Thursday, August 11, 2011

High Chancellor Cameroid speaks!

Obey meeeee! Listen tooo meeee!

Well, that didn´t take them long.

Davie Cameroid, the Great Leader of Britons, told MPs today that police should/could/would take control over social media such as Twitter, Facebook etc. Following in the footsteps of the tiny Shiite Smurf Ahmadinejad, Arab leaders and his Chancellor-idol from the movie “V”, he act just as I´ve foreseen.

Among other fine statements the disciplinarian Cameroid said:
“everyone watching these horrific actions will be stuck by how they were organised via social media. Free flow of information can be used for good. But it can also be used for ill.”

A fork can be used for evil to, as can socks, lollipops and raindrops. But of course we need to stop looters, even by calling in the military if necessary. A nice pile of dead would do wonders.

Of course this is only the first step (well, probably step 4543523, but who´s counting) of many on the road to total serfdom, there will be more coming our way soon.

What you need to realize is that the current UK government will take this as an excuse to impose even more CCTV cams and more of the same fascist wetness the one-eyed scot dreamt about.

This so that once the Greatest Depression takes hold and you normal people want to riot, well then the security grid is tighter than ever and those in power can contain, torture and kill you on a whim. Terror is an effective method, at least for a while.

Sadly, again, I can say those four incredibly funny words: “I TOLD YOU SO!”

Rioter go absolutely berserk!

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

and behold a pale horse

Oh yes! Print more money, borrow more, keep voting for the same evilness! 
Mwa ha ha ha

Let´s see what happened lately.

Oh, markets are volatile... We also now know that money-printing Bernie will keep interest rates at record lows, that ECB will continue to buy crappy bonds, that Froggy banks are under attack and that gold (again!) are at record highs. Who would have ever thought eh? Well just scroll down to the post beneath this one and thou shall find.

Back in 2008 it were the noise of thunder and the beast was about to speak, but our magnificent saviours went forth producing schemes undreamed of in order to quell reality and artificially increase already existing bubbles. Debts has never increased at an higher rate. Problems never before existed on this magnitude. Guttenberg´s invention have never worked so hard.

And so the white horse passed by largely unnoticed.

Now those deemed better are trying to paint the emerging red horse in pinkish colours in a last and desperate attempt to postpone the Greatest Depression a few more moments.

All such actions taken will do is increase the pain and suffering, but our Great Leaders have no other way of tackling this dire situation. In their mind the moon cannot became as blood if they get re-elected and so their entire effort is aimed at maintaining their grip of power.

Worst of all they actually do have a final push of the needle into the addicts of the world. A final time they can perform the miracle of market manipulations and spit out a few more trillions of worthless paper to pay for it. A final time they can throw a shroud over our heads so we cannot see the approach of the four horsemen.

And so expect QE3 (or QE2 if you´re living in the UK), expect ECB to swing its magic wand, expect many more gatherings of the Powers that Be, expect a few really “good” news now and again to keep things afloat. Expect the big banks sitting on a few trillions of freshly printed notes to do some spending. In essence you should get used to markets fluctuating up and down for months to come.

However make no mistake, the great tribulation cannot be avoided. Not anymore. We had a chance when things got started, a chance to repent. It is not there anymore. The only thing we can wait for now is the biggest collapse in human history, and just so you know; there will be no seventh trumpet sounding.

This is not the scary part though. The Greatest Depression will be horrific and change life as we know it, but humankind will not go extinct and we could come out on the other side. Possibly even better off.

No, the scary part is that I don´t see people learning anything from history or the actual situation we find ourselves in. We can already today see and hear very loud voices demanding more of the same lunacy that got us to this point - demanding more of the very same progressive leftie madness that created and worsened the Greatest Depression. Also, as an additional bonus, extremism is on the rise. Our streets will more than likely be filled with the echoing of huge combat boots stamping away under red, black or (insert colour) flags.

And since there´s no end in sight as of now, we can look forward to at least a decade, probably several, before we can start seeing a light on the other side. The problem with this is that if you sheople out there keep leaning towards the same übermench you´ve been relying on so far and if you keep voting, cheering and rooting for the same leftie nightmare, well then there will be no light. No recovery. Instead famine catastrophes and war(s) will ensue, if they haven´t already.

What you need to know is that a crash is not only unavoidable, it’s necessary. We cannot flush out all the bad debt and all those toxic assets and we cannot start anew without a real purge of that which created our problems. So to a degree we should welcome the Greatest Depression.

Also if we had done the right thing back in 2008 (or actually long before that) a minor depression would have befallen us, now it is The Greatest Depression facing us, and if we wait even longer... oh my...

And as said above they have one final nail to hammer into the casket of humanity.
ONE. FINAL. TIME. ..they can “save us”...

If you let them, if you let them print more money, borrow even more money and impose austerity measures without taking care of the real problem, well then you are as culpable as they are.

Tell your politician to let the system fail. Now! Not later. We´re already heading down a fiery pit of eternal damnation, why make things worse? Well, for the fun of it perhaps...

Finally I do know and accept that most of you see me as madman, or a tin-foil hat or you think am a right-wing religious extremist. Even if you do please still make preparations. It’s not a waste of money having extra batteries, candles or dried-up food packages at home. Growing your own crops or stacking up with sugar isn´t an evil thing. Even if am wrong, those things can still come in handy during a black-out or during a natural disaster.

Better to be safe than sorry.