Monday, June 1, 2009

The enemy class consolidating its power

As predicted GM is now more or less completely in the dirty paws of the state. Instead of letting this dinosaur die and be chopped up by the voluntary forces of the market, the elite in Washington does what the enemy class always does; consolidate power. In doing so wasting billions of the taxpayer’s money and adding to the depressional tsunami.

While FEMA is stacking up millions of caskets all around America and Obama is building his 275 000+ strong “voluntary youth core” at camps across the US the economy keeps getting worse. Of course cornflake economists are saying the worst is over and politician’s eager to get re-elected are hitting their chests claiming the recession is loosing momentum. Journalists, brainless as they all are, never checking the facts. The stock-markets seemingly are recuperating but at the same time the inflational money spill is slowly pouring out and together with fictive interest rates this keeps people spending money they do not have. False numbers are being spread by the enemy class to keep the charade going for a while longer and moronic lefties everywhere are calling for further stimulus.

I’m just waiting for that final spark. Most people that know what’s going on believe the dollar collapsing will get things going, but that will not occur soon and will probably only happen if other countries let it. Instead my money is on several lending and borrowing markets closely linked to the way overvalued stock-markets. But it might actually be enough just letting things roll along since things are still going down; companies are still loosing money and going bankrupt. Sure, as the cornflake economist are saying, the recession have “lost” momentum according to GDP, but things are still falling and the enemy class cannot hide the true figures behind GDP for very long. As I have told you before, GDP can go up, growing and showing great numbers but people can still get poorer. This very few persons understands, least of all economists.

I hope you all remember my earlier plea about the future and mark every spot where you have encountered one of these cornflake-mainstream-economist-Keynesian-as-holes. We cannot let them dangle for to long; the smell just get annoying, so please mark the spot letting all know where to stop for a piss.

Forced marriages to state and mate

There might soon be a Swedish law banning forced marriages… Apparently not having such a law today…

To bad there is no law for divorcing the state...