should be a unification of the people and for the people and consequently created from below and not something that is dropped upon us with decrees. We probably also need a few referendums to make this viable, although I would prefer that we also keep those to a minimum.

With the government we should keep the monarchy as it is a great tradition and have a lot of history. We should keep the Danish crown as our new head of state. The other royal families can be given this or that task. I would suggest a two parliament system with the first house directly elected via personal vote (not party) - elected from each region i.e. around 59 people, equivalent to Governors (6 year terms). The second house is elected as per usual in the Nordic countries via party bills and would make up 289 politicians (5 year terms) – if my suggestions come to pass, imagine the uproar and screams of politicians around the realm... I would here fire over 1000 politicians and since I would also suggest that we cut their salaries in half, oh my, they will send assassins after me soon…

We also need a constitutional court and certainly a few other new or merged entities, but we can handle that with no problem. Our new constitution should of course be based on what we have today, although I would suggest a few alterations to mimic the American one and other great documents from history.
Mind you this is not exactly what I would like or want, I would personally go for a more libertarian Scandinavia, others would like to see a more socialist society, others will be against the monarchy etc. I do however feel like what I´ve suggested here, and earlier, is more viable and can be accepted by the majority. As long as this means that we leave NATO and the EU(SSR) and that we go for the lowest common denominator comes to all things economic, I believe this to be a great solution for all.