Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 – The year when everything will be decided

This is the year when we will definitely know how deep the chasm really is, and this is the year when it all will be decided. I say this because beyond this point there is no return, no longer can action taken turn the tides and this year we will know much more about the policies that will guide us for the foreseeable future.  
This year the US will have midterm elections, the European Union will elect a new parliament and several notable countries such as Brazil, Hungary, Colombia and Sweden will also elect new parliaments. Brazil is important because it’s one of the biggest economies and the biggest in South America. Hungary is important because their debt is tied to Austrian and German banks and because their road towards fascism is well traveled. Colombia is important due to its ties to US and because boarder tensions with Venezuela is closing in on an outright war which will likely reach a boiling point within a year or two. Sweden is important in Northern Europe and it’s my birth nation.

That inflationary money-printing taken place across the world since 2008 have now been fully (except for a few trillions hold by certain banks) injected into the world economy so we´re going to reach stock- and bond peaks during this year or early 2015; stock- and bond markets can thus not go up much more. This means that the banks will start putting those tucked away trillions to work in order to keep real-estate and housing scams going and also keep inflation up - when this happens you only have about 1 year before the fat lady sings.
Prices will consequently continue to rise in the short run. The only question here is whether interest rates will start going up and destroy the fake “recovery” in the short run and crash markets in the long run, or if injection of FIAT (and new scams) will escalate further and assure hyperinflation down the line. The outcome is basically the same, but interest rates going up coupled with a few policy changes will crash economies faster and make The Greatest Depression shorter in length and depth i.e. the "good" option.

I also believe that conflicts in and around Iran-Syria-Irak will either escalate or, at the very least, lead to strange new alliances and of course I also fully expect the Saudis to do something stupid. On the conflict-front I also see growing tensions in and between several African countries, something that will certainly pick up speed as the famine disasters (that you probably not read about yet) get worse and people’s desperation increase. Africa will be a huge slaughter and famine house, certainly after 2015 and forward. 

During 2014 the Empire of lies will certainly strike back comes to protecting their police-state mass-surveillance. NSA and several other agencies (in several countries) have been a bit on the defensive lately with revelations by Snowden and Jacob Appelbaum etc. along with TPB and other torrent sites refusing to obey. Anonymous-networks and several independent news sources continue to defy mainstream-media and challenge The Powers That Be. I believe that our soul-sucking tyrants will strike back. Whether or not actions taken will succeed or not is not clear, but I think that there will be a few mysterious disappearances and/or a few weirdo car/flight crashes or, if those in power are really smart about it, we´ll see hackers go to jail for spreading kiddy porn and a few anonymous people will get caught helping Alky Aida.
They will definitely also try to scare us so more terrorism och new terror organizations will pop up, or perhaps one or two new (old) horrible enemies that we´re all supposed to hate? Not sure exactly how, who or when, but I am very certain such things will occur during this and the coming years.

Another thing notable during 2013 that will continue is that some countries will dive deeper into extremism. We´ve seen countries like Russia, Spain and Hungary impose laws and regulations against free speech, against gays, and against protesters. Other countries, like Sweden, are instead putting the politically-correct feminazi/socialist gear into overdrive with draconian laws stating, among others, that men are always guilty of rape. Yet other countries, like the US and UK, are taking sort of a middle road putting both the politically correct and more obvious oppressive policies into action. This goes on at the same time as fascists, communists and anarchists are gaining ground. Subsequently this year will be the year when such movements gain momentum and we will start seeing already created authoritarian embryos blossom and so give us a clue of what our future totalitarian societies will look like. Basically we will soon know whether our country/ies will head down the communist/socialist path of utter destruction or the fascist/socialist path of destruction. Although the difference is more in name then actual reality, a small dissimilarity will soon be visible for anyone paying attention.

Looking over how market behavior over the past months and how Evil Inc. (Goldman Sachs) and others seem to move equities and investments around it would surprised me if we already this autumn will see market crashes and new wars, but I think that The Powers That Be still have one or two more tricks left and I also believe they will continue/increase the speed of the printing press to postpone the unavoidable. With that in mind I believe in a "market correction" before or after the summer of 2015, then a horrific xmas and entering 2016 anything goes...  (remember the banks extra cash mentioned above? They will come in here, and then you can start counting down...)

In general 2014 will be a “normal” year, but this year will decide much of our faith and, even more important; from this point on things will start to deteriorate faster simply because there are no cures or remedies left. Our malevolent masters can still print more; they can still come up with more scams to cover previous ones; they can still take us to war or come up with other distractions (terrorism, war, refugees to hate, other countries to go to war with), but at the end of the day it cannot be postponed any longer – the era of The Greatest Depression is upon us.
With that said I hope you enjoy what I believe to be the last year of so-so normality. Perhaps the year 2015 can be decently ordinary, but there it definitely ends.

I have repeatedly told you readers to stock up on dried-up food packages, coffee, sugar, batteries and such to be ready for what to come, and I will continue to do so until time is up, but you really should start now. If you do not have an emergency or escape plan, please start working on it now. Even if I am totally wrong it does not hurt to talk about or plan for the worst because there might be a terrorist attack or a natural disaster so having reserve rations and a few ideas about what to do if a catastrophe happen is a good idea.  

Have a great 2014 everyone!