Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making fun of retarded people

One of the things that make a person who just don’t care have a more interesting life than others is that we can laugh at pretty much everything. To a certain extent this is of course a sociopath’s behavior, but on the other hand, who cares?

Retarded people for example are really fun.

Not only do they drool and talk funny, they are also fun if you imagine them performing certain tasks. For example: fornication, working as a train operator or flying planes filled with families going on their dream vacation.

Not that retards necessarily would do a bad job, many tasks they are fully capable of doing, but only to hear that slobbering nonsense voice declaring that “there´s turbulence ahead”, and then imagine peoples’ faces when parading in front of the crew to get out of the Airplane in Istanbul and their Captain for the last couple of hours is saying “gooodbyezh, have a nicccee day in London” while his caretaker is telling him not to play with himself in public.

Performing certain tasks such as a government job or moonlighting as a journalist reporting on daily events would of course be an improvement to what we have, but still very funny.

Obviously there’s stigma here. You cannot make fun of retarded and the mentally challenged. Doesn’t that make you a Nazi? At the very least it’s bad taste and morally questionable, but that is actually part of the fun as far as I´m concerned.

Anyway, real retards are excused. They may not know better and have a certain handicap when it comes to everyday life. “Normal” folk however should not be excused.

You see making fun of actual retards isn´t the point of this post, it just started out that way since I´ve got too few hateful comments lately.

This post is actually about you - the real idiot of the story.

In a world dominated by collectivism people in general are totally clueless. Our masters of despair have recently carried out history’s biggest robbery, robbing you. This they did while giving abundant cash to the very banksters and finance oligarchs plotting our demise. In performing this act of pure malevolence they openly, and very obviously, lied to you. Among other things they claimed that borrowing shitloads, printing another load of crap, and giving it to “the too big to fail’s” while handing you the tab were the only way to save us from a debt crisis. If I claimed to be a flying spaghetti monster it would have been more believable, but somehow they got away with it.

Another story sold to you with even less credibility is the Manmade Global Warming scam - a story which is by far the biggest lie in the entire history of this planet. There’s no evidence for the claims, on the contrary, almost all real science seem to point to the complete opposite of what we´re told. And the entire thing is so transparent that I cannot understand how you can let them get away with it. It’s about you paying extra to government while handing over your life-decisions. Nothing else. If you really follow the money the oil-industry is a tiny little petite player, instead its government, the UN and all the institutes and universities dependent on money and grant from government and the UN pushing for the scam. All designed to make you pay up and obey.

Every “scientist” and “environmentalist” getting the word out is either directly hired by government and/or will lose grants if pushing the “wrong” view, and/or a complete loon with a Malthusian agenda. Every single one of them.

I can sort of understand people believing that there’s an invisible man watching their every move and that he will send them to a fierily pit if they fuck outside of wedlock. I can also sort of excuse anti-intellectuals seeing some kind of light in a blood-soaked socialist tunnel. I could even forgive people for thinking that government is the answer to all prayers. But when it comes to Manmade Global warming there’s no excuse. No sickness, no argument, nothing except a true retardation of massive proportions can excuse a person fallen for that scam.

And when we put it all together - all of the madness; all of the lies; all of the tricks and all of the scams - if we do so, can we come to another conclusion than that people are totally and hopelessly lost in a made-belief world far, far away from reality?

Captain Capitalism seems to be asking the same question. And so does The Market Ticker in regards to the Obaminations latest trick.

The continuous lies don’t haft to be big ones. There are plenty of: “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction”; “I did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky”, “Well I smoked, but I didn’t inhale” –stories all around us. In Sweden a politician caught running to strip clubs paying strippers with a government credit card had no clue that he where at a strip club. How should he have known..? In the UK we recently had a big MPs’-scandal with almost every single elected fraud caught paying for double living or buying houses and apartments for wife’s, girlfriends and children, all paid for by Britain’s duped populace.

Or take the elitists favorite pastime; “to wage war”. Not necessarily actual armed conflict, although that is always on the table, but rather ‘war against drugs’, ‘war against trafficking’, ‘war against unemployment’ and so on. Every single one of these stupidities creates worse problems than we had before. For example the ‘war’ against drugs leads to higher prices on drugs and so increases the profit margin and so gives birth to mafias. Another consequence is that drugs become more diluted and you need to buy ‘em from a shady character and of course higher prices forces addicts to do burglaries, robberies and steal what they need. Thousands, tens of thousands of people die every year because of the ‘war on drugs’, not because of the actual drugs. The same can be said about prostitution, alcohol or whatever else the elitists want to fight.

Our entire way of life is a big lie, and what do you do? You watch TV, you eat processed food, drink beer and maybe, just maybe you complain at the dinner table.

What could you have done? Well for starters you shouldn’t vote for soul-suckers in suits time and again. You should know by now that whether the oily salesperson is ‘left’ or ‘right’ have very little or no meaning. You should also have demanded to be free without rules, laws, taxes and supercomputers controlling your every move. At the very least you should have paid attention and learned something from history.

But to me the worst thing about you is that you obviously don’t care a damn bit about your offspring. Not only did you let them take your money and your future, you also, without hesitation, let them mortgage your kids and grandchildren. As if that wasn’t enough it seems that you have no problems letting government hired thugs inject your kids with toxins, or even let them take the kids from you if a government hired amoeba thinks it’s the right thing to do.

I concluded many years ago that the sheople of this world are beyond saving. Not that all of you are idiots, but because almost all of you have made a choice to be. And in a time wherein the information actually is available to all it says something.

There is only one way out of this mess: that you actually make an effort to learn, that you pick up a book, that you read blogs, alternative news and that learn from history. Not only from a far away history, but from the story we’re living right now. You see things are about to turn for the worse and what likely is mankind’s most defining moment is right now. IF we get out on the other side with some kind of decency knowledge is very important because otherwise we’ll only repeat the same mistakes again and/or make things even worse...

…remember: this is a world filled with weapons of mass destruction…